Mom Of Dead Fort Worth Toddler Asks Dad To Turn Self In

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Joy Howard’s pain is something no mother should ever have to face. “She was my life.  My life has been taken from me,” said Howard.

Tuesday night, Charles Bellamy, the father of her two year old daughter, picked her up from work.  “He pulled up and I said, ‘Where Jazmine?’ He said, ‘get in the car’.”

Howard says, Bellamy admitted he put Jazmine in the bathtub, then fell asleep.  “He told me when he woke up she was laying in the bathtub. He said he pulled her out… And started doing CPR and it didn’t work,” she said.

Howard says Bellamy claimed he drove the baby to Arlington Memorial Hospital, but never took her inside because he didn’t want to get in trouble for being drunk.

“I told him, ‘Charles, where’s my baby at?  Tell me she’s okay,” she said.  It was then, Howard says, after many delays, he confessed.

“He told me he had put her in the trunk of my car.  I had been driving with my baby in the trunk without knowing,” she said.

“You sit there and ask yourself – ‘do you think he did it?’ She can get herself in and out of a bathtub  any other time, but this time she couldn’t. So – you ask yourself,  ‘how do you think it happened?’” she asked, stunned.

While she ran to the house to call 911, Howard says Bellamy took off in his mother’s car with a gun.  He left a pair of jeans he had been wearing.  The pants had a pair of latex gloves and his drivers license inside one of the pockets.

Now she wants him brought to justice.  “I don’t get to hold my baby any more. My baby has been taken from me.  He deserves to feel the same pain I feel  – and nothing less,” she said.

Howard says family members helped pull Jazmine from the trunk of the car and tried to revive her.  It appeared, though, she had been dead for sometime.

The girl’s body had been wrapped in a sheet.  “I looked at my baby – and it looked she had been burnt on her legs and her stomach.”

Paramedics noticed the burns on the girl’s stomach and legs as well, and alerted police.  Fort Worth investigators have labeled Bellamy a person of interest in the case.

They are also looking to arrest him on a warrant for unrelated case of assault on a family member.

Joy Howard’s raw interview:


One Comment

  1. dana says:

    how about a pic of the sweet dad on here???

  2. kenneth says:

    Hopefully he will have ‘fun’ in prison with his cellmates. With luck they will kill his worthless butt.

  3. 2sister says:

    This is so sad.

  4. John Chakarian says:

    God,this story and all the others like it make me want to vomit.I am so sick of people harming little babys.Actually the ones who do these type of things can not be human.I cant understand it ,I just cant understand.Jazman,Im not a big believer in heaven the way the bible says it is but I hope for these babys there is a heaven where they can play all day,eat candy and chils,laugh and just be babys with no memorys of their past lifes.Rest in peace little angel.Im so sorry:(

    1. tom says:

      John, when you die there are only two places you will spend eternity. One is heaven (it is real) and the other is Hell (it is also real). Please read the first 3 chapters of the Book of John in the New Testament. Then ask God to give you the faith to believe before it is forever too late for you. I will be praying for you.

  5. John Chakarian says:

    How a grown person could harm a hair on this babys head or all the other babys like her is beyond my scope of understand it just kills me every time I see these things.Again Jazman,I hope your playing and laughing in heaven right now and im sure you are.This is just sick I have to stop reading this story it fills me with too much hate and anger.I meant to say chips in my last comment not chils.A 2 year old girl!She didnt even know what life is yet!Okay Ive said enough.

  6. Audrey Banks says:

    I Dont understand poeple. that hurt there children, Im one of the wemen that was unabke to have chukdren of my owe, & then read these storeies of them Killing there little angels. These Baby’s didnt ask to be born in this world, Hey People, These little Angels from God. If u dont want these’s Babys thenfor hevin saks don’t haver them, This juxt make me so Mad. I know this Mother didnt do anything or she had no idel what had happen, So i want to tell her that god will take care of her. & the man that did this t0 her. God Bless You, My heart is with U,

  7. wendy says:

    My heart goes out to the family in prayer and comfort. This baby will never again feel pain, hurt, betrayal, hunger, cold, or neglect … This baby will live a lifetime eternity in love, comfort, and happiness. There is a heaven and there is a hell and one day we will all find our judgment.
    Those who do not believe in religion I pity you because only a fool could look around and not see life built and made all around started by one and only one all time creator…Who and how the atom was made??? There is a heaven and there is a hell and when we die it will be too late to change your belief.
    God is with this child and all innocent children!!!

  8. Marsha Bossert says:

    It takes a real man to murder a baby, especially his own. If Mom had been to court to try to keep daddy away, it was probably a dismal failure. The court system seems determined to keep families together, even when part of that family is sick, demented or just plain mean. This baby did not die in the tub accidentally! Everyone who saw that babies body saw the burns on the stomach and legs, who knows what this man did to her? He needs to be arrested, convicted and kept in general population. I used to work in a county jail and let me assure you all that a child molester or child killer is the lowest rung on the jail ladder. He will probably be exterminated before he even gets to court, and that is only right. So many men are in jail for stupid stuff, shoplifting, smoking dope or underage drinking or helping a teenager drink, these are really minor crimes when compared to what killing a baby is. I hope that he rots ina hell where he can never forget what he has done.

    1. JENNIFER WINCE says:

      You mean it takes a real punk to murder a baby, real men do not hurt children. Grand parents all over the world that can, need to sacrifice time to care for there grand children, because these young girls today having kids, make some careless and poor decisions when leaving their child/children with people.


    I hate the idea of anyone keeping children that drink and smoke anything. I am totally against that. I do not care if it is the parent or family member. I worry about my 7 month old grand daughter every day. I pray so hard for her well being. I have asked my daughter to let me keep her until she get a stable sitter. I would love to help raise her. It is really scary out here now. You cannot really trust anyone, anymore to keep your kids, grand kids. This is such a sad, sorry a** story.

  10. Ted says:

    I am not sure why this woman lowered herself by being with this man.She knew perfectly well how this type of “man” was and she deserves part of the blame for making poor choices.At least he will hopefully end up on death row and spend eternity in Hell.

  11. Caoimhin says:

    This is why you shouldn’t date interracially.

  12. Ren Bel says:

    This is very sad but could of easily been prevented. If the state was doing their job he would of been in prison for probation violation instead of living off of his girlfriend and killing their baby. The dad is not a saint. He has a record of family violence. I’m sure the mom knew this. Please if any females are reading this if you know your man is no good than please break up with them or the very least please don’t go making babies with them.

  13. billy says:

    When races intertwine ….the outcome is always the same for the child(ren)….death or prison!!! or BOTH!!

  14. Rhonda says:

    I’m just not sure I believe her story completely. I hope this isn’t another Susan Smith ordeal.

  15. Hemroidious says:

    Maybe he will do the right thing and blow his own brains out.

  16. Hemroidious says:

    He was picking her up at her work. I’ll bet that her baby daddy didn’t work at all. t He was driving her car drunk? She should learn something from this…but probably won’t.

  17. BDK says:

    Maybe, just maybe he could be brought to justice faster if there was a freakin’ picture of him posted. Duh.

    1. Excuseme? says:

      This is disturbing that he is at large and there is not a photo.

  18. Excuseme? says:

    This is a terrible crime that happened to that poor baby. She had no choice. It does bring to mind the African-American male that had children in the back seat while outrunning police and almost killing the officer. The AA community was up in arms about that, not his fault, the police put the children in danger. Where are they now???? Why aren’t they furious with this criminal?

  19. MARY says:


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