Schools Say They May Sue To Get Money For Students

By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – Trustees from four North Texas school districts hint they’ll do whatever it take – even suing the state if necessary – to get the money they say they need for their students.

Trustees from Arlington, Cedar Hill, Dallas, and Plano claim to represent the thoughts of 161 districts locally.  They insist the proposed house budget would mean $900 to $1,000 less for each student… and say the senate version is not much better.

The districts promise they’ll do what they have to do for students, even as far as going to court.  “Historically, to truly change funding in the state of Texas, what’s occurred?  Lawsuits,” said Arlington ISD trustee Bowie Hogg.

Hogg and the others trustees say their districts have already been through rounds of cuts.  They hint unless if the legislature ignores them, they will go to court.   “Do we want to go down that option?” Hogg asks, “ Not at all; that’s not a good way for everyone to work together in the state of Texas.”

The alternative, they say, is to tap the state’s Rainy Day Fund beyond what legislators already have… and to close existing tax loopholes.  “We are asking our legislators to minimize the cuts to education and to fix the underperforming tax policy,” said Plano’s Missy Bender.

Kelly Hunter has two kids in Plano’s schools. “The single most important thing our government can do is educate our kids.”  Hunter has watched as rounds of cuts have already gone through the system.  “It was a crushing blow to see some of the people that we lost at the district level in the first round of cuts; but it’s really disconcerting to see the cuts come in the classroom both as a parent and as a friend of educators.”

She worries what will happen to the learning experience if class sizes grow from 22 to 30-students per class.  Active in her PTA, she says the first thing parents like her must do… is to be aware of—and get involved with—what’s going on, adding, “The second thing is make our voice heard.   If we don’t tell our legislators is the primary importance, they can’t act on our behalf.  Cutting in the class room is a dangerous precedent to set.”

Hunter adds if parents can’t go to Austin directly, they need to add their voices to interest groups, especially a local PTA.


One Comment

  1. LibertyLover says:

    They don’t need more money they just need to get back to the basics. Fundamental math, reading/grammar, TRUTH in history, and here’s a big one; real discipline. No more political correctness. No more zero tolerance nonsense.

  2. ibnweb says:

    You voted for those ultra-right-wing Republicans, now you have to live with their decisions.

    1. Nonya says:

      Maybe we should cut out all social services until the budget is balanced? Half of the school problem is the kids and parents not being engaged. The teachers can only do so much without doing the tests for them. Look at some of the highest funded school districts in the country, they suck (see Detroit and Washington DC).

    2. gam0057 says:

      And you think democrats are better, look wihat your great president has done for us as well. Increased the debt to over 11 trillion. Cut 66 billion from the budget. There are all crooks and ready to destroy the middle class to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer. So there solution is to make us as dumb as possible.

    3. GJ says:

      Consequences like low taxes. Keeping my own money to spend as I see fit. Those type of consequences?

  3. Harold says:

    Now they don’t have money for teachers but they have taxpayer dollars to sue the state? We have such a leadership problem in our cities, schools, counties, state and nation wide. They are ALL to blame its not one party its every party that has employees that suck from the government teet. We have thrown billions at education but where has it gotten us?

  4. lee says:

    they should , we are spending billions on state prisons around the country.

  5. Yevette says:

    And what happened to the Texas Lotto being for Child Education?

  6. billy says:

    And THEN you woke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ann1938 says:

    And where is the money going to come from??? Oh, wait—we’ll jut have some more printed in Washington! If schools would get bacvk to teaching the basics and quit fooling around with the TAKS test that teaches nothing but takes up the entire school year, and quit focusing on expensive extracurricular programs (yes, I mean football), then our children might come out of school with a decent education that doesn’t require billions of dollars. Right now some districts are teaching from history textbooks that are over 12 years old. I know a science teacher in DISD who has 30-40 students in each of her clsses every day. She hasn’t had any textbooks all year. She has to write her own material, and she prints it up on weekends at Staples at her own expense. Amazingly, her students went to a national final last year and won. Get rid of the teachers who are just there because of tenure, and let the good ones do a proper job without tethering them to TAKS results being a criteria for re-hire. The children are the ones who suffer.

    1. Deborah Sullivan says:

      Please remember that it wasn’t educators who made the decision to test students so much. They are simply following the law written by the legislature. Our ire should be directed at the legislature and the governor who refuse to change the way schools are funded. The solution is there; they refuse to make the changes necessary. School budgets have been cut deeply over the last 7 years. Districts have requested a change over and over, but the legislature and the governor refuse to budge. So here we are and educators and schools are being blamed. The state is pondering another solution: increase the amount of taxes that a local district can implement. Then the state doesn’t raise taxes or spend money and they look great. Who becomes the bad guy? And, the kids hang in the balance.

  8. Ed says:

    My daughter is a teacher who cares a lot about her students. She comes home crying with sorrow because of the neglect that so many of her students are recieving from home. So many parents just don’t care. After trying her best to make a different in the lifes of her students, she will be loosing her job. Putting 30 of these kids to a class room will be devistating.

  9. G.J. says:

    Sorry folks, but this money comes from the taxpayers to begin with and we have other priorities.
    Rollback teacher pay 9 percent today.
    Privatize public schools now.
    The pubilc school system is a failure. Teachers unions have ruined education.

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