Wise County Family Sues Over Natural Gas ‘Fracking’

By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

ALLISON (CBSDFW.COM) – A Wise County family claims natural gas drilling has ruined their home, health, and their lives… and now they’re suing.

Lisa Parr says her entire family finally had to move into the Denton business office of her husband, Bob, in order to end all of their health issues.

“This is where we want to live, this is where we used to live,” Lisa said of her home in Allison, near Decatur. “But we can’t get there anymore without fear and without being sick.”

The Parr’s claim their family, 8-year-old daughter Emma Duvall, suffered from chronic nosebleeds, dizziness and nausea.

But because she was home all day, Lisa says she had it the worst. “Shortness of breath, could not take a breath,” she said, recounting her numerous illnesses and trips to local emergency rooms. “Vomiting. Extreme rash, from my scalp to the bottom of my feet was covered with rashes.”

The Parr’s blame their health problems on some 50 Barnett Shale natural gas wells that have sprung up around their home, in recent years.

They claim neighbors are ill, too, but say because their home is in a low-lying hollow they received the brunt of the hydrocarbons and manufacturing gases.

“The natural gas activities taking place have poisoned the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the land upon which they live,” explained their attorney, Brad Gilde of Houston.

Bob Parr was even more blunt with his description. “The gas companies just come in and do whatever they want to do,” he claimed. “It doesn’t matter, they hurt whoever they want to hurt and doesn’t care.”

Although the Parr home sits in Wise County, the suit was filed in Dallas County because one of the defendants — an energy company — is headquartered in Dallas.

Officials with Republic Energy, Inc., located on Greenville Avenue, say they haven’t seen the suit and won’t comment. Another company, Ryder Scott Petroleum of Houston, claims it is a consulting firm and not a natural gas operator and that it was wrongly named in the suit.

Most other defendants in the suit are located in Houston or out of state.

While not asking for a specific dollar amount, the Parr claim lists nearly three pages of damages for which they want compensation.

Bob Parr built the home nearly a decade ago; he married Lisa in 2008, and it was about that time when everyone began getting sick. “We were married and a few months later we get sick? It’s very hard to imagine not to be able to go back without fear,” Lisa said.

The Parr family is primarily sleeping on rollout beds in Bob’s office, but Lisa can’t conceive going back to their home any time soon.


One Comment

  1. SD Fin says:

    My eyes get blood red quite often & stay itchy as well as my lungs & sinuses stay irritated since gas wells hae gone up near downtown Ft Worth. Never had the problem before the wells started going up over 2 yrs ago.

  2. Todd says:

    Fracking should be outlawed ! I would also sue whoever gave them the permitts to frack!

  3. Justin says:

    There is nothing wrong with the Fracturing going on. They have been doing this for years in West Texas and no one complains about it there. Just because its a semi new thing going on here in the DFW area doesnt mean that you people can think thats what it is. Just because you people are having trouble making ends meet dont mean that you need to go out and sue Oil Companies

    1. Kelly says:

      Justin, you are absolutely clueless.

    2. ardemis5 says:

      Justin, lets put 50 gas wells in your backyard. What do you think about that? Do you have any children?, Do you care about your children’s health? Do your research about the toxic chemicals that the industry uses. They use over 500 chemicals that are toxic, secret, and hazardous to our health,

      1. Justin says:

        I would love to have 50 wells in my backyard. I had more wells than you could imagine by my house in west texas. I work in the industry and i know for a fact that they dont use 500 chemicals. The 7 Chemicals that they use are put down in the well bore so its not even close to being out in the air to be toxic. How come my kids or wife or any of my family in this case dont have these issues?

  4. Adam says:

    the gas companies are not trying to hurt the environment or the people that live around the wells. But there is allot of room for improvement on the projects, if you want to make a difference start a push to make them use more environmentally friendly chemicals in the fracing process.

  5. Lyn says:

    Thanks for this news story. I also broke out with a rash from head to toe when they began drilling the last gas wells about a block away 18 months ago. Finally diagnosed as autoimmune problem. Now trying to develop other autoimmune problems. Because of a chemical poisoning in 1974 (2, 4, 5-T) I’ve believed the drilling was the source of the problem all along. I fear for the health of all living near these wells.

  6. ardemis5 says:

    Justin, there you go again, with your nonsense. Your brain cells appears to have stopped functioning well, because you tell us that you have been working for the gas industry for a long time. You have been exposed to all those toxic and hazardous chemicals. You cannot see them, it is in the air. It can go as far away as 200 miles. Beware of the Benzene, Methane, Ethylene Tetrachloro – ethylene,. Zylene, TCEQ has the names of more than 100 of the toxic chemicals, Not all. the names. Justin, Learn something, so you can help your family…

  7. Bakken Health says:

    We also have these same problems in North Dakota with Oil Drilling, health problems, dead animals, contaminated water, never a problem before with air quality or water and no other industry but fracking and oil. This has happened in too many states and destroyed too much air, land and water.

  8. Rose Supak says:

    We have just experienced a blown out well because of fracking it. It happened Friday, April 15th,2011. The well is right across the road from our home. Twelve families had to be evacuated. Our home and a neighbor was hit the hardest. Trees and landscape are fried. The place smells like diesel. Everything is a dark yellowish brown. Inside the house smells also even clothes in closet. Right now we are in the process of getting people to clean the inside and outside of our home.

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