‘Abortion Sonogram Bill’ Passes In Texas House

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – House Bill 15, better known as the ‘Abortion Sonogram Bill’, has passed the House.

The 107-42 vote was largely along party lines. House Bill 15 will require women to get sonograms before abortions.

The proposed law would require doctors to display the sonogram and play the fetal heartbeat for the woman as the doctor describes whether the fetus has arms, legs or internal organs. The woman can look away, but cannot decline the procedure.

The House bill is stricter than the Senate bill. One distinct difference is that the House bill would require at least a 24-hour waiting period between the sonogram and an abortion compared to the Senate’s two-hour wait.

Dr. Eugene Toy, with the Texas Association of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, says it’s not the waiting period that’s upsetting, but the fact that women can’t opt out. “The bill doesn’t give options to not have some of these procedures or explanations or the audible heartbeat,” he said. “In almost any other circumstance, the patient has the ability to say ‘No, I really don’t want to have that medical procedure’.”

Dr. Toy says his organization plans to work with lawmakers on a compromise, and doesn’t intend on taking any legal action at this time.

The bills sponsor, Stephenville Republican Representative Sid Miller, says sonograms are already a standard medical procedure, but one thing is missing during an abortion. “The design of the bill is to have a more informed consent,” said Miller. “Right now, the information is being withheld from the woman.”

The legislation would require many women who want an abortion — even victims of sexual assault — to have an ultrasound at least 24 hours before the procedure. The proposal now goes to the Senate for another full debate on which bill is better.

If the bill is passed and signed by the governor, according to the Texas Medical Association, the law would be the first time lawmakers have dictated when doctors must perform a procedure, and how they do it.


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  1. texas heartland says:

    At least now women will know its a baby they are killing and not a “fetus”. The right to choose should come BEFORE conception, not once a baby’s life is involved. If you dont want to get pregnant, dont have sex!! Or at least use contraceptive. yes I know some are victims but that is the TINIEST portion of abortions.

  2. Craig says:

    When are we going to start talking about the mans right to choose and the fact that male birth control has been available for men in other countries for decades. We always want to repeal Roe – V – Wade but don’t do the right thing to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    1. shadeofafreeway says:

      About the same time we start making men accountable by law for the unwanted pregnancies. NEVER.
      It takes two to tango. I say if you father an unwanted child, you should have a mandatory vascectomy. I mean, as long as we’re going to be all fascist about it!!

      I reiterate: THIS is not a law about abortion. This is a law about a civil right being taken away. How is it NOT a woman’s right to accept or refuse a sonogram? This is stupid.

  3. Claudell says:

    Pro-life or pro choice, this is a stupid idea. 99+ percent of women making this choice has already considered all options, including discussions with their doctors. Wanting to hold down cost of medical insurance, this is an added procedure that’s going to serve no purpose. How about that old sayiing about “keep the gorvernment out of the doctor’s office”. It’s only applies when you don’t want something, regardless how it may affect someone else.

    1. Leeann says:

      That’s not true at all.. 16-year-old girls who can’t keep their legs closed get pregnant and automatically think “well i’ll just get an abortion and then it’s problem solved” which is not right. There are plenty of people like myself who can’t have kids of their own at all and someday want kids. Those people who just don’t want the responsibility can give their baby to the people who actually want it.

      1. joe says:

        there are plenty of kids available for adoption already…don’t complain about adoption until all of those kids have a home.

      2. joe says:

        I meant “dont complain about abortion”

      3. Ally says:

        i agree with Joe. 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    I wonder how many of our legislators are lining up to adopt unwanted babies?

    1. shadeofafreeway says:

      Or feed and shelter the homeless ones….

    2. 2sister says:

      There are people on waiting lists to adopt who can’t have a child of their own.

  5. Karli says:

    First of all I would like to applaud both Claudell & Mike. This is the most stupid idea I have heard in a long time. It is the woman’s decision. I am so tired of people trying to encroach upon or take away womens’ rights.
    In response to Texas Heartland… you should just be quiet. The answer to not having babies is not have sex?! That is the second most stupid idea I have heard in a long time. And just so you know, women take contraceptives ALL THE TIME and still get pregnant. It happened to me. We/ they WERE being responsible. I think that the decision to not have a baby you can not take care of or afford is VERY RESPONSIBLE. Especially considering the fact that there are so many children needing homes and our world is already overpopulated.

    1. 2sister says:

      It depends on the situation. If the sex is between two married people, then not having sex would not be the answer. If we are talking about two unmarried people, then I agree that abstinence is the answer. I don’t believe sex outside of marriage. I know that won’t make me popular among some people, but that is what I believe.

  6. K says:

    Why waist the doctors and womans time and money on the sono if she’s got the chooses to “look away”… This bill is pointless on several levels. She has the choice to look away therefore SHE HAS THE CHOICE to deny the sonogram and save time and $$. Government needs to STOP deciding how us humans will make our own choices. Its bad enough they now REQUIRE girls to be vaccinated against HPV when they are very young…mom’s don’t have that choice any more for their own daughters. Government needs to step out and stop playing Gods roll.

  7. Rick McDaniel says:

    This is a mistake, and it will come back to haunt them.

  8. texas heartland says:

    Karli, there is this thing in America called FREE SPEECH and I have a right to voice mine so maybe you want to “be quiet”. And as for women that get pregnant while using contraceptives, that is an extremeny tiny percentage of pregnancies. And you know the baby should have a few rights here as well dont you think. Yeah there are unwanted babies in the world. If what you say is correct then we should just put them down like a dog right? I mean they have no value if nobody wants them right? Just like the unborn baby. Sad that our world has no value on life of any kind anymore…

    1. shadeofafreeway says:

      You are welcome to your opinion but you have no right to make decisions for others. Roe V. Wade is a law and it will not be repealed because the majority is against repealing it. The minority want to muddy it up to make it less valid.

      You keep talking about small percentages. Victims are small percentages. Women who get pregnant while on contraceptives are small percentages. A fetus with horrible pre-natal defects that cannot survive outside the womb – small percentage. Women who must choose their life or that of the child – small percentage. I could go on for days like this. Cancers. Tubal pregnancies. Hemmorragic situations. Complications….

      What is the greatest percentage in your eyes? Sinners? Evil, stupid, uneducated? Maybe address THAT issue then instead of this one!

      1. 2sister says:

        I believe the woman who started Roe vs. Wade changed her mind later in life. Also, I don’t disagree with this bill..

  9. T says:

    What is sad is.. what about those who have to have the abortion for medical reason and not necessarily by choice. Are they also going to have to go the torment of hearing the baby they really want before the abortion. That is the only thing I disagree with and did have a friend who had to abort a baby because if severe birth defects where the baby would not survive outside the womb.

    1. B says:

      True that. If the baby will not survive regardless then why continue with the pregnancy? And then push out a dead baby? Hell not me. If what’s done is done – then get it over with and don’t risk MY life – I have two other children to take care of!!!

  10. Tommy says:

    Funny how Republicans are all for banning abortions or creating laws such as the sonogram bill, but totally against universal healthcare…

    1. Ally says:

      like 🙂

  11. Kim Dar says:

    They know it is a child and they do not care. I would like to know who is paying for the sonogram. Oh, I know the answer to the question. It is the taxpayers of Texas. (ME.)

  12. Elmer says:

    Funny how democrats have no problem killing unborn children, but go nuts if you harm your own dog or cat.

  13. dirtpoormedic says:

    The only way this will work is if you charge the mother $500 for the sonogram in addition to the price of the abortion. Then no one could afford it. Especially the ones just using it as a form of birth control. But then if they can’t afford an abortion, how the @$% are they going to afford a baby!

  14. Crude says:

    Well, so much for conservatives constant chant of “Less government in peoples lifes”. As usual they show their true colors by being hypocrites.

  15. KLM says:

    So, do juries who convict murderers to Texas death row have to listen to the heartbeat of the prisoner?

  16. les says:

    who decided abortion is a bad thing ??? i wonder how much this would help the welfare system. if you took religion out of this there would be no story .

  17. Repeal Roe v Wade says:

    Good. Maybe those “mothers” who think its okay to murder thier own child will change thier mind after having to look at the victim

  18. Roe Vs. Wade Best Thing That Ever Happened says:

    According to a poll on this very site 70% of the public was against passage of this bill and yet it was still crammed down the public’s throat ! I say those that are against abortion should have to take in all the unwanted kids into their own homes,the majority of those born into this make up the majority of court cases today.

    1. Crude says:

      >%70 polled on this site AGAINST the bill and still passed.

      Shame on those of that %70 that voted these fools into office.

      Next time think before you vote.

  19. Mark says:

    I see every one talking about women’s right’s but lit takes two to make a baby! So my question is what about a man’s right to his child. A women can have an abortion without ever consulting the father of her child. What if he actually wants to keep the baby? And don’t try to tell me that all men don’t because I have friends whose girlfriends got pregnant and their where all excited about becoming a father. I might add right here that techinically the baby is “half’ his. Anybody that’s taken high school biology know that! Also what about the baby’s right to life and stated in the Declaration of Independence: Hold these truths to be self… LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Science has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the baby is living. Plus by the time a women finds out she’s pregnant a baby already exhits all the chararistics of life.(Human Anatomy and Physiology) But the way I’m a nursing major at Paris Junior College. I can’t wait till Roe v Wade is overturned. I salute the house and senate for passing this bill. I just hope their able to reconcile the differences.

    1. Taura Graham Turner says:


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