Willie Will Go Free For Singing ‘Blue Eyes Crying’ To Judge

EL PASO (AP) — A West Texas prosecutor says that singer Willie Nelson can resolve marijuana possession charges if he agrees to plead guilty, pay a fine and sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” for the court.

County Attorney Kit Bramblett told The Associated Press Friday that he recommended those penalties to Hudspeth County’s judge Becky Dean-Walker. Bramblett says the judge specifically demanded that Nelson appear in court instead of pleading by mail, a common procedure in these cases.

Bramblett says, “She wants to meet Willie.”

Dean-Walker did not immediately return a call Friday.

Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana on Nov. 26 at a Border Patrol checkpoint after an agent smelled an odor coming from the vehicle and decided to search it.

Nelson’s spokeswoman declined to comment.


One Comment

  1. PR Steele says:

    Leave Willie Be !
    His not a criminal for smoking POT !
    Just a old man enjoying his life and bringing Happiness to people with his songs.

  2. oldman 68 says:

    at last- a punishment more fitting to the crime-enough of the bs about how BAD pot is and all that it will cause.We as nation have WASTED Billions of dollars and untold misery when punishing peop[le for having or using pot.Because of these laws millions now have records and some have spent jail time because some politician wanted to make a name for him or herself,while themselves enjoying an occasional joint at home etc.As usual these bozos believe they know what is good for everyone else while they feel they are above such laws that they make.Oh by the way-never have smoked any of it or anything else in my 68 yrs.

  3. Elmer says:

    Why does anyone need to smoke pot for enjoyment?

    1. Steve says:

      Why does anyone do anything for enjoyment? Why is alcohol so popular? Why is meditation so popular?

  4. Vern Cook says:

    Elmer is a troll.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      Yes, Elmer needs to settle down. He is way out of control and he’s a Troll.

  5. shark at sea jc says:

    have wille sing my eyes adore you instead. hey who knows he could have a remake. fly that by wille over a dube. just for grins

    1. shark at sea jc says:

      elmer give up the gloom:enjoy the beauty around you. life’s to short just live life.

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