House Set To Finish Consideration, Vote On Budget

AUSTIN (AP) — They’ve covered education and health care services for the poor, but the Texas House is ready to slog through every other state agency before voting on the next state budget.

They’re scheduled to come back late Sunday afternoon to finish discussion of prisons, highways, courts and a myriad of other state agencies, all facing stiff cuts.

In a marathon 15-hour debate, the Republican-led House agreed to staggering cuts Friday to the biggest parts of the state budget.

The proposal is $23 billion less than the amount spent in state and federal funds in the existing two-year budget.

Public education faces historic cutbacks.

The House plan underfunds Medicaid, which provides health care to the poor and disabled, by more than $4 billion.

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  1. darrell says:

    once again the poor, those on fixed income, and the elderly who can least afford to lose anything will pay the price for mismanagement of our state and country. the democratic leadership is all about socialism and giving america away to everyone around the world while the republicans are about a two class system. the rich and the big buisness stock holders. both are destroying our nation. tea baggers are just radical republicans with the same agenda on steroids. its time for a brand new party with all new people. or a revolution. the later sounds like it would do the most good.

  2. Patrick says:

    I’ll let someone speak that has the most to lose from this ignorance.

  3. Reeper says:

    A true Texan in the House or Senate would have taken a huge pay cut, since they lacked doing their jobs right and sank this ship.
    A true Texan would cut education to the core of only spending for education, not sports or tons of administrators or board members. They have not cut waste, only threaten to lay of teachers as a scare tactic for the public. Responsible people would take a pay cut to avoid that. The only expenses they can’t control is those essential for life (electric/food), yet even there they can cut the waste.
    A true Texan would not cut Medicaid and let people die, yet they would cut all the fraud/waste/corruption out of Medicaid. Many have been caught cheating in that yet not forced to pay the funds back-why not!
    Patrick you have your very life to loose if the person who needed that Medicaid died, yet if they lived they would have pulled you out of your burning car/house. Never say couldn’t happen, no holes barred in our current war so everyone can get kicked in thinking it doesn’t apply to me. What goes around comes around. Seems like that extra dose of radiation is all over America now.

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