By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Joy Howard’s pain is something no mother should ever have to face. “She was my life.  My life has been taken from me,” said Howard.

Tuesday night, Charles Bellamy, the father of her two year old daughter, picked her up from work.  “He pulled up and I said, ‘Where Jazmine?’ He said, ‘get in the car’.”

Howard says, Bellamy admitted he put Jazmine in the bathtub, then fell asleep.  “He told me when he woke up she was laying in the bathtub. He said he pulled her out… And started doing CPR and it didn’t work,” she said.

Howard says Bellamy claimed he drove the baby to Arlington Memorial Hospital, but never took her inside because he didn’t want to get in trouble for being drunk.

“I told him, ‘Charles, where’s my baby at?  Tell me she’s okay,” she said.  It was then, Howard says, after many delays, he confessed.

“He told me he had put her in the trunk of my car.  I had been driving with my baby in the trunk without knowing,” she said.

“You sit there and ask yourself – ‘do you think he did it?’ She can get herself in and out of a bathtub  any other time, but this time she couldn’t. So – you ask yourself,  ‘how do you think it happened?’” she asked, stunned.

While she ran to the house to call 911, Howard says Bellamy took off in his mother’s car with a gun.  He left a pair of jeans he had been wearing.  The pants had a pair of latex gloves and his drivers license inside one of the pockets.

Now she wants him brought to justice.  “I don’t get to hold my baby any more. My baby has been taken from me.  He deserves to feel the same pain I feel  – and nothing less,” she said.

Howard says family members helped pull Jazmine from the trunk of the car and tried to revive her.  It appeared, though, she had been dead for sometime.

The girl’s body had been wrapped in a sheet.  “I looked at my baby – and it looked she had been burnt on her legs and her stomach.”

Paramedics noticed the burns on the girl’s stomach and legs as well, and alerted police.  Fort Worth investigators have labeled Bellamy a person of interest in the case.

They are also looking to arrest him on a warrant for unrelated case of assault on a family member.

Joy Howard’s raw interview: