Low-Level Radiation Detected On Incoming DFW Flight

FORT WORTH (KRLD) – A Tokyo to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport flight sets off radiation detectors after landing in North Texas.

DFW Airport officials confirm radiation was detected in the cargo area of an American Airlines flight from Japan Wednesday morning.

Sarah McDaniel with DFW Airport told NewsRadio 1080 KRLD that it was an extremely low level and posed no danger to passengers on the flight. She says it was also not the type of radiation that would have come from a nuclear power plant.

Airport officials say the 9:15 a.m. Wednesday flight from Narita found traces similar to that of an X-ray.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are scanning all incoming flights from Japan for radiation.

Officials also say there is no need for concern about radiation on mail coming into Texas. According to Amanda McMurry, a U.S. Postal Inspector in Fort Worth, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency routinely monitors mail for any levels of radiation.

“At this point no abnormal or unusual or unacceptable levels of radiation have been detected,” she said. “But it would be up to them [Customs] and their procedures should some sort of hazard be determined.”

There was some concern when the Agency detected low-levels of radiation on mail in New York and San Francisco that came in from Japan. But McMurry says international mail is first screened in coastal areas, before it ever gets to North Texas.  “Thus far we haven’t seen anything with a hazardous or dangerous level of radiation so at this pint there’s nothing for postal customers to worry about.”


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  1. Julie Roth says:

    OMG! Here we go! This radiation thing is bigger than the media wants us to know! It’s getting entirely too close to home!!

    1. paranoid much says:

      shut up ! Julie ! Iis people like you with no brains that cause panic.You get more radiation daily from the sun.

      1. A says:

        Agreed. This is so minor it shouldn’t have even made headlines. I’m so tired of watching the media use scare tactics to get people’s attention.. and the average Amercian idiot just eats it right up and a panic storm ensues.

      2. Amel says:

        i dont think we can compare these two tipes of radiation. if radiation from nuclear plants reaches that amount that we get from the sun, we are in trauble.

        we are allready in trouble with nuclear leak into the ocean and all melting ice

        do you guys know what happens to us if there is no ice, and oceans stop flowing?

    2. Paul says:

      Go to What Really Happened.com or Blacklisted News.com and read the US Surgeon’s General’s very hushed advice that Americans be prepared for incoming radiation from those four reactors. Those radioactive isotopes aren’t going to just disappear. The jet stream is already blowing it in our direction. Four days ago, they said it would take about a week to reach the US.
      Ignore the wannabe armchair nuclear physicists posting here who can’t even spell nuclear physicist, and be prepared just in case. Start looking for some potassium iodide. Read about it. Inform yourself, so that you aren’t taking bad advice from a bunch of uneducated, baccy chawin inbred morons who got their advice from Buba down at the domino hall.
      God’s Word says the wise are prepared for ill winds.

  2. motoko susubon says:

    people here raidiation and they all flip out. you get more raidiation from daily contact with the sun and any glow in the dark watch you may have. you can live in 400 times the normal raidiation and it will not really cause much of a problem. people need to calm down they are making this the next SWINE FLU (H1N1) remember that hype. my suggestion is stop reading new stories that are in the habit of selling papers or advertizing. we all know how much the news media like to make mountians out of mole hills. so sit back continue on with you life you are not going to start glowing in the dark anytime soon

    1. Cliff Williams says:

      Your suggestion is for people to walk blindly through life without concern…trusting government to keep you safe and comfy. You are as smart as your spelling and grammar indicate.
      Your suggestion is to stop reading and I’m suggesting you stop writing…at least until you learn to write proficiently; oh, and in that time please learn to be less trusting and more concerned about the world.
      You would have said the same exact thing to the people living around the reactor in Japan…until they started baking in radiation right before your eyes.

      1. lizardo says:


  3. TheTruth says:

    “Bigger than the media wants us to know”? The media doesn’t hide anything. They are quicker to exaggerate a story instead of hide it. It does not matter to them if it causes panic, tension, or danger to anyone.

  4. Leapster says:

    Why in the world would you report this? If everyone you interviewed downplayed the situation and said it wasn’t harmful, why get everyone hyped up about it? This is the kind of news that will drop the credibility of a news organization quick if you keep crying wolf like this. Without a doubt, the citizens of the Metroplex would have been better off not having this headline on their minds when it wasn’t even a threat. Please don’t mess around with this headline until there is a threat….then, we’ll listen.

    1. North Texan says:

      Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil? There for it doesn’t exsist. Why would you want to hide the truth regaurdless of the danger level. I would hope to believe people would rather be informed then walk around living in bubble of ignorant bliss. At least I would.

      1. Leapster says:

        My point is that a headline that says “Low Level Radiation in DFW” makes it sound like they have tested our air in Dallas and Ft. Worth and found low levels of radiation possibly linked to the nuclear problems in Japan. That’s what it sounds like to me. The headline is horribly deceiving. NBC5’s headline to this story is far more sound. “Radiation-free Flights From Japan” is their headline where they explain that nothing harmful has been found on flights coming from Japan. This story on CBS11 makes it sound like the X-rays were something unusual. They use X-ray all the time in air travel! It’s been standard procedure for years to X-ray luggage.

    2. Paul says:

      You betcha Bozo, Them thar nuclear physicists are just acting spooked causin theys a bunch a sissies! Why you oughta git over there and show’em how to fix it right!
      Surely, there’s no reason to heed the US Surgeon General’s advice that we should be prepared for radioactive fallout in the US from the 4 damaged nuclear reactors in Japan if’n the Leapster says its okay!
      Shucks, we orta jes come to yer place. I bet you’ll protect us with that fancy learnin’ o’ yors huh Mr. Leapster? We probly orta jes chaw on sum baccy ‘sted o’ any that thar potassium iodide huh! Ya’ll don’t worry, Leapster’s gonna protect us with all them smarts o his!

  5. Bill says:

    The sky is falling!!!!

    If you are that paranoid, you need to avoid granite buildings and countertops. Smoke detectors and Coleman lantern mantles too. And old luminous watches and aircraft gauges. Run, hide !!!

  6. Sarge says:

    @Leapster — I agree 100%…

    1. Paul says:

      Thank God that a bunch of simple-minded morons saying all is well aren’t in charge of anything, but their own demise. According to you guys, we should all ignore the US Surgeon’s caution that we the people should be prepared. I’ll just bet you arm-chair nuclear physicists don’t even think it wise to have some potassium iodide on hand, even though the surgeon general said we should be prepared. My guess is that you know-it-all blow-hards don’t even know what that is or have the slightest clue where to get it. Oh yeah, we’ll be listening to your brilliant advice. Okay boys, bend over, heads back in the sand! Buba’s got our back! LOL!

  7. Savannah says:

    iresponsible reporting!!! Looking to grab headlines

  8. Taln Silvergrizzly says:

    Trust aside, apparently some people don’t read everything ….. like this part of the article:
    “She says it was also not the type of radiation that would have come from a nuclear power plant. Airport officials say, the 9:15 a.m. flight from Narita found traces similar to that of an X-ray.”

    Stay away from hospitals too, if this makes you that nervous.

  9. K says:

    Wow, whether you believe we should panic or the issue is overblown, all these comments show is that many people are quick to judge others and be disrespectul towards someone else’s OPINION.

  10. Mark says:

    Finally,someone I agree with…

  11. Wayne says:

    Go ask your Mom or Grandma if she has had LEAD fillings DONE by a dentist in the last 30 years. I will bet she has noticed a difference in taste!! Lead absorbs radiation.

  12. pooka says:

    i wonder if living in landing area near the airport when the planes reverse there engines give soff small radioactive particals?????????? my family has the stomack flu symptoms… planes reverse the engines right over my house ..

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