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Bill Aims To Help Victims Of Human Trafficking

FORT WORTH (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – If a bill proposed by U.S. Senator John Cornyn passes, the federal government could soon be reaching out a hand to the victims of human trafficking.

The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2011 would set up a special grant to pay for special shelters for the teenagers and young women who are forced into the sex trade.

Cornyn’s bill would also provide money for special local police training on how to identify and investigate human trafficking.

State Senator Leticia van de Putte says Texas is the number one state for human trafficking. “The majority of our women and children, who are trafficked, happen to be teenage runaways,” she explained. “That is the appalling figure. It’s a modern-day slavery.”

Van de Putte has filed a bill in the Texas legislature that would up the penalties for human trafficking in state courts. As it stands most human trafficking are prosecuted in the federal court.

In a recent North Texas sex trafficking case, Fort Worth police arrested three people accused of forcing a teen into prostitution.

At the time Sgt. Deven Pitt, with the Fort Worth Police Department, said, “We do believe there are other victims out there. We are still investigating.”

The 17-year-old victim, who is from San Antonio, came to North Texas to meet up with several individuals she had connected with online.


One Comment

  1. chris says:

    How about some help for americans that are already here? Or would that be too much like socialism? Youre right, lets give another trillion to the rich.

    1. Alexander Ray Burciaga says:

      I swear. Some people do not choose to be here, they are taken from their country of origin and traifficked to many areas in the united states. So calm down and stop complaining about the rich.

  2. mrs magee says:

    oh my god. what does human trafficking have to do with giving money to the rich? they’re trying to rescue the young people – girls AND boys, some as young as FOUR years old from the sex trafficking industry. Girls from other countries, namely Russia and surrounding territories, are brought to the U.S. and sold to American citizens! Read the article again, Chris.

    1. Lindsey LaPointe says:

      The bill the article refers to would provide money and social services to American citizens, that’s why it’s called the domestic minor sex trafficking act. Human trafficking is frequently mistaken for trafficking involving international citizens crossing international borders, when in fact far more trafficking goes on within the United States with American citizens. In many instances it’s what we know as pimp controlled prostitution involving force, fraud or coercion. Kudos to Senator van de Putte for working to up penalties on a local level.

  3. mars says:

    more BIG GOVERNMENT from the hypocrites who say that they hate it……
    give the rich some more tax breaks while you’re at it… make me want to puke

  4. mars says:

    there are already LAWS that we have NOW that all of that falls under……why cant they find something worthwhile to work on….like education ….since we are getting to be the stupidest, laziest, most uneducated kids in the world!!! that is why i said what i did, and because I am ashamed that the middle class cant make a living anymore and the rich have it better than ever even in a recession!!!!! i am ashamed of my country and Im WHITE!

    1. Alexander Ray Burciaga says:

      Read my comment idiot.

  5. Alexander Ray Burciaga says:

    Really MARS? Really? This had nothing to do with education, or giving money to the rich. This is a serious problem in our society, if you want to make a difference in education get off your butt, turn off the computer and do something about. You want to know why education is not a main issue now? because people like you want to complain but not dio a single thing about it. Once I botain my social work degree I am seriously considreing using that degree to help those that have gone through this. That is doing something to help a cause, it may take time but it will have a good outcome.


    1. mars says:

      call me an idiot and then close with peace? Learn how to spell before you call me an idiot….. Well, Texas has a big stick up its ass and I do not like the politics here…almost everyone is corrupt and it is so bad now, that only the super rich have an advantage. I just want to be happy, I don’t want much but it is so hard to have the basics anymore it just makes me sick….sorry but that is just how I feel….I work really hard and I, nor any of my coworkers have gotten a raise in 3 years because of the meltdown caused by the bankers and the corporations who have earned more in the past decade than ever! And the Republicans!! All they care about is tax breaks for the rich and abortions……
      they make me so damn sick I could just cry…..And they hate our President so much, they would rather keep the economy wrecked purposely just so his administration won’t look good……makes me want to PUKE!
      LEAVE ME ALONE! I should have never went here……

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