DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas mom has a solution to helping her kids cope with tragedy, proving that when life give you lemons, you can make lemonade.

After last year’s disaster in Haiti, Melissa Plaskoff’s sons Hudson and Parker wanted to help.  Melissa came up with a clever way to raise money, a ‘lemon-aid’ stand.

“What I’ve learned is that kids want to know and want to help and if we give them the opportunity, tehy really can make a difference,” says Melissa.

They made $150 in under two hours, sparking an even bigger idea – lemonstoaid.org

The website has squeezed out more than 140 events, all run by children across the world.

And now that tragedy has stuck in Japan, the Plaskoffs want to help.  “The water went over the city in japan, so people are living in shelters,” explains Hudson.

Hudson’s hoping they’ll bring in more.  “We have the money jar over there and we have to keep it and give it to the poeple to rebuild the city.”

And again, they’re inspiring others to help.  “They’re seeing coverage on tv and may or may not understand what’s going on…but when they do it makes a lot of sense,” says Charmaine Tang.

And their proving again that life’s lemons can make lemonade.