Arlington ISD Holds Town Hall Over Leadership Cuts

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – We’ve heard a lot about teachers losing their jobs and volunteering to take pay cuts.  But what about their bosses?  That was one question posed at an Arlington ISD’s Town Hall Wednesday night.

Parents at Lamar High School came to face the music and Arlington ISD’s budget crisis.  “Never thought it would’ve came to this point. But this is where it is now,” said Greg Walker, who has two children attending schools in the district.

In the first round, the district will have to cut staff and programs to save $15 million.  They’ll need to cut a lot more to offset the district’s estimated $48 million budget shortfall.

Anna Stevens worries about her second grader.  “I’m worried by the time she gets to junior high school, they might’ve started cutting arts and athletics.”

Superintendent Jerry McCullough sums up the future in a word.  “Bleak.”

No one wants to cut teachers. But what about administrators?  Overall, Arlington ISD administrative salaries are half the state average.

But what about the salaries at the top?  “I haven’t taken a pay raise in several years and if we start lowering salaries, I’ll be first in line,” said McCullough, who makes $235,000 a year.

Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa makes more than $ 317,000 a year.

Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Melody Johnson makes more than $ 324,000 a year.

But schools say the state got them into this mess and after the Town Hall meeting, parents agree.

Anna Stevens said, “These are the representatives that were voted in and I really feel they’ve dropped the ball.

Parents always ask about lottery money. The Lottery kicks in a billion dollars to state eduation every year. But state education needs $20 billion every year.

Many parents who attended the Town Hall meeting at Lamar High School say they plan to travel to Austin Saturday to rally the Governor for more money.


One Comment

  1. chris says:

    Im suprised more people are intrested in shortcutting their childs education than paying a few extra bucks on their taxes…..gimme gimme gimme

  2. Mark says:

    time for across-the=board pay cuts, especially teachers . they have been getting raises year after year no matter thier preformance or the economic state of AISD. i know, i am one

    1. William says:

      when the medication wears off, you need to revisit this topic….raises every year – right!! increases in taxes, increases in insurance costs, increases in classroom expenses not covered with the $20 given……really…that justifies a substantial pay cut…are you first in line – go ahead and send the district a check.

  3. Will says:

    Anyone notice how Perry never talks about the public school students who will be affected by his refusal to use rainy day funds to offset a shortfall created to a large extent by too many athletic stadiums, UIL activities that are not academic at all, and high maintenance cost facilities that, for the new ones at least, are Taj Majal compared to what a standard functional school would have cost to build and maintain.

  4. BETH MCGILL says:

    What happened to education first? Our kids are the ones that are going to suffer. How many people live in Texas? We need to open our eyes and do something. If WE need to organize and so something. State tax would help. I don’t what to pay any more taxes but if it would save my job and thousands others. You have to spend money yo make money. State income tax would help. ANd it would be only for education. I don’t know. Somebody else>

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