Feds Want To Stop Texas From Monitoring Our Own Air, Congressmen Say

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) – Two Texas Congressmen say the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to push Texas out of the job of monitoring our air quality.

Congressman Joe Barton, of Ennis, discounts the claims of EPA officials that Texas isn’t doing a good enough job of monitoring its air.

Barton is joined by Congressman Louis Gohmert of Longview who contends Texas is being punished by the Obama administation.

Barton and Gohmert are both Republicans.  They made their comments Friday morning at the Fort Worth office of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Both men are also members of a newly-formed group called the Texas EPA Task Force.  In describing itself, the group says “The goal of the task force, which is made up of state and federal officials, is to bring together those who are on the front lines of protecting Texas from the job-destroying over-regulation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

In December, the EPA took over issuing permits for greenhouse gases in Texas.  Most states regulate the permits as part of the federal Clean Air Act.  The EPA said it was taking over permitting in Texas because the state refused to regulate the gases.

Friday, Gohmert said the EPA is trying to strong arm its way into taking over Texas air quality enforcement. Both say the air quality here is improving and they pledge support of a bill that would remove CO2 from a list of air pollutants.

The state and the federal agency have been fighting for a long time.  Click here for more CBSDFW.COM coverage of their ongoing battle.


One Comment

  1. Elmer says:

    We made a big mistake in 1845.

  2. JC says:

    Maybe it’s because we had years to clean up our act and we didn’t do it.
    Texas now has the honor of leading the nation in pollution. And Republicans keep insisting nothing needs to be done.

    Nothing worse than having stubbornly wrong people running your state.

    1. chris says:

      dont forget JC, tea baggers just keep cheerleading for the idiots that lie to their faces.

      1. Dumbing you UP says:

        FLEA BAGGER ALERT: Let’s talk about liers. 8% unemployment……Two wars still going and he basicly started another, if you don’t make over 250,000 not one dime increase in taxes (see obamacare), Club Gotmo WILL BE CLOSED IN A YEAR, I really did not know Bill Ayers, I really did not listen to my minister, Obama care is deficit neatral…… I could go on and on, but I am typing this with only my middle finger and it is tired now.

      2. up yoursssssssssssssssss says:

        Dumbing you UP-hey racist flea bag ,Bush is the one who start and failed in 2 wars and cost us trillions over 8 years.You hicks are so disgusting !

    2. wyatt says:

      There is nothing worse than having people like YOU living in our State. Adios and don’t let the door hit you in the back side.

      1. Stay Dumb, I do not care says:

        Up yours..aka, Chris, I am the tea bagger, you are the flea bagger. Bush started, not start the wars (WITH THE APPROVAL OF NEARLY ALL THE DEMOCRATS AT THE TIME), last but not least, I would rather be a hick in your eyes, than the LOSER you are.I love to play the FACT card so you can play the name a calling card, you fell right into it, and what part of the original post was false, none of it. I am glad you are mad at trillions being thrown away, see Obama spending deficit, more numbers you seem to be able to identify with.

  3. L J says:

    Texas EPA Task Force- “The goal of the task force, which is made up of state and federal officials, is to bring together those who are on the front lines of protecting Texas from the job-destroying over-regulation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

    I thought the goal of the Environmental Protection Agency was to protect the environment. Thank God for these two brilliant Republican congressmen for pointing out that the job of the Texas EPA is not to protect the environment but to protect the pocketbooks of big oil and other industries. I wonder if ol’ Joe Barton knows about all the pollution induced birth defects in the communities around the cement plants in his district?

    1. brent says:

      Maybe while you are alone in your cave cooking oops you can’t cook anything
      after we have banished the use of fossil fuels you will have time to reflect on where you enviro idiots went wrong. You should have a full 30 year life span to figure it out

    2. Frank says:

      Yes!!! Someone who gets it!!!!

  4. rick says:

    EPA and the Dept of Education=Major FAIL

  5. Keeping it real says:

    The job of the EPA is to do what Onama or they want. They are not a part of the three branches of government which basicly means they do what they want OR waht they are told. This last year they put the air we blow out of our mouthas a greenhouse gas, so basicly you increase the earth temperatiure every timke you breath. I have said it more than once, but here it is again. REFINE ONLY THE OIL WE USE IN TEXAS, ship all the rest of the crude to the state that uses it, or better yet, put refineriaes in DC, so we can shut that whole mess down up there! ! !

    1. L J says:

      The truth is that the EPA is part of the executive branch which is in charge of enforcing the laws passed by the legislative branch and upheld by the judicial branch. Just Keeping it realer!

      1. Keeping it real says:

        LJ, it is an independent agency that is grouped in with the executive branch but it IS NOT an executive agency, it is an independent agency. BOTTOM LINE, Obama made a bunch of commitments in Copenhagen at the GREEN BS convention and now has his EPA boys on the hunt mainly for conservative, right to work states. The legislative branch is not the entity that declared our exhaust as killing the earth. Obama wants what the Europeans have, a carbon credit scheme for the carbon credit company he helped to create in his beloved Chicago. Just keeping it as real as it can be when the government calls all the shots!!!!

  6. Cavan says:

    EPA= Controlling the world one thing at a time, communists!!

  7. chris says:


  8. concerned conservative says:

    Texas has had 40 years to monitor the air and has done nothing to protect our air or water. People are dying from the polution and the best the murderes who are poisoning us can do is bash the EPA.

  9. haygaz says:

    The sad part of these comments is that no one ever addresses the fact that these powers are reserved by the states. The EPA is not a sanctioned element of the Constitution, and is in violation. See if the knuckleheads of the world would educate themselves as to the rules we play under, maybe the Government would not overstep their limitations on a regular basis. It’s like the illegal searches at the airports. Fine, go ahead and do them, just repeal the 4th amendment first. Aahhh, but that really does not sound so good when you realize what actually has to happen, does it.

  10. callen says:

    I do not know who Gohmert is, but Joe Barton is a short-sighted, good-ole-boy, back-slapping Republican. If all politicians were like him, the country would not have progressed at all since the 1700’s. Why? Because he is against anything new. Unfortunately, he has captured the attention of voters who do not question the words that come out of his mouth. He sounds great, but his ideas do not pass the test of an American looking to the future.

  11. Texas Technoman says:

    If Tx was doing their job; we wouldn’t have those cement plants south of DFW spewing crud into the air. With prevailing south winds it all winds up in DFW….and guess what the number one childhood ailment is in DFW? Respiratory problems, just ask your doctor. I don’t trust this state when it comes to protecting our air or water….there is no care for the health and welfare of the common man.

  12. Tim says:

    Joe Barton is such a moron ! Texas officials could careless about the enviroment !
    As long as Slick Rick and Bartons of Texas get the kick backs and bribes they will let he enviroment continue to get worse in Texas.

  13. apfelbaume says:

    I had no idea TX was not under the federal EPA regulations…
    I guess it makes sense now…
    No offense but this many truck running around this state and like someone said
    big oil drilling all around town…there’s just too much politics going on…
    I really wish those politicians around town realize that if they don’t take care of the well-being of voters, there won’t be any “voting” period!!!

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