TxDOT Launches Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In 2009 alone, distracted drivers caused more than 100,000 Texas crashes. To help combat the problem, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is launching the “Talk. Text. Crash.” campaign.

“Talk. Text. Crash.” is meant to raise awareness about the dangers associated with distracted driving and to encourage Texans not to use their cell phones while driving.

“In 2009 we actually had 408 fatalities in Texas due to distracted driving. So, we have been seeing the numbers go up,” explained TxDOT’s Tracie Mendez.

Mendez says talking and texting on cell phones is the most common distraction, but as technology advances people have all kinds of new gadgets that are vying for their attention.

According to TxDOT, in 2009 more than 3,300 Texas crashes were attributed to cell phone.

Mendez thinks part of the problem is overconfidence. “I think a lot of times, as adults, we tend to think ‘We’ll I’ve been driving for 20+ years, or 30 years, so I’m a pretty good driver’. They get pretty comfortable behind the wheel,” she said.

Mendez knows firsthand that cell phones, GPS technology, fiddling with radios, eating and shaving aren’t the only things that contribute to accidents. On her way to work Thursday morning, “I was actually rear-ended by somebody that was putting on makeup,” she said frustrated. “It was stop and go traffic. I took off and she took off and I stopped an she didn’t, because her eyes were not on the road.”

TxDOT officials are urging drivers to focus their attention on the road and wait until arriving at a destination to conduct non-driving activities.


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  1. Chris Lemmel says:

    Maybe next, they can start a YIELD TO RAMP awareness campaign. I’m SO TIRED of almost getting run off the road by people on the service road that are just too important to wait for traffic!!!

    1. A.R. says:

      I agree FULLY. Those morons who have absolutely no patience almost hit me three times last year. There is a reason why passing on the right is a crime in Germany.

  2. billy says:


  3. SDFin says:

    How about reminding people that those exiting & already on the freeway have right of way to those in the right lanes & those getting on the freeway?

  4. Steven says:

    Are they putting up billboards for this campaign? Wouldn’t those be dsitracting?

  5. safedriverwf says:

    lots of idiots out there i glad the company i work for use video camera’s while we are a driving. it cuts out all the nonsense who fault it was or what happen it all on video . the use smartdrive.net come on people video does not lie does it ?

  6. Reeper says:

    Talk about a waste of money, if people don’t already know this then they are totally disconnected. Why spend money to tell people something any wise person already knows?

    I was rear ended by a girl on a cell phone and hand to chase her down, got her license plate number while she was on the phone again and just as I looked up she took off again. Funny on the report the girl turned into an older lady, yet I still got my car fixed. She wasn’t fined for hit & run though, so look out next time she may kill someone & mommy takes the rap.

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