Dez Bryant Kicked Out Of NorthPark For ‘Pants On The Ground’

DALLAS (AP/CBSDFW.COM) — Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself at the wrong end of the law for not properly covering his hind end Saturday.

Bryant and three of his friends were ejected from the NorthPark shopping center Saturday after a dispute between Bryant and two off-duty officers over the men sagging their pants below their hips, exposing their underwear.

A Tuesday police statement says officers working off-duty Saturday as security at NorthPark encountered Bryant and three companions wearing the drooping pants.

When the officers asked the four to pull up their trousers, Bryant launched into a profanity-laced tirade.  According to the statement, when confronted, Bryant told officers. “What the ****, you stopped me like I stole something.”  That prompted the officers to escort the four from the mall.

Police say Bryant refused to leave, however, until his “representative” could arrive and he parked in a fire lane until a friend arrived and persuaded him to go.

No charge was filed, but a Miscellaneous Incident Report was filed.

Bryant’s agent, Eugene Parker, declined to comment. The Dallas Cowboys did not respond to requests for comment.

The city of Dallas is no stranger to controversy surrounding sagging pants.  Mayor Dwaine Caraway, serving as mayor pro-tem at the time,  tried to pass an ordinance against it in 2007.  Ultimately the city decided not to pursue the ordinance, citing constitutional issues.

Update 3/23/11 8:30am:

According to information posted on Dez Bryant’s Twitter account – he is not banned and will be “Headed to North Park tomorrow to get these Lebrons….I am not banned from North park lol”

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One Comment

  1. plzthinkaboutit says:

    Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself at the wrong end of the law for not properly covering his hind end Saturday. When was that law passed please? I see kids dressed like this everywhere.

    1. Ron Reale says:

      Just because kids also dress like thugs and half dressed morons, does that mean it is ok? Does that mean we all have to see these poor, mentally challenged fools struggle to keep their arses covered?
      Has no one ever taught them basic civility, or are they really such imature savages, both white and black, that they can’t grasp the concept to cover their rear ends.
      Oh, and I love the respect given the authorities, who are just doing their jobs, protecting the populace from gangsta thugs too stupid or ignorant to know how to dress themselves.
      Maybe this thugs, “representative” can teach his client how to pick up his pants the next time he is changing his diaper!
      If the cowboys had any class left, they would suspend his uncovered arse, until he learns how to cover it.
      Ron Reale

      1. HS says:

        well said, couldn’t agree with you more

      2. john says:

        Absolutely, $$$$ does not give you the right to act like an idiot. Cowboys should educate him on how to act like an adult in society.

      3. Lawrence Brown says:

        You can lead horse to water but cant make them drink.

      4. John Danielson says:

        It’s just a fashion trend. I personally think it’s stupid, sure, but so were the 80s short shorts and pulled up striped socks, or anything related to 60s hippies or 70s disco. If the mall wants to have a dress code, fine, but it’s no business of the police or legislators to tell people how to dress. This situation is kind of muddled there – maybe we should pay the police enough that they don’t have to work part time at a mall when off duty.

      5. eric b says:

        Ron: You’re stupid and ignorant. It’s that simple. What’s with all the hostility? Get over your sorry self – were your delicate sensibilities offended? Please. Just an excuse for you to be racist (despite your lame attmept to make your comments not racist by inserting the parenthetical). I’m sorry you were obviously not loved as a child and continue to lead a cold, loveless, loserish life. The world needs fewer people like you in order for the human race to succeed – just go jump in front of a bus or something….

      6. jw5745 says:

        Mr. Eric B…..

        Are you evenly dimly aware that the word “racist:, a once powerful and meaningful word, has lost pretty much all meaning and impact, due to misuse and overuse by geniuses like you?

      7. Debbie says:

        Oh I long for the days when there were morals, manners, and respect.

      8. Jack Charles says:

        You are an ignorant, racist piece of sh!t.

      9. Lance says:

        Keep your distance, fool!

      10. dw says:

        Saggy pants still??? That’s so 90’s

      11. alj says:

        i’m a black man and I fully agree with Ron. These fools need to pull their pants up, why would I want my young kids seeing idiots like that in public?

      12. Joy says:

        Nobody wants to see your ass. Sorry. Grow up and act as if you have some sense.

      13. will says:

        I agree with Ron. Eric B. below, you are the idiot. I am not racist as I have no problem with blacks that try to act HUMAN.

        But I won’t hesitate to condemn the criminal misogynistic rap culture. It is garbage, and all rap-acting wannabe criminals need to be put in jail.

        Ever notice whites don’t have the same violence problems as blacks? Gun shot wounds are the leading cause of death for young black males, and it isn’t whites shooting them, it is other blacks.

        Eric B, get over YOURSELF. Just because someone thinks a person should cover their butt in public doesn’t make them racist.

        And as MLK said, judge them by their character. So did MLK go through his struggles and death just so this piece of trash can show his butt (literally and figuratively)?

        Blacks, clean up your dang act. You have made this country a piece of garbage.

      14. Mr. Bab says:

        Oh cool. So we can pass laws dictating how one can dress. Well, I wanna petition against women showing their panties while bending over and exposing their breast. If found guilty: 20 lashes.

        And suspend him, too? Ha!

      15. Mr. Bab says:

        You’re a shallow idiot.

        Just bc the trend is “ugly” or makes you appear as a “thug” doesn’t mean you should pass a law against it. We should pass laws against men who wear pinstripe 3 pc suits too bc it makes them look mafia-affiliated.

        The only excuse I find for this is that North Park is privately owned.

      16. SLVRFX says:

        The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had any class since Jerry Jones bought the team and fired Tom Landry.

        A thugs a thug.

    2. John says:

      How dare ANYONE question the impressive character, dignity, elan and grace of Monsieur Bryant and his equally refined confreres………… Such outrage that ANYONE would question these heroes, these pillars of society, these altogether naturally gifted and refined negroes. Oh, the inhumanity!

      This is also obviously RACIST!

      1. link aller says:

        The truth really, really hurts……….you left out common sense, though.

      2. al sharpton says:

        Couldn’t agree more, John – you can just see the race card being played as we speak.

      3. James says:

        Racist my @ss. Anti-Stupidity, perhaps.

        Pull your damn pants up. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s public indecency. Put on a belt and wear your pants like you have more than 3 brain cells.

    3. bobwnc says:

      No it’s not when you are in public. It is called “indecency” and a horrible example to others. Grow up.

    4. T-Rock says:


    5. Ben Dover says:

      NorthPark is NOT a public property. NorthPark is a private business. They can ask anyone to leave for any reason.

      1. C Martin says:

        PUNK !

    6. washicd says:

      nearly everyone considers sagging as outward disrespect. and, people who dress like this are obviously trying to impress someone by showing disrespect towards people they don’t even know.

      what kind of a person would find this impressive?

      should i flatter them by showing them any form of respect at all?

      1. trishakat says:

        You can take the guy out of the ‘hood, but you cant take the hood out of the guy. How low will the Cowboys go??

      2. Chuck says:

        Yea. I was thinking something along those lines too. 🙂

      3. Paul Revere says:

        Hip hop culture, thank you black america, I can hardly wait for the next gem you have in store for our society

    7. Ben Dover says:

      NorthPark is NOT a public property. NorthPark is a private business. They can ask anyone to leave for any reason.

    8. Scott Slanda says:

      Try: Trespassing. It’s private property.

    9. sickofNigero's says:

      You left out NIGERO!!!!!!

    10. Scarf says:

      or Spook

      1. BARAKOMY says:







      2. Lower case please says:

        Kind of like your statement, ALL CAPS. Please………….

    11. Hairybikini says:

      This is a violation of his civil rights. He has every right to dress anyway he see’s fit. Too bad he is a fool, and doesn’t have the chemistry to take this to the supreme court. No difference then some skank in a shorter than short skirt. Regardless you may hate it, they have the freedom to wear what ever they please. I thought my parents and all those living int he era of bell bottoms were high on weed to wear those ridiculous pants. To me, I see his pants just as ridiculous as bell bottoms and emo skinny jeans, but they have every right to dress like an idiot if they please! Your America, and have the rights!!

      1. Joy says:

        Get real!! He was on private property. They can make him leave for any reason. Nobody wants to see his underwear. Why can’t he dress like a grown man? Civil rights my ass.

      2. Mr. Accidence says:

        What is a see and are you sure it fits?

      3. Mikerrr says:

        Hairybikini: what are you, about 14? That’s about what it sounds like, giving you a little extra margin there and assuming you just don’t know how to type very well. When you venture on to private property, you actually do NOT have a right to dress any way you “see fit.” What you have is the right to shop somewhere else. Period. “Regardless you may hate it,” neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights guarantees that you can dress inappropriately – as defined by the community.

      4. kos says:

        This does not compare to your example. None of those fashions forces us to have to look at someones a$$. This style just shows peoples ignorance.

      5. brazos says:

        Hairy, I’ve got your civil rights right here………………… Can you see im.

      6. winn winn stitch says:

        I bet NorthPark sells those baggy pants.

      7. Big Ron says:

        What about the civil rights of the people who had to look at his big ole butt? There is nothing civil about it, and you don’t have the “right” to act and look any way you want to in a public setting. In your house you can be all the fool you want to be, but in public you are required to meet some common boundaries of decency. This is not different than the idiots with their loud, foul mouthed, rap music playing loud enough to be heard six blocks over sitting next to you at the traffic light. A little common decency please. I wish I had some kind of machine that would send an electric jolt through their car that would short out their sound system for a brief period of time. Not any permanent damage, just enough for the light to change.

    12. Colleen Coyne says:

      Hey guys, this is not a black thing. It has nothing to do with being racist. There are all kinds of guys, even girls that wear their pant with the crotch hanging down and the underwear hanging out. I am personally offended. I do NOT want to see your underwear. PERIOD ! Learn how to pull up your darn pants!

    13. I also think the opening statment is not very good, and I also think the same thing as Ron Reale: The dressing and Attitude is not good at all. Also, Dez was not being a good role model for others…

    14. Bessie Carter says:

      Professor Campano at the University of Michigan found that kids wear their pants low as an engrained leftover behavior from slavery when slave masters inspected their slave’s bottoms for health. So it is the slave owners who are to blame for this behavior, and these kids wearing their pants low are still recovering from their heritage..

      1. DJD says:

        Bwwaw haha ahah. Professor Campano? A professor said this?

  2. Ed Ozram says:

    Another loudmouth Cowboy disrespecting Dallas’ finest. Let’s wait until he’s driving drunk and clips someone before kicking him in those silly pants.

    1. NoObamaIn2012 says:

      He should have told officers he was on his way to the hospital to visit a dying relative…

    2. cwxj415 says:

      Oh, so MALL SECURITY GUARDS now qualify as “Dallas’ finest”??? Please spare us your stupidity! You, Ed, are simply making a gut-response to the fact that this guy is black. I cannot say I am surprised. “conservatives”, particularly Southern “conservatives” regularly engage in such behavior. It is the new way of being racist while still appearing to be PC.

      1. Chris says:

        Are you really that stupid? The security guards were off duty cops, READ you racist loser. Yeah, I said racist loser, becaue once again, if you don’t like the situation that a black man puts himself in, you pull out your “get out of the situation, RACIST” card. Do us a favor, and educate yourself, then you can argue a point withouth pulling the race card.

      2. RAE says:

        Story says the security guards were off duty cops. They didn’t confront Bryant in their capacity as “Dallas’s finest” but it is safe to assume that they are “Dallas’s finest” in their full-time jobs.

      3. Professorold says:

        You should take your uninformed opinion elswewhere. You are precisely the kind of person who fuels racism where there is none. You are an ignorant, pathetic fool.

      4. David Maass says:


        They were off duty Dallas Police, read the damn article. As far as your claim to racism. Stupidity has no color, Dez needs to grow up and pull up his pants.


      5. Truth says:

        The problem is NOT that he’s black. The probelm is that he’s a disgusting, filthy, nasty, ‘gansta” wanna be who should be removed from the planet before he gets to bread and create more babies as ignorant and usless as he obviously is. If he’s too stupid or too lazy to pull up his pants like a human being, then he shouldn’t go outside an mingle with intelligent people.

      6. Dennis Rutherford says:

        You are an idiot, This clown is just another black with an attitude. I don’t want to see his butt hanging out. You can take a “boy” out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the “boy.

      7. Hairy Bikini says:

        Wait? What?
        Take that rhetoric out of here. I am with you and agree he has the right to wear as he please, but also believe has the right to say, and believe as he wants with out another intellectual failure throwing the stupid race card! Lastly, how do you even know he is conservative? Sounds like you play into stereotypes easily!

      8. Mac says:

        CWX why don’t you learn to read. These cops were OFF DUTY DALLAS POLICE.

      9. Big Ron says:

        Talk about a gut-response Mr. Knee Jerk. Did you read the story? It plainly stated that these were OFF DUTY police officers. That race card is worn out. Please take it out of the deck. The word racist has been so overused as to have no weight anymore. It doesn’t matter how offensive a behavior could be, or how invasive and irreverent their behavior could be, if a white person says anything about the behavior of a black person someone inevitably throws out the race card. Grow up. Saggy pants are offensive regardless of the color of the butt that they don’t manage to cover up, or the cost of the drawers that are hanging out.

    3. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      – Plato ——-

    4. blue goose says:

      They may have had there pants pulled down exspecting to get there rump kicked lol.

  3. Roy Williams says:

    Hey, Ed. “Dallas’ finest,” mall security? Really? And aren’t you a being judgmental, presumptuous and, obviously, ignorant? I know you didn’t ask for an ego check, but you got one.

    1. Ed Ozram says:

      Dallas PD officers working security on the side. Who’s really the ignorant one, “ROY”?

      1. Bostonblackie says:

        thats rite rather than strike for more money they are doin what men do, get a second job they should have give ol dez a wedgie sheesh body of a man but mind of a child a cowboy you can have him

    2. Tom W. says:

      They were police officers working as security guards. They weren’t enforcing a law. They were enforcing a house(mall) rule. You can’t stuff your pants with as much shoplifted goods when your pants are pulled up.

    3. cstark4 says:

      Hey,Roy. They are off duty police officers! And aren’t you being presumptuous and, obviously, ignorant? I know you didn’t ask for an ego check, but you got one.

    4. Hoss says:

      Roy, how dumb can you get?

    5. rex harrison says:

      so what if they were security the point is they were enforcing policy if you cannot abide do not go there

    6. Eckhart says:


    7. Jay Sparks says:

      Seriously Roy, seriously?

  4. 2sister says:

    The mall security man was an off duty police officer. He wasn’t just a small security guard. He also might have been in uniform. I don’t know if Dallas police are allowed to do that, but Arlington police are allowed to work security in their police uniforms. You see them in the Parks Mall in their uniforms.


  5. 2sister says:

    I just looked up the code of conduct for the mall. Apparently they have preferred rules about how you dress. That was probably what happened. The officer probably just politely asked them to please pull up their pants. They were probably escorted out of the mall because of their response to the requests. In fact, that is what the story implies. If we started screaming and cussing because of something that happened at a business, we might be asked to leave, too.

    1. goatpup says:

      RIGHT ON

    2. NoObamaIn2012 says:

      It’s called DISORDERLY CONDUCT…. covers pretty much anything that causes a disturbance in public, and you can be jailed for it.

      1. John Danielson says:

        Ahh, the ever fun “disorderly conduct”. One of many laws that are written as a tool for prosecutors to make a charge stick when a criminal gets off from the main charges due to technicalities like police botching an investigation or doing things without warrants. Sadly, the same laws are abused by police to harass people who aren’t otherwise breaking any law. Should just increase police pay so they can screen the lesser qualified applicants, solving both problems at once.

      2. John says:

        I see in his Bio on the Cowboys web site that he played 3 games of his final year of college and was suspended by the NCAA for the balance of the season. It sounds like he’s a real upstanding team player. He should fit in well with the Dallas Misfits.

    3. UgottaB says:


    4. BOB YARBROUGH says:

      Glad to see somebody has the backbone not to tolerate such a disgusting dress code. Should be enforced in ever school in the Country. Probably would help if parents gave a damn the way their children behave at leAST THE ONES THEY KNOW ABOUT.

  6. "manuel" says:

    wow so much hate against non white people i guess white people are perfect

    1. Chris Williams says:

      right and wrong not black and white.
      tired of it!!!!!!!!!

    2. Sasquatch says:

      Lose the race card, Manuel. It’s pretty simple. Black OR white, pull your @#$&?! pants up. I, my wife, and my kids, have absolutely no interest in seeing your lowlife butt.

      1. Ellen says:

        I agree completely.Pull up our pants or go home you imbecile!!It’s disgusting.Good for mall security–thank you.

      2. Teacakes says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    3. ron says:

      Wow, don’t you think it’s a bit racist to assume only black people wear a certain kind of clothing?

      1. DLewis says:

        Completely agree – here in SO CAL I see whites, hispanics, asians, and blacks with saggy pants – it’s digusting regardless of what race they are. I am sick of seeing boxers and briefs. And I’m sorry guys, but there is nothing even remotely attractive about seeing you waddling around with your knees pressed together just so your pants don’t fall around your ankles. And that belt you wear in the middle of your thighs? Now isn’t that just precious – NOT.

      2. phillysmart says:

        Its mostly a black thing…there are some whites who want to be black

      3. Nonya says:

        It actually started as a prison thing. You can figure why…

      4. Jack says:

        Started as a prison thing, that’s so they would always have their pants down for Big Bubba.

      5. NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS says:


    4. Banderman says:

      shuddup; we’re tired of hearing about the ‘one-way racist thing’. This is not about race, quite trying to make it so.

      1. wayne says:

        yeah, just pull up your damn pants, I don’t care if your green and from Mars.

    5. LarryinmiddletownCT says:

      Manuel, you contribute to the decline ofthis country. Congratulatons.

    6. larryinmiddletownCT says:

      Would’nt it be nice if those who use the race card so inappropriately automatically had feces flung in their face?

    7. JR Cash says:

      I weep for this country, because I know there are tens of millions more, just as ignorant as you, manuel. Wake up and smell the coffee, dude.

      1. Jane says:

        I was in the ER last year and a Hisapanic brought in another that was bleeding for help. He came back and stood where everyone could see him and his pants kept falling down. He realized everyone was staring at him and kept pulling his pants up. I love it when they are arrested and the pants are down around their knees and they cant walk. Also if they fight the cops, they can get loose when they loose the pants. Really cool, not.

    8. steve says:

      whites may not be perfect but one has to look at crime and quality of life in white vs. non-white areas. some things speak for themselves..

      1. PJ says:

        Apparently you are speaking for yourself as well. There are good people in bad places and bad people in good places! I have lived in both!

    9. Jeff says:

      Where does it mention the race of the cops? Or for that matter the race of his friends? It says a lot about an individual when they defend profanity laden ignorance and confrontational behavior equating to bigotry.

    10. Avenger says:

      Hey Manuel: It’s not hate; the issue is common decency. Who wants to see someones dirty ass?

    11. Bostonblackie says:

      oh he is non white i thought he was an american everyone knows we are a colorblind society since Obama was elected..but neverless Dez is child minded his mama must be really proud of him otherwise there is no excuse to act like a 13 year old dumb ass

    12. emmanuel says:

      Out comes the race card. How many white kids do you think have been told to leave for the same reason. If you weren’t such a racist yourself against whites this would not have even been an issue. Dez Bryant is a punk and was treated like one.

    13. jc says:

      Wow…Didn’t take long for the race card to be played…What a bunch of whinniy pr***ks.
      Oh my. Is that a racist statement?

    14. Ana says:


      Forgive me for asking, but where in the article or any comments made you think it was a race issue? It is not a race issue, it is a dress code and proper cinduct issue. Don’t prisoners or people who did time wear their pants that way? Would you want your kid dressing like a prison inmate?

    15. stumpCHUNKMAN says:

      It’s not a race thing you freaking moron.

      Manuel, so you are basically saying that Black people are incapable of maintaining public decency standards, respecting private property rights (in this case, the store) and incapable of respecting law enforcement? Is that your gist?

      And you call everyone else racist.

      The constant whining about everything thing that happens being race-based is a direct insult and spit in the face of victims of actual racism in the past and present.

      By equating getting asked to pull up his pants with people who were killed because of their skin color, people who had crosses burned in their front yards, had their families threatened, were victims of lynchings and were generally denied the most basic of human rights, you trivialize that struggle that has plagued us throughout our history.

    16. will says:

      yes, we whites are perfect. Thanks for asking.

  7. Ed Ozram says:

    Even some perfect whites don’t know how to wear their pants or act in public. Bad taste knows no racial boundaries. Just because one faction prefers it over another don’t target condemnation of just a single band of criminals, include them all.

  8. derek gordon says:

    not all black men wear there pants below there butt, and to make a statement like why do all blacks where there pants like that is stupid!!!!

    1. Tom W. says:

      You’re right. Jamaicans and Haitians wear clothes that fit.

      1. Francesca says:

        There was no need for that comment. Have you never seen a successful African American before? Or are you just stereotyping what you’ve seen?

    2. grandma says:

      and if these guys knew that the practice came from prison with guys showing that they are willing to be somebody else’s b***h, would they think twice about doing it?????

      1. Russell says:

        grandma is correct. Men wear their pants all droopy downy, displaying their underwear and buttocks, because of the prison practice that means they are advertising their buttocks as a receptacle for sweet sweet prison man on man butt-lovin’…..

  9. CB says:

    You watch. Northpark Center, with the recent robberies on the news and the general riff-raff they let in the mall now, will end up like the now bulldozed Prestonwood Mall. That mall used to be the gem of North Dallas until the trash drove away the customer base.

  10. Jason says:

    I wanted to thank you so much for reporting on Dez Bryant’s problem in North Park Mall. I wanted to applaud North Park for banning him for 3 months like they did. Being a 5th year teacher at a school in Mansfield, one of our many struggles is getting kids to stop sagging and have respect for themselves and people around them. People like Dez Bryant are supposed to be athletes that our athletes and students look up to. It is simply disgusting and crude walking around with your butt hanging out your pants, especially for an adult like Dez Bryant… They should ban him for life not just 3 months… He needs to grow up and be a leader not a follower of what young boys do…


    1. Pamela S SŦroud says:

      Thank you, from a retired fifth grade teacher!! Well said!

  11. Robert Bryan says:

    Another prime example of why the Dallas Cowboys are a lousy team. Dez, in order for you to gain respect you have to give it first. And it might help if you and the other prima donas actually won something.

  12. MrJay says:

    I have yet to meet a woman that says that look is “hot.” But I have heard some fellas that call prison a “second home” say it is oh so sexy.

  13. Jim Busse says:

    based on his dress and subsequent acts one can only believe that you can take a person out of the getto but you can’t take the getto out of the person. People need to look at Bryant as an example… a bad one.

  14. Addison DeWitt says:

    Only TRASH would wear sagging pants…and when an ADULT sags?????? NOBODY wants to see someone’s rear, Dez. Quit acting ghetto.

  15. Velveeta says:

    Gosh, the Dallas Cowboys just don’t hire quality folks anymore.

  16. USAFLgirl says:

    @ Jason–Amen! I just had a talk with a teacher in NYC about the same thing. She showed pictures of the blacks being hung with their castrations showing–one of the origins of this stupid way to dress. Still didn’t persuade them to change.

  17. seesay says:

    Blacks indulge their appetite for thug attire, thug attitude, and thug speech, then wonder why they’re denied mainstream respect and opportunities.

    1. Tommy Tornado says:

      Glad you said that!

    2. C B says:

      Well said. Self respect and pride gets you ahead, and not acting like a buffoon or thug.

  18. Banderman says:

    He’s a ‘star’? Really? Really? A player does not a star make.

  19. Bob Cregar says:

    Just another overpaid underskilled in the real work ballplayer that will do nothing in a couple years, and YOU Williams, I HOPE you are not the Roy Willams from Ector county!! I KNOW you were taught better!!

  20. jnsesq says:

    Good! Grow up, slob.

  21. JD says:

    It’s a style. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean it’s going away.

    Dez Bryant can afford clothes that fit, im sure. I’m sure he has them in his closet. Im also sure he has some nice suits too. I think Dez Bryant over reacted and was unprofessional.

  22. LEL MN says:

    Just because Dez can catch a football doesn’t excuse him from hanging his assets in public, he should save that for the post touchdown ceremony and gang land.

  23. Frank says:

    Could not have said it better myself.

  24. spike says:

    ‘lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground’…dez, you’re a highly paid PROFESSIONAL; start acting like it! and while you’re at it, if you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in the end zone with the ball in your hands, try acting like you’ve been there before

  25. mark says:

    A grown man that would go into public looking like a 16 year kid is obviously light upstairs. Real men dont have time for childs play

  26. Chuck says:

    It just looks so stupid, on ANYONE!!!!

  27. jdc says:

    Of course the player launched into a profanity laced tirade, who is surprised? He dresses like a punk, acts like a punk and talks like a punk, hes a punk. Another quality individual from the NFL. No wonder I watch hockey. Hey Bryant! pull your pants up you worthless slob.

  28. LEL MN says:

    Just standard professional attire for one skilled at catching a ball and running really fast.

  29. growup says:

    seriously, the whole saggy pant thing, pull your flippin’ pants up and move on

  30. Mallen says:

    Why does a black man dressing this way, acting this way, speaking this way shock anyone? You can’t do much with an ingrained culture

  31. paul ford says:

    IGNORANT libturd !!

  32. Ron Reale says:

    Ron Reale

    Just because kids also dress like thugs and half dressed morons, does that mean it is ok? Does that mean we all have to see these poor, mentally challenged fools struggle to keep their arses covered?
    Has no one ever taught them basic civility, or are they really such imature savages, both white and black, that they can’t grasp the concept to cover their rear ends.
    Oh, and I love the respect given the authorities, who are just doing their jobs, protecting the populace from gangsta thugs too stupid or ignorant to know how to dress themselves.
    Maybe this thugs, “representative” can teach his client how to pick up his pants the next time he is changing his diaper!
    If the cowboys had any class left, they would suspend his uncovered arse, until he learns how to cover it.
    Ron Reale

  33. Wes says:

    I figured he would be able to afford a belt with his rookie 1st round salary…guess he doesnt make enough….He should consider striking!!!! Poor NFL players. And im a Cowboys fan!.

  34. Joe says:

    One more reason the cowboys suck!

  35. Budltlm says:

    When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child and acted like a child…. But when I grew up, I put away childish things…. Grow up Dez !!!

    1. Wes says:

      preach it

  36. Timmy Romo says:

    Gangsta punk. Dez is an all-pro from the neck down.

  37. Barbarians inside gates says:

    The mall has to have zero tolerance or his ilk will destroy the mall the same way our neighborhoods and cities and public pools and evening walks and culture have been destroyed.

  38. Michael Bardini Mev says:

    Still a dumb rookie.

  39. BP says:

    There is traces of feces on the inside of underwear – When he sits down with underwear exposed there will be feces transfered to the seat, then – like a chimp.

  40. Dale5 says:

    He is so wonderful at catching a ball that we should all kiss his ass

  41. Rocky Stoneaxe says:

    This guy has unbelievable talent. I hope he doesn’t blow it by being terminally stupid. Lose the attitude Dez – shut up and play ball – you have a great gift.

    1. UgottaB says:

      Obviously too late for that.

  42. Mike says:

    This is Bush’s fault.

  43. Gus Schultz says:

    Why can’t an adult millionaire afford clothes that fit?

  44. Titz n Gritz says:

    Unless the cop checks to see if there is a garment, jockey shorts or other, under what appears to be underwear, all they’re doing is condemning a style of apparel. Don’t think a cop has the right to do that and if the mall has a dress code, it should be published for all to see.
    What appears to be underwear may not be that at all. Could be just another layer of clothing and unless someone checks, how would anyone know?

    1. MRM says:

      Puleeze! Really? This is your defense of the indefensible. People like you are the reason why grown men/women think it is ok to remain in perpetual childhood. You have an excuse for everything. Sometimes people are just wrong. Besides, it isn’t even about indecent exposure; it is about a rule the mall has to prevent shoplifting. And yes, everyone has to abide by the rules of the owners of the establishment if they want to shop there. Even poor widdle millionaire football players. Give me a break!

  45. disc-0-duc says:

    “The Mall Cops acted stupidly…”
    – Barack Hussein Obama

  46. 1964 a bad year says:

    Bring back the ownership rights of businesses, malls, restaurants and homes so they can exclude anyone they want for any reason and the problem will be solved with gangstas. Its a matter of time before Suprme Court finds we can hire and fire who we want,and sell our homes to anyone we want to.

  47. phillysmart says:

    Another moron who is gifted physically but don’t think education is important…another idiot just on the low end of the gene pool

  48. Dr. HIggs Boson says:


  49. Commonsense58 says:

    Kids today, and that is in fact what this fool is, a kid, cannot dress themselves. These kids cannot speak english properly, and it seems them dumber one is the more “worshiped and idolized” one becomes. Kids today consider the “classics” as “The Beastie boys” and “Tupca” and not Bach, Beethoven or Rachmaninoff. Kids today worship hedonistic, mysoginistic profanity laced ghetto sound and cannot complete a sentence in english without using profanity, our society is crumbling.

  50. Danny says:

    Another Obama voter

  51. phillysmart says:

    Aparently no matter how rich these idiots are their brains just can’t progress past adolescence

  52. sumdumgoy says:

    No shoes, No pants, No service. — really, what’s the point of even wearing pants, if you’re not going to cover your front or back side? People who dress like that look like mental patients.

  53. David M. says:

    Seriously??? An adult wearing his pants like a gang member teenager??? We don’t need this kind of immature thug type behavior on our team or in our town. I don’t care how good he is. Jerry, time to do some more house cleaning!

  54. Claire Alexander says:

    My nephew, who’s white, has worn this “style” since he was a teenager. He’s now 32 and still thinks it’s cool. He’s spent four years in prison and isn’t any smarter. This “style” started with ex-cons wearing their pants low with no belt. In prison no one is allowed a belt and this became fashionable for those who were returning home. A fashion statement that said “I’ve been in prison and I’m a thug” soon became very popular. Picked up by the black community and some in the white community it’s just another stupid statement, ” I think criminals and their life style are really great! ‘ REALLY????

  55. 94HDflstc says:

    Another overpaid, immature, disrespectful, childish punk. Doesn’t matter whether they make $8 an hour or $8 Million. At least he’s playing for the right NFL team.

  56. ragu4u says:

    All that money he makes and he can’t afford a belt or a pair of suspenders?

  57. Vince says:

    Why does a grown man walk around like a middle school student with his pants sagging anyway?

  58. Minnesotaslave says:

    Thats what happens when 75% of players don’t know who there daddy is. It makes it easier for old guys to sniff there ass like a dog to identify there kids.

  59. WilliamPenn says:

    Dallas Cowboys….it figures!

    1. wayne says:

      Kiss his low hanging trousers and boxers Eagles fan.

  60. JB says:

    Typical ghetto assed thug. Send ’em all packing..

  61. disgustedwithurbanblight says:

    knig gear enuf said….

  62. Paul Scipio says:

    You would think the Cowboys had a little talking to when these former street thugs when they signed on about how to properly present your self in public while a Dallas Cowboy. I would call it a breach of contract and fire his stupid thug a$$, this is what really bothers me about the NFL & NBA, it is the blind eye they turn when it comes to these players. If you still want to act like a street thug then get a new profession. Baseball is cleaning up there act, but it may be because their are not as many Blacks in Baseball as in the NFL & NBA, less street thugs.

  63. Trailblazing. says:

    The man could not pull up his pants and gets paid millions to be the example for our children. Can his arse and be done with people who can’t pull up their pants…besides who wants to see those arses hanging out.

  64. Kevin says:

    Yo, don’t be dissing my undies, that b racist homey G. The all-that women love the thug look, which is more reason why the US will fail sooner than you think. US sheep are all feminized, id10ts….

  65. BRINO says:

    Ironically he gets thru the line at the airport much faster than most.

  66. shanna says:

    Im pretty sure thats how the cone in the back pocket law got passed 100 years ago

  67. Wayne says:

    Dez, didya have a load in your pants? Were you prairie dogging it and just looking for a restroom? I’m more than a little sick of this generations attitudes, selfish personalities. PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS THUGS, no one wants to see your brown in the back drawers.

    I”m a Cowboys fan – is he going to be wearing his uniform like that too?
    Manners, style and protocol are lost arts.
    and old Hippies, you still stink too, take a shower.

  68. disgustedwithurbanblight says:

    Never before has a nation spent so much blood (612,000 died in civil war alone) and treasure…TRILLIONS and growing on such an ungrateful population…

    time to send all their 2sses, covered or uncovered back to the wasteland they call home.

  69. MacCane says:

    Good! These clowns get paid millions of dollars and they are absolutely no role models for young people and as a parent you have more struggles, not less, because of the bad example of many ‘star athletes’. Time to grow up and fit the adult role of respectability and dignity, words whose meaning is lost in our society. Who would ever think we would reach a point where going out of your home with your pants exposing your underwear would become fashionable?? Messed up.

  70. Steve Hollar says:

    What do you expect from some muscle headed degenerates like that. Come on, you are supposed to be adults. Bad enough when kids walk around looking like morons, but you guys? On the lighter side, when some kid who seems to be too lazy to pull his pants up is caught stealing, it sure is a hoot to see them try to run from the cops. That is entertainment at its best.

  71. Kerry says:

    Bryant is fortunate…in Texas you can be arrested for “profanity-laced tirade”. And police, off duty or not can do their duty at any time.

    1. RufusVonDufus says:

      shudda shotem

  72. Toxic Avenger says:

    I’m sure Uncle Ruckus would have something to say about these immature, wayward colored boys. Where is the self-respect and morality in contemporary negro culture?

  73. Ninetoes says:

    Dez you are getting paid like a man try to act like one.

  74. SEIU Doctor says:

    Being in the medical profession, I’d say he’s trolling for a proctological exam and on the flip side, a cystoscopy. Drop them drawers big boy and let the exam begin.

  75. Mike Merryman says:

    Useless low llife

  76. cuda says:

    1000000000000000000% correct. Next thing you know they will make being gay normal and fashionable…hmmmmm too late =/…

    1. Today, I'm Elvis says:

      But first, get that tattoo. Across the board, our culture is in a downward trajectory.

  77. RickBooker says:

    Trash comes in all colors. This one happened to be black

  78. Chang says:

    Continuing to advance the black race… and they want respect dressing like some kind of criminal fool

  79. Rob Drew says:

    OK, I think the saggy pants look is stupid, and I think Bryant acted like an immature child when confronted. I also believe the mall, as a private business, can eject him if he doesn’t conform to their dress code.

    However, these attempted laws against baggy pants are just plain stupid.
    Why not outlaw cowboy hats and cowboy boots too? They’re both just different styles of dress and neither one is “indecent”.

    Do I make assumptions about what kind of person someone is when they are wearing saggy pants? Absolutely! Just like I make assumptions about what kind of person would go out in public wearing a cowboy hat.

    Saggy pants rules and policies just single out a particular group of people. Just like the whole uproar about gangsta rap back in the ’90s. People got so incensed by that, but never once got fired up by the same type of lyrics (minus the profanity) in country songs. Why did Johnny Cash shoot a man in Reno?

    1. dfwguy58 says:

      Comparing the look of a cowboy hat to the ridiculous look of sagging? REALLY????

      BTW….I don’t wear a hat but your comparison makes little sense. Cowboy hats are part of Texas and widely accepted. Sagging is part of the ghetto and widely hated.

  80. Job says:

    While i think it is gross and distasteful for them to walk around like that. it is also a hypocrisy because i see people walk around in underwear all the time when all they have on is spandex its actually less clothes than what these clowns are wherein or they have on the same thing just pants sagging.

  81. Jen says:

    Be a man and a good role model – Pull your dang pants up

  82. robert m says:

    A poster said, “Dez, quit acting like the ghetto” I say that “Dez” is the ghetto. He is signaling the people of like ilk that he agrees and is with them in their persona and actions.
    Folks like “Dez” do more harm to their race and more importantly their youth than one of their racist hateful elected leaders.
    Another reason not to squander your wealth on “Jerry’s Team”

  83. thunderpants says:

    Was his hat turned sideways?

  84. victor says:

    these, I will say illeterate people or grade school dropouts,,don`t know any better, their minds are mentally defficent to know how to dress and look presentable. this generaton of (DEGENERATES) can`t even count out change as a Mc Donalds, or figure what 2+2=? is without a calculator…that is how dumb our country is getting….I had to learn how to do the basics in my head, not by a calculator, (us the brain) now days the kids are so mentally defficent by being strung out on drugs it`s a wonder they even know how to walk a straight line to the wealfare office

  85. Robert says:

    Just another little boy that didn’t have a family I guess. What can you expect? Trade him to Detroit for more seasoning.

  86. Dr. Tony says:

    I don’t care what Dez did. I am a huge Cowboy fan. It probably was the White cop’s fault. All cops are racist. He was just jealous because Dez makes more $$$ in one year than cops make in their whole lives.

    1. dfwguy58 says:

      All cops are racist? REALLY???? That’s a might big brush you paint with.

  87. Mike from Minnesota says:

    Former Cowboy wide receiver Lance Rentzell had a problem keeping his pants on around little girls. Maybe these Cowboy’s receivers have a need for suspenders or a belt.

  88. TokenBrotha says:

    Sir… You’re a grown man and a millionaire, stop dressing like a 5th grader…

  89. dc says:

    Pull your pants up…you look like an idiot!!!!!!!!

  90. robert m says:

    Mr Rob Drew, guys with cowboy hats and boots do not act like the “gangsta profile. They do not drug and dope, use vile language, treat women less than equal, visit prison, and other behavior that is not main stream.
    Not that “real” cowboy’s are perfect, but a darn sight better than one who puts a silky shirt with a star on it.
    Johnny Cash is/was not somebody that I would want my son to emulate.

  91. jw5745 says:

    This guy is 12 years old, right?


    1. CB says:

      Mentally, yes.

  92. Luke Ward says:

    Style is Style

    1. CB says:

      I don’t recall seeing this kind of “style” in GQ, FHM, Maxim, etc. Oh, you mean ghetto style? The style that keeps these morons oppressed. Oh, I can’t find a job…Whitey be keeping me down, Whitey hate the black man… NO, MORON, YOU AND ONLY YOU ARE KEEPING YOU DOWN! Stop blaming other people/races, show some self-respect, and GROW THE HELL UP!!!

  93. Scott L. says:

    AS I recall when I used to be a Cowboys fan – wasn’t Lane Rentzel booted for this type behavior?

  94. Jack Charles says:

    Dallas police don’t have anything better to do?

  95. gadawg says:

    This is just the beginning of a lot of silly non-news NFL “incidents” amped up in light of the lockout…

  96. boss man says:

    Saggy pants began in prisons where it signaled ones willingness to engage in anal sex.

  97. joef says:

    Yet one more reason to stop watching pro football… put together with other generally uncivilized behavior by players off the field and unsportsmanlike conduct and self-aggrandizing showboating on the field. Getting tired and fed up. And the sport no longer teaches positive values to kids. Enough. Except for a few games I’ll retire to watching college ball, and when that goes down the tubes, i guess I’ll have to follow high school more.

    1. Color line says:

      I think we are living to see why sports was a segregated affair in the old days.

  98. Chang says:

    You can dress like that and go Walmart where most people look like low life fool out ot trailer park or prison release… haha haha .. don’t know why black like to look like loser convict.. their brain no work right hahahahahha and they no figure out why??

  99. Andy Taylor says:

    Let’s get the facts straight here. They weren’t thrown out of the mall for “sagging pants.” They were thrown out for profanity and disorderly conduct. I’m a 53-year-old white male, and if I started cursing at 2 police officers for whatever reason at a private business in which they were employed, I would be escorted out, too. Dez just has some maturity issues, and 15 years from now, he’ll look back on this with much embarrassment.

  100. Dean says:

    You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man…oops, man might not be the right word. What would you use?

  101. Tex says:

    Let’s at least be honest…..NorthPark is in zip 75225. You get profiled there if your Polo shirt is not neatly pressed and your Lexus is more than a year old!

  102. Jerry Jones says:

    I bet he’s gay, just trolling for some action

  103. Chris says:

    The Cowboys can’t respond to requests for comment and this guy can’t be a star receiver. There’s a lockout.

  104. dave s says:

    Wright or WRONG kids idolize and respect these goofballs. The NFL shoudl take responsibility and fine or suspend players for bring disrespect to the profession the leauge and themselves for behaving badly.

  105. Cracky Pies says:

    Why isn’t AIDS working?

    1. CB says:

      LOL. Amen.

  106. CB says:

    Yes, blame it on us K-kes and H-bes (the filter wouldn’t let me use the full words). By the way, Adolf, your dead messiah was a RABBI!

    1. C B says:

      Oh, looks like they took the Hitler Youth post off. Good.

  107. rredlum says:

    Wow, his mother didn’t raise him right.

  108. Truth says:

    Maybe he truely pooped his pants? Like a 1 yr old toddler, carrying a load.

  109. Roger Sunderlin says:

    just the reason dallas will no longer win a super bowl

  110. T-Mobile says:

    Man, ya’ll aint’ about tha new culture we got here. Change is here peoples, let the young brother do hiws thing. We got crazy middle eas stuff goin down and you be worrin bout pants saggin down on a national hero? Ya’ll best get it together.

  111. Alex the P says:

    I am shocked at the comments on this article, but seeing that it was linked to via Drudge, it’s not that amazing.
    The police officer’s/mall cops action regarding “sagging” (I wasn’t familiar with the term before) is flat out racist. If a certain group of people decide for whatever reason they wish to wear their shoe laces backward, color their hair green, or have a hat on indoors, it’s their business and right, and nobody else’s.
    1) Malls do NOT have a right to pick and choose who they will allow in or out. Ever hear of discrimination? Just because it’s private property does not allow this.
    2) This is NOT a decency issue, or they would have been cited for indecency. Even Dallas Texas has people in bathing suits, which surely show far more than simply underwear. Ditto the stupid comments about hygene…I mean honest to God, people, how low can you stoop?
    3) If these clothes are being cited for being GANG oriented, then Dallas needs to pass laws banning red bandana’s, black leather, and other items commonly worn by so-called criminal types. The plain fact is these laws are completely unconstitutional, and get thrown out of court whenever any one of means bothers to challenge them, in the mean time, they are used to harrass the poor.
    4) I could say something about Texan red neck PIGS deciding what is appropriate fashion and what other people are allowed to wear, but I’ll save the digital ink. Incidently, if this guy’s race was white, 95% of you would be howling in the opposite direction. This guy may be a lout, and a hoodlum, and a thug, etc., but until he breaks real laws (not b.s. mall “dress codes”, when he is harrassed, We are all harrassed. Got Freedom?

    1. JB says:

      ALEX the mall has the right to kick anybody out they want if they are wearing anything inappropriate you tick turd liberal.You do realize the mall is a private business you moron.
      It’s people like you that are leading this country into the sewer

    2. MRM says:

      Alex, you’re the one who seems to see all things through race colored eyes. The mall established the “no sagging” rule because people were using their “style” as a means to shoplift easily in giant baggy pants! It is about shoplifting prevention, not harassment. I know it is hard for someone with your prejudiced eyes to see, though.

    3. Brian says:

      Dufus, it’s discrimination if it’s about race. If it’s about annoying behavior, it’s not discrimination. This moronic football player should learn from Michael Jordan. You can’t even imagine Michael being as stupid as this punk thug.

    4. dfwguy58 says:

      I laughed. Funny stuff there.

      Private property allows the owner/mgmt to run a tight ship and to enforce their rules. If you can’t play by the rules, don’t come. Find a ghetto mall to sag in.

    5. James says:

      Alex, I fully support your view. These idiots posting here haven’t got a clue what a precious gift it is to live in a free country. These people are the very reason we are losing our freedoms on a daily basis. They have no idea what it means to be an American. It really is sad to see. We need to find a way to educate Americans as to what the implications are when you start down the road of intolerance. Public schools when I grew up manged to teach these lessons of civics and history thus ingraining in everyone the need to protect everyone’s right to individual expression. We are sadly giving away the very core of our freedom by the simple acceptance of incidents like this. A mall is a public place and has no right to determine who can enter and who can not unless they have committed some crime based on law, not mall policy. We are losing our way and the end result of this can only be bad.

      1. MRM says:

        No, James, a mall is PRIVATE property. Meaning it is privately owned. Public property is that which is collectively owned by citizens. Your argument is completely fallacious. You think that the government telling private citizens what is and isn’t ok on their own private property is a good thing. Talk about a loss of freedom! I do fully realize the gift of living in a free country. What you seem to want is a nanny state in which the government can infringe on the rights of property owners. The thing about free enterprise is if you don’t like the rules of a particular establishment, you’re free to patronize their competitor. That way, if someone had truly racist or otherwise discriminatory rules, ordinary citizens like you and me can choose to take our business elsewhere, having seen their prejudiced behavior.. Believe it or not, nearly all Americans will not tolerate other citizens actually being treated unfairly. For whatever reason, the media likes to pretend that we’re all out to get each other. Use a little common sense before you start calling other posters idiots.

  112. Sho Nuff says:

    Low rent moron, ever heard of “I reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE”. That would include monobrowed knuckle dragging idiots with their @$$ hanging out. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When out in the civilized world, do as the civilized do.

  113. gs says:

    Big Mama sez, “Pull ’em up!!”

  114. skyehawk says:

    When confronted by security about his arse hanging out in public , Dez replies: (In typical profanity laced and off – topic rant to the Police officers trying to keep some semblance of decorum in the mall )…” you act like I stole something !”….Well , you did moron ..You stole the dignity and humility from every Man , Woman , Child who had the mis-fortune to view your bucolic , lazy , shiftless , arse protruding from your sagging ghetto pants ….! This incident is all you need to know about “dez” judging by the way he acts and dresses , I’m sure the floor of his house is covered with straw !

    1. Chuck says:

      you’re all idiots

  115. sally churchill says:

    Dallas Cowboys should fine him – for disrespecting the team, and the City
    and ultimately himself, although he is too ignorant and therefore arrogant to realize it.

    Years ago, any boy wearing pants like that would have been ridiculed – “Ha, Ha, your clothes in the wash – WEARING YOUR BIG BROTHER’S PANTS?”

    Funny thing – if there was any sort of incident in that mall, he and his ilk who wear those pants, would have pulled them up FAST to RUN,

    that ought to take the pants’ status away

  116. JenC says:

    Saggy pants came from prison life to let other prisoners know “I am available” and save time. All they had to do is bend over. That’s what I was told. Maybe he was heading to the bathroom to get served.

  117. RL says:

    The saggy pants reminds me of a two year old with a diaper full of poop. Take a good look next time, they sag just enough to make it look like they have a full load in their underwear!

  118. Teresa says:

    It’s called ‘Indecent exposure” and is one of the things that this pathetic president
    should shame people into ending. That is another reason why this presidency is degenerating the United States. He is part of the ‘culture of filth.’

  119. bill says:

    Another genius athlete dressed as a hood. What a stretch. Evidently, he has not learned enough to keep the trash talk on the field and humility for the community.

  120. tgc says:

    What kind of grown man walks around the mall with his pants down below his butt! That is pathetic!

  121. Lawrence Brown says:

    Does this surprise anyone? The cowboys performers are nothing but sleaze. Look back over the last 10 years,they have over rated players who get away with anything. Jerry Jones clowns should be banned from socety

  122. Oberon123 says:

    Good for the mall cops! I am sick to death of seeing men’s butt cracks. I don’t care what color they are. If you can’t dress like you’re halfway human, stay the f**k at home!

  123. bob wire says:

    And the Cowboys wonder why they have a Losing mentality throughout their Organization—selfish louts like this social misfit doing their best to not think about Image and Attitude when in the Public. I hope the League folds from its own selflishness. Time for a new League with guys that want to play without a tude, and rep their team with pride when away from the Field.

    Its a Prison thing—one size fits all kind of nonsense. Glorifying Prison time because so many of that generation are now from that place.

  124. Paul McGaugh says:

    You cannot fault the guy. He’s played his pants off for the Cowboys!

  125. wkcc36 says:

    I do not believe I have ever seen or heard of a good black role moddle so this is certainly not surprising.

    1. dfwguy58 says:

      I always thought The Admiral, David Robinson was an outstanding role model for the black community.

      Think harder wkcc36

  126. IndyMike says:

    Just another punk that thinks he’s above it all. Dry up and blow away, your 15 minutes are up

  127. Lance says:

    The jerk is a public figure, like it or not, and should behave with the appropriate decorum. He represents the Cowboys, and I doubt Jerry Jones wants his players to be lewd or disorderly in public. Maybe a few pink slips would get their attention.

  128. JB says:

    If not for football most black players would be drug dealing gang members

  129. Sargeant Carter says:

    We have no one but ourselves to blame. We brought them here in chains. Now, they’ve taken over the country and feel they can do whatever they want, including walking around with their pants down to their knees. Our fault. We should have left them where they were.

  130. bangbangbang says:

    I guess Iran isn’t the only country who employs modesty police ho hum.

  131. JB says:

    If not for pro sports most black atheletes would be drug selling gang members

  132. Rocky Stoneaxe says:

    Dez Bryan thinks Rosa Parks is a rec field.

  133. Chuck says:

    He’s a grownup. Let him start dressing and acting like one.

  134. commentarycat says:

    I wonder if he knows this is something that was started in prison where the inmate who ‘takes it in the rear’ would advertise this by sagging his pants?

  135. Cool LJ says:

    Grow up Dez and stop acting like some negro thug.

  136. ff says:

    bryant is gay and he was just advertising that his butt is up for grabs!!

  137. Irish67 says:

    Another fine role model for our youth.

    Just goes to show, you cant buy class.

  138. Johnny Cochran says:


    Call me when you get a chance.

  139. Yoda says:

    Fire him, you must!

  140. Randy says:

    Where are the Charlie Waters and Roger Staubach’s? Guess we have to watch these low-class idiots if we want to watch football…but not me.

  141. Guest says:

    Only an idiot would address an officer in that manner.

  142. ShowSomeRespect says:

    Show some respect for yourself, for the kids who look up to you, and for the people who risk their life everyday. It doesn’t matter if they were security guards, mall cops, or police officers…do yourself a favor and respect them.

  143. barry1817 says:

    Maybe we can hope for a lockout and then this person might have to find a real job. And then he also might become aware that he isn’t going to be hired dressed in that manner.

    Just wondering if he would want his son or daughter to dress that way.

  144. Malcom X says:

    sing along now children…

    Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!

  145. Htos1 says:

    It’s no big sedret that a lot of thuganauts are in the NFL,hopefully,the FBI keeps close tabs on them and their associates.

  146. NCMike says:

    What a foolish, childish, clown. When will these adolescents ever grow up?

  147. mmgatl1 says:

    If you “made” people dress like that, they would shout “unnecessary punishment.” It’s beyond silly. Who in the world determined that waddling around in pants down to your knees is “cool”. A few years from now, these young people will be saying “what the f*** were we thinking?”

  148. NCMike says:

    There are eight million reasons to stop watching pro football. This is just one of them. What a moron!

  149. northside says:

    Dez ain’t to be no trippin dogs…know what I mean… he be saggin but he be…. know what I mean…. realz like….know what I mean….dat ….know what I mean.
    ….He be goin back dere …..know what I mean …wit iz possie of hommies…know what I mean…an dez guna go primate…know what I mean…on dem labrons…know what I mean…tru run dat black…know what I mean cuz I be sayin…..I be sayin…know what I mean….u dooo dat dez……doo dat …they be trippin makin dez…know what I mean…be pullin dat cowboz unaform up on dat feeled …know what I mean…Dez say noooo nooo nooo….know what I mean….he be keeps in it real…know what I mean….Dez four prezidant ..DEZ FOUR PREZZZZZZIDANT!!!!!!! know what I mean

  150. Darrel says:

    Pull your pants up! You are 13 years old anymore, grow the heck up and pull up your pants! No one wants to see you Azz!

  151. Robert in CA says:

    What is it with numb diggers showing their butts all the time? Look like rejects from Kenya.

  152. Apocalypto says:

    Stoopid azz punk. Isn’t that how the punk’s in prison dress so the inmates know who the punks are?! Laughable! Dez is a “punk” wannabe. MORON!

  153. Josey Wales says:

    Give the guy a break,the sagging pants routine originated in prison meaning the wearer wanted to receive anal sex,maybe he is a receiver in more ways than just

  154. Mike Zeke says:

    Hip-Hop culture. Causes more harm than good to society. 13% of the population negatively effecting our entire culture. Momma, and if you can find him, Pappa must be proud.

  155. Tarantula says:

    Personally, I like the baggy pants. I mean, it’s a uniform. The uniform of the idiot. It makes it easier to see the idiots when they wear their uniform. Rock on idiots…

  156. MLK Embarrassed says:

    Pathetic that some people pretend this is not a black thing. My nephew plays in the NHL. No saggy pants a “yo!” attitude there.

  157. jonrmoore says:

    Man, Jerry can sure pick ’em! Jimmy Johnson, please get on the next plane to Dallas and take over. First order of business is to fire Jerry and his family. What a joke they are!

  158. atx says:

    his momma is a prostitute, what do you expect? another one of Jerry’s draft picks…

  159. Horice says:

    I don’t know why I’m wasting my time reading about this slime. If he dosn’t want to play by the rules he should get the hell out. Maybe because he plays instead of works for a living he thinks he is special.

  160. niknak says:

    Thanks Northpark. I remain a loyal customer!

  161. Gloating Rich Guy says:

    Maybe he should go back to the mall and buy a belt.

  162. kam says:

    I apologize for my generation somehow starting this ridiculous trend. I’v always hated the look and never gave any attention to boys who dressed this way. I think it shows lack of class and confidence.

  163. Jack Nichols says:

    As punishment make Dez wear his britches low while he is playing. Then he will find out why the police love the fools who sag…they can’t run.

  164. JB says:

    Send ’em all back!! Rev Al and loser as#%d Jesse can lead the way. I hear the mother land is nice this time of the year..

  165. Joanna says:

    It’s racist for me to not want my young daughters to see a grown man’s underwear as he walks around the mall? wow..ok.

    1. Matt Chappel says:

      Showing underwear isn’t against the law. If someone is not breaking any laws then it really doesn’t matter what you “want your daughters to see”.

      Here’s an idea… Maybe you shouldn’t take your spoiled-ass kids out in public if you are afraid of black people. Grow up.

  166. Ed says:

    Is that Jesse Jackson riding into town?

  167. JOhny Gotyomoney says:

    This inspires me to write song called “got those booty pants”

  168. leslie says:

    Hey Dez, when you go back buy a BELT.

  169. solo_poke says:

    Why does somebody else always have to decide what is appropriate or not? Mind your own business and if you do not like my appearance you are fully within your right not to look at me.

    If people got this much into Wall streets business perhaps America would not be in the mess it is. Of course cops like to go after the low hanging fruit, never mind apprehending REAL crimminals, because those people have fancy lawyers and would eat up and spit out some mall cop.

  170. solo_poke says:


  171. solo_poke says:

    Texas is a funny place, they give refuge to WAR CRIME LARD GW BUSH, but he has to keep his pants high enoug not to show his underwear.

    Drop your pants 3 times and your in jail for life, gotta love them down to earth folks who are affraid of anything different…lol

  172. Admiral Kirk says:

    You can bet Michael Irvin is going to be having a little chat about the way you carry yourself when you’re wearing Drew Pearson’s number…the enormous responsibility that comes with that! Drew Pearson wore it well, as did Michael Irvin, now Dez Bryant has to step up and do the same!

    #88 has always been a hallowed number in Dallas as Pearson was Staubach’s favorite target, Irvin was Aikman’s, and Bryant has to become Romo’s…there is a legacy here that needs to remain unbroken….


  173. Tellingitlikeitis says:

    Blacks comprise 20% of the population, yet commit 75% of hardcore crime such as strong-arm robbery, assault, rape, and murder. They obviously have no respect for ordinary rules of respect or decorum in society….animals.

  174. Ook says:

    Typical. Just goes to show no matter how much fame and money you shower on savages it can’t buy class nor couth. Money doesn’t equal civilized.

  175. jthc says:

    Meh, I’m okay with it. It’s like a big flag that says “I’m insecure and will signal it by wearing my pants in a horribly uncomfortable and undignified manner.” At least this way they telegraph it to you ahead of time… it’s the sneaky ones you have to watch out for.

  176. Live Respectfuly says:

    There is a reason why there was no looting and violence in Japan after the Tsunami and earthquake. What was different in New Orleans?

    1. dr watson says:

      IQ and brain structure (developed frontal lobes)

  177. Benjy Ashley says:

    Trash comes in all colors.

  178. Jackl Griffin says:

    He’s probably perfecting his “Prison look”…they take away your belts so you don’t hang yourself. I say give ’em back their belts.

  179. EdwardO says:

    He should of said he was there to by a belt. But then again most of these saggy pant wearers wear belts which is even more ridiculous.

  180. Garth says:

    Another thug–the NFL’s full of ’em. These guys have lots of money but zero class.

  181. Demarvin J says:

    My oh my I never seen such hatred from so many crackers. Maybe cause white boys just jealous of the black athelete with money and the ladies. Yall steal our fashion like Dez displaying and steal our music and our archetecture we made famous in Africa. I got my degree at A&M where they teach us about black accomplishmnets that i never learned about in white dominated high school. Maybe yall just resent us running circles around you in all areas of excellence. Out

    1. Matt Chappel says:

      You’re absolutely right. The racist north Dallas establishment can’t handle seeing a dude with sagging pants who makes millions of dollars… This is coming from a white guy who’s lived in Dallas my whole life. I’d sue the cops for putting their hands on me. How is sagging pants breaking any laws?

      1. James says:

        You are exposing your @ss and underwear — pull your pants up and cover up, you look like a total dumb@ss moron.

    2. one foxy lady says:

      you need to learn to spell architecture and also to distinguish between good taste and lack of it

  182. Jonus says:

    Why do these guys think this looks cool? It looks like they took a dump in their pants. Idiots.

  183. DeputyMarshal says:

    Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of these simian ath -o-leets running around literally showing their A$$E$?

  184. Land o lakes says:

    F uck him,f uck his ghetto culture,act like a grown-up man instead of some thug sissy punk.

  185. urbandweller says:

    Deport the blacks. They are plagues.

  186. Ltpar says:

    Ass holes come in all colors, sizes and shapes. An ass hole with money is still an ass hole and most often as not, a bigger one. If I would have been the Officers, I would have also had the car parked in the Fire Lane towedl. If we are lucky when he returns to the center for a second encounter, the Cops will find a reason to arrest him.

  187. joe says:

    There goes the neighborhood mall.

  188. Emery says:

    They walk around like they carrying a load in they diapers……

  189. drser93 says:

    just to maybe fill in why this is done… prison the gay inmates would wear their pant as such to announce that he was available and was a bottom…….sooooo

  190. Joe Mascia says:

    I thought for sure Blacks would change this as soon as the white kids copied. In line with Bill Cosby, imagine if they started to ‘dress up’ – button downs with ties, sport jackets, etc. and started a whole new trend – for the white kids to follow! It was like that once, back in the day, like the fifties! Or The Roaring Twenties!

  191. John Galt says:

    I laugh when I see teenagers wearing their pants this low. It looks ridiculous
    but on a teenager is is expected. This guy should realize he isn’t a child anymore and dress like an adult. Unfortunately, this perpetuates the stereotype. I can imagine Black people shaking their heads in disbelief when they read about this absurd behavior by an adult.

  192. Jim Morrison says:

    It’s the clutua bro!


    Racist cops!!! This man can wear what we wants as long as his privates are covered. Im sure a white female with a great body walking in with a bikini would not get this treatment. This is racism from the Dallas Pd, but could you expect less… Minister Faracoon and Al sharpton should be sent there now to bring an ebb to this racism immediately. SUE the mall!!!!!! and make sure to use a jewish lawyer, I hear they are good fo sho!!!

    1. Rastus Jones says:

      C’mon Toby, you really expect us to believe that horse$%@#?

  194. James says:

    Whether or not you care for the way he wore his pants you people are forgetting what it means to be an American. The way he wears his pants is HIS CHOICE. As long as he is not breaking any law he has a right to wear them any way he likes. As Americans we must remember to respect individual freedom. The day we start to forget that is the day we begin to give up the basic freedoms that make America such a great country. Personally I think the low hanging pants make you look like an idiot, but I fully support the right to hang low.

  195. ben dover says:

    Well, what did you expect? After all, that is called “Saggin’
    and we all know what saggin spelled backwards is !

  196. tellingitlikeitis says:

    Sickle-Cell Anemia…the Great White Hope

  197. tellingitlikeitis says:

    You know what the mating call of a Koon is? It goes like this: “Here I is?”

  198. Tom M. says:

    Money can’t buy you Class…..

  199. Matt Chappel says:

    The sagging pants thing is ridiculous and gets on my nerves, no doubt… But this is just good ole’ fashined Dallas racism. These honky-ass, north Dallas crackers simply cannot handle the fact that the dude with the sagging pants makes more money than their whole pasty white family. It’s that simple. If the dude’s weiner isn’t hanging out, it’s really not against the law. A cop (especially off duty) has no reason to even open his mouth if no laws are being broken. Off duty cops should get a life, and find something useful to do.

  200. BUTTKRACK says:



  201. Bob says:

    Why doesn’t he play football with his pants hanging off his ass and see how far he gets?

  202. Hans Delbrucke says:

    I bet he makes Jerry Jones proud. I remember when there were so many drugs flowing through the Cowboys system, they were called South America’s team. God I hate this team.

  203. sickofthugs says:

    Just another chimpout based on TNB.

  204. Les Myles says:

    Wasn’t it Dez’s mama with the pants on the ground issue?

  205. FRANKOK says:

    Another great role model.

  206. ssquared says:

    What this article really needs is a picture of this “young gentelman highly paid totally classy star athlete”. as he and his classy friends as they emerged from North Park.

    The picture might shut a lot of people up when it comes to dressing like a moron.

  207. Ro says:

    Remember there are only two reasons they sag their pants like that…1 they won’t pack the poop that their pants are full of like a baby’s diaper… 2 so people can check if they wiped properly.

  208. Dave says:

    Dez “DUNCE” Bryant needs to read the book “DRESS FOR SUCCESS” so that he knows how to dress in public outside of the hood!! Money doesn’t automatically come with proper mannerisms. Duh…..

  209. Tyrell says:

    Pull your pants up you numb digger!

  210. Tom says:

    I thought the negros wore baggy pants so there was room for their tails inside…???

    On another subject, I wonder if there is a way to add Norplant to Malt Liquor, Newport cigarettes and Crack? If so , we could prevent the next generation of welfare recipients.

    Oh! Does anybody know the difference between a dead deer in the road and a dead negro?

    wait for it….


    There’s skidmarks before the deer!

  211. James says:

    Hanging your butt out of your pants is NOT a “fashion trend”, it is STUPID, IDIOTIC BEHAVIOR, and is PUBLIC INDECENCY. It’s really stupid when moron kids whose parents should be slapped do it, and it is beyond belief that a professional at anything would engage in such idiocy.

    Pull your pants up and put on a belt — you look like a total dumb@ss.

  212. Call me prejudice, but when i see people dressed that way, I don’t give them the slightest bit of attention. If you cannot dress in at least a half decent way, then you don’t deserve to be taken seriously. Think about dressing this way to a job interview…are you going to get that job? 99.999% of the time you are not…unless you are being interviewed by a moron who dresses the same way. In that case, you just got lucky.

  213. Steve In Tulsa says:

    Wearing pants that low is a prison thing; it shows you are willing to ‘be the girl’

  214. Jess says:

    I say we let the thugs were their pants sagging below their butts. When they try to run from cops, they usually end up tripping because their pants are down to their knees and the police can then apprehend them.

  215. Steve says:

    A Dallas Cowboy is in trouble with the law and there’s no cocaine involved? Wow!

  216. 2WarAbnVet says:

    It’s good to see that members of the Dallas Cowboys are returning to their thuggish ways. They’ve been suspiciously quiet recently.

  217. Ruth says:

    I am so glad they asked him to pull his pants up… is a disgusting trend. Its only positive aspect is that it renders most of them one armed while they hold up their pants with other so they can’t carry much away – or run!

  218. llc says:

    lc- Dez Bryant needs to be coached on being civilized, if not the cowboys can always find better ends and human beings that are a little more upstanding and outstanding, they don’t need trash like dez.

  219. hope you keep going on.

  220. xander says:

    this whole situation is pretty worthless. sagging is not public indecency so he has every right to do that, however it is common courtesy that he not sag and obey the police office

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