Confederate Flag Causes Uproar In Palestine

PALESTINE (CBSDFW.COM) – The First National Flag of the Confederacy was raised over the Anderson County Courthouse in Palestine on April 1st in celebration of Confederate History Month, but it came down Monday night after protesters said the flag represents the support for slavery.

The groups who raised the flag, The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy say that was not their intent. Mark Robinson, Commander of the John H. Reagan Camp #2156, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Palestine, Texas does not understand why it has raised so much controversy.

Mark Robinson of Reagan Camp #2156, Sons of Confederate Veterans on KRLD

“We were just trying to honor those brave Confederate soldiers, those brave Veterans who served Anderson County many years ago” said Robinson. He claims the same soldiers they are honoring are the same fathers and sons that settled in the area. “We did not mean to be controversial” he added.

Robinson adds this had nothing to do with supporting slavery and points out that the same Confederate flag flies over the San Jacinto monument as well as Six Flags amusement park in Arlington.

Local members of the Palestine branch of the NAACP attended Friday’s event, turning their backs as a show of protest as the flag was hoisted up the flagpole.

The flag in question is a replica of the original Confederate flag, with two red stripes, one white stripe and seven stars on a field of blue. It was originally designed by Prussian artist Nicola Marschall of Marion, Alabama in 1861.

The group voluntarily lowered the flag to restore peace to the community.

Online: Read the script of the flag ceremony held at the Anderson County Courthouse held on April 1st.


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  1. rette says:

    The flag represents the confederacy and only that. How people can read slavery into iti s beyond me. Just because this is the flag at the time of slavery does not mean that it is politically wrong. I think the black people and others only want to throw their weight around by showing “look what we can do”. We can make a lot of noise and get our way. They were not there and neither was I. You can’t just sweep history and fact under the rug and say “it never happened”. IT DID!! Deal with it.

    1. Gary says:

      Good premise, but you miss the point. First, history of the dissolve of the confederate flag began when slavery ended. This flag garnished a great deal of criticism then, and the legacy has followed until now. For you to say “no one knows history” is dubious and egregious on your part.

      As a member of the South Region in America, I understand what everyone is saying for the representation of the flag. No biggie. I agree as an African American. However, don’t forget that it is human to remain empathetic towards the history and past, and the feelings that remain. To makes this about a power trip goes beyond me. This is about respect, which seems to be the plight on both sides of the argument. Not power.

    2. Geesh says:

      If A=B and B=C, then A=C. Flag=Confederacy. Confederacy=Support for Slavery, yada, yada, yada.

      Yes IT DID happen. The constant reminder in the context of a celebration is insensitive. If 5+ generations of your family (and all other families of your heritage) were completely destroyed in the most heinous way by an evil entity (slavery and slavery supporters), you’d be offended when the descendants of that evil entity celebrated them as if nothing happened. Some pains run so deep that its difficult to understand without feeling the pain for yourself. It makes it no less painful to those that do feel it. Easy to tell someone to “Deal with it” when you don’t know the pain. Its not about throwing around weight, its about being sensitive. It would look equally insensitive and stupid for someone to celebrate by hanging a Swastika just because their father was in the German Army and fought for Hitler. C’mon man, you get it…LOL. Its common sense.

      1. tara says:

        history is history, we all should learn from it…but the south was not just about slavery…there was alot of good that they stood for….there is not one culture that has not made mistakes or done things other cultures did not agree with. the african tribes captured and sold their own and people from other tribes but does anyone mention this. if not the south would not have had slaves, so cant all cultures just quit pointing fingers and judging and just get along

      2. James says:

        It was under the US flag that africans were purchased, from other africans, and brought here. It’s the political correctness of our day and the gross errors in the writing of Southern history that have led to misconceptions associated with slavery. And let’s be honest, africans benefitted greatly from slavery. No where in the world, particularly Africa, do they enjoy the freedom that they now enjoy here in America. By the way, the swastika is actually an indian symbol.

    3. Chaz says:

      Well Gary, why don’t you become empathetic to the plight of the original slaves, namely the Slavs. Do you know who the Slavs are and what race they are?
      Your people sold your own into slavery so consider that aspect.

      You might also do some reading on “The Color of Crime”.

      1. Gary says:

        Actually, I have read about the Slavs and they were chiefly responsible for many things during that Era. I appreciate the suggestion on the book and certainly will keep it in mind in the future. I am sure it will be insightful.

        Obviously, I have the heritage of likely a West African slave or Slav, whichever you prefer – but I still contend that (at the end of the day) peace is not bred in the waters of fire, but instead it is a skill that is trained during youth. If anyone wants to go and do what they want to do in a free society, that is their business. However, they should also not play dumb and ignorant to what their actions support, suggest, or reflect – and by the end of the day, be ready to defend them against even a group of activist such as the NAACP.

  2. Kathy says:

    So…I am not allowed to honor my ancestors who bravely fought in the Civil War because it is upsetting to the NAACP. So..does that mean that there should be no celebration that offends me during Black History Month? Just sayin’.

    1. Gary says:

      That is the good part about America Kathy, Freedom of speech and choice. You are free to do it, but also those groups are free to voice their concern as well. It is a matter of a free society, you personally sound less content and passive due to the conflict that arises. If you have a sociopolitical idea that afflicts you during Black History Month, stand up for yourself!

      I also would say kudos in that you are afraid of getting into that type of discussion with the NAACP.I certainly would avoid it as well, pretty literate and intelligent members in their. However, you must also stand up for what you believe in, that I am disappointed in that. As an African American myself – it is all about choice and if you are already afraid to make that choice, you lose.

      1. Chaz says:

        Let’s see Gary. Are you the same person that posted below? I would assume so and I see you claim to be Native American and African American.
        Guess what! I’m Irish American. We demand the month of March to be set aside as Shamrock month for the Irish with the month being devoted to the study of the contributions of the Irish to this great nation. Along with that, we wish to expose and reflect on the plight of Irish immigrants during the early years of this nation.

  3. Lori Ulmer says:

    Really? This is part of history, not a symbol of slavery. There were other issues going on at the time also than just slavery. The war was over states rights. Slavery just happened to be one of the rights at issue among many others. Have you not seen how past America treated Native Americans? They don’t cause such a fuss. The past is past. Move on. Learn from it. I come from slave owners and slaves. It’s part of my ancestry. People need to get over it becuase as long as they don’t, we will continue to have issues like this that are ridiculous. There are more important things than honoring history.

    1. Gary says:

      I am from Oklahoma, also tribal country…and I am also Native American. Your facts about us is completely incorrect.

      We have many groups that protect the sovereignty of our culture and heritage. You are making a really misinformed comment. That is the deal with this here as well, too many people are misinformed about what the confederate flag stood for.

      With that said, you are right….there were more issues than slavery, …but the Civil War was initiated primarily to eradicate slavery. This was a victory for people as it is one of the gruesomest periods in America. However, it stands alone and the struggles of Native Americans is also another topic – but similar.

      The North’s victory was a victory for us too! Who new who else would have been made slaves……

  4. Lori Ulmer says:

    mistyped, meant there are more important things to worry about than assuming someone has a hidden agenda by honoring history.

  5. Ed Wurder says:

    I hate the british flag and the tyrannical nature it represents.

  6. Mike says:

    but it is ok to celebrate black history month and June 19th

    1. Gary says:

      It is a matter of preference Mike. Like any other holiday, you live in a free society with constitutional rights. Go live in a dictator ran country if you don’t appreciate it!

      If you have a problem, make it a sociopolitical problem on Capital Hill. Truth be told, you would be 1 of many, but at the end of the day your personal issues would be a matter of value instead a matter of fact. Like now.

  7. AZ says:

    This is just stupid. Protest over the Confederate Flag? Have they read a history book because right now it is not looking like they have.

  8. Disgusted says:

    “The flag represents the Nazi Party and only that. How people can read genocide into iti s beyond me. Just because this is the flag at the time of the Nazi Party does not mean that it is politically wrong. I think the Jewish people and others only want to throw their weight around by showing “look what we can do”. We can make a lot of noise and get our way. They were not there and neither was I. You can’t just sweep history and fact under the rug and say “it never happened”. IT DID!! Deal with it.”

    Your words with 4 small changes.

    Now do you get the point “rette”? All confederate flags should be as offensive to every human as the swastika is, including you and anyone else who would display it. They both represent the same thing, namely a group of hateful people who thought it would be alright to enhance their lives by the torture and killing of others. Neither should ever be celebrated, and the only images of them should be in history books and museums. It’s hard to comprehend that someone could advocate the public display of either. And no, I am not black or a member of the NAACP. In fact, I am as white as someone can be, very conservative, a “native” Texan, and, unfortunately, the great-grandson of someone who actually owned slaves during the civil war and provided food to the confederate army.

    1. Geesh says:

      Thanks Man!! You get it….

    2. Don says:

      Until the Nazis used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck

      tainted be the meaning now, but what about cultures that still use the symbol for its orignial meaning. do they now hate jews just because nazi’s used the symbol

  9. Gene says:

    I believe history is history and is something that cannot be changed … nor should it be ignored.

    There is an outcry that Palestine, Tex., raised the Confederate flag and that is no longer politically correct. However, the men who fought and died in those battles — regardless of the political stance now — were doing it to make what they believed was a better America. Our nation would not have been the same today without such battles — right or wrong.

    In 50 years, when Islamists have assumed control of America, they’ll have eliminated the National Anthem and the U.S. flag and the country will be ashamed that former generations fought wars for a constitution that did not bow to Muslim beliefs. Our stars and stripes will be stripped from libraries and the internet and your great grandchildren will be unaware of the America we know. And our fathers and grandfathers, who fought so hard for the freedoms we enjoy, will be called infidels and cursed for their efforts.

    Americans will again say we should not honor those who fought for something other than what is right — Islam. The Quran is the only true word — and it will be.

    Again I say, while times and allegiances change, history doesn’t. We should acknowledge always those who contributed valiantly to this country regardless of the politics of the day. I would want my father and grandfather to be remembered and honored for service rendered, although the culture of the nation will be strikingly different.

    1. Geesh says:

      If you see nothing wrong with honoring your father for killing and enslaving innocent people, then by all means do it. Yes history can not be changed, but it doesnt mean we should celebrate it today by hanging flags at government bldgs. Go celebrate back in the woods like the KKK does so that the majority wont be impacted by your insensitivity. Next you’ll be saying Hitler should be celebrated and the Swastika should be flown at the White House…..

      1. Don says:

        insentivity… baby. iv read all your comments, you only care about one point of view and refuse to acknowledge others rights. you cant tell someone they cant do something, when you have same right to tell them to shut up. yell all you like say its bad and wrong, but they can say what they want and raise any flag they choose, ultimately you deal with, choose not to attetend , bring a sign, use a bull horn. still not going to help heal anything. you cant baby all of america and cater to one side and expect people to understand each other.

  10. RANDY says:

    History shows that only 10-25% (depending on the account/statistics) owned slaves in the South. So, most didn’t own slaves in the South. The cost of a slave went from around 500.00 in 1800 to around 1500 in 1860. Translate that into todays dollars and you’ll see how expensive slaves were.
    So, why did the non-slave holding Southerner fight? To preserve slavery???? Not at all, non-slave holding Southerners saw the North as aggressors/invaders and they fought for States Rights.
    Think not?? Look at the ordinances of secession…
    Now look at the actual declarations of secession…
    Blacks are confused by a distorted view of actual history that the civil war was fought only for them.

    1. Geesh says:

      No man, those others were fighting for something that they didnt even understand. Kinda like the Poor Whites in the rural areas that are Republican or Tea Party members. Most dont even know that the health care will benefit them as they too are uninsured (just look at their missing teeth). They just see the Democrats as “invaders”. Those non slave owners were just as racist as the slave owners. They didnt want to see the Blacks compete with them and freedom was viewed as a threat.

      The Civil War was not fought SOLELY for slavery, but it was the biggest ticket on the agenda and thus it reps them more than anything else. C’mon man, you get it. Now go hang a Swastika Flag and see who’s offended.

    2. tara says:

      you go Randy i totally agree

  11. John says:

    One must understand from this incident that the racists of the NAACP and the elected official racists of the City of Palestine and Anderson County; racists because they only relate the “Stars and Bars” (the first flag of the Confederate States of America) with the single issue of slavery; must also want the State of Texas to remove this same flag from the obverse side of the Great Seal of the State of Texas, the floor of the Capitol Building, from every history book about Texas history, and for the amusement park organization to rename their locations here in Texas to “Five Flags…”

  12. Disgusted back at YOU says:

    You don’t hear the Jewish community making an out cry like that at all. The fact is it is history and you being a Native Texan should know that the flag also represents one of the six flags flown over this Great State. We shouldn’t remove for no one. It’s our history!

  13. RD says:


  14. Confederate soilder says:

    The NCAAP and the Negroes are way to easily offended. They keep playing the racist & slavery card. I say if they wanta dwell on it let’s bring it back and take away their welfare checks. At least they can’t complain about no work

    1. jay keeney says:

      i am not easily offended but this manages to do just that , what on earth gives you the right to talk about people like this? you think war based on skin color is ok?? there is one problem with your logic though the civil war wasn’t completely about slavery it was also about industrialization so by your thought process we should persecute those who are more affluent than we are too. and take away their welfare checks?? those ” negroes” over at the naacp make more money than you and i probably will ever make so again you’re wrong Its my opinion that people who don’t know what they are talking about should probably remain quiet . As my daddy used to say it is better to close your mouth and have people think you’re a fool than to open it and prove em right

    2. Jim says:

      Confederate soilder (soil der ? hint here)is a NCAAP supporter trying to stir up trouble.

  15. TIMETOSTOP says:


    1. Gary says:

      You are right, but at the same time….the past is what makes the present. This can be applied to everything since biblical times.

      Do we say forget what happened biblically? No! The history book has hung around to remind people of what happened then happens now. So, ironically as you make a sound argument….history is more than just about “holding on”.

      It is a moral and guiding compass that keeps you from remaining shallow about human mistakes and errors. It keeps you humble!

      I for one, as an African American, could never compare my suffering like the slaves endured. Your statement “We all have suffered in some way” is your own personal conclusion about your treatment. What they went through can’t be compared to any thing I have gone through…..that is shallow thinking.

      White slaves never existed in America, nor did Hispanics, and Native Americans….I don’t know where you get that history from. In fact, most countries only made Western and Northernmost Africans slaves.

      Great try, but epic fail! While you sound like a very good dude, who wants peace…..first you have to find it in history……that will help you tremendously.

  16. Disgusted at Disgusted says:

    The civil war wasn’t fought exclusively on slavery. The bottom line is the Industrial North wanted to make all the national decisions and didn’t want to make concessions to the needs of the agriculturally based South. So, in essence it was an economic struggle. No one at that time was prepared to go to war on the issue of slavery. The popular southern reference to that war at the time was “The War Against Northern Aggression.”

    Slavery became a point of interest after Lincoln needed to find an alternate source of motivation when the war wasn’t going so well for the North. This spawned the Emancipation Proclamation. Incidentally, Lincoln wasn’t quite the friend of all Blacks that he is celebrated as, because his master post-war plan at the time was to ship all blacks back to Africa. Everyone should read a history book every once in awhile!

    Now, every tree-hugging, lefward leaning, bleeding heart liberal wants to make the Stars and Bars the symbol for slavery and hatred, but that was not the original issue.. Lots of people died in that war, white and black. I think acknowledging the sacrifices for state and country made by our ancestors is respectful, and the haters can whine and complain and turn their backs all they want. Who cares about your agendas you cry babies? Get a life..

    1. Gary says:

      Thanks for the insightful blog. Good to hear the true history mentioned correctly. To add to your comment, the war would have been lost if not for the “slavery” issue. This turned the tides (psychologically) as many people felt they had learned what (freedom) really meant from the escaped slaves who begin to tell their stories of the south.

      Lincoln was one of the first and most power influential men of his time to listen to the stories and make political decisions based on them. Yes, he made it political because (he is a politician) but even then, he had a dream to remove slavery because of what was in his heart of righteousness and evil not just out of political gain.

    2. Jim says:

      Though it’s not politically correct for our history books to report, black slaves and free blacks were among the men who fought and died heroically for the cause of the Confederacy. Professor Edward Smith, director of American studies at American University, says Stonewall Jackson had 3,000 fully-equipped black troops scattered throughout his corps at Antietam — the war’s bloodiest battle. Smith calculates that between 60,000 and 93,000 blacks served the Confederacy in some capacity. These black Confederate soldiers no more fought to preserve slavery than their successors fought in WWI and WWII to preserve Jim Crow and segregation. They fought because their homeland was attacked and fought in the hope that the future would be better and they’d be rewarded for their patriotism.”

  17. Tom says:

    I am not upset at the sight of the conferate flag, but I don’t see any reason to antagonize those who are. Show the flag at events that represent history and don’t fly it from the County Courthouse, City Hall or other public buildings.
    By the way, I am sick of seeing it on pickup windows and bumpers! Shown thusly it is just a slap in the face to those with reason to disguest in it. Would you want the Nazi flag exhibited in the same manner? Don’t respond; I know that it wouldn’t bother some of you!

  18. Disgusted at Disgusted says:

    Tom, if it bothers you so much seeing that flag on bumpers or windows, why don’t you just stop those good ‘ol boys and let them know how “sick” you are of being subjected to the Stars and Bars? See how that works out for you.

    1. Gary says:

      I actually have, and it was a peaceful common ground we both stood on. That is why I don’t think that it is meant to be harmful. Yet at the same time, the use of it has been glamorized by extremist and their parties to glorify the belittling of an ethnic group in America.

      This is why the confederate flag has been ridiculed. Much like me if I want to wear a black leather glove on my fist in summer. It is just wrong. You can’t wear a bandanna in restaurants even though you aren’t a gang member…why? Because it is wrong. Thus, the same applies. Extremist have given a label to something commonly used for other principles. So, at the end of the day, even public officials have made laws and etiquette to follow in public places.

  19. Jim says:

    “No man, those others were fighting for something that they didn’t even understand. Kinda like the Poor Whites in the rural areas that are Republican or Tea Party members.” Geesh, You really don’t get it. One could say, how about the ignorant blacks who voted for Obama because he was black but have no clue of what his policies will do to the country.
    Over 300,000 southern boys lost their life in the Civil war. Only an imbecile would believe they were fighting to keep slavery alive. They fought for states’ rights and because their homeland was invaded. Slavery was abolished over the rest of the world peacefully. It would have been abolished in the South as well. Politics and politicians used the issue to promote their own agenda just like they are doing today.
    Gary…Hmmm, never mind.

  20. Jim says:

    >>>Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!<<<
    Guess I've been censored. History and facts must not be welcome. Par for CBS…

    1. Jim says:

      But you post this…

  21. Reeper says:

    Why don’t people grow up even.
    It’s not a crime or illegal to have a Nazi symbol put anywhere, and it’s not a crime to fly the Confederate Flag. Once a war is over all they represent are people who died for a cause they believed in, nothing more unless you make it mean more through still believing in their cause. As you recall the American flag has been burned by several in protests throughout the world.
    As for the war between the North & South it was not fully fought only over slavery, other things where involved such as finances, etc. Just because they wrote it off as all over slavery doesn’t make it true-remember Lincoln wanted to help ship them home and not live among us. I’m glad that didn’t happen since even today their homeland is not as well off as it is here on top of the fact back then their tribes made slaves out of each other.
    The Confederate flag went on to become a symbol of being a rebel, someone who doesn’t buy into all the propaganda of Nations. Any symbol only has the meaning you give it, and that meaning doesn’t always have to apply to the past.
    Symbols can be destroyed, but you cannot destroy peoples faiths or degrade anyone if you don’t give the same meaning to them they held before. Respect should be shown for both sides when it comes to those that died for a cause, right or wrong. Don’t forget many families fought their own relatives in this war, yet when it was over many became families again if they survived. If this is so wrong then why are we helping Japan today and buying their products. Where do all your products come from-China a Nation that has no civil or human rights.
    This is a Nation that protects all peoples rights no matter if that offends someone, because that is what freedom is all about. The only thing the past should hold meaning for is not to repeat the same mistakes, we can only change the present and future which should hold freedom for all American’s and forget the past unless we are repeating the mistakes. Wrongs are even being committed today, the new form of slavery is illegal immigrants who don’t get paid the same, etc. Yet in times of war that freedom needs to be held in check, thus if your actions lead to getting civilians/troops killed you are responsible for them-i.e. burning the Quran. Do on to others as you would have done to yourself-burn your own Bible. Faith should never be taken to the extremes of killing someone over it, yet some have killed those doing abortions over it. All faiths have been bent since the dawn of time, yet in doing so you are responsible for your actions which gets others killed.
    As for my background I’m Heinz-57 Native American, Swedish, Irish and who knows what else. I was born into a military family and joined the military. I was in Germany as a child when the wall closed and many had not forgotten that war. Spending the night at a lady’s house, her land lord was very rude to me. I learned he had lost several family members during the war, thus the next time I spent the night I gave him some flowers I picked which helped change him to at least being civil to me.
    BTW Gary I also sounded off when Native American’s in Oklahoma where trying to prevent African Native American’s from being in their tribes.

  22. Chaz says:

    The True Meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag

    (vs. the Confederate States national flag called the Stars and Bars)

    I’ve known many people who have flown the Battle Flag, and none of them are racist. The entire State of Mississippi has been flying it over all of their government buildings since 1894. Texas flies the Stars and Bars at every governmental building as well (along with the other five flags to have flown over Texas). The reason behind the desire to honor symbols of the Confederacy is not racism. It instead stems from a regional identity and the noble notions of state sovereignty. These feelings of regional unity are only strengthened by the poor economic situation in many Southern states, and the sense they have that they suffer in poverty while the Northern states enjoy prosperity. It is understandable as well, only one Southern state makes the top ten ranks for average personal income, and then only comes in at 9th. Meanwhile, half of the states in the lowest ten ranks of personal income are in the South. Add to this economic stagnation and decay and you have a recipe for regional resentment.

    The false notion that the Battle Flag must be a racist symbol is born of the mistaken belief that the Civil War was about slavery. This bit of propaganda has been repeated ever since President Lincoln and his political allies decided to “free the slaves” (in actuality Lincoln only freed those slaves in the Confederacy, slaves in Union states such as Maryland and West Virginia remained slaves). The truth, however, is plain to anyone who wishes to delve into the history, and the proof lies in the proposed Corwin Amendment of 1861. This amendment was proposed by Congressman Thomas Corwin (R) from Ohio and stated,

    No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.

    Prior to his election, Lincoln had voiced his support of the amendment. Like many politicians of his time, Lincoln believed in the preservation of the Union beyond all else. When the Bill was brought before the House seven states had already formally left the Union (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina) never the less the bill passed 133-65 and was forwarded to the Senate. In March of 1861 the Senate approved the bill 24-12. Both of these votes were from a Northern majority, seeing as most of the South had already left. Both the outgoing President, James Buchanan, and the newly elected Abraham Lincoln publicly endorsed the amendment.

  23. Randall Atchison says:

    There were several flags of the Confederate States of America used during its existence from 1861 to 1865. Since the end of the American Civil War, personal and official use of Confederate flags, and of flags derived from these, has continued under some controversy. The first slaves arrived in Virginia around 1619, and slavery existed in America for the next 250 years. Africans made up the largest number of migrants to the New World during the colonial era, especially during the eighteenth century. During the four centuries of the Atlantic slave trade, an estimated 11 million Africans were transported to North and South America. Now, if my math is right, and I am no math student by any means, this means that slavery existed around 4 years or so under the “Confederate” flag. I take that to mean that slavery existed the rest of the time under many different British and American flags. I guess you people that get mad over a few years of Confederate flag flying can be mad all the time! I would think you would have better things to do!

  24. James says:

    >>>Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!<<<

    But CBS is not posting the comment!

    Censored, but no profanity, no insults, no attack on others… etc. And some people believe the media, CBS, is unbiased. Shame on you!

    1. Reeper says:

      It’s called operators head space and computers don’t have heads.
      Same happened to me on something that could not have been censored, so it’s a burp in the system sometimes.
      Yes even computers make booboo’s if the page gets messed up.

  25. Charles says:

    I am just trying to figure out why the media chooses to incite such an “uproar” by using inflammatory lanquage in the title for this story. A truthful title for the story at hand should have read “Intolerant Group Seeks to Deny Effort to Honor Local Veterans.”

  26. Flabbergated says:

    If this were 50 years ago, then maybe I would understand, but at this point most people DO use the confederate flag as a symbol of racism (mostly younger to middle aged people). They use this flag as a sort of southern symbol of racism when in reality they dont have the slightest clue about what the confederate flag truly stood for. I am almost positive if you saw a confederate or rebel flag in the window of someones truck (like stated previously) and you were to approach them and ask them what it represented to them; their ancestors or those who faught in the civil war probably would not be their answer. It would probably be some racist remark and they use this flag to hide behind. I do not agree with the flag being flawn because I feel that it is racially fueled adn now ALL of a sudden people wanna start honoring their ancestors that faught?? yeah right….
    And I’m gonna bet if those people traced their ancestory back far enough they wold realize their heritage is far from the south..
    So yes there is definitely some racial underlying meaning behind it whether people care to admit it or not….

    1. Reeper says:

      I agree some people use it as a symbol of racism, just like some people use the Bible to get little girls pregnant (Waco) or slaughter people (JJones). Anything can be twisted, thus it depends on the reason the group using it gives it that counts, not yours, mine or anybody else’s. People burned the Quran and others have burned the Bible, both highly offensive and disgustful yet that is freedom. Some religious people killed abortion doctors, now others have killed U.N. and Americans over the Quran burning.
      They have a right to honor their forefathers, just as you have the right to honor yours.
      Ancestry was traced back to the Mayflower and Native American. Captain Black married 3 times, twice to save his life (Indian, Mexican and Swedish=mine), and when caught stealing a horse became a Texas Ranger. I am not about to think bad about any ancestors, just because some owned slaves they treated well or fought on both sides of the war. They had to survive in their times, and we have to survive in our own.
      Like mentioned before even African tribes made slaves out of other tribes they fought against and even sold some to come to America, Jews where slaves and had slaves, and now we are all slaves to paying taxes. Also African tribes had some really bloody battles back in those days and in more recent history killed even white farmers before their Nation made big changes too. That doesn’t mean we should disrespect those tribes for their past anymore than we should disrespect Confederates. Geronimo to this day is a hero to me for his bravery, just like all those who died at the Alamo (yes not all of them where good people). I even respect Kennedy for what he did for civil rights, yet highly blame him for the Bay of Pigs.
      I am not offended by the Japanese, Germans or anyone fought against in wars past or present. I am offended by hate groups no matter who they dislike, yet due to freedom we must live among them and only hang them when they step out of line. Just because they use a Confederate flag, Star of David, Cross or any other symbol does not mean the symbol itself is bad only the meaning they give it is bad.
      So just know I can fly the Confederate flag and not be a racist. You can fly an African flag of those who killed white farmers and not be a racist. You can wear a Cross or veil and not be a racist. Some who came to America did so to get away from the suffering and persecution in their homeland, those who where put in Australia where criminals from other Nations. What happened in the beginning isn’t as important as what happens today and the future. Yet without that past we wouldn’t be where we are at today which is better than it was then. Hopefully someday racism and hate will be bred out of this world, yet it has existed since the beginning so it may never make it’s way out.

  27. John says:

    Nelson W. Winbush is a black man who got involved, joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans (his grandfather was a Confederate soldier), and speaks out on this exact issue. Look it up!

  28. violet rose says:

    No it didn’t. It didn’t matter to those of us who live here. It only mattered to those who are as intolerant as they claim others to be. Not understanding history- or rewriting it, doesn’t make them correct. Only ignorant.

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