School Board Approves Raise For Duncanville Superintendent

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DUNCANVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Duncanville school board trustee Dorothy Wolverton called it one of the most disappointing votes in her 10 years on the board: Late last month, the superintendent got the OK on a 16.5 percent salary increase, despite the district’s likelihood of facing a $6 million shortfall.

“I’m very frustrated,” Wolverton said. “I feel like I’m completely ineffective now.”

During a special meeting on Feb. 21 – and with little notice – the Duncanville school board voted to raise superintendent Dr. Alfred Ray‘s base salary from $197,415 to $230,000 a year.

The vote was five to two with Wolverton and fellow trustee Dr. Deborah Harris voting a resounding ‘no.’

“I pleaded with the board,” Wolverton said. “Please don’t do this. This is not the right time.”

The state’s massive deficit will likely leave the Duncanville Independent School District with a $6 million shortfall for the 2011 – 2012 school year. Estimates from third-party firms put that number at $10 million.

“We knew that there were going to be some tough times ahead,” Wolverton said.

Louis McElroy, Duncanville school board president, spoke on behalf of the five trustees who voted for the salary increase. McElroy said the board did not authorize a pay raise. Instead, it simply restructured the superintendent’s contract for a job well done.

“Due to his good judgment and frugal fiscal policies, our district is prepared to weather the severe monetary and policy hits from the decline in the state’s budget,” McElroy said.

Ray said he sees no problem with the approved changes to his contract.

“The board has discussed using this as another opportunity to restructure it, but it’s totally not a salary increase,” Ray said. “It is merely a restructuring of what was already committed by the tax payers of this district.”

Ray’s current contract allows for the board to vote every year on performance bonuses and longevity incentives. This new restructuring does away with those bonuses and incentives and replaces them with a straight pay raise of more than $32,000.

Ray said it works out to be the same in the end and at no cost to the taxpayers.

But Harris said whether it’s a bonus, an incentive or a pay-raise, it still sends the wrong message.

“Even though our superintendent has done a good job, if we could afford to give him a raise, then I would be that,” Harris said. “But right now, it’s just totally the wrong time.”

District spokeswoman Tammy Kuykendall said Duncanville ISD has cut $10 million over the past four years and yet, despite those efforts, the state is likely to leave the district $6 million in the hole.

“It doesn’t look like responsible use of taxpayer funds,” Harris said.

Kuykendall said no teachers will be laid off, but the defecit may lead to cuts in other programs. Meanwhile, Ray has not signed off on the contract. He said he plans to look it over before taking any action.

Under his current contract, Ray also receives a $700 monthly car allowance and a phone allowance of $200.

  • Paul Wei

    Just another body-body system. The School will be perfectly OK without this school board.

  • School Board Approves 16.5 % Raise for Duncanville Superintendent « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] School Board Approves 16.5 % Raise for Duncanville Superintendent Duncanville school board trustee Dorothy Wolverton called it one of the most disappointing votes in her 10 years on the board: Late last month, the superintendent got the OK on a 16.5 percent salary increase, despite the district’s likelihood of facing a $6 million shortfall. Go to News Source […]

  • Tom

    This principal should take a voluntary pay cut in a time of financial crisis.Instead he accepts this pay increase then goes on the air to show that he’s a smartass too!

    • Isis

      not a principal… superintendent get it right.

  • Ingrid Baeten Masogayo

    Seriously! What a bunch of idiots.



  • Dallas Mom

    I hope he sleeps well at night knowing that he reduced teachers jobs and our children will suffer the most. His wallet gets bigger and our children do without. Who ever approved this should be fired as well. Shame, share. What a selfish excuse of an Education Super……I hope he loses that big salary and is on the picket lines with the rest of the displaced teachers. Yet, he doesn’t deserve to stand next to them………

    • Ann M.

      DiVille Super and the Board has done a great job saving the district money. The money that he is getting was already set a side and planned for. He should sleep well at night and not have a need to be in a soup line. Duncanville ISD is intact Super, Board, Teachers, facility staff and most of all the STUDENTS. If he give it all back, or 1/2 or keep it all is up to him. But, I beleive her cares about our students and knows it he keep the money that is already his it should be ok. Duncanville ISD will not go broke and I believe we are not in the red. I believe the Super and Board will continue to serve our district well.

  • Duncan Ville

    Watch the unedited video of the interview.

    • It is about the kids

      Does this guy think we are stupid! He is saying the tax payers owe him the 30% increase. I find it mind boggling that he continued to argue with the reporter when it is clear that he would only get the incentives and annuities IF the school board voted to give it to him. Unfortunately, 5 members gave him a $32,000 raise at a time when Texas schools are in crisis and his defensive attitude is shameful!

    • It is about the kids!

      So, the super is saying according to his contract he is owed the $32,000 in bonuses and annuities, instead the school board voted he would get it all as salary. The reporter did an excellent job on explaining the super’s “spin” on what really happened. Too bad this part of the interview didn’t air last night. It made it clear to me that the school board had the choice to vote for or against a bonus and annuity whether it be restructured as salary or not. The super’s defensive attitude it very telling, he doesn’t appear the least bit embarrassed and will never turn down the overly generous raise no matter what. This is greed at it’s worse!

  • Debbie McAllister

    I cannot believe, with the shortfall of all schools, that the school board actually had the audacity to even think on voting in favor of this raise. If he cannot live comfortably on what he makes, I feel sorry for him. With all the teachers and aides going to be out of a job, I hope he can breathe well and sleep well at night. HIS students will be suffering because of teacher losses. I pity him and the school board that voted for the increase. Call it what you want, pay raise or “restructuring” of his salary…it still is an increase! AND it does take away from his students education!

  • TLP

    OMG !!! What is wrong with this picture, schools & our children are suffering and some guy gets a raise ???? All the big people who like to sit behind big desks and really try to look important get all the raises…. Lets fire teachers close schools so that some one can get a big raise, that amount of money is more than what some judges make….The ones who really do all the work never get the help or raise that they deserve. IF these people care about children then take a BIG cut in pay !!!

  • fred

    That is WAY too much money for someone that actually does no real work.

  • An angry taxpayer

    The State Board of Education needs to weigh in this matter, and demote this bum.

    • Dale Joneson

      Dale Joneson
      There has got to be a cap on school superintendents saleries, benefits and staff. That cap should be $100,000 a year. These government people need to be brought back to reality.

      • Dale Joneson

        So why wasn’t anyone worried when these schools (palaces) were being built? Each with sport venues that rivals JJ & the Bots!

      • Isis

        He is not a government employee. That is a misconception. NO employee in the PUBLIC school system is employed by the state. The average in Texas is 105,000. There are schools with fewer students and lower performance ratingw where the superintendent makes much more.

  • saddened tax payer

    wow! 16% raise. i barely get a 2% raise when i mark up as excellent in my performance reviews. he should take a personal finance class if he doesn’t know how to live comfortably on $197K plus. i pray for the kids and the teachers; the ones that deserve the money.

  • School Board Approves Raise For Duncanville Superintendent « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] School Board Approves Raise For Duncanville Superintendent Duncanville school board trustee Dorothy Wolverton called it one of the most disappointing votes in her 10 years on the board: Late last month, the superintendent got the OK on a 16.5 percent salary increase, despite the district’s likelihood of facing a $6 million shortfall. Go to News Source […]

  • David

    Good Lord, who else is getting a 16.5% raise in this economy? These imbeciles are running the school system and planning the education of our children, but aren’t smart enough to see this as the travesty it is? They should fire the four morons involved and make the dissenters Superintendent and head of the board. It’s one thing not to have a conscience, but no conscience and no brain is a terrible combination.

  • Joey G. Dauben

    The Duncanville school board had a great conservative trustee in Cynthia Werner, but voters tossed her last year. I’m thinking Werner needs to run again for the school board. It’s worse on the Duncanville City Council though. Both entities cross-breed politically-speaking.

  • Ann

    Thank you, CBSDFW for a great report! I also congratulate the two school board members who voted against giving a raise to the superintendent, instead Wolverton and Harris did their job and voted for the children of the Duncanville school district.
    Missing from this report was information on why this super deserved a huge raise. I only heard that he had been fiscally responsible and therefore deserved it. The president (McElroy) claimed it had been a restructuring of his pay and defended his vote for the super’s raise–how does that make sense?
    I question why did only two members do the right thing–why on earth would any responsible individual give any raise at a time when Texas education is in a financial crisis.
    Is this the end of this story? Will this superintendent turn down this outrageous raise or will he take it for himself while he lays off teachers, librarians and close school. I hope, for the sake of the children of Duncanville, that there is more investigation on this story.

    • Isis

      NO teachers are being laid off in Duncanville. He was going to get this money anyway. They simply restructured it and that was not handled in the right way.

    • Carmk2002

      He saved the school approximately $24 million dollars. They did this because the staff agreed not to get raises for a number of years in order to avoid layoffs and guess what…..they will still be employed because of the frugal nature of the superientendent.

  • CLF

    I don’t live in Duncanville but I find this “raise” outrageous! Who in the world ever gets a 16.5% raise in pay…when teachers are being asked to take an early retirement or are just being laid off. Apparently this Superintendent needs to do the right thing and “give back” that “adjustment” to his salary ….he needs to learn to live on his $197,000+…I work in graduate education for the State of Texas and haven’t had even a 3% raise or “adjustment” to my salary. I have to live on what I make currently and so should he!

  • Rick McDaniel

    That’s obscene!

    No one in this country, should be getting more than 3.5 %, on ANY job!

  • Alice

    To all the Supers that have taken raises, SHAME ON YOU,and SHAME on the board for voting yes so you can afford family trips that most of us only dream of having. How much are they getting that is behind closed doors. What kind of people do we have speaking on behalf of the education our chldren are getting.

  • pam

    Amen, Dallas mom Cut out his big pay Give it back to the school and let him live on a budget.

  • D O Sifford

    Restructure his Contract ? And People believe this manure ?

  • shadeofafreeway

    All the screaming aside, my understanding is that this man has saved the Duncanville ISD, and therefore the STATE, many millions of dollars. So why bother with the raise? Why not just move him to a government post in Austin and let his brilliance fix the situation we are in? He’s the man, right?

    • Ann M.

      It seems that the Super was going to recieve the money anyway. The teachers jobs are not at a lost.and the students will continue to recieve a great education. Because of plans made early on Duncanville ISD is not in the fix that other districts are in. There is nothing wrong with the Super having a dime so to speek raise. If something is voted on by the board there is nothing wrong or underhanded about fulfilling to obligation of what is due. Since it has been brought to the publics attention what his salary is many think it so wrong for him to make somuch. It is not a question of if he can live on his current salary but, the job comes with a pay and raises that has been set aside for the job leave it along let the Super have it … well I guess it depened on who you are if the amount is OK.

  • Michelle

    IF this man had any compassion for the teachers of this state he would take a reasonable Salary give and give back to those teachers who are responsible for OUR childrens future. Who gets a $700 car allowance and a $200 car allowance? What is wrong with this picture.

  • Michelle

    OI I was just so upset by this I couldn’t even type! I meant $200 phone allowance……

  • Homer Fincannon

    What a happy face, what a nice pay hike, while others are laid-off.The citizens of Duncanville desires more from their Chamber backed money hunger Duncanville Superintendent and also the City of Duncanville City Manager, both fat cats now drooling while drawing over $200,000.00 a year. In the meantime your home values are going to H’ in a hand basket. If you call that pack of brown nosei School Board and City Council, minus a few or a single on the Council. I’am mad as H’ and won’t take this lying down. Where’s my candiidate sign-up packet.

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