Arlington Lawmaker Wants Protection For Creationists

By Chuck Schechner, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – An Arlington lawmaker wants added protections for critics of evolution on the state’s college campuses.

Representative Bill Zedler has introduced a bill that forbids discrimination or penalty of teachers or students who express support of intelligent design.

Zedler says professors are allowed to sound off on a variety of issues, but not to criticize evolution. He says evolution critics are afraid to speak out for fear they’ll lose tenure or face other discrimination.

KRLD’s Chuck Schechner reports

It’s the latest in the battle between evolutionists and creationists.  Zedler  says his bill would prohibit such discrimination of those who espouse intelligent design. He wants the law to stand behind them.

The Republican lawmaker says it’s an issue of academic freedom. Critics contend it pushes an ideological agenda.


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  1. Nikki says:

    Sure, protect the god fearers and discriminate against the gays. Sounds just about right for this state.

  2. Ben Hoffman says:

    Everyone has a right to be an ignoramus. College, however, is a place for facts. If they want to teach the Bible, they should teach at a religious school.

  3. Lynn says:

    Facts? You want schools to teach facts? Then they need to teach from the point of view that this world was created. Evolution is fiction. Bad fiction. That’s why supporters of evolution want ID supporters to go away. They know evolution cannot support critical analysis. If the schools want to teach critical thinking then they would allow the students to examine both sides of the debate. But that is not what happens. If someone even hints at ID then they get black listed. There is no debate. There is no examination of facts. They are demoted or lose their jobs. This has even happened to evolutionists that mentioned ID in passing. I don’t think a law needs to be passed specifically for creationists. I believe that there should be protection for anyone that wants to critically analyze both sides of the issue.

    1. College Student says:

      How is intelligent design more of a fact than evolution? Evolution at least has some evidence to back it up. And in case you weren’t aware, it is called the THEORY of evolution. Scientists are finding new evidence of evolution all the time. Just because you turn the other way and choose to ignore it does not mean it is not there. And who said that God did not create evolution? You don’t have to be an atheist to believe that evolution is real.

    2. silly says:

      There is no God but my God ! So you must not believe God could create Evolution? You are no Christian if you believe God could not do that!

  4. Mike says:

    Evolution, my friend, is far from a FACT…it’s a THEORY…and an impossible theory to defend. Even if you dismiss ID from the discussion, evolution is as fanciful a theory as evolutionists say that ID is. I agree with Lynn. Most college science professors don’t encourage critical thinking on the part of students…they just expect these same students to simply intellectually ingest the swill of evolution that has been taught to them by identically shallow-thinking, tenured “critical thinkers.”

    1. DUH says:


  5. Hope says:

    Why are Christians so Ignorant? Because God’s in charge they don’t need to know anything…
    I am so embarassed to be in Texas sometimes.

  6. Mike says:

    Why do Christians have to be labeled as “ignorant” simply because they believe that an explanation other than evolution is possible for the creation of the physical world? Name calling doesn’t change the facts or answer any arguments for either side of the question. Also, I don’t believe proponets of ID only reside in Texas. If such “ignorance” offends you so much, maybe you would be happier in a more “enlightened” state….like say, California.


  7. BIGD says:

    Did somebody move that mattress from the stadiums in Arlington??
    A whole lot of NOTHING came from beneath it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AC says:

    If evolution were taught in schools as a theory (which is all that it is), then I would have no problem at all. Then theories of all types could be discussed without fears of repercussion. I realize that, even though I am a Christian and reject macroevolution (not micro-), the “intelligent design” or the “special creation” viewpoints also would have to be discussed in classrooms as theories. (Public school classrooms by definition do not espouse any specific religion. In practice, to the detriment of all, they do so anyway.) The persistent problem is that many people shrilly and ignorantly proclaim that macroevolution is a fact. They refuse to accept that it is a theory. What they believe in their private lives is their own business, but what they teach in the schools must be as accurate as possible for a situation wherein “one size must fit all even though such is not tenable”.

    1. DUH says:

      sO THE MISSING LINK MEANS NOTHING TO YOU republican tea terrorist ?

      1. AC says:

        I am not a Republican. I am not a Tea Party adherent. I am not a terrorist. I am not a Protestant Evangelical. I hold college degrees from two top-ranked universities, and studied science in depth while there. Any other trivial interrogations?

  9. DUH says:

    Evolution HAS BEEN PROVEN ! Most of you are still chimps!

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