Drivers To Expect More Delays On Central Expressway

By Matt Thomas, 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) – All the shrubs are gone along Central Expressway in Dallas. So now what? A compromise between the city of Dallas and TxDot about the plants along Central Expressway will mean more backups this Spring.

Removal of the old landscaping from the high five at I-635 to downtown Dallas on Highway 75 backed up traffic for days. TxDot ripped out the shrubs because a while back the city of Dallas said it couldn’t justify paying to maintain those particular plants.

Now, TxDot’s Cynthia White says they plan to re-plant so the city will again pay to keep up with what grows between the north and southbound lanes of 75 beginning in October.

Cynthia White of TxDot on 1080 KRLD

In the coming weeks and months, the new plants will go in, and that will likely mean backups. 1080 KRLD is the only station doing traffic every 10 minutes on the 8s, so keep it here for the latest on the upcoming work.


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  1. Jo531 says:

    I wondered when they were put in, who was going to take care of them, water, weed, etc. It seems there should be an ongoing arrangement from years past about these kind of details. Plants cost lots of money to maintain. No one has the budget for this kind of misunderstanding.

  2. getreal says:

    Another dumb Dallas move. Tear out the plants and then spend money all over again to replace them! Those plants add sooo much to the look of the Expressway – a welcome relief from the concrete (it seems concrete is the official “plant” of dallas – it’s been planted everywhere!). I’ve always thought the plants were one of the nicest additions to the design of Central Expressway

  3. Rick McDaniel says:

    Government doesn’t give a hoot about plants. It doesn’t give a hoot about environment. All it really cares about, is image, and so……….it spends millions for a park, over a freeway, to gas anyone who uses that park, with the exhaust fumes, of thousands of cars per day.

    After all, it costs too much to water plants along a freeway, when you can a park, on top of the freeway………and let all those plants die, too.

  4. Jack Larson says:

    Wait a second. We don’t have enough money for education but we do have enough money to replace plants we didn’t take care of to begin with with new plants that will be watered at taxpayer expense. AND, we are going to create more stop-and-go traffic that wastes gas as gas prices are re-approaching record highs. Where are our brains? When did watering a grassy median take priority or common sense? Put that money back into education and let a dozen teachers keep their jobs, then fill that median with gravel.

  5. DN says:

    Dallas’s priority is so messed up; dumping $600k+ into some stupid shrubs while schools are closing and teachers losing jobs. this is ridiculous…

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