Caraway Sues City Over Release Of Police Call

DALLAS (AP) – Dallas’ new mayor has sued the city to try to prevent the release of police records related to a Jan. 2 disturbance call at his home.

Mayor Dwaine Caraway sought a temporary restraining order Tuesday and a state judge agreed to withhold the records until a March 22 hearing to determine whether a temporary injunction should be granted.

Court records show that six requests have been made to city officials for details about the incident. No charges were filed.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled last week that the records must be released.

Caraway’s attorney, Michael Payma, says the material should be withheld because it involves an “intimate family-related matter” not of public interest.

Caraway became mayor last month after his predecessor resigned. He had been mayor pro tem.

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One Comment

  1. Hootex says:

    Dewaine “I’ve nothing to hide” Caraway. Dwaine, if the story was about me, you’d care less. But if it’s about you…oh my…something else! One set of rules for everyone else, and one set of rules for Dewaine.

  2. What_You_Say says:

    It should be a matter of public record. Taxpayers have the right to know what reason(s) their police are being used for at their expense.

    1. les says:

      you can find it on the internet

  3. Kim Dar says:

    What the heck are you trying to hide? You just added fuel to the fire and now everyone will know what really went on and probably be bent out of shape because you are costing the City of Dallas MONEY, that they should not be spending. The good old double standard. At some point folks get tired of it and just don’t vote for them anymore.

  4. RussP says:

    I grew up on the east coast (Newark) and don’t remember ever having as many elected officials mixed up in scandals or thrown in jail as I’ve seen in Dallas; city, county and ISD. Is this the best the voters have to choose from or are the voters that misinformed?

  5. gigivee says:

    Ditto to all the comments above. Only in Dallas could this be happening. No wonder they are considered an angry city.

  6. JustMyOpinion says:

    Typical of politicians -“let’s focus on the lives of our citizens, and turn a back to the actions of our fellow politicians…” Sounds like Caraway is scared that his back will be exposed, and karma is lurking for him, just around the corner. I truly DESPISE each and every politician in Texas, Washington and every place in between. They all have but only ONE agenda – lining their own pockets at OUR expense. If they choose to live in a glamarous, state or federally subsidized glass house, then they should expect to have some windows broken….comes with the territory.

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