‘Keep Off Grass’ Not Applying To DPD

By JD Miles, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Police Department has become very good at enforcing a city ordinance against parking on grass within city limits, but apparently the department is not so good at following it.

The law of the city prohibits parking on grass, and residents have paid big fines.

Estella Rodriguez is one of the people who have received a parking ticket.  The 65-year-old needs money, but has had trouble selling a car parked just off the driveway in front of her Pleasant Grove home.  “I don’t have a choice to park it because I don’t have more places to park.”

But the car is costing Rodriguez money because she says she’s been cited twice for parking on an unimproved surface, or in this case, grass.

It’s a $55 fine that increased to $105 when she couldn’t pay.

“The first ticket I was in the hospital when I get out I have to pay it if not they say it’s going to be more,” says Rodriguez.

Officers who write tickets like the one Rodriguez received work out of the Southeast Patrol division.  CBS 11 recently found dozens of that division’s officers parking their personal vehicles on the grass around the building, which would result in a fine for anyone else.

The department blames the apparent double standard on a parking lot renovation and too many officers. “Until then we will do our best to manage the parking situation and we anticipate some cars having to be occasionally parked on the grounds of the facility,” says DPD spokesman Lt. C.L. Williams.

“It’s not fair and not right for us because the  way we are it’s hard to get money now,” says Rodriguez.

Just last weekend, dozens of people reportedly received tickets for parking on grass across from the Kleberg Flea Market in Southeast Dallas.  One exhibitor says as many as 200 people received citations.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” says flea market exhibitor Braulio Lugo.

It comes at a time when neighborhood groups have been warning residents about a noticeable increase in grass parking citations issued around White Rock Lake.

The department tells CBS 11 it obtained permission from code enforcement to park on grass but needs funding to expand the lot.


One Comment

  1. R1c0c4et says:

    I’ve noticed they don’t like to use their turn signals either. I would tell them about it, but they usually drive too fast for me to catch up.

    1. nunya says:

      of course she’s going to complain on the news, how else is she going to get someone else to pay her ticket? can’t expect everything in this country to be free lady.

  2. gzeenotagain says:

    Dallas P.D. has a get out of jail free card/not prosecutable, It’s called a BADGE & A GUN Parking on the grass, or even worse, (Puff-Puff) is with in their rights as you can see by this article… This is working a LOOPHOLE @ its best…..DALLAS FINEST wins again.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Back the BLUE

  3. tmf says:

    tmf they do alot of things that we aren’t allowed to but they have the badge to b ack them so never going to be any different thats why they don’t always get the respect they think they should i work in a business where i have found out nothing fair about the laws applied to some people some people it don’t

    1. Ole Lawabiding Tom says:

      tmf, you are right. The funny thing is that they do not understand why many lawabiding citizens have no respect for them. They abuse their power and still expect to be respected.

  4. jb119 says:

    I love police. And I think its funny how a lot of people hate them until they need them. The fort worth police department is the best that I have seen in a long time. I think the city of Dallas just needs to build a bigger parking lot for the police to park their personal vehicles in and just raise the taxes to pay for it. Or would the citizens of Dallas like to let them continue to park a few cars on the grass, keep their taxes lower, and find something else to gripe about. I’m just saying WE need to stand behind law enforcement, because they lay their life on the line for us everyday of the year. When you are spending time with you family at Christmas or thanksgiving, there are policemen and women all around that are not with their family and might not ever see them again. What would you do if you had to tell your loved one or loved ones good bye before they went to work and that you knew that it might be the last time you ever saw their face. The point of all this is that we need to be thanking the men and women of law enforcement for what they do and NOT trashing them every second we have. No one is perfect, not even cops. Back the badge.

    1. LibertyLover says:

      “And I think its funny how a lot of people hate them until they need them.”

      How original.

      And, of course they expect them to be there when they need them that is, after all, THEIR JOB!

      When you see one of our police cars parked in the grass call the police on them. I say one of our because they are paid for with our tax money to be used to SERVE us, not to search for new ways to generate revenue.

    2. Todd says:

      ok Trey Trenholm,you kiss their butts enough for all of Texas.

  5. billy says:

    I love the Police too!!! They are usually LITTLE MEN with a bigger than life EGO!!!!

  6. rubbercow says:

    Man, wish they would come over ti my neighborhood and start writing tickets!

  7. oldman says:

    jb119-didn’t see one of the cops ever get drafted into the job.They take it because what other job can you thumb your nose at the law and get away with it.What other job can you beat-slap-kick and sometimes kill people cause you dont like their attitude or skin color and get away with it.Dont believe the bs about how dedicated they are to saving us when it is their benefit their worried about.Just watch them for a while- you’ll see what I mean

    1. Russp says:

      I guess you don’t watch the news or read the paper very often. Cops are being charged and convicted quite often regarding DWI, abuse of power, brutality, etc.

  8. RussP says:

    The cops have to be able to park their cars if you want them on duty to do their jobs. Sounds like the city should be the ones fined for not providing enough parking spaces and forcing the officers onto the grass. They wouldn’t allow any other business to do this.

  9. 1234 says:

    is this all the news has t report on now? pathetic.

  10. Sugar Sanchez says:

    People were given tickets that were parked INSIDE the Kleberg Flea Market…not across from it.

  11. Todd says:

    What a non-story ! I assumed that this applied only to residents and not a business.Who cares if you park on your own grass?

  12. DPD is GOD says:

    I have noticed the cops in this town just plain reek of hypocrisy. Give an uneducated HS dropout a gun and the ability to do anything he or she wants to do, they become crooks like the ones they pretend to go after.


    1. RussP says:

      I don’t know of any town that will hire drop outs as police; most require either a degree or military experience. Just about everyone I know who speaks badly of the police have at one time or another been on the wrong side of the law; even if just a traffic ticket. Remember, if you don’t like them, please call someone other than 911 when you need help.

  13. les says:

    has anyone thought about nails in the police parking lot ??

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