DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) Leading off today’s “Jock Itch:” Possible Dallas Cowboys’ interest and current Oakland Raider, Michael Huff, REALLY likes to “make it rain” when he goes to the club! According to MediaTakeOut.com, Mike flew into Houston JUST so he could get with a specific stripper, a sweet little darling by the name of “Maliah.” She works at some strip club down there and for just ONE night with her, he shelled out $2,000 bucks PER lap-dance to the tune of $25,000 TOTAL for the whole night! I guess he can afford it with that whole “I make 43 million dollars of Al Davis’ money” thing. Maybe he didn’t get his copy of the NFLPA’s 64-page financial handbook in the mail? (FYI: This is the same book that’s offering players advice on how to be financially astute with their funds, given there will be a lockout. In fact, one chapter actually states: “When going out, remember to leave the club with your wallet and budget intact. If socializing, do so with a purpose, such as dining out to network for the next phase of your lives after football.”)


And in OTHER “itch” worthy news…

A Florida bar owner says that the Miami Heat losses this season have cost HIM $85,000 bucks in bar bills! (Thank God the Heat finally broke their five game winning streak with a win last night over the Lakers, 94-88) Anyway, this bar owner said that when LeBron James joined Dwyane Wade this offseason, he and his business partner drummed up this “genius” idea of offering free alcohol to customers if the Heat (GASP) actually LOST a game! Fans would need to show up 30 minutes before the game and stay until the end to get a $25 dollar bar bill credit! They thought it would be a GREAT idea because they were under the impression that they’d totally beat the Bulls regular season record of 72 wins! Oops…


I love it when ball players get P-whipped by the ladies in their lives! Guilty as charged are New Jersey Nets forward, Kris Humphries and A-Rod! First, Kris was spotted getting his-and-hers manicures with his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Then, A-Rod was going through some SERIOUS withdrawal from his girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, because he just HAD to leave spring training with the Yankees for an hour so he could grab some sushi with her… 

http://benmaller.com/2011/03/nba-player-gives-up-man-card-for-famous-girlfriend/ and http://www.terezowens.com/a-rod-sneaks-away-from-spring-training-to-be-with-cam/

Sources are saying that cops were called out to a restaurant just before Detroit Tigers star, Miguel Cabrera, was arrested last month for a DUI because he threatened a manager, and an off-duty fish and wildlife officer. (Miguel, really? You threaten an off-duty fish and wildlife officer??) According to media reports, Miguel (who was already wreaking of alcohol) walked into the restaurant and the manager told him that they were closing. He didn’t take that news too well because, he then insinuated that he had a gun in a shoulder bag and said, “I know all of you, and I will kill all of you and blow this place up!” (By “all of you” he meant the crowd of 2 people that included the manager and the CLEARLY intimidating wildlife officer…)


The Cleveland Indians organization brought in a media consultant to warn players about the EVILS of Twitter and Facebook!! They were lectured on how to deal with the media and went over the “dangers” that social media sites provide. I’m hoping that Grady Sizemore was absent from this meeting, as he HAS been known to send out delicious body photos of himself (Sorry, fellas, I’m a chick and I didn’t mind it)


Listen up because here’s the KEY to winning your March Madness bets! According to The Wall Street Journal, picking unpopular teams is the “secret” to winning money on the tournament! (DUH!) They quote a sports gambling expert, who said that his system of doing this wins over 56% of the time, since 2004. He says that when one team is favored by at least 16 points and gets more than 60% of the bets, the underdog actually covers the spread about 57% of the time…


Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s fiancé, a model by the name of Shantel Jackson, said she “accidentally” tweeted a nude photo of herself! She blamed it on not really knowing what she was doing on her newly set up Twitter account and said “I totally didn’t mean to tweet a VERY graphic picture of myself for the world to see!” (Well, she said something like that…)


I’m all for team pride and showing MAD love for your favorite team, but this takes the cake! Atlanta rapper, Yung LA, actually got the LA Dodgers logo tattooed on his FACE! He apparently used this as an attempt to cover up an earlier cartoon-style duck he already had tattooed on his face after the CEO of Duke Tape Entertainment, a gentleman by the name of “Alley Boy,” demanded that Yung get the tattoo off his face immediately! Click the below link to see his masterpiece…


The Jacksonville Jaguars are holding a contest to place photos of their fans on the 2011 season tickets! (I’m sure this has NOTHING to do with the fact that they’re reportedly close to losing 17,000 fans who haven’t renewed their season ticket packages for next season.) The Jags are having fans fill out info and upload pictures of themselves on a webpage for this contest. Then, the 10 fans with the most votes will get the “honor” of getting their mugs on season tickets for the Jags!

http://benmaller.com/2011/03/nfl-team-loses-close-to-17k-season-ticket-holders/ and http://benmaller.com/2011/03/nfl-team-putting-fans-photos-on-season-tickets/

And rounding out the Buzz is your daily “Charlie Sheen Nut-job in a Nutshell Report!” Police raided his home late last night in search of firearms after he allegedly threatened to harm himself; He’s SUING Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers for $100 million bucks; He’ll get MILLIONS in unemployment bucks AND his former flame Kelly Preston (who he shot in the arm at one point in their relationship) says that deep down he’s still a good person! Whew! Let’s break this down…

First, cops were called out to Charlie’s, “Sober Valley Lodge” after receiving a call last night that he threatened to harm himself with a firearm! Charlie’s attorney said that police found one rifle—from the 1800s—and “a few bullets.” His attorney also said that the search warrant was executed in response to a complaint from someone about Charlie and a gun…


Onto Charlie’s legal matter: He’s filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against ex-boss Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers, and adds that he’s also suing on behalf of the rest of the cast and crew of “Two and a Half Men!” He’s saying that Chuck is one of the richest men in TV and that, basically, he’s a monstrous egomaniac that thinks he can take money away from the dedicated cast and crew of the show AND (all the while) making Charlie look like a scapegoat for Chuck’s “own conduct.” He’s also saying that Warner Brothers renegotiated his contract after he faced felony charges for allegedly assaulting ex-wife Brooke Mueller. BUT, I don’t think Charlie has to worry about being able to make rent next month, as he’s going to make around $88.5 MILLION BUCKS in fees from reruns of the 177 episodes he’s already done for “Two and a Half Men.”

http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/03/charlie-sheen-suing-chuck-lorre-and-warner-bros-100-million and http://benmaller.com/2011/03/charlie-sheen-will-get-loads-of-unemployment-cash/

And finally, twenty years ago, Kelly Preston—John Travolta’s current wife and actress—ALMOST became Mrs. Charlie Sheen. (I don’t know what’s worse—That moniker or the fact that she became a Scientology cult member thanks to her kooky husband.) Anyway, she’s publicly saying that despite all of this mayhem, Charlie is “such a good person underneath all of it, he really is.” Um, Kelly, wasn’t this the SAME guy who “accidentally” shot you in the arm in some mysterious incident that ended your engagement? Yep…TOTALLY sounds like a true “gem” underneath it all….


 And THAT’S my “Jock Itch!”


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