Texas House Says Hunting Hogs From Helicopters Okay

AUSTIN (AP) – Texans could hunt hogs and coyotes from helicopters under legislation that has passed the Texas House.

The bill sailed out of the House on a 137-9 vote Monday. Under current rules, Texans can pay a contractor to hunt hogs from a helicopter over their land. The bill that passed Monday would allow landowners to sell seats on helicopters to hunt the creatures, potentially making a profit. The legislation also lists coyotes as fair game.

A permit would still be required. The bill faces another perfunctory vote in the House before heading to the Senate, where its fate is less certain.

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One Comment

  1. BIGD says:

    What if they drive cars??????????? Can I use the helicopter???????

  2. darrell says:

    if you charged a permit fee of say $1000.00 each, marked a hunting zone in rural texas within two miles of the texas/mexico border and added illegal aliens sneaking into texas to that list, we could solve the texas budget crisis in a couple of months. might have to add some air traffic controllers down there. think of all the other budget savings that would come from eliminating new deadwood to social and school programs.

  3. billy says:

    Obamas New campaign SLOGAN……………..A chicken in EVERY pot………….. A Cadilac in EVERY garage…………………AND…..A white man under EVERY bridge………………………….

  4. Reeper says:

    My barn still has holes in it from hunters next door and when the sheriff went to tell them to cut it out it, there was a police officer in the group. This not only put my life at stake, but my livestock as well since I was in the barn and around the area at the time. Later others where using the illegal hurt coyote tape hunting in the field below me and I guess the sheriff chased them off for being drunk on top of using an illegal tape. Currently a coyote is hanging on bob wire down the road like locals don’t know they are in the area or it will keep other coyotes away.
    If hunters are to lazy to do brush hunting, then it’s called tuff luck and survival of the fittest. In many places it’s not easy to tell from the air where property lines cross since some fences are hidden by brush or in river beds.
    Haven’t read the bill in a while, but it should only apply to people who have 1,000 acres that is over 10 miles from any town and 5 miles from anyone else’s homes.
    Now they can add to the bill if they trespass and shot at anything on someone else’s land that person has the right to shoot them out of the sky, off the road, etc. then this bunch of lazy playboy club hunters can rip and be ripped. It’s not easy to hit a moving target when your moving too.
    Coyotes are predators, thus as you kill them off you create more rabies cases. Pigs are not predators, yet should be trapped, checked for disease and put right back to where they came from-the food chain. It’s too hard to do? How did we ever get to the moon, that was too hard to do also.
    Yes I have hunted to put food on the table and will kill to protect my own, yet I will not needlessly kill man nor beast.
    billy get your facts straight, people of both colors are under bridges right now and he is of both colors. Unlike you he is not a bigot, nor am I.

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