Benbrook Chicken Deaths May Have Been Baseball Superstition

BENBROOK (AP) – Fort Worth-area police are investigating whether two prep baseball players sacrificed chickens in a bid to improve their games.

Western Hills High School baseball coach Bobby McIntire says he has not had a chance to talk to the students about why they did it. McIntire on Wednesday told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that “baseball is very superstitious” and the idea possibly came from movies.

School officials say the boys have been kicked off the team.

Fort Worth Independent School District spokesman Clint Bond says an incident happened during spring break. Bond did not know how many chickens allegedly were killed. He declined to say how the two students were punished.

Benbrook police did not immediately comment.

Western Hills on Wednesday beat Southwest High School 11-1. Western Hills is 7-15 overall.

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One Comment

  1. billy says:

    NOW they will be able to get a J-O-B at the local KFC or Pilgrims Pride…
    They will be….REALLY…. “CLUCKED”…NOW!!!!!

  2. billy says:

    To hell will bleeding ’em….grab ’em by the head….find a good tree stump….
    an ax/machete…… chop the head off…and watch ’em bleed out running around………………………………”like a chicken with his head cut off”….
    That’s how we did it back in the ’60’s….in our back yard…in the city…no doubt…

  3. Benbrook1 says:

    To encourage children to kill animals of any kind is SICK! This is a sign of a more disturbing issue going on with these kids. They obviously hold no value for LIFE of any kind. I happen to know one of these kids and he is NOT a typical teenager. He’s sneakly, rude, condescending and disrespectful in general. Nip this in the bud or these kids will spend their lives in the prison system instead of outside in normal society.

    1. churchgirl says:

      reading too much into everything. let kids be kids. let them experience life. everyone wants to label everything nowadays. Good grief.

      1. Jim M says:

        churchgirl, you’re an idiot. not to mention not much of a ‘church’ anything. Killing animals for fun (or some ridiculously stupid reason such as suggested in the story) is not something with a sane mind does. I hunt, and hunt often. But ANY responsible hunter cares about the humanity of what he does. If you or your kid thinks what these kids did is normal, then you’re about as sick as the kids that did it. Further, your God isn’t my God. In fact, I’d say whatever God you follow kinda sucks.

      2. Roesbud says:

        Amen, Jim M. – if part of experiencing life is killing innocent BABY Easter chicks, then beam me up to a new planet where more sane beings live.

      3. Joan says:

        churchgirl….please read your Bible.

      4. Todd says:

        Jim M- Hunting should be outlawed then ! It doesn’t matter why you murder animals you kill them all the same.

    2. Ted says:

      Morons are always the fiirst to write about a non-issue

    3. ashley000 says:

      I happen to stongly disagree with you. These two kids happen to be two of my best friends. If You really knew them like you say, you Would happen to know They do not have issues, they do not have problems, or are sneaky or rude as you might say. This one mistake They have made does not go for show That they have absolutely no value on life. Chickens are killed everyday. Animals are killed everyday I might add and most of the time, for fun. These kids were influenced by a movie and It was certainly not for fun.

    4. Ashley T says:

      Your oathetic. These two are my bestfriends. Get to actually know them and know the reasons behind the act before you make comments. This is a sign or immaturity going on with you. Theyre normal boys just making bad decisions based on movies and seeing the outcome in them, They hold more value to life then you would even know. Obviously, you do not happen to know these boys. A typical teenager is rude, many are sneaky, and all can be disrespectful, I dont know which one your talking about because neither of those characteristics apply to either of these boys.

  4. Kazzy says:

    Very dissapointed with the people in my school. There is a difference between those who kill to eat, and those who slaughter for personal reasons.

    1. Todd says:

      whats the diff? they are dead either way

  5. Gumby Rules says:

    The crime came in when they didn’t eat the chicken, they only killed an animal for superstition

  6. Kathleen Trice Jenkins says:

    Yes one can say that if you live on a chicken farm & one does it humanely is the point & as you stated if they were someone else property.

    1. Todd says:

      uhhhh have you ever seen how the kill chickens on a farm ? A small axe or hatchet to the neck and they flop around for a long time after.Tyson and those companies do it even worse.

  7. Americano4Life says:

    I’m guessing these 2 were Mexican

    1. Jupiter says:

      Nope – white boys.

  8. Charles says:

    Whatever happened to “practice makes perfect”? That definately does not include killing chickens or other innocent animals. I think the whole thing is just sick.

    1. Todd says:

      So I assume you are a vegan?

  9. Elmer says:

    Benbrook police don’t have much to do. There must not be any real crime in Benbrook. I wonder what they do when a dog kills a chicken just for the fun of it.

  10. Elmer says:

    Not this many got excited about Obama dropping bombs and killing Libians.

    1. Marine says:

      I realise you republican tea terrorist are crazy so I will let you slide. Bush murdered millions of innocent people in his 2 failed wars. Move to China if you do not like it !

  11. daddydynomite says:

    if a man goes to prison for fighting dogs and doing inhumane things to dogs then why shouldnt these youngsters be treated the same way???

    1. Todd says:

      We do not EAT dogs in this country ! We do EAT chickens by the millions though!

      1. the1 says:

        People in Hawaii eat dogs.

  12. daniella says:

    If it were dogs and cats being killed it would be called cruelty to animals and they would go to prison, but I guess chickens ain’t animals huh. Or is it because these punks are rich WHITE guys and not black or hispanic.

    1. Todd says:

      how moronic of you ! I assume you do not eat chicken ?

    2. Ashley T says:

      No matter black, white, mexican or any race, theyd all get the same punishment so dont think race has anything to do with it. Whats two more chickens dead anyway? Theyre all going to die in a slaughter house eventually.

  13. Joan says:

    The difference is that the reason my dad, grandparents and your mother did it was to EAT. They did not kill them for fun. Huge difference…don’t ya see that?

    1. Todd says:

      So these kids should be punushed because they didn’t eat the chicken afterwords?

  14. Todd says:

    So we can kill chickens by the millions daily to eat but not to sacrificed for a good game? So will these coppers arrest people at Pilgrams and Tyson next?
    Would these boys be in trouble if they had eaten the chicken afterwords?

    1. janie says:

      It is all a superstition. Killing chickens will not make a good game. These boys need to be punished and understand that all life is important. And yes I eat chicken, but I would never kill a chicken that did not need to be killed.

  15. MadWag21 says:

    This is so dumb why is everyone making a big deal about this??? ITs not like they killed them inhumainly the chicks didnt suffer…Yeah the boys feel real bad but they are also as dumb as a box of rocks and dont think that far ahead but everyone who knows the 2 boys knows this…And if they get sent to jail for this then there is a big problem here.

  16. MadWag21 says:

    And Janie they did get punished and not just by getting kicked off the team

  17. MadWag21 says:

    And BenBrook1 you obviously you dont know them at all because they are both the stars of the baseball team they played var since their freshmen year and what you say about them in the compleat opposit..And their morals are to be baseball players and everyone knows this.

  18. darrell says:

    in other news, colonel sanders is considering filing a civil rights lawsuit against benbrook school district on the grounds that the chickens were denied their right to only be inhumanely treated at a government approved chicken cruelty facility. a spokes person said that they “were appalled” to find out that their exclusive right to torture chickens was denied and they and chickens around the world continue to press for an end to this type of unauthorized cruelty. chickens around the world will hold a mid night feather plucking vigil around the world to honor the lost chickens.

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