Dez Bryant Kicked Out Of NorthPark For ‘Pants On The Ground’

DALLAS (AP/CBSDFW.COM) — Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself at the wrong end of the law for not properly covering his hind end Saturday.

Bryant and three of his friends were ejected from the NorthPark shopping center Saturday after a dispute between Bryant and two off-duty officers over the men sagging their pants below their hips, exposing their underwear.

A Tuesday police statement says officers working off-duty Saturday as security at NorthPark encountered Bryant and three companions wearing the drooping pants.

When the officers asked the four to pull up their trousers, Bryant launched into a profanity-laced tirade.  According to the statement, when confronted, Bryant told officers. “What the ****, you stopped me like I stole something.”  That prompted the officers to escort the four from the mall.

Police say Bryant refused to leave, however, until his “representative” could arrive and he parked in a fire lane until a friend arrived and persuaded him to go.

No charge was filed, but a Miscellaneous Incident Report was filed.

Bryant’s agent, Eugene Parker, declined to comment. The Dallas Cowboys did not respond to requests for comment.

The city of Dallas is no stranger to controversy surrounding sagging pants.  Mayor Dwaine Caraway, serving as mayor pro-tem at the time,  tried to pass an ordinance against it in 2007.  Ultimately the city decided not to pursue the ordinance, citing constitutional issues.

Update 3/23/11 8:30am:

According to information posted on Dez Bryant’s Twitter account – he is not banned and will be “Headed to North Park tomorrow to get these Lebrons….I am not banned from North park lol”

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  • plzthinkaboutit

    Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself at the wrong end of the law for not properly covering his hind end Saturday. When was that law passed please? I see kids dressed like this everywhere.

    • Scarf

      or Spook

      • BARAKOMY







      • Lower case please

        Kind of like your statement, ALL CAPS. Please………….

    • sickofNigero's

      You left out NIGERO!!!!!!

    • Ron Reale

      Just because kids also dress like thugs and half dressed morons, does that mean it is ok? Does that mean we all have to see these poor, mentally challenged fools struggle to keep their arses covered?
      Has no one ever taught them basic civility, or are they really such imature savages, both white and black, that they can’t grasp the concept to cover their rear ends.
      Oh, and I love the respect given the authorities, who are just doing their jobs, protecting the populace from gangsta thugs too stupid or ignorant to know how to dress themselves.
      Maybe this thugs, “representative” can teach his client how to pick up his pants the next time he is changing his diaper!
      If the cowboys had any class left, they would suspend his uncovered arse, until he learns how to cover it.
      Ron Reale

      • alj

        i’m a black man and I fully agree with Ron. These fools need to pull their pants up, why would I want my young kids seeing idiots like that in public?

      • dw

        Saggy pants still??? That’s so 90’s

      • SLVRFX

        The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had any class since Jerry Jones bought the team and fired Tom Landry.

        A thugs a thug.

      • HS

        well said, couldn’t agree with you more

      • john

        Absolutely, $$$$ does not give you the right to act like an idiot. Cowboys should educate him on how to act like an adult in society.

      • Lawrence Brown

        You can lead horse to water but cant make them drink.

      • John Danielson

        It’s just a fashion trend. I personally think it’s stupid, sure, but so were the 80s short shorts and pulled up striped socks, or anything related to 60s hippies or 70s disco. If the mall wants to have a dress code, fine, but it’s no business of the police or legislators to tell people how to dress. This situation is kind of muddled there – maybe we should pay the police enough that they don’t have to work part time at a mall when off duty.

      • eric b

        Ron: You’re stupid and ignorant. It’s that simple. What’s with all the hostility? Get over your sorry self – were your delicate sensibilities offended? Please. Just an excuse for you to be racist (despite your lame attmept to make your comments not racist by inserting the parenthetical). I’m sorry you were obviously not loved as a child and continue to lead a cold, loveless, loserish life. The world needs fewer people like you in order for the human race to succeed – just go jump in front of a bus or something….

      • jw5745

        Mr. Eric B…..

        Are you evenly dimly aware that the word “racist:, a once powerful and meaningful word, has lost pretty much all meaning and impact, due to misuse and overuse by geniuses like you?

      • Debbie

        Oh I long for the days when there were morals, manners, and respect.

      • Jack Charles

        You are an ignorant, racist piece of sh!t.

      • Lance

        Keep your distance, fool!

      • Joy

        Nobody wants to see your ass. Sorry. Grow up and act as if you have some sense.

      • will

        I agree with Ron. Eric B. below, you are the idiot. I am not racist as I have no problem with blacks that try to act HUMAN.

        But I won’t hesitate to condemn the criminal misogynistic rap culture. It is garbage, and all rap-acting wannabe criminals need to be put in jail.

        Ever notice whites don’t have the same violence problems as blacks? Gun shot wounds are the leading cause of death for young black males, and it isn’t whites shooting them, it is other blacks.

        Eric B, get over YOURSELF. Just because someone thinks a person should cover their butt in public doesn’t make them racist.

        And as MLK said, judge them by their character. So did MLK go through his struggles and death just so this piece of trash can show his butt (literally and figuratively)?

        Blacks, clean up your dang act. You have made this country a piece of garbage.

      • Mr. Bab

        Oh cool. So we can pass laws dictating how one can dress. Well, I wanna petition against women showing their panties while bending over and exposing their breast. If found guilty: 20 lashes.

        And suspend him, too? Ha!

      • Mr. Bab

        You’re a shallow idiot.

        Just bc the trend is “ugly” or makes you appear as a “thug” doesn’t mean you should pass a law against it. We should pass laws against men who wear pinstripe 3 pc suits too bc it makes them look mafia-affiliated.

        The only excuse I find for this is that North Park is privately owned.

    • John

      How dare ANYONE question the impressive character, dignity, elan and grace of Monsieur Bryant and his equally refined confreres………… Such outrage that ANYONE would question these heroes, these pillars of society, these altogether naturally gifted and refined negroes. Oh, the inhumanity!

      This is also obviously RACIST!

      • link aller

        The truth really, really hurts……….you left out common sense, though.

      • al sharpton

        Couldn’t agree more, John – you can just see the race card being played as we speak.

      • James

        Racist my @ss. Anti-Stupidity, perhaps.

        Pull your damn pants up. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s public indecency. Put on a belt and wear your pants like you have more than 3 brain cells.

    • bobwnc

      No it’s not when you are in public. It is called “indecency” and a horrible example to others. Grow up.

    • T-Rock


    • Ben Dover

      NorthPark is NOT a public property. NorthPark is a private business. They can ask anyone to leave for any reason.

      • C Martin

        PUNK !

    • washicd

      nearly everyone considers sagging as outward disrespect. and, people who dress like this are obviously trying to impress someone by showing disrespect towards people they don’t even know.

      what kind of a person would find this impressive?

      should i flatter them by showing them any form of respect at all?

      • trishakat

        You can take the guy out of the ‘hood, but you cant take the hood out of the guy. How low will the Cowboys go??

      • Chuck

        Yea. I was thinking something along those lines too. :)

      • Paul Revere

        Hip hop culture, thank you black america, I can hardly wait for the next gem you have in store for our society

    • Ben Dover

      NorthPark is NOT a public property. NorthPark is a private business. They can ask anyone to leave for any reason.

    • Scott Slanda

      Try: Trespassing. It’s private property.

    • Hairybikini

      This is a violation of his civil rights. He has every right to dress anyway he see’s fit. Too bad he is a fool, and doesn’t have the chemistry to take this to the supreme court. No difference then some skank in a shorter than short skirt. Regardless you may hate it, they have the freedom to wear what ever they please. I thought my parents and all those living int he era of bell bottoms were high on weed to wear those ridiculous pants. To me, I see his pants just as ridiculous as bell bottoms and emo skinny jeans, but they have every right to dress like an idiot if they please! Your America, and have the rights!!

      • Joy

        Get real!! He was on private property. They can make him leave for any reason. Nobody wants to see his underwear. Why can’t he dress like a grown man? Civil rights my ass.

      • Mr. Accidence

        What is a see and are you sure it fits?

      • Mikerrr

        Hairybikini: what are you, about 14? That’s about what it sounds like, giving you a little extra margin there and assuming you just don’t know how to type very well. When you venture on to private property, you actually do NOT have a right to dress any way you “see fit.” What you have is the right to shop somewhere else. Period. “Regardless you may hate it,” neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights guarantees that you can dress inappropriately – as defined by the community.

      • kos

        This does not compare to your example. None of those fashions forces us to have to look at someones a$$. This style just shows peoples ignorance.

      • brazos

        Hairy, I’ve got your civil rights right here………………… Can you see im.

      • winn winn stitch

        I bet NorthPark sells those baggy pants.

      • Big Ron

        What about the civil rights of the people who had to look at his big ole butt? There is nothing civil about it, and you don’t have the “right” to act and look any way you want to in a public setting. In your house you can be all the fool you want to be, but in public you are required to meet some common boundaries of decency. This is not different than the idiots with their loud, foul mouthed, rap music playing loud enough to be heard six blocks over sitting next to you at the traffic light. A little common decency please. I wish I had some kind of machine that would send an electric jolt through their car that would short out their sound system for a brief period of time. Not any permanent damage, just enough for the light to change.

    • Colleen Coyne

      Hey guys, this is not a black thing. It has nothing to do with being racist. There are all kinds of guys, even girls that wear their pant with the crotch hanging down and the underwear hanging out. I am personally offended. I do NOT want to see your underwear. PERIOD ! Learn how to pull up your darn pants!

    • mscunited0950

      I also think the opening statment is not very good, and I also think the same thing as Ron Reale: The dressing and Attitude is not good at all. Also, Dez was not being a good role model for others…

    • Bessie Carter

      Professor Campano at the University of Michigan found that kids wear their pants low as an engrained leftover behavior from slavery when slave masters inspected their slave’s bottoms for health. So it is the slave owners who are to blame for this behavior, and these kids wearing their pants low are still recovering from their heritage..

      • DJD

        Bwwaw haha ahah. Professor Campano? A professor said this?

  • Dez Bryant Kicked Out Of NorthPark For Having ‘Pants On The Ground’ « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] Dez Bryant Kicked Out Of NorthPark For Having ‘Pants On The Ground’ Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself at the wrong end of the law for not properly covering his hind end Saturday. Bryant and three of his friends were ejected from the NorthPark shopping center Saturday night after a dispute between Bryant and two off-duty officers over the men sagging their pants below their hips, exposing their underwear. Go to News Source […]

  • Ed Ozram

    Another loudmouth Cowboy disrespecting Dallas’ finest. Let’s wait until he’s driving drunk and clips someone before kicking him in those silly pants.

    • blue goose

      They may have had there pants pulled down exspecting to get there rump kicked lol.

    • NoObamaIn2012

      He should have told officers he was on his way to the hospital to visit a dying relative…

    • cwxj415

      Oh, so MALL SECURITY GUARDS now qualify as “Dallas’ finest”??? Please spare us your stupidity! You, Ed, are simply making a gut-response to the fact that this guy is black. I cannot say I am surprised. “conservatives”, particularly Southern “conservatives” regularly engage in such behavior. It is the new way of being racist while still appearing to be PC.

      • Chris

        Are you really that stupid? The security guards were off duty cops, READ you racist loser. Yeah, I said racist loser, becaue once again, if you don’t like the situation that a black man puts himself in, you pull out your “get out of the situation, RACIST” card. Do us a favor, and educate yourself, then you can argue a point withouth pulling the race card.

      • RAE

        Story says the security guards were off duty cops. They didn’t confront Bryant in their capacity as “Dallas’s finest” but it is safe to assume that they are “Dallas’s finest” in their full-time jobs.

      • Professorold

        You should take your uninformed opinion elswewhere. You are precisely the kind of person who fuels racism where there is none. You are an ignorant, pathetic fool.

      • David Maass


        They were off duty Dallas Police, read the damn article. As far as your claim to racism. Stupidity has no color, Dez needs to grow up and pull up his pants.


      • Truth

        The problem is NOT that he’s black. The probelm is that he’s a disgusting, filthy, nasty, ‘gansta” wanna be who should be removed from the planet before he gets to bread and create more babies as ignorant and usless as he obviously is. If he’s too stupid or too lazy to pull up his pants like a human being, then he shouldn’t go outside an mingle with intelligent people.

      • Dennis Rutherford

        You are an idiot, This clown is just another black with an attitude. I don’t want to see his butt hanging out. You can take a “boy” out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the “boy.

      • Hairy Bikini

        Wait? What?
        Take that rhetoric out of here. I am with you and agree he has the right to wear as he please, but also believe has the right to say, and believe as he wants with out another intellectual failure throwing the stupid race card! Lastly, how do you even know he is conservative? Sounds like you play into stereotypes easily!

      • Mac

        CWX why don’t you learn to read. These cops were OFF DUTY DALLAS POLICE.

      • Big Ron

        Talk about a gut-response Mr. Knee Jerk. Did you read the story? It plainly stated that these were OFF DUTY police officers. That race card is worn out. Please take it out of the deck. The word racist has been so overused as to have no weight anymore. It doesn’t matter how offensive a behavior could be, or how invasive and irreverent their behavior could be, if a white person says anything about the behavior of a black person someone inevitably throws out the race card. Grow up. Saggy pants are offensive regardless of the color of the butt that they don’t manage to cover up, or the cost of the drawers that are hanging out.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      – Plato ——-

  • Roy Williams

    Hey, Ed. “Dallas’ finest,” mall security? Really? And aren’t you a being judgmental, presumptuous and, obviously, ignorant? I know you didn’t ask for an ego check, but you got one.

    • Ed Ozram

      Dallas PD officers working security on the side. Who’s really the ignorant one, “ROY”?

      • Bostonblackie

        thats rite rather than strike for more money they are doin what men do, get a second job they should have give ol dez a wedgie sheesh body of a man but mind of a child a cowboy you can have him

    • Tom W.

      They were police officers working as security guards. They weren’t enforcing a law. They were enforcing a house(mall) rule. You can’t stuff your pants with as much shoplifted goods when your pants are pulled up.

    • cstark4

      Hey,Roy. They are off duty police officers! And aren’t you being presumptuous and, obviously, ignorant? I know you didn’t ask for an ego check, but you got one.

    • Hoss

      Roy, how dumb can you get?

    • rex harrison

      so what if they were security the point is they were enforcing policy if you cannot abide do not go there

    • Eckhart


    • Jay Sparks

      Seriously Roy, seriously?

  • 2sister

    The mall security man was an off duty police officer. He wasn’t just a small security guard. He also might have been in uniform. I don’t know if Dallas police are allowed to do that, but Arlington police are allowed to work security in their police uniforms. You see them in the Parks Mall in their uniforms.


  • 2sister

    I just looked up the code of conduct for the mall. Apparently they have preferred rules about how you dress. That was probably what happened. The officer probably just politely asked them to please pull up their pants. They were probably escorted out of the mall because of their response to the requests. In fact, that is what the story implies. If we started screaming and cussing because of something that happened at a business, we might be asked to leave, too.

    • goatpup

      RIGHT ON

    • NoObamaIn2012

      It’s called DISORDERLY CONDUCT…. covers pretty much anything that causes a disturbance in public, and you can be jailed for it.

      • John

        I see in his Bio on the Cowboys web site that he played 3 games of his final year of college and was suspended by the NCAA for the balance of the season. It sounds like he’s a real upstanding team player. He should fit in well with the Dallas Misfits.

      • John Danielson

        Ahh, the ever fun “disorderly conduct”. One of many laws that are written as a tool for prosecutors to make a charge stick when a criminal gets off from the main charges due to technicalities like police botching an investigation or doing things without warrants. Sadly, the same laws are abused by police to harass people who aren’t otherwise breaking any law. Should just increase police pay so they can screen the lesser qualified applicants, solving both problems at once.

    • UgottaB



      Glad to see somebody has the backbone not to tolerate such a disgusting dress code. Should be enforced in ever school in the Country. Probably would help if parents gave a damn the way their children behave at leAST THE ONES THEY KNOW ABOUT.

  • "manuel"

    wow so much hate against non white people i guess white people are perfect

    • Ana


      Forgive me for asking, but where in the article or any comments made you think it was a race issue? It is not a race issue, it is a dress code and proper cinduct issue. Don’t prisoners or people who did time wear their pants that way? Would you want your kid dressing like a prison inmate?

    • stumpCHUNKMAN

      It’s not a race thing you freaking moron.

      Manuel, so you are basically saying that Black people are incapable of maintaining public decency standards, respecting private property rights (in this case, the store) and incapable of respecting law enforcement? Is that your gist?

      And you call everyone else racist.

      The constant whining about everything thing that happens being race-based is a direct insult and spit in the face of victims of actual racism in the past and present.

      By equating getting asked to pull up his pants with people who were killed because of their skin color, people who had crosses burned in their front yards, had their families threatened, were victims of lynchings and were generally denied the most basic of human rights, you trivialize that struggle that has plagued us throughout our history.

    • jc

      Wow…Didn’t take long for the race card to be played…What a bunch of whinniy pr***ks.
      Oh my. Is that a racist statement?

    • Chris Williams

      right and wrong not black and white.
      tired of it!!!!!!!!!

    • Sasquatch

      Lose the race card, Manuel. It’s pretty simple. Black OR white, pull your @#$&?! pants up. I, my wife, and my kids, have absolutely no interest in seeing your lowlife butt.

      • Teacakes

        Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

      • Ellen

        I agree completely.Pull up our pants or go home you imbecile!!It’s disgusting.Good for mall security–thank you.

    • ron

      Wow, don’t you think it’s a bit racist to assume only black people wear a certain kind of clothing?

      • DLewis

        Completely agree – here in SO CAL I see whites, hispanics, asians, and blacks with saggy pants – it’s digusting regardless of what race they are. I am sick of seeing boxers and briefs. And I’m sorry guys, but there is nothing even remotely attractive about seeing you waddling around with your knees pressed together just so your pants don’t fall around your ankles. And that belt you wear in the middle of your thighs? Now isn’t that just precious – NOT.

      • phillysmart

        Its mostly a black thing…there are some whites who want to be black

      • Nonya

        It actually started as a prison thing. You can figure why…

      • Jack

        Started as a prison thing, that’s so they would always have their pants down for Big Bubba.



    • Banderman

      shuddup; we’re tired of hearing about the ‘one-way racist thing’. This is not about race, quite trying to make it so.

      • wayne

        yeah, just pull up your damn pants, I don’t care if your green and from Mars.

    • LarryinmiddletownCT

      Manuel, you contribute to the decline ofthis country. Congratulatons.

    • larryinmiddletownCT

      Would’nt it be nice if those who use the race card so inappropriately automatically had feces flung in their face?

    • JR Cash

      I weep for this country, because I know there are tens of millions more, just as ignorant as you, manuel. Wake up and smell the coffee, dude.

      • Jane

        I was in the ER last year and a Hisapanic brought in another that was bleeding for help. He came back and stood where everyone could see him and his pants kept falling down. He realized everyone was staring at him and kept pulling his pants up. I love it when they are arrested and the pants are down around their knees and they cant walk. Also if they fight the cops, they can get loose when they loose the pants. Really cool, not.

    • steve

      whites may not be perfect but one has to look at crime and quality of life in white vs. non-white areas. some things speak for themselves..

      • PJ

        Apparently you are speaking for yourself as well. There are good people in bad places and bad people in good places! I have lived in both!

    • Jeff

      Where does it mention the race of the cops? Or for that matter the race of his friends? It says a lot about an individual when they defend profanity laden ignorance and confrontational behavior equating to bigotry.

    • Avenger

      Hey Manuel: It’s not hate; the issue is common decency. Who wants to see someones dirty ass?

    • Bostonblackie

      oh he is non white i thought he was an american everyone knows we are a colorblind society since Obama was elected..but neverless Dez is child minded his mama must be really proud of him otherwise there is no excuse to act like a 13 year old dumb ass

    • emmanuel

      Out comes the race card. How many white kids do you think have been told to leave for the same reason. If you weren’t such a racist yourself against whites this would not have even been an issue. Dez Bryant is a punk and was treated like one.

    • will

      yes, we whites are perfect. Thanks for asking.

  • Ed Ozram

    Even some perfect whites don’t know how to wear their pants or act in public. Bad taste knows no racial boundaries. Just because one faction prefers it over another don’t target condemnation of just a single band of criminals, include them all.

  • derek gordon

    not all black men wear there pants below there butt, and to make a statement like why do all blacks where there pants like that is stupid!!!!

    • Tom W.

      You’re right. Jamaicans and Haitians wear clothes that fit.

      • Francesca

        There was no need for that comment. Have you never seen a successful African American before? Or are you just stereotyping what you’ve seen?

    • grandma

      and if these guys knew that the practice came from prison with guys showing that they are willing to be somebody else’s b***h, would they think twice about doing it?????

      • Russell

        grandma is correct. Men wear their pants all droopy downy, displaying their underwear and buttocks, because of the prison practice that means they are advertising their buttocks as a receptacle for sweet sweet prison man on man butt-lovin’…..

  • CB

    You watch. Northpark Center, with the recent robberies on the news and the general riff-raff they let in the mall now, will end up like the now bulldozed Prestonwood Mall. That mall used to be the gem of North Dallas until the trash drove away the customer base.

  • Jason

    I wanted to thank you so much for reporting on Dez Bryant’s problem in North Park Mall. I wanted to applaud North Park for banning him for 3 months like they did. Being a 5th year teacher at a school in Mansfield, one of our many struggles is getting kids to stop sagging and have respect for themselves and people around them. People like Dez Bryant are supposed to be athletes that our athletes and students look up to. It is simply disgusting and crude walking around with your butt hanging out your pants, especially for an adult like Dez Bryant… They should ban him for life not just 3 months… He needs to grow up and be a leader not a follower of what young boys do…


    • Pamela S SŦroud

      Thank you, from a retired fifth grade teacher!! Well said!

  • Robert Bryan

    Another prime example of why the Dallas Cowboys are a lousy team. Dez, in order for you to gain respect you have to give it first. And it might help if you and the other prima donas actually won something.

  • MrJay

    I have yet to meet a woman that says that look is “hot.” But I have heard some fellas that call prison a “second home” say it is oh so sexy.

  • Jim Busse

    based on his dress and subsequent acts one can only believe that you can take a person out of the getto but you can’t take the getto out of the person. People need to look at Bryant as an example… a bad one.

  • Addison DeWitt

    Only TRASH would wear sagging pants…and when an ADULT sags?????? NOBODY wants to see someone’s rear, Dez. Quit acting ghetto.

  • Velveeta

    Gosh, the Dallas Cowboys just don’t hire quality folks anymore.

  • USAFLgirl

    @ Jason–Amen! I just had a talk with a teacher in NYC about the same thing. She showed pictures of the blacks being hung with their castrations showing–one of the origins of this stupid way to dress. Still didn’t persuade them to change.

  • seesay

    Blacks indulge their appetite for thug attire, thug attitude, and thug speech, then wonder why they’re denied mainstream respect and opportunities.

    • Tommy Tornado

      Glad you said that!

    • C B

      Well said. Self respect and pride gets you ahead, and not acting like a buffoon or thug.

  • Banderman

    He’s a ‘star’? Really? Really? A player does not a star make.

  • Bob Cregar

    Just another overpaid underskilled in the real work ballplayer that will do nothing in a couple years, and YOU Williams, I HOPE you are not the Roy Willams from Ector county!! I KNOW you were taught better!!

  • jnsesq

    Good! Grow up, slob.

  • JD

    It’s a style. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean it’s going away.

    Dez Bryant can afford clothes that fit, im sure. I’m sure he has them in his closet. Im also sure he has some nice suits too. I think Dez Bryant over reacted and was unprofessional.

  • LEL MN

    Just because Dez can catch a football doesn’t excuse him from hanging his assets in public, he should save that for the post touchdown ceremony and gang land.

  • Frank

    Could not have said it better myself.

  • spike

    ‘lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground’…dez, you’re a highly paid PROFESSIONAL; start acting like it! and while you’re at it, if you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in the end zone with the ball in your hands, try acting like you’ve been there before

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