State Senator Holds Forum Concerning School Funding Shortfall

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Gabriela Ortiz never worried about the state’s education funding, until her own daughters headed to school.

“The No. 1 thing is: class size,” she said.

Now she’s speaking out publicly about her concerns.

“I have a first grader, and I’ve been to her classroom throughout the day at different times.  It seems to be a bit chaotic with 19 kids,” she told an audience Saturday morning.

Ortiz was among a crowd of hundreds of people at a pair of town hall meetings in Tarrant County to learn about impending cuts to education.

“What scared me a lot was not understanding what the subject matter was, so I’m here to sort of put the pieces together,” she said.

State Senator Wendy Davis (D – Fort Worth), who’s dealing the funding problems first hand as a member of the senate’s education committee, hosted the meetings.

“When people understand why there’s a problem, then they push for a different result. And I’m asking our community to be a part of pushing for a different result,” she said.

Davis traces the cause of the current crisis back to 2006 when the state legislature cut property taxes.

The comptroller, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, at the time wrote a letter to Gov. Rick Perry, predicting a budget shortfall.

“The result will be devastating to our schools,” she wrote.

That letter was handed out to everyone who attended Saturday’s meetings.

For Davis, it is proof lawmakers are responsible for the current financial situation.

Ortiz said that while she still has much to learn about what’s going on, she is eager to be a part of the discussion.


One Comment

  1. CW says:

    I don’t have any kids, never did and have paid literally $100S of thousands of dollars in property taxes over the years to educate other peoples kids. I think I have paid my fair share. How about the people that push them babies out pay for their education?

    1. Louie Sims says:

      I concer completely. What we need is sterlization, both male/female, after first welfare child!?!?

      1. Donald K Day says:

        On what basis would you levy a tax on families with children? When the children reach 18 you would stop taxing for those children. Similarly couples starting a family wouldn’t be taxed until their child started school.. Kids who dropped out would immediately lower their property tax. But it would all be based on property so that a rich family with one child would pay more than a poor family with two kids.
        Or would it be a use tax like a head tax. We could call it tuition.

      2. simon james says:

        But we have to let the likes of you procreate?!?!

    2. CW says:

      Donald K Day

      Works for me, charge tuition, let the parents pay for their own kids education, why should I contribute?

    3. cbb says:

      You either pay now to educate the public or you pay later: prison, welfare, no workforce, no democracy.

      Your choice but remember these are the same people that will be taking care of you when you are old. That’s why you need to pay taxes. I no longer have kids in school and I’m quite content to pay for the future of the state and they nation.

      1. CW says:


        I have heard that “when you get old” argument before. How about this, how much education do they need to cook, clean, sponge bath, clean up human waste? Maybe there will be more of them and it will cost me less, kwim? After all, what else will they be qualified to do? Thanks for playing.

    4. simon james says:

      Thank God you never had any children. How messed up would they be????

      1. CW says:

        simon james

        I totally agree with you, I have spent my life enjoying myself, doing pretty much exactly as I pleased, when I pleased, how I pleased. When a boss annoyed me, I gave them the finger and walked out the front door. I retired at age 50, I travel when and where I please and you know what, YOUR KIDS WILL WORK AND SUPPORT ME IN MY OLD AGE, AS WELL AS YOU. Thank You!

    5. StopSlickRick says:

      I’ve never been to prison, but I have to contribute tax dollars toward the cost of the criminal justice system. Your argument is seriously flawed. Further, education is required by the state constitution – that means we all pay regardless of use.

  2. disgusted San Antonio TX says:

    This is NOT about educatuion short fall,this is NOT about education funding this is all about PRIVATIZING the education system period.

    Note that every TURD republican that has been elected,appointed or bought and paid for by Anti American corporate interests has immediately gone after the education system. Want prooof remember the Gov.of Arizona, who went to HLS.,yup first thing the TURD republicans did was cut education.

    Now look at the TURD republican election last year and look at the first thing they attacked not the BUDGET, they attacked EDUCATION, they NEVER,EVER. offered a solution, they had their ORDERS from their BUYERS better known as the Anti AmeriN CORPORATE RIGHT, no,no,no, SOLUTION ONLY DESOLUTION OF THE public EDUCATION SYSTEM AND THE resurrection OF THE CORPORATE ANTI AMERICAN education system.

    Also note how much TAX breaks they gave to those on Anti American corporate WELFARE system. Again I ask you to notice how NO,NO,NO solution are offered by those that are BOUGHT and PAID for by the Anti AMerican corporations

  3. CW says:

    Hey Disgusted San Antonio

    Can you carefully explain to me why I should care whether or not your kid gets a good education and has a good life? How is that my problem or concern? Do you really not understand that I don’t care and don’t want to help you pay for it?

    1. Donald K Day says:

      it’s about their future stupid. how humans treat their children. try to find the best country, the best schools, the best home, and be the best parents. not every one makes it. Maybe you should move back to whatever country to you lived in before moving here. You know the place where nobody cares for the children.

      1. CW says:

        Donnie Boy

        Why should I CARE about your kids future? Their not my kids!

    2. simon james says:

      Because if these kids can’t get a job with a sub-par education we will be paying for their welfare or prison cell.

      1. CW says:

        I don’t mind paying for a prison cell for them, especially in Texas and as far as welfare, are you from here? The only people that get cash benefits are poor single mothers and then not for long.

    3. Trisha Wheeler says:

      If ignorance were bliss you’d be in a constant state of happiness, Bub. Oh, wait. You ARE in a constant state of happiness.

    4. me says:

      According to Economic theory, if the people of your country are well educated, then they will be productive and this will have an impact on the country’s GDP. If we don’t educate our children, then they won’t be able to compete against the other nations (e.g. China, India, etc.) in this world.

      1. CW says:


        In case you haven’t noticed already, the idiot kids in this country are way too busy getting high and chilling right now, they are not competing right now (e.g. China, India, etc.,) see world wide standardized test results and US placement in Math and the Sciences. 🙂

    5. StopSlickRick says:

      How about you should care about the economic development of the state of Texas. Do you want jobs? If you don’t provide an educated workforce, the jobs will leave. Ask Mississippi…

  4. clair bloom says:

    This is politics as usual. Wendy Davis wants the heat taken off of her because she kept her job as part of the Ft. Worth City Council while she was running for her present office. Her party is trying to discredit Betsy Price for doing the same. Pure politics!

    She is no more interested in helping the schools than I am. I agree that way too much money is spent in educating half-illiterate graduates that can’t hack it in college or on the job. It’s time we taxpayers stopped wasting money on sports in our schools. Some say that sports pays for itself. I might ask how? The taxpayers pay for the football stadiums, we pay the coaches salaries and the kids have to buy their own uniforms. It’s just advertising to get Mom and D;ad to pony up more money for the schools.

    The sad truth is that the jobs started going overseas because our students can’t compete in the world job market. Obama may sell this country short, but we have also done the same by not making sure our kids are learning while in school.

  5. William Tarry says:

    I have no children,a dn never will, but when you cut the throat of your future (children) by refusing to offer them a decent education, then you get what you deserve.

    When the “I aint got no childens, why should I give a care” group gets older and your doctor says the only way to check you temperature is to stick a thermometer in your nose, blame yourself for refusing to invest in our countries future.

  6. CW says:

    Hey William

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason myself and I believe right around 46% of all Baby Boomers did not have children is because we did not want to invest in this country’s future? Look at where we are now, looks like we were right. Not my problem, I won’t live 20 more years, things will be OK until then, at least for me, I have seen to that.

  7. Chuck says:

    Stop spending money on building campuses and football stadiums and spend it on building schools and education. There are high schools around the DFW area that make some collage’s envious.

    1. Donald K Day says:

      totally agree

    2. StopSlickRick says:

      The voters will need to stop voting for those things then. Construction of new schools and football stadiums are typically funded by bond elections. That $60 million stadium in Allen — apparently that’s what the voters wanted.

  8. arbiter says:

    If we all want to be retreat and pay for only what we use – to never contribute to the general welfare, then you pay for your parents health care – you pay for those roads you drive on that I never see – you pay to keep those marijuana violators in prison because I am happy for them to roam free – you pay for the foreign wars I don’t care about – you pay for the airports since I never fly anyway – you pay for the clean water systems and sewer systems since I buy bottled water and have a septic tank – you pay for public health programs to keep epidemics from spreading – you pay for police and fire protection and I will take care of protecting my own property. You take care of you and I will take care of me. If you want this society, you can have it. It is called the third world where you are completely on your own. Good Luck to you over there in Central Africa.

  9. Hemroidious says:

    Our education system is not working in spite of massive funding. Texas can no longer pay to educate illegal’s “Anchor Babies”. Their parents should have to show proof of citizenship to be able to attend public schools. Texans should not have to and cannot continue to support illegals and their children.

  10. concerned conservative says:

    I thought that the Texas Lottery Comission was paying for education? Weren’t we sold that lie in order to bring organised crime gambling to our state? Budgets are always strapped when you have the wrong people running you government. Someone should make Rick Perry open up the books and show where the money is really going. That is if there are any books to open.

    1. CW says:

      We would have more than enough cash if the RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES here in Texas would just SHUT UP and all people to do HERE IN TEXAS what they do anyway in OKLAHOMA AND LA, go to Casinos!

      Any doubt, go to the Casinos on the OK border and Shreveport and see how many Texas license plates are there!

  11. Robert says:

    in many cities, everyone who can afford private school are already out of the public system so people don’t care(except when trying to sell their house). Sad, I bet most readers had a public school education. @hemroidous schools are not “massively funded”. Money spent per student is less than private school tuition.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      Well, Ive never!

  12. ASham says:

    I agree. Illegals have to pay just like the rest of us. They have rode our education and other services into the ground.

  13. Jerry Hawkins says:

    I am proud that we have a State Senator as wise as Wendy Davis. This is one problem solving woman, too bad we can’t clone her. I am glad she is informing the public of the problems and the solutions. We really need to get behind her and show our support. She is one politian that does not have her head in the sand.

    1. me says:

      I agree. My experience shows that the Democrats try to do more for the middle class than the Republicans. Just observe the actions in WI. The Govenor takes away collective bargaining away from the unions that fight for equal working rights for the middle class, but grants tax cuts to Corporations. Unfortunately the loss of rights and privileges for the middle class are just beginning, and what is even worse is that the middle class are electing these people into power.

  14. No name says:

    I would support an increase in alcohol and tobacco sales tax so long as the increase would go to education. Believe in education because at one point you were educated and its in the Constatution! I believe society is moving toward a divide in who is educated for college and who is educated for service work. Many other countries do this and it works.

    1. CW says:

      To No name, let me guess here, you don’t smoke and you don’t drink so it is OK to increase those taxes? I have a better idea, let’s raise the tax on gasoline so everyone will contribute, how does that work for ya?


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