Azle Resident Wants To Douse Plans For Fire Station

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

AZLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Danny Callaway isn’t afraid to speak out. He says his two sons are fighting for that right. “My son Paul is in the Air Force,” he says “My son Floyd is in the Army.”

Callaway is fighting to keep a proposed fire station out of his neighborhood in Azle. “It’s going to be noisy for us having to listen to it 7 days a week,” says Callaway “They have water trucks that run up and down the street.”

The City of Azle wants the new fire station near Azle Jr. High School and near Callaway’s neighborhood.

The project costs $3.8 million and will house the departments’ administration and emergency management as well.

“Anywhere we can store something we store it,” shows Chief Will Scott with Azle Fire Department. He says space at the old station is cramped with 17 full time paid staff members.

With only one bathroom and firefighters sleeping anywhere they can he says it’s time to move. “We can’t grow our fire department,” says Chief Scott “It’s quicker response times when someone is in need and time is of essence. We do get a significant number of calls in that area.”

CBS 11 checked with other neighborhoods with a fire station in them. Fire station 15 in the 3100 block of Azle Avenue in Fort Worth has been around for decades.

Homeowners around there say the fire department has been a good neighbor. “We need the fire station it is right here next to the school,” says Patricia Morales who lives just around the corner from the station.

Callaway says he fears it may be too late. He’s making sure he’s heard. “Don’t think it will do any good at least we are trying,” says Callaway.

Chief Scott says there will be a hundred foot green space in between the fire station and the neighborhood on one side and on the other there will be a 75 foot buffer.

He also says the department wouldenforce a policy where the lights and sirens aren’t turned on until the fire crews meet up with traffic or hit a major roadway.

Late Tuesday the city voted to approve building the new station. There is no word on when construction will begin.


One Comment

  1. NoObamaIn2012 says:

    Why is this a story? I don’t see the point. Fire station will mean faster response to this neighborhood, lower home owners insurance, increased property values… plus police are periodically at fire stations to use the rest room, eat etc. Is this guy nuts?

    1. Tim says:

      I see by your name that you are a republican tea terrorist .Obama will win big next year !

  2. Todd G says:

    Danny Callaway is so unAmerican.How dare this moron defame the fire department!

    1. Scott F. says:

      Un-American? He has two sons in the military and you have the nerve to say that? He disagrees with the location that the fire department has chosen. Is that the right answer? Well, I don’t live anywhere near there so I can’t say for certain. Additionally, not having to deal with it directly, I would think having a fire station close would be a good thing. All that said, I support his right to disagree with that and I hope that everything is able to be worked out in a positive way!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Un-American…. Until you have worn the Uniform I would shut your mouth. No one is defaming the fire departkment. Just like most Americans today who wish to run their mouth yet they/you are not informed!!!

  4. Reeper says:

    I have been in the military and if they are doing their mission right then it is to protect and defend Americans-same thing police and firefighters do.
    Those lucky enough to have a fire station next door get quicker response times and cheaper home insurance thus they are more protected than those even 5 miles away.
    It seems they are trying to prevent noise as much as possible for this man, yet I suggest he also get double pane windows if he is that sensitive to noise. Hunters down in a field below me use to wake me up before dawn and kept firing after sunset so I know about noise, yet after installing a double pane window next to where I sleep I don’t hear it as much.
    It’s very honorable his sons are protecting our lives, just wish he thought more of his neighbors and his own safety more than himself or his inconvenience.
    I’m sure his son’s fly in/out of airports and he must remember people lived in those locations next to them way before they where ever built-talk about noise with little benefit-ouch.

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