Hispanics Now Majority In Texas Public Schools

AUSTIN (AP) – Hispanic students for the first time make up the majority of students enrolled in Texas public schools.

The Texas Education Agency reports Hispanic students this school year account for 50.2 percent of the state’s 4.9 million children enrolled in public schools, including pre-kindergarten and early childhood education.

Currently, there are an estimated 2.48 million Hispanics students in Texas public schools.

Hispanics last year made up nearly 49 percent of the students.

TEA spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe said Tuesday that the Hispanic population is the fastest-growing group of students.

Texas lawmakers are dealing with a projected $15 billion budget shortfall in the next two-year spending period. Possible funding cuts for public education have been discussed.

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One Comment

  1. rubbercow says:

    Curious as to what those numbers would look like if were to school only those children whose parents are here legally.

    1. Bill says:

      My thought exactly!

      1. Sharon Barnes says:

        Me too! Perhaps Texas woulnd’t have a budget problem if the illegals left and we did not have to educate and medicate them and their children. White people generally and increasingly put their children in private schools or live in the suburbs where they don’t have to encounter the minority’s poor attitudes about education. Call me racist if you will. I don’t care. I have been here for more than 50 years. I had to put my children in private schools. The reason the hispanics are in the majority is simply because the white have left the system.

    2. Norris says:

      These Hispanic immigrants have higher crime rates, higher welfare rates, and lower average IQs. I’m talking about LEGAL immigrants here. The LEGAL immigrants are committing more crime. The LEGAL immigrants are sucking the welfare system dry. The LEGAL immigrants are statistically less intelligent than the average American already in the country. How is it going to make our country better by bringing in more Hispanic immigrants? In the long run it doesn’t matter if they are “legal” or “illegal”… They’re both the exact same people…

      1. Fergitoid says:

        Right! It’s not about legal or illegal, it’s about were you born of ancestors who built this nation, therefore you love it, or were you born of people who built Mexico, and therefore have failure in their blood, even though they are darn proud of it for some reason…and these kids, even though we teach them about Washington and Jefferson and Payne in school, when they’re home the “glorious Mexico” narrative is playing in their heads night and day from their parents…again, legal or illegal, doesn’t matter…they love Mexico and will vote this country over to it once they realize they have the voting power!

      2. Winning says:

        You all are a bunch of racist. I would be careful though, we have the voting power to re-elect Obama. Unless the ticket is West/Cain.

      3. jbaby says:

        How is it that you feel so comfortable slinging the race card when everything you do in politics is based soley on race and getting more representation for your people?

      4. kgrady says:

        Did you vote for him because he’s black? That too is racist. What is this black mail, that’s just great!!!!!!!

      5. Janie says:

        majority of hispanics are not immigrants at all.

      6. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

        Mex. aliens means more criminal , tax using demos.

    3. kd says:

      What are we going to call programs that help minorities since whites are now part of that category? non-white assistance maybe?

      1. rickster says:


      2. todd says:

        its called subsidies, tax breaks, tax abatements, do your research, talk about lower iq’s

    4. Janie says:

      Majority of Hispanics are American citizens who have been here for generations. Hispanic is not a race or nationality. Hispanic means one has European Spanish blood.

      1. wooch says:

        And I guaran-damn-tee you only a handful have even a single drop of Iberain blood!

      2. huh says:

        Wooch, more likely majority are closer to 75% European. Truth hurts.

    5. JeremyQ says:

      And yet there parents make up the tax and property tax paying minority!

    6. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      If Americans still have the majority of voters, before it is too late, elect people to will ‘change’ the laws to save the country.

  2. wtrodg says:

    How many are here legally?????????????

    1. Bill Jones says:

      I woiuld think that a large part if not most of them are born in the US and are as American as you are.

      1. Bill says:

        And I’m guessing you’re correct. HOWEVER… wouldn’t it be nice to know the numbers?

        I don’t want taxpayer dollars going to illegal aliens. Period.

        As to American citizens of Hispanic descent… well…. they’re CITIZENS! Same as you and me.


      2. TDNS says:

        Yeah–but they shouldn’t have been..when we lived in San Antonio, I saw so many times where the parents came to stay with relatives purely to have the children here–thus they now have a reason to stay…

        As for the automatic citizenship–WHY do we still do this? My nephew was born in Germany to his military Mom and Dad…he is an American citizen born abroad, not a German citizen… this is the way it should be EVERYWHERE!!

      3. Charles Piper says:

        You are quite naive….the majority of these students are illegal….I GUARANTEE it. My wife has been a teacher for over 30 years. SHe tells me when they register for school, many times numerous kids have the SAME social security number (hello?). The registrar is REQUIRED to CREATE BOGUS numbers for these “students” just to enroll them. I KNOW THIS IS A FACT….I’VE SEEN IT. This country is slowly being destroyed by illegals…it’s past time to do something about it.

      4. RufusVonDufus says:

        You are right except for the bleeding heart liberals who got this waste of a president we are stuck with elected. Send all of the illegals back to Mexico and make them take their kids, legal or not, with them. Then they can apply for reentry the right way. Obama wants to make all of them citizens (and Dem voters). Maybe we need to get rid of Obama first.

      5. Hal McCombs says:

        Really Mr. Jones? And why would you think that? Feelings?

      6. lynn says:

        14th amendment buddy. Just being born here doesn’t qualify you for citizenship.

      7. Smashicus says:

        It is pure insanity that the good people of America are subsidizing the eventual takeover of their country. Many of these “new Americans” have no allegiance to the U.S. Their allegiance is with their home land and their “people”. To them the laws of the U.S. aren’t their laws but the laws of old white men. These people don’t even attempt to hide their disrespect of our laws, instead they have become emboldened by the traitors in this country.

      8. TDNS says:

        Lynn–yes unfortunately being born here is all it takes…

      9. Ed says:

        Tighten up them blinders, boy. The truth might just scare you to death.

      10. El Pancho Grande says:


        Are you making any money off the anchor babies? There is a whole pile of parasites making money off the illegals and passing the cost onto decent people. This is why America has become such a disgusting country. Money grubbing prostitutes lying about everything. You would not be one of them now, would you?

    2. lukuj says:

      My question exactly1 I have no problem with LEGAL Hispanic students being in the schools, but we simply cannot afford the illegals. And we need to expect those who are legal and don’t know English to be immersed in it at school instead of being allowed to continue in Spanish. In fact, signs, ballots, etc. should ALL be in English. What incentive is their for any immigrants to learn English is they can do anything they want to without knowing it? My grandparents were not given ballots in Italian or Italian street signs, and they managed to learn the language out of necessity. I believe all other nationalities are just as capable.

      1. Hondo says:

        The fact of the matter is that there’s no need for them to learn English when they are the majority. i DO have a problem with all of this legal immigration, over 1 million yearly and most from the Third World. No one asked the historic American majority to vote on whether they wanted their nation transformed from a First to a Third World society. It was a result of deliberate government policy starting with the 1965 Immigration Act.

      2. Debbie Moore says:

        i totaly agree. They show no respect, in our country, and why should they, when everyone caters to them. Ia lot of the blame lies within the people in our own country. It’s all about money.

    3. Harry G. says:

      I agree. The children are precious but they don`t belong here.


      U$A: THIRD WORLD RISING – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

    5. VIVA LA RAZA! says:


      1. rubbercow says:

        How this fact is dismissed by those wanting open borders always astonishes me. Yes, “we help the children more” as we sacrifice for our own children. It must be nice to have all the extra income these folks get by not having to pay their own way! It is mere salt in the wound that they then treat citizens with disdain and are openly contemptuous of our laws. This kind of thing makes me want to give up an move somewhere else – oh, everyplace worth going rigorously enforces its immigration laws….

    6. Janie says:


  3. Keep Religion Personal says:

    Take a good look at the future political majority of the former GOP south and pray real hard that all these beautiful children get a world class education because someday it will be them doing all the heavy lifting to ensure every American is competitive, debt free and paying for the Medicare and Social Security we depend on to retire. Remember teaching false political points of views too our children does not help America compete in the 21st century global economy.

    1. Joshua Younger says:

      You’re right, but it won’t matter what we do to educate and assimiliate them…when they realize how much voting power they have as adults, they’ll vote to change the system anyway…why should they pay the social security support for the offspring of the devils who stole Republica del Norte from Mexico? Their hearts will be where their parents’ hearts are, in Mexico, and they won’t care what happens to the USA…internationally competitive on the world stage, they won’t care, as long as the glory of Mexico is restored, that is and will be their secret dream, which will be our nightmare.

      1. Don't be an idiot says:

        Are you an actual idiot in real life or just playing one on the internet?

      2. Ninth Crusade says:

        Agreed. All that you say may come true unless their parents & grand parents completely drain the system BEFORE they are old enough to vote.

      3. bloodaxe says:

        Mexico never had any glory and it never will. But they will over time overrun the entire US and drag us down to their level.

    2. shredder says:

      Reaching for rainbows, there. Just say ‘God Help US’.

    3. Juke says:

      Yeah, because that’ll happen….just look at how these people took care of Mexico.

    4. rr says:

      the Los Angeles Unified School Dist spends $30k per child per year…………..does not do much good if one lacks the natural talent

    5. Joshua Younger says:

      Don’t be an idiot – how about a “non-idiotic” refutation of my postulation, not just some cutesie adapted colloquial insult that doesn’t mean anything. Mexican leaders played glorious in the past, and I’m sure that the people who live there are proud of it, just like the people who live in Somalia are probably proud of Somalia…but they can only have TRUE GLORIOUS PRIDE if 1) they build their own nation into a place where their people want to come back to willingly, or 2) they stop using the wombs of their women to invade the USA, and challenge us to a fight like men, like the great glorious warrior nations of history!

  4. proud to be brown says:

    hahaha!!!! we are now the majority! Before you know it we will run this country!! LOL!!!!

    1. MrJay says:

      Your here only because you will work for $20 bucks and a six1pack a day.

      1. proud to be brown says:

        As a matter of fact I have a MS in Engineering. I have a daughter who is taking Algebra 2 as a freshman with a 4.8 GPA. Can you say the same?

      2. MisterHowdy says:

        Is that Mexican Standoff Engineering?
        Also, how many children has your daughter had already?

      3. Jaime says:

        Congratulations! But what a moronic comment. A Chinese would never make it… Maybe because he would be too busy teaching at the PhD program in CalTech you did not get into (don’t tell me the reasons) and his daughter would be taking Calc.2 (honors) in 7th grade. Proud of what? Brother, the reality is that you are the exception and not the rule! Remember when you were in your MS? How many and how good? As an engineer you should be able to analyze the stats, and they look pretty bad. “Approaching the limit” in case they are hard to interpret in layman terms. They are almost the same as those of the other minority.

      4. philip says:

        Yes I can, but even though you have a master in engineering you fail to understand the difference between Anecdotal Data and empirical data. As a whole hispanic are much more likely to be poor and undereducated. PERIOD. That is a fact. Now while it may also be a fact that you have a masters degree and you daughter has a 4.8. It doesnt change the fact that folks south of the border come here to the US because their countries SUCK. Cut offf all social programs and see how fast a majority of these hispanics go back to their country.

      5. Bill Jones says:

        Immigrants come to America because they want to have a better life. Your own ancestors followed the same path when they came from whatever country they came from to have a better life in America. It is pathetic that now, you as the descendant of immigrants are trying to deny others what lifeline was given to your family way back when..

      6. Rod says:

        The Difference is Billy Boy, Their ancestors assimilated. Most, not all, but Most, hispanic immigrants refuse to assimilate. Even the Old School Hispanics agree with this.

        Don’t forget who you are and where you came from, but at the same time let’s work together and get on the same team and work for what’s best for everyone.

        A country divided will surely fall, and this country is becoming more divisive by the day!

      7. proud to be brown says:

        Aaah! Attack the character instead of the argument 🙂 No point in arguing with a person who cannot defend his point 🙂

      8. philip says:

        So proud to be brown, what would hispanic do to make the US a better country once they are in charge?

      9. Joshua Younger says:

        Push us back into the Atlantic…that’s their secret collective dream, if you listen closely and read the signs as the rallies.

      10. Fred says:

        Uh, I don’t know why anyone else hasn’t pointed this out, but if his daughter has a 4.8 GPA then she must be at a school for the challenged. Last a I checked any credible university is on a 4.0 scale. In other words the highest GPA you could have would be a 4.3. So having a 4.8 GPA on a scale of 10.0 is pretty bad. But I guess an engineer would know that…

    2. George says:

      Sounds great…you know, because you’ve done such a wonderful job running Mexico.

      1. proud to be brown says:

        Who said anything about being Mexican? Now that is a straw man…

    3. Loco Whitey says:

      Why do want to run this country? If you do it’ll end up just like Mexico… then where will you run to?

      1. Joshua Younger says:

        You, sir, nailed it! The second part of that rhetorical question is, where will we run to? They don’t care where we go, as long as we leave the land and the internet behind…I say we take all our goodies (the internet, electricity, cars, democracy) with us when they push us back to Europe (their collective secret dream, and you bleeding hearts better wake up to that fact)…or if we decide to do something about it, and preserve our nation and our culture, then they can go home and prove to us how truly glorious Mexico is, by buidling it into a place people want to immigrate TO, not emigrate FROM. Naw, they just want their land back.

      2. Bill Jones says:

        All your goodies? How ironic , most of those goodies were invented by either immigrants or their children. You would have none of those goodies if America had listened to your shortsighted views.

      3. rickster says:

        amazing – the hispanics run from the very country they want to be, where will they go when they get what they deserve?

      4. Red Acorn says:

        Ditto! Good one!

    4. J Dog says:

      proud to be brown
      hahaha!!!! we are now the majority! Before you know it we will run this country!! LOL!!!!
      And before you know it, this country will be fit for you to run.

      1. shredder says:

        You have a misspelling that I think I should point out. You misspelled ‘ruin’. You meant to say “Before you know it we will RUIN this country!!!”

      2. porchhound says:

        Go J Dog…by the way what qualifications do you have to run anything??? Except maybe a leaf blower.

      3. comeandtakeit says:

        If Mexico had won the war and control of Texas, Texas would be in the same shape as Mexico and Oklahoma would be the new border that they would cross into.

      4. Joshua Younger says:

        Good observation. There are little Mexican shopfronts in Liberal Kansas with signs which read “Nuestra Tierra”…Mexico originally went up to Dodge City, which they’ve already taken back demographically. I just wish they would man up and declare it, so we could get it on and get it over!

      5. Joshua Younger says:

        J Dog…sad, because anybody can delude themselves into being “proud” of whatever they were given. True pride comes from what you build…even if you do “take over” the USA, you can never be truly proud of it, because my ancestors built it, not yours…so what are you TRULY so proud of?

    5. WhatsTheMattaU says:

      “Before you know it we will run this country!!”

      Yep, and you will be running it like that cesspool of a country you came from.

      1. proud to be brown says:

        I am an American… Hispanics are the majority. The article states the ethnicity not country of origin. Therefore, your argument is invalid 🙂

    6. eli says:

      I hope we “run” it just like we did Mexico!!! Can’t wait to have the cartels control Congress instead of the “evil” corporations. I especially look forward to a majority illiterate subclass denied access to a quality education with no access to a better life.

      1. proud to be brown says:

        I never said I was Mexican… do not assume.

      2. philip says:

        Who is assuming youre mexican, the only thing you have posted is that youre proud to be brown.

      3. proud to be brown says:

        @ Philip dude give it up…. there is NOTHING you can do about it.

      4. philip says:

        Do about what? You said hispanics are going to run the country, I just asked how they will do a better job? After all look at the countries that hispanics do run, they all suck. so please explain to the group, as an engineer with a masters, how hispanics will improve the US? Or maybe youre daughter with her 4.8 gpa can explain it.

        Please notice that I havent called you any names, but you have called me a name. Youre the one resorting to adhominen attacks, not me

      5. proud to be brown says:

        I did not realize by calling you “dude” was a personal attack. If that is offended you, sorry.

      6. philip says:

        And please note, you didnt answer the question. You just want to toss verbal bombs around and see what happens. Youre not here for any real discussion

      7. rickster says:

        “proud to be brown is an idiot”……and I believe him to be quite a liar!

    7. proud to be brown says:

      People stop hating, we are the majority. My children will end up marrying caucasian people. They already date caucasian teens.It is what it is… There is NOTHING you can do about it.

      1. Wrong, “Caucasians”, you know, whites? We will do exactly what I do with hispanic girls…use them for sex and toss them away when we’re finished. Something we are learning from our “brown” counterparts. I used a pretty little hispanic girl once. Problem is, when the sex was over, all that was left was an alcoholic, fickle confused mess. No thanks. Whites – the worthy ones anyway – are too intelligent to actually marry and keep a brown girl.

      2. proud to be brown says:

        I saw you twitter face and I wouldn’t give you the time or day. You are UGLY!

      3. proud to be brown says:

        Listen the proud to brown was an experiment for my logic class at UNT. I needed to make an argument and obviously i caused a stir. People here took things over board with my comments. I am neither Mexican nor White. I am color blind. I got all my information I needed and now I have my report. Thanks for all of your feedback. Hopefully I can get the A

      4. Smashicus says:

        I don’t see how anyone can be proud of a skin color. I am proud of being honest, straitforward and hard working. I am proud to be an American, because of all the great things Americans have done for this country and for the world. People who are proud of a color are ignorant and a threat to all who value freedom, justice and liberty.

      5. lol says:

        @kevinprovance i highly doubt you could get any ‘pretty girl’, twitter pic of you shows a creepy dude. the hispanic girl you took advantage of must have been intoxicated as well.

    8. rickster says:

      Pay no attention to Proud To be Brown – he pretends to be what he is not

      1. proud to be brown says:

        first of all I am not a HE, I am a SHE!!! Hispanics can improve this country. How you ask? By ending the racial divide. Wow!! I never realized that there were so many bigots in DFW.

      2. End the racial divide, huh? The hate you are spewing will certainly help obtain that goal. Well done mamacita.

      3. proud to be browm says:

        Hate? Really? Have you not read any of these comments in the thread?

      4. Smashicus says:

        Proud to be brown is delusional. This individual purposefully makes provocative statements, then accuses others of hatred and racism when his comments are criticized. Do you really think your comments are going to cause anyone to lose any sleep? Is your study nothing more than triteness? When I read comments like yours it just strengthens my resolve. I of course forgot about you as an individual and remember you only as a part of a group of mindless anarchists inflicting our fair country.

    9. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

      Well tell ya what Mr Brown
      I will take my money, turn it into gold and silver, load up all my possessions in my truck and head for Washington State
      Then you and your people can have the Southwest with my blessing
      Just don’t count on any tax money from me to support you tax takers

      1. TexMex says:

        Heck and there is gold at the end of the rainbow. As long as the politicians don’t have the balls to make legislation, we will always have illegal immigration problems.

    10. rubbercow says:

      I think you may have misspelled a word in your comment. Perhaps you meant “ruin” instead of “run”?

  5. Dmac says:

    Just think how much less our school taxes would be if we sent the illegals home. All the free breakfast and lunches being served, twice as many schools as needed, twice as many teachers and administrators as needed, all because the federal governemnt violates the constitution by not protecting our borders from this invasion, and thats exactly what is, an invasion.

    1. Hojo says:

      How quickly people forget that this land belonged to the American Indian. They are the only natural people here, the rest of us are invaders. Remember that before you start pointing fingers. If might makes right then hispanics have every right to be here, they are proving mightier than our government. My opionion on that is God bless them and everybody else that wants to come here and work hard and earn an honest living.

      1. Joshua Younger says:

        Your words are prophetic…but listen closely to the pro-Hispanic, pro-Mexican rhetoric, and you’ll hear the “Whites get out” refrain….I guess if they do out-populate us and push us back into the Atlantic, they won’t mind if we take all our crazy inventions with us….democracy, law and order, electricity, internal combustion, the internet…so they can live free of White influence in their wigwams or what have you.

      2. Magic Rain Cloud says:

        Which tribe? They were so busy fighting each other and killing and enslaving the losing tribe, that the ownership seems a bit confused. Or do we all have to believe the ruse that since they had no recorded history, there was nothing but peace and love amongst the indians. Do an experiment. Go out and sit under a tree for a few days, get real hungry and see how your values starting changing. It won’t be long before it seems to be very logical to kill the enemy and take what he has and to enslave the women to make them do the work. That is indian culture. Just check what little we do know, such as bouncing heads down the steps to get an idea.

      3. Jim H. says:

        except, when they are here illegally, they do not, by definition, have “every right to be here”, and also, when they are here illegally, it is not, by definition, an “honest living”.

      4. Slowbama says:

        Rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric. Its scary how many people’s entire knowledge base of American Indians is taken from the Disney movie Pocahontas. Read a textbook for the real story. You see, we have these things called laws. You, me, and ever citizen or visitor must follow if they are within the borders of the United States.

      5. Smashicus says:

        No one cares about that worn out argument. The history of mankind has been that of conquest and expansion. Your argument about hispanics being the rightful heirs of this land is complete fantasy. Hispanics didn’t even exist prior to the Spanish and other Europeans breeding with the natives.

    2. Bill Jones says:

      An invasion ? You mean like the invasion of the Europeans who came to America and who exterminated between 10 million and 114 million native indians?
      Two studies have been conducted that attempt to number the natives killed by the United States. The first of these was sponsored by the United States government, and while official does not stand up to scrutiny and is therefore discounted (generally); this estimate shows between 1 million to 4 million killed. The second study was not sponsored by the US Government but was done from independent researchers. This study estimated populations and population reductions using later census data. Two figures are given, both low and high, at: between 10 million and 114 million indians as a direct result of US actions. Please note that Nazi Holocaust estimates are between 6 and 11 million; thereby making the Nazi Holocaust the 2nd largest mass murder of a class of people in history.
      American Holocaust: D. Stannard (Oxford Press, 1992) – “over 100 million killed” “[Christopher] Columbus personally murdered half a million Natives”
      God, Greed and Genocide: The Holocaust Through the Centuries: Grenke (New Academia Publishing 2006)
      Holocaust: Critical Concepts in Historical Studies: Cesarani, (Routledge 2004)

      Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_Native_Americans_were_killed_by_the_US_government#ixzz1HQuOfFrI

      1. Smashicus says:

        Bill Jones, if your name even closely reflects your background, please feel free to self terminate if that “white guilt” has got you feeling too bad. The rest of us would like to move on with our lives. I feel no need to give up my country, language and culture to assuage a bunch of brown skinned racists bent on stealing my country. Please feel free to go and live amongst those you feel so much in common with, we don’t need any more traitors.

      2. TexMex says:

        Why do you think brown skinned people are racist? I am of mexican heritage. I served in the Army (91B) I love my country! I am far from racist.

    3. Bill says:


    4. ratso1@yahoo.com says:

      Right now they can suck off the system until the system collapses. THen they will run like rats back over the boarder. Watch the magic..!

      1. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

        To Ratso

        Buy Gold, Silver, 2 years supply of food, property along the Canadian border, and plenty of bullets

      2. texMex says:

        Fed up in Mexifornia- you need to calm down. What you are saying can be considered a hate crime.

  6. John says:

    The only ethnic group to come to America Illegally, so they really aren’t (and can never be) citizens. Because of their disdain for the law, they will always be invaders.

    1. Hojo says:

      Disdain for the law…you must be talking about democrats and the left!

  7. ja hahaha says:

    …and there will be a leaf blower for every leaf…

  8. Hojo says:

    The hispanic culture will be good for the USA. Stong families, good work ethic, and Christianity. Sounds like the hispanic culture is just what this country needs. Hispanics also bring one of the three major food groups to the USA (the three major food groups being Italian food, Greek food, and Mexican). Yummy!

    1. Joshua Younger says:

      I thought that too, until I realized that, despite supposedly being all Christian (Catholic), Hispanics overwhelmingly vote Democrat, the party of abortion and gay rights…why is that do you suppose? Also, on the face of it their culture seems nice, quaint, rustic, simple and sweet…but within their culture also lies the paternalistic corruption and ineffectiveness which makes all of the 13 Spanish-speaking nations south of us places FROM which people emigrate, not places TO which people migrate…don’t forget that part.

    2. John says:

      Ok, so lets have 14 million white anglo americans invade Mexico and see what happens then. Calderon wants these people to come to the USA because he doesnt want to pay for them and they send most of their money back to Mexico. FACT! They dont help our country, they hurt it!

      1. Bill Jones says:

        That already occured , read your history , Texas was originally part of Mexico and the white anglo americans did invade them ( even after being treated quite well by the Mexicans ) and after a blood bath took Texas over. As far as helping our country I would think that they do help our country quite a bit.

      2. Joshua Younger says:

        So we’re supposed to just allow them to take it back, Bill? Maybe that’s your idea of a legacy to leave your kids, but I’ll fight to keep this the nation of my forefathers who built it, so at least my grandkids can be proud that their grandfather tried…as they’re on the boat back to Europe…

    3. philip says:

      Then why isnt it good for Mexico and other countries south of the border? Why are those countries such awful places their population is only to willing to move to the US?

    4. Dave says:

      I could care less what damn race you are. 50% black, white, asian or hispanic. As long as you love this great nation our forefathers created, respect and believe in our almighty constitution and shun liberal communist beliefs, then you’re another brother in my eyes.

      I’m Latino. I grew up poor, but worked my way to where I am without relying on anyone helping me. I supported our Nation by enlisting in the service for 5 years. I pay my taxes and I believe in a limited Govt. that is by the people and for the people. I’m an American and a Texan and damn proud of it.

      Now stop this ridiculous stereotyping and come to terms with reality folks. Our Nation is what we make it to be and I believe Texas has a strong and bright future for everyone.

      1. Fergitoid says:

        Dave – If you love this country, then I love you, brother, skin color don’t matter. Problem is, look at the demonstrations and look at the voting record and Congressional blocs….you and many of your USA-loving Latino kin aside, MOST Latinos tend to vote for what benefits them, not necessarily the USA, and MANY Latinos openly show resentment or hatred for the USA with “We’ll push you back into the Atlantic” rhetoric. We should try to sort out who is who, but it will be difficult…it usually takes civil wars to really see what side people are on, and nobody wants that, right?

    5. Bill says:

      “The Hispanic culture will be good for the USA.”

      Hmm… how’s that “Hispanic culture” worked out for… er… most “Hispanic” nations?


      Jeez… people like you just can’t connect the dots.

    6. Norris says:

      1) They don’t have strong families! They have higher rates of out-of-marriage pregnancies, higher crime rates, and higher rates of spousal/child abuse than White Americans.

      2) They don’t have a strong work ethic! They have higher welfare rates and lower graduation rates than White Americans.

      You can’t describe them as having “strong families” and “good work ethic” when compared to the traditional European Americans.

    7. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

      “Strong families” Fat smelly men who beat their women and keep them pumping out babies so they can get the welfare check
      Also they let the kids do whatever they want including crime and gangs
      And don’t forget the rotten, corrupt, child molesting, over populating, tax free mega rich Catholic Church!

    8. Hondo says:

      48% out of wedlock birthrate, great family values

  9. flnative says:

    The loss of our national identity is sickening. Have these illegals taken into account that they are turning this country into just the type of place they fled to come here? Why not stay in their own countries and try to bring about change instead of wrecking ours. Guess its easier to keep multiplying and using all of our resources. Way to go complacent lawmakers/Dems.

    1. Joshua Younger says:

      They want Republica del Norte back, plain and simple. These kids don’t know that, but that is the narrative their parents subtly (sometimes not so subtly) imbue them with, and which plays continuously in their racial and nationalistic subconscious. They won’t care where we go as long as they have their land…they’re OK living in a brown world if we pack up and leave, but they don’t realize that they can’t have their land and eat it too…we’ll take our culture of success with us when we leave.

    2. Bill Jones says:

      National identity? you mean the Klu Klux Klan? Is that our national identity? And as far as wrecking our country last time I checked by the way, the US government and US corporations , who are mostly anglos were doing an outstanding job of wrecking our country.

      1. Bill says:

        Hey! No need to bring the late Democratic Senator Robert Byrd’s former… er… “associates” into the discussion.

        (I do agree with you however that we’re doing a fine job of national suicide all on our own…)


      2. philip says:

        All those US corporations that create jobs are wrecking our country? Now as the government, yes, libs have made a very good effort at wreaking the country and the economy.

      3. Enough says:

        Where did this KKK stuff come from?? Just like a lib, cna’t win the argument with fact result to name calling.

      4. rickster says:

        would that be Mexico….its been ruined for quite a while now Billy!

      5. Smashicus says:

        Bill Jones, you don’t belong in the U.S. you are just a traitor waiting to happen. All of the advances in this country and you can only point to something in the past. Have you been sitting in on some of Reverend Writes sermons?

    3. Laurie says:

      It’s because they want someone else to do the work for them. They don’t want to work that fast or do that much work anyway. And it doesn’t have to be done perfectly. If you’re trying for perfection, don’t worry about it, just relax…………some comments taken from some of my students who are here “illegally” and Hispanic. And let’s not get into the percentage that really work to educate themselves, or to provide for themselves and how many times I hear the “well can’t you buy it for us,” plea.
      Our country has been a functioning sovereign nation for over 200 years now. That does not put it on the status of a “the Indians were here first” discussion. We have a Constitution with LAWS to be followed. This is not an undeveloped land. Different scenario and we can’t change that and go back to the prior situation. Most who aren’t following laws are illegals and the criminals. Woah – you cross without papers, you break the law…you’re a criminal. So they do need to be shipped home. NO OTHER NATION in the world allows this to happen.
      But once again, like me, in my classroom, they are all looking to have me buy it for them, or do the job for them, or allow them to have it all without doing the work for it. I’ve seen the landscaping they do, and had to fix the problems. I’ve driven on the roads they’ve built, and my car’s suspension feels the pain every time. I’ve seen the furniture after they’ve moved it and filed for damages when they thought, oh it’s just a scratch. Most do want to change to anything other than the culture they are currently from. I’ve seen them be treated for health problems when my neighbor – a white Jew, was sent packing to the next clinic because they didn’t take his health care plan, and his head was bleeding from an accident where someone hit him. But the illegals who walked in received care. I could go on and on since I live close to the border. Be careful for what you wish. It’s not just the Mexicans crossing the southern border. Where do you think everyone else is sneaking through????

      1. HA says:

        You need to find a different job. Obviously you have a problem with ethnic children.

      2. MacAndCheese says:

        And you have a problem with reality. Laurie speaks the truth whether you liberals like it or not.
        Mexifornia has become a lawless cesspool full of nothing but illegals dropping their anchor jackpot babies while Johnny Law looks the other way, and even helps them in their endeavors. And you people are okay with that? Giving money that belongs to your own families to enable these leeches to invade our country without sacrifice, so they can tell you what a racist you are if you don’t want to help them?
        Count me out. I’ve seen enough, had enough.

    4. rickster says:


  10. MisterHowdy says:

    Well apparently everyone else has already stated the obvious. These “children” are one of the largest causes of our problems. Bleeding heart liberals make us pay for the illegal children, aka Anchor babies. They and their parents should be tied to an anchor and dropped in the Gulf of Mexico.

    1. Bill says:

      Oh… and btw… I don’t wanna pay to subsidize the lunches (let alone breakfasts and dinners!) of “white kids” whose great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents came over on the frigg’n Mayflower either!

      Seriously, folks… we’ve turned our schools into welfare centers.

      1. TDNS says:

        Interesting fact—schools are not legally obligated to provide food or transport for any student….with all the education funding issues here in Texas–those are two programs we could lose….

        I was unaware of this little tidbit until our budget meeting in which we discussed cuts…bus drivers, in town routes and lunch workers.

        I wonder how many people would leave if we cut the free lunch program?

    2. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

      You should see how bad it is in So Cal !
      Poor stupid parents pumping out lots of kids
      And turning them loose to fed for themselves
      All the time Tax Payers are footing the bill!

  11. Billy Budd says:

    Well, what do you expect? European Americans have birth controlled and aborted themselve into oblivion. They wanted the good life with one or two kids and tons of money. They built social safety nets they thought would sustain them and their 1.5 kids. They had no faith. On the other hand, our friends to the south were fruitful and multiplied and guess what? The social structures European Americans built for their selfish lifesyles will be taking care of Latin Americans. Some may call this irony. I call it judgement.

    1. Joshua Younger says:

      We’re not out of options, only out of collective will…for now. We don’t have to let them take over our nation, just because they are out-populating us…seems like we probably will, but we could do something about it…first step is waking up!

  12. oldwhiteguy says:

    Does this mean Caucasians gain Minority status and Hispanics lose it?

  13. Prez says:

    Than you should be thankful for the opportunity this country provided, in spite of the rampant racial discrimination, bigotry, stigma. You should change to your handle to “Proud to be an American”.

  14. Bill Jones says:

    As usual the anti immigrant crowd ‘s brains are exploding at the idea that other cultural groups are part of America. Those same raving anti immigrant commenters cannot or will not face the idea that America is a nation of immigrants, from the very beginning in 1492 when the first English settlers arrived. None of the English settlers came here legally , they did not have authorization from the native Indians .On the other hand many of the immigrants from Mexico were actually natives to the continent and their ancestors lived in the continental US before the first colonists ever came to America.

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      Immigrants are one thing, illegal immigrants are another.

    2. Joshua Younger says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you’re white, they just want your land and your lifestyle, they don’t care where you go as long as it’s off this continent. Are you going to let that happen, to you and and your kids and their kids? Are you teaching your kids Spanish, even though the rest of the world learns English so they can communicate with each other…we’re really going to voluntarily downgrade ourselves to the level of people who secretly resent us and will never accept us in “their” nation the way we’ve accepted them, at least legally. Each one of their votes will count the same as each one of your kids’ votes, and while your kids will vote for the good of the nation their Pioneer (not immigrant) ancestors built, this 50.2% of voters will vote for what interests their little hearts most…the glory of Mexico! Awake yet?

      1. proud to be brown says:

        Actually this country should be learning Mandarin. This country will be owned by China in 2030.

    3. Jaime says:

      The was no-one reaching North America in 1492 (but to San Salvador, Hispaniola and Cuba). And the people sailing in 1492 did that under the Spanish crown: There were not English settlers. Further, there was not an American nation at the time (although one could not guess this from reading HS History books). The talk of legal or illegal inmiration in the 1500s is at best a stretch, not to say an abject ignorance. Many Native Indians, mostly nomadic, claimed no land and had no laws so to speak. Why do we limit ourselves to the “laws of tribes” and do not accept homesteading laws? As a descendant of an Indian I claim the White House and the Capitol… I see where we are heading to.

    4. Smashicus says:

      Bill Jones, did those original immigrants get their own language newspapers, and voting ballots? Did those immigrants coming through Ellis Island rush off the boat to the welfare office for housing assistance and foodstamps? Were those immigrants getting free medical? If you are intellectually honest, then you know there is a huge differance between the legal immigration that built this country and the invasion of criminals who have no respect for our laws and country.

      1. MacAndCheese says:

        The terms “intellectually honest” and “liberal” cannot be put into the same sentence. People are so blind to feeling sorry for illegal aliens that they don’t see what these illegals are trying to accomplish, at our children’s expense.
        Don’t think for one minute this isn’t what they’re all about.
        They want US to subsidize THEIR takeover of our entire country and our way of life. And because of the failure in Washington and Mexico, it’s happening.

  15. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    This is getting ugly, very fast people. Has the Left won already? It deosn’t seem as if there is enough on the side of ‘good’ to overcome all that is percolating. The MSM has brainwashed the weak, apathetic American middle providing the Left with enough momentum to jamb things through (like Obamacare) where they become de facto.

    We shouldn’t ‘assimilate’ illegals or thier children – I don’t care why they are here, period. We shoud be deporting them.

  16. RW says:

    I live in Texas. You can not swing a dead cat without hitting an illegal alien. I see them every day at Wal Mart using Lone Star card (Tx version of food stamps). All of our politicians are scared to do anything about them being here illegally. It’s a sad situation.

    1. Joshua Younger says:

      And you know as well as I do that it isn’t just about illegals…it’s about people who resent the USA and love Mexico, whether they’re illegal or legal citizens…and their vote counts as much as yours.

      1. TDNS says:

        Since when can an illegal immigrant vote? Maybe the law has changed since I worked the polls in Nov–but we turn all without proper papers over to the proper authorities.

      2. rickster says:

        Just perfect – illegals voting – your a keeper Joshua Younger

      3. Joshua Younger says:

        Their anchor babies can vote, numbskulls…these kids, from the article we’re blogging about…remember? They are anchor babies…they’ll be able to vote. Please wake up.

      4. MacAndCheese says:

        There has been proven rampant voter fraud from many corners, committed by many types of people, including ‘dead’ people.
        It has been proven that illegals can access the vote through ID theft. The last time I went to vote, I wasn’t even asked for my ID. Great system, right?
        So yes, they can and they do vote. Look up Pedro Rodriguez, CSU Merced Student Body President-an illegal alien who votes, drives without a license, and is getting an education in place of one of YOUR own kids, along with over 200 others who admit to being illegal there.
        I guess some people don’t care if their own children get kicked to the curb, as long as we can keep paying for illegals and their anchor babies to be here.

      5. MacAndCheese says:

        Speaking of Pedro Rodriguez, a friend of mine started calling ICE and asking why these known illegals weren’t being deported or anything like that. Well eventually ICE just started hanging up on him; they couldn’t be bothered to do the job they were hired to do.
        So I guess Californians are left without much option except to move if we want things to change. How sad. I thought America was for American citizens; I guess I was wrong. It’s only for American citizens when they’re bringing in a paycheck.

  17. porchhound says:

    As a Texan I resent this unchecked invasion that we have to pay for with our tax dollars…..no citizenship…NO BENEFITS PERIOD!!!

  18. michelefrith says:

    Hmmmmm…and we have a financial crisis in our schools right now??? i wonder why???

  19. Granger says:

    Duh! That’s because all the smart, wealthy white kids have been pulled by their parents from the doomed and failing public school system and placed them into the every growing home-school or private school systems.

    1. ricster says:

      Absolutely………the public school system is useless

      1. winning says:

        i can tell ricster, you are an idiot!

  20. ST. TONY says:

    Intercultural marriage is about to explode in Texas!

    1. proud to be brown says:

      That is RIGHT!!! And there is nothing anyone can do about it!

      1. Fergitoid says:

        Except intermarry with your fine Latinas…mmm, mmm!

  21. jack stilton says:

    I guess we can knock down the Alamo now! They will soon have Ca and Az back and might even capture Ga!

    1. Joshua Younger says:

      See you at the Oregon border…bring plenty of ammo!

      1. Bill Jones says:

        Bring ammo? Are you some kind of psychopath?you planning on shooting kids because their skin is brown? Perhaps its time you calmed yourself right down , check into a mental hospital , you need serious help.

      2. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

        Hey Bill Jones
        These people would shoot and kill us first!

      3. Joshua Younger says:

        Bill – it’s OK, man, you can stay in Aztlan, I’m sure they’ll treat you real well.

      4. Smashicus says:

        Bill Jones, the ammo would be for self-defense. You know, when a man tries to protect his loved ones and land and countrymen and future, or did you forget?

    2. rickster says:

      give em CA

      1. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

        They already have Mexifornia !

  22. Terry Knows Moore says:

    They are all illegals………..period

    1. Winning says:

      You are an idiot!

  23. R.W. says:

    This is what happens when America murders over 50 million of its children through abortion since 1973, the year 7 ‘liberal’ Supreme Court justices legalized this death of America, all the while abortion always being illegal in Mexico.

  24. Steve Roberts says:

    Unless something changes fast, whites will no longer be a majority within 20 years. Just wait until blacks find out they have to depend on Hispanic generosity to take care of them. They will soon find out their new hosts aren’t nearly as gullible as white liberals. I assure you there are none that would willingly give a dollar of their own money to help the other grievance mongers. Once white wealth is depleted you you will see end of the imaginary dark skinned political front and this once great nation will be reduced to a nation of squabbling ethnic groups. Welcome to the new America.

    1. Winning says:

      Wow you are a racist

      1. Steve Roberts says:

        My wife is Hispanic, as are all of my in-laws and many of our friends. I know exactly what I’m talking about.

        I’m not racist. What I am is a realist.

      2. winning says:

        People always say that- I am not a racist. Sure you are not a racist.

      3. Smashicus says:

        It takes one to know one and I can tell you right now I prefer to hang out with no one,also I can tell you the ghetto and the barrio are two places I’m not going to look for love in.

      4. Steve Roberts says:

        People always say that- I am not a racist

        Whatever. That is what happens when you call people a racist for pointing out the truth (hate facts.) Did you have a counterpoint to what I wrote above? What is your experience and knowledge of Hispanics that leads you to that opinion? How many years have you lived in an Hispanic country?

        Note: Valuing diversity, eating Mexican food and a weekend in Acapulco don’t count as experience or knowledge.

      5. MacAndCheese says:

        How does that state make Steve a racist? Because he wants to preserve the white race? Since when does being Caucasian and proud of it make one a racist?
        Your comment is the result of decades of guilting/conditioning Caucasians to control their birthrates, tolerate ‘multiculturalism’, and feel ‘guilty’ for being an ‘evil, imperialistic’ white.
        But it’s okay to be proud to be anything BUT white, even if you are the racist.
        By the way, Hispanics are the most racist people I have ever encountered in my entire life, and I am part Hispanic myself.
        However, I don’t see myself through that lens. Why? Because I am not a hyphenated American like they are. I’m just an American, and proud to be so.
        Stick that in your stovepipe!

    2. Joshua Younger says:

      Calling someone a racist when their position is not based on racism is a sure sign that you’re not using all your reasoning power. Steve, I’m sure, can read and comprehend history books, unlike you numbskulls who call him a racist, and he can imagine what will happen to our nation if we remain on this trajectory. Our culture is still an experiment, one I’d like to see succeed over the truly long term. Diversity is also an experiment…only history can give us any clue as to whether these experiments will succeed or fail. I’m just glad, Steve Roberts, that there are others who dare to turn off ESPN long enough to look into our future and see the likely outcome…now, do we dare do anything about it?

  25. CySailor says:

    So do White students have minority status in Texas now for admissions purposes?

    1. rickster says:

      Now there is a very good point! – BRAVO

  26. RSykes says:

    Bill Jones the fool…I see you conveniently forgot to mention the Spanish…you the Europeans that most hispanics are related to…that the Mayan culture killed or exterminated more Indians and tribes than did the Europeans..and that all Indians originated from places other than North America as well…in other words…they too came here as immigrants…get it right! Oh Bill…sorry, you can’t have back the Southwest…no matter how much you want it!!!

    1. Bill Jones says:

      Can’t have the southwest? Thank you but no thanks. Don’t want it.
      In any case you are making a good point , everyone is an immigrant and if everyone is an immigrant then anyone telling someone else that they are illegal must be a case of the Pot calling the kettle black.

  27. quit_with_the_fake_racial_groups says:

    Hispanic is a fake category. Many many of the “hispanics” in Texas have been here for generations and are pretty much just like any “white” person except that they are a little darker and may speak a little spanish. They aren’t a separate race and there is no need to track “hispanics.” We really need to quit letting the race panderers create an alternative reality with their race obsesssion. This article is just left-wing racism.

  28. Diversity is Dillution says:


  29. Rick McDaniel says:

    Precisely why the public schools are struggling to make the grade.

    If your schools are full of illegals, what do you expect?

    Of course, taxpayers are paying to educate these illegals, as well, instead of using our tax dollars for the good of our citizens!

    How long, are we going to continue to be total fools?

  30. Rod says:

    One more thing…I’m tired of reading about how today’s U.S. citizens aren’t the original owners of the land, and how poorly we treated the Native population…BUT, we weren’t the ONLY ones! How many natives did the Spainards annihillate? Asian countires treated their indiginous peoples poorly too, and don’t forget about the Aussies.

    But let’s not assume the Natives were smoking peace pipes with bodering tribes before the white man came. They were killing and raping eachother, and oh, they were taking eachother’s land.

    Point is, all the borders you see today were made through some kind of bloodshed, and they evovled through bloodshed, and they were maintained through bloodshed. That’s the way the world works, and it will ALWAYS work this way, so I refuse to pretend who’s land it “was” It’s yours until somebody takes it from you.

  31. Trailblazing. says:

    If their parents are paying taxes and are citizens, it’s no problemo.

    But if the taxpayers are footing the bill, for aliens, then your budget will go out of control. Welcome to the Cali way of life.

    1. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

      How do parents with large familes pay enough taxes to pay for all the needs of their kids
      THEY DONT!

  32. holymacro says:

    Let’s just talk about how Texas was stolen form Mexico.
    At the time of Mexican Revolution and time when S. Austin was bringing American settlers there were about 1500 Mexican families living in the whole of Texas (3,000 in NM and about 500-1000 in the whole of AZ and CA).
    They didn’t want to venture that far away. Comanche and Apache were too big of a threat. Spanish and Mexican governments tried to send more settlers to Texas seeing the trickle of white settlers (some illegal) and knowing what that eventually would mean, but there were not successful.
    The Mexican Gov. sent in late 1820s Colonel Teran on a mission to elute the settler situation. It was clear to him that Texas was lost to Mexico. Mexican settlers were not as industrious nor as independent as American settlers. Most of Mexican settlers lived in towns, even though their farm land was 5 or more miles away, that didn’t help cultivation of the land.
    Meanwhile, the white settlers preferred to live directly on their land regardless of the Indian threat. Mexicans just couldn’t be enticed to come to Texas, to settle and to develop the land.

    So all that “Texas was stolen from Mexico is just a lot of hogwash.

    Of course, today Comanche are not a threat, the land is developed, there are cities, schools, hospitals, roads and a generous social assistance programs. It’s all in place and ready to move in.

    1. Gene says:

      I was wondering … do you know where the Mexicans got their land from. Oh yeah, according to ignorant people, they were there before the natives and Cortez the great mass murderer of Mexico actually was invited to take their land. (-:

      1. holymacro says:

        do you know from whom the people, from whom the Mexicans got their land, had themselves gotten the land, and so on.

  33. Gene says:

    Not Hispanics, criminal trespassers that have invaded our country and ignorant liberals that have usurped American laws by allowing them to steal from hard working Americans.

  34. private says:

    Were this not the case, a majority of children in Texas schools are Hispanic, I can’t help but to wonder what the literacy rates and obesity rates would be like here in Texas? Currently, Texas children are amongst the lowest performing students on standardized tests, they’re also the fattest.

    1. Hojo says:

      Fat dumb kids is not limited to one state, you need to do some travelling. It is really sad, kids don’t play outside anymore. It is all video games and eating. I was flipping channels one day and there was a cartoon that was about eating, how sick is that? After 14 years in the Navy all my old mountain bike trails have grown over with grass and trees when they used to be dirt from all the riding us kids did on them.

  35. I Represent Texas. says:

    God I’m so sick of Mexicans. Everywhere I go in Houston I can smell their stink. I’m a 5th generation Texan and it has gotten worse.

    1. Fed up in Mexifornia says:

      Texas and Mexifornia dont belong to the US anymore
      Think Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Northern Nevada

    2. Hojo says:

      I think you represent a very very small minority of Texans. My wife is hispanic and I love the culture and the people. They are nicer than any other race I have met. I felt like I was adopted into a very large and loving family when I married my wife. I am trying to learn spanish and loving it!

    3. Duh says:

      Then move!

  36. Hank Warren says:

    Uncontrolled illegal immigration, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  37. Jason says:

    I grew up in McAllen, TX — about 12 miles from Reynosa, Mexico. In 1979 when I was in First Grade the kids from Mexico said, “You gringos stole Texas from us and now we are gonna’ take it back.”


    1986 when in Junior High, I slipped in the street and bit my bottom lip off. Went to the ER and bled for *four* hours while pregnant illegal Mexicans were taken into the delivery room. By the time they sewed my lip back on it was too late. I had to have three surgeries after that and to this day can’t whistle and will drool if I sleep on my left side.

    Family values? My Mexican nanny, who is like a mother to me, got married when I was in high school. Her husband had kids with half a dozen other women and had zero work ethic. He was a bum.

    So….yeah….America is gonna be so much better off when these folks run the show with their cronyism, etc.

    There are some good folks of Mexican descent out there, but they are outnumbered by the freeloaders and the racists (ethnicists).

    1. Fergitoid says:

      Thanks for telling the truth!

  38. Guy says:

    What the big deal? Send them back to Mexico.

    They broke the law knowingly so treat them like criminals. Plain and simple.

    1. rickster says:

      I second that !

      1. Hojo says:

        …but who will put the bell on the cat?

  39. Jon says:

    Translation: Illegal Mexicans who pay no taxes for the school system take advantage of the Democrat open borders agenda. This is the future of the USA unless voters wake up and smell the frioles

  40. matt leedom says:

    i think that if any of these little wettys are born to illegal parents they should all be taken back to mexico..gross little nastys should just stay south of the border where they belong.

  41. djh says:

    And the abysmal failure that is most of the larger school districts in Texas are sure indicator of that.

    Yes, sure most are technically legal – but the ones who aren’t (or shouldn’t be) are a burden on an already burdened system trying to provide too much social service and not enough education.
    When you spend ANY portion of class time having to translate the lesson into spanish you are ROBBING the entire class of valuable lesson time, PERIOD! That is only one of the thousands of examples of our children being put last in the educational machine that is worse than a joke (the country as whole)!

    I have no problems with anyone immigrating to the US, I have a big problem with illegal immigrants from any country or ‘anchor’ babies used to deceitfully force the American people by way of tax dollars to support their education, etc.

    When we’re a 3d world nation, with second rate education and no jobs who will they point their fingers at then?

  42. Average Joe says:

    As someone who works in the construction industry I can tell you first hand what illegal immigration has done to me and my family.

    The influx of so many illegals has caused what once used to be viable trades for Americans to be taken from us.

    Example:Illegals don’t pay taxes, often live together in crowded conditions (in order to pay less for living costs etc) don’t pay for insurance (includes work vehicle, business insurance, health ins.etc), which is the law for AMERICANS! They often don’t purchase the proper tools and supplies that are needed to do the jobs properly as well. Americans HAVE to pay for all of those things by LAW and CANNOT compete with the illegals who charge a fraction of what Americans have to!!

    The end result is staggering. The trades that were once viable (for generations of Americans) are no longer doable. We cant compete. Period. To add insult to injury our taxes have to pay for the education and health care needs of the very illegals who are taking our jobs. This is wrong on every level!!!

    I pray to God that people who hire subcontractors etc will check to see if it will be a crew of illegals working on their home before hiring them. You will be helping your fellow Americans keep their jobs if you do!!

    Cheaper isn’t always better!!!

    1. Bill Jones says:

      can we stop stereotyping immigrants please.??
      Immigrants are people like you and I are, they have the same goals and for the most part are good people, just like most Americans are for the most part good people..They have families and children and hopes for the future just like you and have.
      For the love of life , lets try to treat people like you would want to be treated yourself. If you really believe in the greatness of America then be great, kicking people when they are down does not make one great. What makes America great is INCLUSION. not exclusion. If you want the doors of opportunity to not be shut in your face then stop shutting it in the face of other people. That is how life works.

      1. Fred says:

        Bill, I think you are completely off base with your comment that what makes America great is its inclusion (aka diversity). That’s just not the case. What makes us great is our Constitution, specifically the notion of INDIVIDUAL liberty. Meaning that I (or you) gets to keep what we produce. However, your idea of inclusion goes against this idea because in order to “include” you have to take from me (john q taxpayer).

        The difference between this generation of immigrants (mostly Hispanic) and those of our forefathers(Italian, Irish, etc), is that this generation is looking for handouts.

        Personally, I don’t think any new immigrants (legal or illegal) should be entitled to welfare benefits until some predetermined time, say 10 years. That alone would cut down on the low skilled, uneducated people migrating to our country just to feed off it.

      2. Fergitoid says:

        Great idea, Fred….that’s how it’s done in most countries!

      3. Average Joe says:

        Stereotyping?? I am simply telling you about my FIRSTHAND experience with the influx of ILLEGAL immigrants. I TOTALLY sympathize with the desire to make a living for your family, but you DON’T do it by breaking the LAW!!

        I am sorry Mexico has a corrupt government and cannot help its people to prosper. However coming over here and ruining OTHER people’s chances to provide for THEIR families is NOT the remedy.

        Pull your head out of the sand and look at the reality of the situation!

        By the way, these people are being taken advantage of by people WILLING to hire them to save money. That doesn’t seem like a good way to help THEM now does it !?!

      4. MacAndCheese says:

        Shut up, okay? Can we stop stereotyping struggling Americans, please???
        My husband after 30 years in the construction industry recently got rehired after being laid off for nearly a year. Eventually finds a job, and is now the ONLY white person on his job, next to his boss. Every other person is a Mexican person, and NOT ONE of them speak English. My husband builds bridges. Now I ask you, how safe do you think these jobs are going to be if these people don’t know the language, don’t want to know the language, cut corners because they think they know what the job entails when they clearly don’t, and on and on? So don’t come at people acting like these people are well-meaning victims, okay? They’re not. They only like to hire each other.
        Yesterday, my husband came home from work with a leg injury that was done to him ON PURPOSE by his lead-a Mexican. This was done on purpose, and it wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. Why?
        Like I said, he’s the only white guy on the job. Are we paranoid? NO. We have friends of all races, including Hispanics.
        So until you can walk in their shoes, you shouldn’t judge what legal Americans are going through with these people in the job market. Your condescending attitude is very disrespectful toward people like my husband and Average Joe.
        My husband, by the way, has an excellent and well-known name, as does the rest of his family, in the bridge-building industry. He could be running the job himself on a much, much higher level but now chooses not to because of the stress level. So before any smartass makes a dumb comment about ‘oh maybe your husband isn’t too smart’-yeah, don’t go there please.

  43. Jason says:

    Anchor babies are cool!

  44. Irish67 says:

    Adios America. It was nice while it lasted.

  45. Eddie T. says:

    When will the American people wake up and smell the coffee burning…not only are the schools fill with hispanic students , but even the “new” way of teaching is catered to teaching non american students reading and writing. Why do you think so many of our American children are falling so far behind, test scores are so low, so many students dropping out. I remember when there was a time when Americans got up off their lazy buts to fight for what we knew to be right. When I think of all (black\whites) the American pioneers that help paved the way for the rights that we have today that gave their lives for what we believe in and to see it all going down the drain, it makes me wonder where will be years from now, seems to me that the American people are now a dying breed soon to be extinct. We didn’t have all these issue before. Now we at the point of federal funding and budget cuts for our public schools, hmmm I wonder why, between the crooks in office and the over whelming immirgrant that we have here, before long finding an American will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

  46. jfb2d5 says:

    As a 22 year veteran teacher here in Florida, I feel it necessary to share a travesty that has occured as a result of the influx of illegals. Our electorate just approved a class size amendment making it illegal to have more than 23 students in one class. This has resulted in hiring more people, building more facilities and generally costing the taxpayer a huge raise in their property taxes. However, prior to passing the amendment, no effort was made to scan the current school poplulation and removing the illegals from the rosters. Had this been done, there would be no need for new, bogus laws like the one just enacted here. It’s on outrage; the public has been hoodwinked, again.

    1. Bill Jones says:

      oh my god, and you call yourself a 22 year veteran teacher? God help us. Are you sure you didn’t mean a 22 year veteran of the KKK? No offense but with that attitude you do not belong a classroom.

      1. jeff says:

        Bring up the kkk because someone wants ILLEGALS removed from public (i.e. American Taxpayer Funded) schools. Leave it to a liberal to name call when they lose the argument. I have many names for you but I don’t need to resort to using them because I win the argument on facts.

  47. Todd Clemmer says:

    Well OF COURSE there are going to be more in Texas schools when you refuse to CONTROL THE BORDER. But this has been the “progressive” plan all along: dilute the voting power of the white population by forced illegal immigration. Mecha, La raza, go look it up people, they have lobbying power within our government.

    1. Winning says:

      yes they do!

  48. KMac says:

    Messico is moving to the USA. Adios, USA. Hola, turd, I mean third world. North Dakota is looking better day by day.

    1. Duh says:


    2. Fergitoid says:

      Hopefully we can find a place cold enough that they’ll stop following us!

  49. TheOldMan says:

    Now that Hispanic children are the majority, can we stop affirmative action?

  50. m1kael says:

    So now maybe my kids can get some manority support benefits from the State to support their educational needs!!!

  51. wkcc36 says:

    “Hispanic students for the first time make up the majority of students enrolled in Texas public schools.” So now my tax dollars are going to support Mexicans that are taking over texas, the founding fathers of Texas are rolling over in their collective graves, so much for the Alamo!

  52. HMmom says:

    Take away the free ride and they will leave….

  53. Jbaby says:

    Hispanics are by nature, conservative. With that said if you look at the rates of illiteracy, numeracy deficiency and disease along our border with Latin America you will see our future. The American Southwest will only be so in name. Texas won a legitimate war with Mexico, but it seems the Democrats are intent on giving back what was never theirs to give. FORGET THE ALAMO! It is done!

  54. deedee says:

    And we are just STUPID enough to allow this to continue. Those Students ,,Kids or not, are ILLEGAL. And as far as the comment by the poster TDNS, kid s born to military parents ARE AUTOMATIC US CITIZENS no matter where they were born, BECAUSE the parents are CITIZENS of the USA. Those kids in TX..there parents werent BORN in the USA! therefore they are not Citizens!

  55. Randolph Phillips says:

    Virtually every state has budgetary problems iin the downturn, but the states with the biggest deficits seem to be thos ewith the most Illegal alians in their borders, like Texas.

    Dyr yp the job market, end the handouts, send them home with their legal-or-not children. Nothing prevents illegals sent back hom from taking their childen with them back to their native countries. But the pro-illegal immigrant supporters never seem to mention that fact. If you are illegal, and have a kid here, that doesn’t make you legal,nor lessof a criminal.

  56. kingsnake says:

    Here”s a little didie for you all !!! Black is beautiful and Tan is grande , but white is the color of the big boss man!!!!! Its just the way it is!

  57. Zero Signal says:

    Now that non-hispanics are the minority can we get some special protections and programs for them? All of the $$$ marked for hispanics should now be redirected because the underlying issues with society is all about simply being the minority and not the cultural norms of that population, right? Should no longer be a hate crime to bully a hispanic as well…

  58. SharpShtik says:

    Hundreds of thousands if not over a million of them are illegals, including the ones handed citizenship by Democrats misinterpreting the 14th Amendment to help dilute American votes so that Democrats can continue fundamentally transforming the America they hate against the will of actual Americans. On top of free education for illegals, traitorous Democrats force Americans to pay for three meals a day in school, healthcare, housing, etc. This Democrat scheme (aided by naive RINOs) is why the US has over $14 T is debt at the federal level and why states are hundreds of billions in the hole. Americans have had a revolution and civil war for far less abuse.

    1. Ben says:

      blame it on George(Worstever) Bush

  59. derek says:

    ya? and? so? what?

  60. chichipox says:

    That’s a lot of clean toilets!

  61. LonestarState says:

    A friend of mine from Mexico City was recently visiting us here in Houston. He asked what all the hub-ub was about illegal immigration, and why we even cared. I drove him down Westpark, a popular place for “day laborers.” He got a BIG smile on his face when he saw what was going on. The taco trucks, signs in Spanish everywhere, etc. He finally said with satisfaction that, “we are finally taking our country back in a peaceful way.” The situation here is sick, but all we can do is teach our kids Spanish so that they will have an edge when the time comes. Our son goes to a good priviate school.

    1. Hondo says:

      It was NEVER their country! They asked the American settlers into Texas because none of their own people would settle here because of the fierce Comanches (they knew how to control the border and keep foreigners out!)

  62. marcus b says:

    Thats what happens when NAFTA does away with their industries in Mexico and we mass produce products to sell to them at the dollar value even though they earn pesos. Thanks alot “Free” trade

    1. marcus b says:

      you get illegal imigration……

  63. Janie says:

    Majority of Texas hispanics have been here for generations and are not illegal immigrants but are just as American as most ‘white’ Americans. Hispanic is not a nationality or a race. Hispanic means they have european Spanish blood.. has nothing to do with being ‘mexican’.

    1. Rachel says:

      Finally, an intelligent comment.

  64. Appalled says:

    I am shocked by the racism and ignorance displayed within these comments. Whatever your political views, there is no excuse for hatred. This entire thread is shameful.

    1. jbaby says:

      You seem to be the appeaser that made all this possible. Our government is creating resentment by not letting states defend themselves. We don’t need those that just look away. Some are offended if you say Mexican, others are offended if you say Hispanic. Well, I am offended, too, but that doesn’t really matter because you will just chalk me up as another white racist. If you only knew the truth.

    2. Hondo says:

      I got news for you, the racism and ignorance is now directed against whites. You better wake up and see what’s coming if we don’t wake up and fight

  65. Jason S. says:

    I grew up in McAllen, TX — about 12 miles from Reynosa, Mexico. In 1979 when I was in First Grade the kids from Mexico said, “You gringos stole Texas from us and now we are gonna’ take it back.”


    1986 when in Junior High, I slipped in the street and bit my bottom lip off. Went to the ER and bled for *four* hours while pregnant illegal Mexicans were taken into the delivery room. By the time they sewed my lip back on it was too late. I had to have three surgeries after that and to this day can’t whistle and will drool if I sleep on my left side.

    Family values? My Mexican nanny, who is like a mother to me, got married when I was in high school. Her husband had kids with half a dozen other women and had zero work ethic. He was a bum.

    So….yeah….America is gonna be so much better off when these folks run the show with their cronyism, etc.

    There are some good folks of Mexican descent out there, but they are outnumbered by the freeloaders and the racists (ethnicists). Remember, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana was HATED by the Mexicans who lived in Texas. He was the “Serpent of the West” for a reason.

    I’m tired of seeing people cheer for the Mexican National Team in Soccer over the USA. If you don’t love America (or even Texas for that matter) then go back. You don’t see me pulling for the German National Team in anything (unless they’re playing China or Russia). Idiots.

  66. Jason S. says:

    I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley. As an “Anglo” (as they racistly called me as a kid–ethnicist is probably more accurate since “Hispanics” are also “White”) I was outnumbered 7:1 by Hispanics. They had a scholarship for “minorities” sponsored by the local ABC affiliate. I applied and was rejected because I wasn’t brown.

    “Well you said minorities in the Valley. I’m a gringo so I’m definitely a minority down here.”

    Some (ignorant) things (and people) never change.

  67. philip says:

    BTW, the US paid Mexico 14 to 18 million for Texas.

    1. James says:

      Yeah.. La Raza tends to forget about that little bit of history. Mexico has been a 3rd world country since 1800’s and these guys want to take the U.S. of A back? Why? To be just like the POS country they left behind?

      The U.S.A. wouldn’t be the country it is if it wasn’t for the White Europeans.
      If it wasn’t for the German immigrants into Mexico they wouldn’t have that polka music called “Tex Mex” OR have the knowledge to make Mexican BEER.

      1. Lynne in Texas says:

        They are in public schools. The illegals have made it too dangerous to send kids to public schools.

      2. Lynne in Texas says:

        Private schools I meant

  68. J0nx says:

    So this means that these kids won’t be applying for minority scholarships anymore right? The new minority scholarships will be going to white kids in their place. Right, right? Yeah….

  69. ornery says:

    I visited a public school in Houston recently. Where are all the white kids? It looks like we have segregation again.

    1. James says:

      More than likely they are going to the private schools. People segregate themselves. Have you seen a public school in GA lately?

  70. Mikesbo says:

    I have no problem with open borders, if and only if we were to get rid of all of the welfare and entitlements.

    Without the handouts, I think we would see the flood across the border diminish to a trickle all on its own.

  71. James says:

    Most are good little Catholics and don’t use birth control.

  72. kgrady says:

    I don’t believe some of you! Has nothing to do with racism, but the fact that we (American Citizen) are paying for illegal’s to be educated, fed, clothed, and given shelter. I don’t care what color they are, that just isn’t right! And they money they make isn’t staying here, it’s going home to their families they have left behind and not paying taxes on the money! Would any of that take place in your home country, I think not.

  73. James says:

    @ Proud to be Brown.. you can be Italian and look like a Mexican, You could be a decedent of black Irish and look like a Mexican. You could be from India and look Mexican. Who really gives a rats behind? Funny, Cameron Diaz has blond hair and blue eyes yet her Father is from Spain.. oohhh those terrible Europeans yet she is considered Hispanic too. Please get over yourself.

  74. cj says:

    Hispanics are not a problem. Illegal aliens and anchor babies ARE

  75. Craig eliot says:

    Americans don’t deserve to keep their country. And consequently, they are losing it.

  76. Bruce Baker says:

    If they’re American citizens (born from American parents) then fine. If they’re illegal aliens or the children of illegal aliens whom some people mistakenly think are American citizens, then they are a problem.

    Secure the border. No amnesty. At least one parent must be a citizen or legal alien before the child can be granted citizenship. Make E-Verify mandantory for employment. Do those three things and our Immigration Problem would disappear.

    1. TDNS says:

      No sir–. The way the law is written gives the rights to the Anchor babies via their birthright citizenship. It is not the way it was meant but due to the writing–it is fact until changed.

  77. Lynne in Texas says:

    J Dog

    proud to be brown
    hahaha!!!! we are now the majority! Before you know it we will run this country!! LOL!!!!

    Yeah, you’ll run it all right. Just like that seething cess pool Mexico. Why don’t you go home and clean up your own mess first?

  78. tip says:

    And they get FREE COLLEGE educations thanks to the american taxpayers who have to struggle and go in debt for their own education…

  79. AgentSmith says:

    Born and raised in California and newly moved her to the great state of Texas….. DON’T SCHOOL ILLEGALS! Trust me and the numbers…. this has and continues to Kill the effectiveness of the education of our children.
    I said, “ILLEGAL” children. Please don’t go down the same road as Bankrupt California. The schools there now have more than a 50% drop out rate and the standards are lower and lower. PLEASE TEXAS…. stand up now or you, ‘we’ will suffer the same fate as California.

  80. RussP says:

    We have an immigration system in this country that is not the smartest to start with (such as the born here, your a citizen rule) and what we do have is not that well enforced. The out of control immigration, both legal and illegal has an effect on this county’s unemployment rate, health care costs, education costs; just about every issue currently hurting the US economy. So who should we blame for this, the immigrants who take advantage of it or the politicians who create and allow this mess to continue?

  81. MarkS1 says:

    ¡Hasta la vista, Texas! It was good knowin’ ‘ya.

  82. Lou Voren says:

    . . . and how many of those students themselves are here legally or anchor babies who happen to have been “dropped” this side of the boarder by an illegal alien mother?

    1. Janie says:

      Not nearly as many as you all think. Hispanic means they are of European Spanish blood. Their ancestors have been in areas like Texas for generations.

      1. Rick O'Shea says:

        So in all these generations in Texas why didn’t one of them learn English?

      2. Huh says:

        @rick, majority do speak english but also happen to know a second language.
        not sure where you get your info from.

  83. cville3131 says:

    So many racist and ignorant comments, it’s disgusting. This country needs to have a serious immigration debate and reform the system, because no matter which side one’s on, I think we can all agree that the current system doesn’t work. Its funny to think that many people commenting on here about immigration are very likely from families that are only relatively recent immigrants themselves (2nd, 3rd or 4th generation). This country is built on hardworking immigrants who are looking to work hard and make a better life for themselves and their families and it’s that spirit that makes the US an economic leader. I’m first generation American and proud of it. My parents came here for greater opportunity and my father started and runs a business that now employs over 100 people in a highly skilled profession.

    1. Jbaby says:

      Correction: This country was built on hardworking immigrants that paid their taxes!

    2. Jaime says:

      Cville3131, the problem is that welfare in all forms is only an aberration on its second generation. If you are not bothered by someone in front of you paying for food with your tax money, and then see that person jump into a brand new car then you don’t get it (or don’t pay for it). It is not about racism and ignorance, it is about standing-up against abuse. Once upon a time, yes there was a bunch of hard working crowd of immigrants. These days? Who knows… What get noteriety are a bunch of free riders and the gangs. Grandmothers collecting SS, using medical services without having paid a dime. Children medicals are covered, thaks to Bush! And do not forget the idiot who injures himself while drunk in the beaches of CostaRica and comes back to collect compensation claiming that injury ocurred in the job place, in the USA. Have you ever wondered who is paying for that? People are sick and tired of being “la teta de la vaca”! This is the real problem! And please, don’t forget assimilation. I’ve never heard a Cuban talk about The Reconquista but the Land of Opportunities! Just because one is 1st., 2nd., 3rd generation or simply a naturalized citizen doesn’t mean one cannot see what’s going on. When on May Day I see someone waving the flag of my native country and not that one this Great Nation it get sick. Reality is not optional! These are not the times of Ellis Island.

  84. Real American says:


  85. wooch says:

    If we just cull the records of those kids that all have the same social security number, we’d reduce the population by 50%.

    I taught Junior Achievement to my daughter’s 2nd grade class. This was in a new elementary school in the Cy-Fair ISD (near Houston). It should have been a fun thing to do, but only 6 kids in the class of 24 spoke English!

    My daughter sat at a ‘table’ with Spanish speakers and was so bored waiting on these kids to catch and do their class work, that she began to fall behind. She gave up.

    We now home school for just that reason. Now my daughter(s) are testing three years ahead of their age bracket, having a great time with friends in the home school network and are learning to speak Spanish as a SECOND language.

    Too bad I still have to pay taxes so the illegal kids can have a place to hang out during day (because they sure don’t learn anything)

    1. seriously says:

      6 out of 24 kids? perhaps you are just upset because you cannot afford to live in an area that is not out of reach for hispanics. bummer for you.

      1. Good Luck says:

        Don’t worry, they’ll be in your neighborhood soon enough. Beating up your son and date-raping your daughter, in groups.

      2. that's lame says:

        @goodluck, i am not scared of hispanics. what a sad world you live in if this is how you feel

      3. sickntired says:

        That’s lame, of course you live in the barrio right?

  86. CleanFun says:

    Private school, home school, or government funded daycare (public school).

    You’re going to see more and more demand for Private schools and home school curricula. U.S. citizens don’t want to put their children in public schools anymore. TX doesn’t have a monopoly on public schools infested by welfare anchors. CA is right up there with them.

  87. keith says:

    I would guess that 25% of that majority are from illegal parents who don’t properly contribute to the funding pool…..illegals already ‘steal’ from the medical world for free care and improperly get paid out of SSI due to fake ids….schools would be the next logical choice

  88. David from San Diego says:

    America is finished! God save us!

  89. Hello Texas says:

    At least Mexican people are hard workers. So they might not value education, but they do plenty of jobs here that others wont – and they are happy to do it. Thats more than I can say for many of the blacks who wont work and dont value education. Id take Mexicans any day.

    1. Average Joe says:

      Average Joe

      Seriously? I am really tired of that assumption! They may be hard workers but they are NOT just taking the jobs Americans don’t want. As someone who works in the construction industry I can tell you first hand what illegal immigration has done to me and my family.

      The influx of so many illegals has caused what once used to be viable trades for Americans to be taken from us.

      Example:Illegals don’t pay taxes, often live together in crowded conditions (in order to pay less for living costs etc) don’t pay for insurance (includes work vehicle, business insurance, health ins.etc), which is the law for AMERICANS! They often don’t purchase the proper tools and supplies that are needed to do the jobs properly as well. Americans HAVE to pay for all of those things by LAW and CANNOT compete with the illegals who charge a fraction of what Americans have to!!

      The end result is staggering. The trades that were once viable (for generations of Americans) are no longer doable. We cant compete. Period. To add insult to injury our taxes have to pay for the education and health care needs of the very illegals who are taking our jobs. This is wrong on every level!!!

      I pray to God that people who hire subcontractors etc will check to see if it will be a crew of illegals working on their home before hiring them. You will be helping your fellow Americans keep their jobs if you do!!

      Cheaper isn’t always better!!!

  90. jo says:

    Everyone shut the front door You all are idiots.

  91. TX Girl says:

    Average Joe, your writing skills appear to be much higher than that of a construction worker. Why dont you get a job utilizing that?

    1. Average Joe says:

      Average Joe

      Typical of the types of misunderstanding/stereotyping of people who work in time honored trades like brick masons, carpenters, tile installers, electricians etc.

      I feel sorry for your small bigoted mind.

      1. Texmex says:

        How can you possible say she is a bigot? What did she say for you to accuse her of being a bigot? I believe you are the bigot

      2. Average Joe says:

        By saying “your writing skills appear to be much higher than that of a construction worker” she is assuming construction workers do not have writing skills. That is bigotry.

        Maybe you should brush up on your reading comprehension skills.

  92. jo says:

    Wow 🙂

  93. June says:

    It’s really insane for everyone to be posiitioned on the war in the Middle East and completely ignore the invasion from the south. This has been going on for decades. The violent terrorist country of Mexico is the biggest offender. We’re putting all our resources and personnel in the Middle East and are left to try to fend off the invasion fom the south. The main trouble is our leaders are on THEIR side. We are the next third world. The US had a great run, but the last few administration have destroyed it.

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