North Texas Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

DENTON (KRLD/AP) – A 26-year-old Denton soldier and 2003 graduate of Wylie High School has died while fighting in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

First Lieutenant Robert Welch III died Sunday after insurgents attacked his base.

Welch was an ordnance officer based at Fort Knox in Kentucky.  Welch entered the U.S. Army in 2008 and arrived at Fort Knox in July 2009.  Welch was on his first combat tour.

In North Texas is being called a loving husband and proud father.  He was on the football team while at Wylie and head coach Bill Howard says he was a special person and a leader on the football team. He was also very active in ROTC.

KRLD’s Austin York talks with Howard

Howard says the community and the nation has lost a special person.

There will be a memorial service at Fort Knox on Friday in honor of him. There is also a memorial service scheduled for Thursday in Afghanistan.

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One Comment

  1. Harvey says:

    God Bless this Soldier and his family. Thank you for your service to our country.

  2. cookie says:

    Thank you to him and his family for their sacrifice. GOD bless

  3. richman says:

    Please pray for this family. Rob left behind a wife and young son.

  4. Joseph Yost says:

    I don’t know if the rest of my family will get a moment to thank you for your thoughts and prayers on this website, but they do thank you and appreciate every thought and prayer you have.

    Thank You
    Joseph Yost

    1. Gary says:

      I live in Wylie and know people who knew Robert. I was told he was a great kid! This is so sad and proves there is a bigger plan we know nothing about.

      This is most sad for the family and I will pray for them but we all lose, this kid was over there fighting for us!

      Thank You Robert! God must have a great plan for you!

  5. Mr B says:

    To the Family of Lt Robert Welch, My deepest apoligies in your loss, I was there when it happened and assisted with his injuries and transporting to hospital, I held his hand and head in my lap telling him to hang on. My the Lord bless your family over your loss.

    1. Robert F. Welch II says:

      Mr. B
      Our family wishes to express our deepest thank you for being there with Rob in his last moments. Someday we would like to find out about those moments but now is not the time. His wife, mother, sister and I again thank you for all you did for him and know the unit is hurting too. God bless all of you and again thank you for being there with him. Robert F Welch II LTC USAR RET

    2. Shea says:

      Mr B, God Bless You and everything you did for this young man! And what you have done and will do in the future to help your fellow soldiers!! Please know that my family prays for our troops everywhere!! You are a Hero in everything you do! God Bless You and God Bless America!!!

  6. Amanda Green says:

    Robby was a close childhood-adulthood friend. He was the strength of his friends and family and his faith in the Lord never faultered. Robby was born a soldier and died a hero but he is living again in the presence of The Creator.

    To Robby: Thank you for your service and your friendship. I love you and you will be missed.
    To Rob’s family: Thank you for your amazing sacrifice. You not only supported your own son/brother, but you also supported many many other soldiers. Thank you for your service.
    To Rob’s unit: Thank you for fighting for our Country and our Freedoms. You are all OUTSTANDING AMERICANS and deserve all of our support. Thank you for your service and I pray that you all come home safe.
    TO BEC: I love you and pray that you are ok. You will always be family to me. Stay strong.

  7. DeAnn Powers says:

    My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family for their devistating loss. My son and four of their friends are on the same base and it hit me so hard to know that it hit home for them. I stay up worrying everynight for these brave soldiers and what they go through on a daily basis. God Bless you Robby for your service you will be remembered as an American Hero.

  8. Nadija from Fort Knox says:

    We are all devasted here in Fort Knox. Becky and little Robbie are a huge part ofour community and daddy will be missed. Each loss is so hard to bear but Robbie’s hits the heart. May God uplift all of his family and friends and may they always feel our support!

  9. Scott F. says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and community that will be the most impacted by passing of Lt. Welch. To Lt. Welch himself I say God bless you this country could not be what it is without people like you. It is extremely unfortunate that the price of freedom is so high.

    Nothing that I say is capable of bringing you back or providing comfort to your family but I humbly salute you!

  10. Renay Strain says:

    My dearest Robby! How we ALL have been honored to have known you! Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you paid. Words can never express my deepest gratitude. You will be missed by many but most of all by your family. To Bob and Barb: you are incredible parents who raised a HERO and I know you’re so very proud of him. To Jane: I know it must be hard to lose your brother this way, stay strong! To Becky: you were married to an angel and now he has gone home to be with his Creator and he will be the angel for you and little Robby!
    I knew Robby as a young child and am honored to have had that priviledge!!! I love you all!!

  11. Collin Millis says:

    I played ball with Robby in high school but, did not know Robby like I wish I could have. Knowing what kind of beast he was in the weight room and on the field, I can only image what he was like to serve with. I don’t live in Texas anymore, but a story like this can’t hit home anymore than it has for me. I am so sorry to his family and especially his wife and baby boy. Keep your heads up and remember him for who he was and what he beleived in. He is a Hero!!!

  12. Solider Wife/Veteran says:

    It is extremely unfortunate that the price of freedom is so high. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you paid. Words can never express my deepest gratitude. We are all devasted here at Fort Knox. I will pray for your family, and know that you all are in the thoughts of many here at Fort Knox. May First Lieutenant Robert Welch III rest in peace forever, please mourn for the loss, but celebrate his life.

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