Feral Hogs Moving Into Urban Areas In Texas

IRVING (AP) – Some Texas cities are going to the hogs.

Neighbors in a Dallas suburb have certainly felt that way since seeing their well-manicured lawns uprooted and sprinkler systems destroyed by packs of hefty feral hogs — beasts that once caused problems mainly for Texas farmers and ranchers.

“I think people expect this to be a rural problem,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said Thursday in Irving, where the city has captured nearly 250 feral hogs since October when they first were discovered roaming around. “This shows that in rural and urban Texas … the lines that divide us are fewer and fewer.”

Arlington and Dallas are among cities along the Trinity River that also have reported problems with wild hogs that weigh several hundred pounds, Staples said.

Feral Hog expert Billy Higginbotham from Texas A&M University on 1080 KRLD

Wildlife officials say the hogs are now starting to plague urban areas because of changing habitats and prolific reproduction. Texas has up to 2 million of the hairy beasts, about half the nation’s population, and state officials say they cause about $400 million in damage each year.

Although not all feral hogs have tusks, for years the animals have been a menace in rural areas by shredding cornfields, eating calves and damaging fruit trees — even breaking through barbed-wire fences, said Texas Farm Bureau spokesman Gene Hall. They also wreck ecosystems by wallowing in riverbeds and streams.

“They can do more damage than a bulldozer,” Hall said.

Methods to stop the problem have failed, including a pig birth-control pill studied by a veterinarian and researcher. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering allowing hunters in helicopters to shoot wild hogs at a wildlife refuge in Central Texas, saying they keep destroying the habitat.

Arlington has been aware of feral hogs in its community for about four years, said Ray Rentschler, field supervisor for Arlington’s Animal Services. But the city didn’t start trapping them until two years ago, when they started roaming into parks and frightening joggers and nearby homeowners.

“When you’ve got a herd of 300-pound pigs in your neighborhood, it tends to makes people feel nervous,” Rentschler said Thursday. “We want our citizens to feel safe.”

The city has trapped about 30 hogs, although Rentschler said he believes many more are roaming parts of the city. Captured pigs are humanely euthanized, he said.

In Irving, residents in a neighborhood near a park were alarmed last fall when they found their yards unearthed by what appeared to have been a bulldozer. Residents first suspected vandals until someone saw animal tracks, and one neighbor later spotted a pack of hogs trotting down the street on another night.

“You never think of a pig doing the extent of the damage that was done,” said Sharie La Vail, whose yard was among the hardest hit.

Irving then started trapping the animals — the largest weighing in at 375 pounds. Irving, which contracts with a wildlife services company to control its hog problem, then takes the hogs to a meat processing company.

Although city officials believe the problem is under control and residents have not seen a hog for months, some in Irving remain on the lookout.

“If you do wake up at night, you look out the window, because you just don’t know,” La Vail said. “I think they outnumber us.”

Online: www.feralhogs.tamu.edu

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  • d. smith

    it’s not the hogs but the people who have displaced the wild areas, the hogs have been here for ages….hoe they root up everything in sight.

    • Tom

      Uhhh, no they haven’t. Swine are not native to this continent. They are not natural by any stretch of the imagination.

      The best solution for this is to hunt them. Their meat is good for dog food and the French (really, they consider it a delicacy).

      • Jalan

        Hey D, Smith…Lies? Really? Quote one…

      • les

        they are native to America , their called politicians

      • les

        they are native to america , their are called politicians

      • Thomas A. De Simone

        Sounds like there would be a good market on pork. Wild hog is good eating when prepared correctly and BBQed, Ask anyone from the Carolinas or Georgia.

        Bet the people who are against hunting are pro-abortion!!! Never fails when you ask.

      • David

        “Their meat is good for dog food”… I have always been told by veterinarians and dog lovers that pork is bad for dogs, something about how it’s not digestible or something, maybe it makes them vulnerable to an illness I don’t remember… Let the French have ’em!

      • K Koesler

        Peccaries (aka Javalena) ARE native to Texas and are very rare. Big @ss feral hogs are not and are everywhere. I have seen them in broad daylight here on the Red River.

      • Ironshore

        Tom, you are correct. I am in LA, and most of these are descendant of Russian stock brought over: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_boar

        BTW, the meat is actually very good. I take it from your comment that you probably have never eaten it. It’s usually super lean, as most of the animals graze in the wild. These hogs are nothing like the fatty domesticated ones.

      • d. smith too

        Pork is bad for dogs. I gave my dog a pork sandwich with cheese just to see the entire undigested meat and cheese in his waste the next day. He started eating grass and acting all sick too.

      • g. stegall

        Dog food??? Dog food canners don’t use pork in their formula’s. How about feeding the indigent? Pork is pork.

      • OldGunny

        Feral hog is delicious and not just for dogs…

    • Bob Kutz

      d. smith; You are ignorant. Maybe you ought to look into the problem before making such pronouncements. Typical liberal, no doubt.

      • Kruel

        it is a fact that hogs are closely related to conservative talk show hosts. if you had a line up with rush , riley, beck and a hog you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. absolute fact!

      • Ionian

        Hey Kruel- we already covered that and have decided that Behar and her piglets are more aprpos. Where the heck have you been? But we did have to apologize to the hogs.
        Michelle, bama belle your hams and those go together so well!

      • Real American

        look at all the LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE …….. even after their leader told them to tone it down ………… of was that just more LIBERAL HYPOCRISY

        the hogs were domestic animals that have gone wild ………. depending on the hog, they can be very good eating ……….. just like any hogpen raised animal

      • Lowtolerance

        Hey Bob, I bet this liberal’s got a nicer gun case than you. Probably bagged a lot more hogs as well. Put that in your corncob deliverance pipe and smoke it.

      • dan

        Hey Lowtolerence…bet you are lying….liberals can’t help it…they lie so much it is a lifestyle

      • Garrett

        Hey Dan… Did they tell you that on Fox? Talk about lies…

    • David L.

      Oh dear god dont give me that BS, its call natural selection son we are predators they are prey. We wipe them out and stack then knee deep better yet do what I do in the winter and give it to a processor to give the meat out to homeless shelters. A proactive solution to your displaced wild area crud!

      • Chris @ Austin

        Liberals are the first to swear how evolution is the way it works and Darwinism is Law not theory. They will stand toe toe and battle it out that Darwinism is the way it is. If that’s the case, than humans killing other animals would be a result of Darwinism. Actually, according to Darwinism, we shouldn’t help out the poor or needy people among us because that’s keeping a weaker line alive. So if Liberals are so quick to subscribe to Darwinism why are they so against following it?

      • Papa Ray

        Uh..no, not unless the people who cook the hogs have special training and instruction. Wild hogs carry a multitude of parasitic worms and other nasty diseases.

      • Ionian

        UH Papa Ray- What “special training” are you talking about. Where does one get this “special training”? It is called prudence and due diligence Papa Ray. Things like making sure the meat is thouroughly cooked (domestic hogs have the same problem(s), using the meat for curing (it is the best that way anyhow). Those that trap the critters could do so commercially, feed them for two (2) weeks while they go through a worming, then sell then. Much less capital involved than feeder lots. That would require good electric fencing, preferably in a field that has been harvested of corn or maize, and some realistic expectations about the difficulties in containing the critters. It is being done in Kansas now utilizing closed down cattle feeder lots that have good metal grate/gate fencing. Wake up folks- there are already people out there with solutions! Use them.

    • Bob Cregar

      You ain’t to much aware of the world are you??

    • mirted

      And before them, there was some other animal..your argument is specious and
      not relevant..much like the folks who claim that because Indians were here before
      caucasians and other races, the country should be ceded back to them. Govt. is overlooking a great source of protein for folks who can’t afford it. Of course, Govt’s way keeps more of them on the public payroll.

      • texgirl

        #frankie – Javelina/peccary and feral hogs cannot hybridize. They’re barely the same species.

      • frankie

        Javelina’s as far as I can determine, do not grow to several hundred pounds. These are a cross between Javelina’s and domestic hogs scattered during the Civil War.

    • Hunter

      From the picture above, they are not hogs or pigs. They are javelina aka collerd peccary aka PIG. Hope you use a lot of BQ sause.


      • Hunter

        Sorry, not PIG but aka RAT.

      • Ionian

        Do you mean “Collared Peccary” by any chance? If so, then you are wrong. Pictured in the story is a crossout from a peccary relative and a domestic hog, but they are not peccarys.

      • K Koesler

        Nope. Those are ferals. Peccaries (Javalena) have a white ring around their necks. Feral hogs revert to the black.brown hairy hogs you see within one generation.

      • Freeland Dave

        Actually the animals in the picture are Javelinas, or peccary if you wish, that are indigenous to Texas in particular the hill country of Texas. Yes they can cross with domestic pigs and grow larger but are usually small. I have dispatched literally hundreds of these nasty, bad tempered little animals with razor sharp tusks that move around in tight little groups and attack virtually anything that gets into their way.

        Their population is literally exploding because of the increase of humanity where pet food left outside for them to eat, garbage that is not properly handled but thrown into private landfills and garden and other agricultural growth that provide them a much easier food source than is commonly found for them naturally.

        Just open up a season on them and even provide a bounty for the animals that have too high a population density in a particular county, somewhat like we use to do with other varmints, and the problem will start to go away. But you will be fighting a loosing battle if nothing is done about their current food sources.

        My favorite pig hunting place was a garbage dump. Oh, be advised to carry a large caliber pistol with you if you hunt these irritable little guys. It’s hard to climb a tree with a rifle and being treed overnight in an oak tree or mesquite tree waiting for the little herd to move off for water or food is not very fun. You in the tree, your rifle and fifty or so little razor blades anxiously waiting for you to come down so they can rip you to shreds.

        Been there, done that.

        But, properly dressed and cooked they do make for tasty BBQ.

        The other suggestion might be to get the pig farmer that recently had a bunch of people install a Mosque next door to his pig farm and then seven days later ask him to move. I imagine that this Texas pig farmer would have a number of good suggestions on how to handle this wild pig problem. :)

      • BinhT

        Excellent commentary – more interesting than the story itself. Thank you.

    • KGC

      Wow, who knew pigs could type?

    • KGC

      Wow, who knew pigs could type!?

    • Adrian Vance

      These hogs were brought here from Europe so they came with people.

    • Kyle Coplen

      Oh my god, you are a freaking idiot. Pigs are not native to North or South America, and the current hogs are crosses between domesticated pigs, and European Wild Boars that were brought here. They have not been displaced, but they are exploding. With no natural predators and an ability to eat pretty much anything, and their insanely high rate of reproduction, they are taking over the South, and have already begun to move North. You ignorant, anti-human piece of garbage.

    • eddie

      what a stupid comment.

    • Larry

      They have not been here for ages. Not native to US either. Breed so fast they are taking over the south. Open hunting season all year long, boars and sows, would help.

    • Tim Clark

      Why don’t you look up the word feral.

    • S NOE


    • OldGunny

      And no, feral hog meat is not bad for dogs. I feed my dogs feral pork all the time. What’s bad for dogs is anything with a high fat content. Feral hog is naturally lean, so lean in fact my cardiologist gave me the green light to eat as much as I want of it or any other wild game – however he doesn’t want me to eat beef or pork from the supermarket.

  • John Dodge

    I know these hogs! They are on the View.

    • bob

      Now thats funny

    • jes2


      Beautiful, J.D., absolutely beautiful!

    • Prophet2525

      Don’t insult the hogs!

      • Ionian

        Amen to that! One thing to add- BEHAR!

    • dan


    • PeterMcLean

      We have this problem in Virginia/DC too. We call them “politicians”. They root around in your life and destroy everything they touch.

  • Ar Amytas


  • Jeff

    They should let bowhunters solve the problem for them for free. Wild Hog on the smoker is one fine BBQ meal.

    • Chris in FLA

      Woot. I agree Jeff. Marinated in Mojo Criollo and slow cooked at 180 for 8hrs.

      • Jeff in Kansas

        Have to shave them first! :P

    • Jim

      Those Texas hogs run in packs. Shoot one and they don’t run away, they come right after you. Maybe with a .30-30 and someplace to run?

      • Texgirl

        What, you’ve never heard of a tree stand? Don’t leave home without one. First time I went hunting feral hog, I shot one, and the entire herd rallied, which I’d -never- seen before.

        Guess you never know how fast you can climb a tree until there’s a dozen shrieking hogs trying to eat your face. Now I just hunt from a tree branch.

      • But Seriously

        That’s what assault rifles are for!

    • Wade

      Bowhunters can hunt feral hogs they are not considered a game animal.


    • JamesD

      OR, use a pack of cur dogs and a knife, the Texas way.

      • Pete

        Nice 1911 with plenty of hollow points and 5 spare mags,

  • http://fortworthinsight.com/news/feral-hogs-moving-into-urban-areas-in-texas/ Feral Hogs Moving Into Urban Areas In Texas « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] Feral Hogs Moving Into Urban Areas In Texas Some Texas cities are going to the hogs. Neighbors in a Dallas suburb have certainly felt that way recently. Go to News Source […]

  • Mike trainer

    Sounds like a good food source, Meat should be donated to food kitchens and homeless shelters.

    • susie

      A Hunt for the Hungry was done recently,March 4th,5th,6th in South Wes Texas tby Texas Doug Hunters Assocation maybe one could be organized in the DFW area. 34,716 pounds was brought in to feed the Hungry. TDHA has members on this side of TEXAS.

      • susie

        Typos made in my post about Hunt for the Hungry. Name of Association that put on Hunt for the Hungry was TEXAS DOG HUNTERS ASSOCIATION. They are a 501 c3 organiization and do this yearly to remove some of these predators, minutelhelp as it is , and feed the needy. A large hunt,all funds going back into winning Hunters. Meat was
        weighed ,inspected, taken off site to be disbursed by Hunters Harvest and Victory House. of Texas.

      • Hemroidious

        Why do they hunt only Dougs?

  • C. Storch

    There are three kinds of hogs in this world, the kind you ride, the kind you hunt, and the kind you marry.

  • Ron C

    @ John Dodge

    Hold on now John… I would ALMOST make the argument that what you’ve said is an insult to feral hogs…

    But that’s a good one!!

  • Just Saying

    If the hogs are not native, and can thrive anywhere, cant they be transplanted to another area? Like Afganistan or Iran?

    • jEFF IN kANSAS

      Can we drop ship them into Iran? :))

    • Drew S

      @Just saying Afghanistan and Iran have hog problems as well. While on base we’ve seen the hogs take out fighter planes that have landed. Yes, they even have destroyed fighter plans and ruin airport runways!!!! please believe they’re that powerful. The power of a wild hog is gravely understated!!!

    • Plain Smarts

      I agree. I believe we should round them up and air drop them in “religiously intolerant” Muslim countries. That would give them something to do other than terrorizing us!…

      • Papa Ray

        Best comment ever!

      • John

        We could just send them to Dearborn, MI

      • Bonnieblue2A

        Ferel Hogs as homeland security weapon? I thought we already had Big Sis!

    • N8tive American

      Feed them to the Taliban…..and tell them that it is flat nosed beef.

      • Alan Whitney

        No, feed the taliban to the hogs…

  • mr tolson

    the only native hogs in the usa are in arizona and they are much samlller than these, and are good eating. pigs were brought to america by christopher columbus and others. Later they briought in eurpean boar (in california mts)you should try reading some history although this generation is taught such a twisted veiw of hisort they beleive tehpilgrims came here for gold.

    • RuandaRed

      Yep, yer talkn ’bout Javalina and ah think they’s very distant relations to boss hog
      and his feral clan. Them javalina (have a leen ah) also occupies sum of New Mexico and Mexico. Sum of them game farmers in Tx wuz stupid ‘nuf to import em
      to make $$ lettin city-folk and people to fat to walk feel like theyz hunters.

    • Mr. Bailey

      Mr. Tolson,

      As a teacher I can assure you that students are not taught to believe that the Pilgrims (1620) came to America for gold. Now, Jamestown est. 1607, is another story…and remember – I before E except after C. It’s a little rule you were probably taught back in the 2nd grade along with capitalization and basic spelling.

      • tax paying citizen

        you have to be a liberal, correcting spelling on an internet board… did all your kids graduate? hows your tax payer funded pension plan. stfu you hack

  • mr tolson

    the only native hogs in teh USA are in az and are muc smaller, pigs came with columbus and others and boar wer brought in later to hunt, try reading some history

    • disc-0-duc

      Try reading some reference materials on mammalian species.

      The peccary (javalina) is a very distant relative of the Eurasian hog. It is more likely related to the hippo and horses than the pig. It is native to most of the southwest United States, Mexico, and Central and South America. The Eurasian pig was introduced in Mexico by Hernando Cortez, Cristobal Colon (Columbus to you). They were often released in the wild, as well as cattle and horses, as the Spanish explored the new world as a means for food and burden stock for later explorers. These domesticated, turned feral, pigs later bred with true European wild boars introduced for hunting in the early part of the 20th century which made them the very aggressive and bold hybrid they are today.

  • jean

    kill them and eat them,,,open season……good bar-b-qed

  • RB

    This is nothing new. The state was warned about it over ten years ago. Yet some people still don’t see the light in the best method of controlling the population is also one of the oldest. Hunting them regularly with dogs will alway be more effective than trapping or still hunting and repeatedly prove so every week.

  • EAT ME

    I’ll have one hog with a side order of Smith & Wesson.

  • pfwag

    Are Texans now a bunch of wusses?

    • Drew

      gun laws prevent you from firing firearms within the city limits.
      These hogs are in the city and in up scale neighborhoods. Not the Hood!!
      Its ppl here who’ve never seen wild hogs before ,encountering hogs in they’re front yard now. lol

      • Real American

        thats why we use suppressors

      • Bonnieblue2A

        Hogs don’t have to be shot with a firearm. Bow hunters and trappers should be allowed to do their work in the suburbs too.

        The meat should be used to feed those in texas homeless shelters and prisons.

        Get ‘er done!

    • Papa Ray

      NO…! thousands of these vermin are killed each year by hunters, land owners and such. But the problem is that we can’t kill enough of them fast enough. They breed like rabbits or mice and have huge litters. The state and federal goverment have given a little help in the last 10 years and it hasn’t even made a dent in the hog population.

  • mr tolson

    problem is no one hunts anymore, th deer population in the us is about twice waht is wast when white man cmae here, and there are no prediters anymore except man. the boars are getting to be a problem in many states even in the wild ares of tennesee, ark & other states. We need a bounty like tehy ahd on woves in teh early 19th centery

    • Ionian

      One slight misstatement there mr tolson. The deer population is now AT LEAST 12 times what it was when we came here. Mostly due to clearing of forested areas and the abundance of crop/grazing land.

      Wildlife authorities have known for generations, but the touchy-feely, don’t kill Bambi’s mom-and-dad bunch vote much more assiduosly than the rest of our society.

  • Jeff in Kansas

    We’re starting to have a problem with them here in Kansas but not to that extent.

    I was going to leave a URL for the Topeka paper that carried the story but that web site is down, sorry.

  • TC

    A hog shoulder smoked with Pecan at 200 degrees for about 10 hours works really well with a robust Cabernet. Just sayin’…

    • mark

      I’d trade the wine for beer. It sounds fantastic.

    • shadeofafreeway1@aol.com

      Eh- they’re too gamey. Besides, who knows what THEY’VE been eating!! Next we’ll have some kind of epidemic and blame it on people killing and eating the wild hogs which will then be regulated by the FDA. Let’s just skip ahead and round them up, breed them, feed them our own chemicals and then sell them on the open market. Maybe the price of pork would drop to something I could afford!

      • Texgirl

        Too gamey? Myth. That has far more to do with how quickly the kill is field dressed and how well they’re shot than with the meat itself. Besides, there’s a difference between the meat having a distinct flavor it tasting gamey/wild…you’re just used to corn-fed lot pork which is virtually flavorless.

      • Ionian

        Baon bubba- b a c o n !! They make the best bacon there is! Next to no fat content.

      • txhunter

        Taste of the meat is largely influenced by diet. Remember, these are genetically domesticated pigs that were originally raised for meat and have escaped and gone feral and developed a prolific wild population. I have killed and eaten feral hog from South Texas peanut country that yielded far tastier pork chops than I have ever gotten at the meat market.

    • Papa Ray

      Be careful cooking any kind of pork, but especially wild hog. They carry many parasites and other nastiness.

      And if not cooked long and right, wild hot is tougher and stringer than venison.

      • tax paying citizen

        how about be careful cooking any meat…. since when is COMMON SENSE no longer taught… oh yea liberals started teaching, becasue there hippy drugs ran out

  • Mark

    Shoot a pig and an idiot that wants to protect them at the same time! Get rid of two destructive forces.

  • mark

    Put a bounty on them. Bounties have worked in the past

    • Alan Whitney

      A bounty on whom? The animal activists?

      • les


  • Hank Warren

    Shoot them pigs, the hogs, not the politicians. Endless hunting restrictions, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Alan

    Trapping hogs is like trying to empty out the gulf with a tea spoon. Allow year round hunting.

    • Drew

      Alan, there is no hunting season on wild hogs in the state of texas. You can shoot them year around!! YOu dont get it its alot of these hogs around. in some rural areas in east texas, they warn you against early morning jogging. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. Ranchers use to pay you by the pound for as many hogs you can kill on they’re land and that was back in the 80’s this has been a problem for a long time!!

      • HogHarvester

        @ Alan: Year round hog season, no limits, by any weapon necessary.

        @Drew: I would love to get paid to clean up ths problem. Know of any places?

  • Chris @ Austin

    Liberals are the first to swear how evolution is the way it works and Darwinism is Law not theory. They will stand toe toe and battle it out that Darwinism is the way it is. If that’s the case, than humans killing other animals would be a result of Darwinism. Actually, according to Darwinism, we shouldn’t help out the poor or needy people among us because that’s keeping a weaker line alive. So if Liberals are so quick to subscribe to Darwinism why are they so against following it?

  • sirandrew

    In India they send out a line of people beating drums to drive out the prey and shooters ,in their blinds, can kill at will.
    We have a large number of people on welfare that are available to beat the drums

  • Ronald C. Yochum

    Put a bounty on them and watch how fast they disappear. Besides, you can make all kinds of bacon and hams out of them.

    • Papa Ray

      See above

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