By Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More information is coming out about the Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737-300 that had a hole open up on its roof during flight Friday afternoon.

The flight was on its way from Phoenix to Sacramento when it had to divert to Yuma, Arizona.

CBS 11 looked through FAA records online and found more than 100 reports from 1999 through this year.

Records show the airline repaired a small crack in the slat on the underside of the plane’s left wing just last week.

The FAA’s records also show there were multiple small cracks found on the frame and fuselage during scheduled inspections last year and in 2006.

The FAA records show the cracks were all repaired.  Aviation experts say cracks are routinely found on the skin of older jets and repaired.

Last year, the FAA ordered the inspections on the roofs of older model 737’s, but gave airlines time to do so.

On Saturday, Southwest was asked if it had conducted an inspection on the roof of the plane in question.  The airline hasn’t answered that just yet.