DeSoto Boy Dies 1 Week After Car Hits Him

By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

DESOTO (CBS 11 NEWS) – A 12-year-old DeSoto boy died Thursday morning after almost a week on life support.  DeSoto Police say Donte “DJ” Johnson was hit by a car during a violent fight outside the Brookhollow Apartment Complex Friday.

17-year old Dominique Hemphill was driving that car. Police arrested him and charged him with injury to a child and failure to stop and render aid.  Investigators say those charges will likely be upgraded in light of Johnson’s death.

The fight was caught on video.  In it, Hemphill can be seen jumping into his car. Police say as he sped away he ran over Johnson, who was standing in the crowd.

“I just think it’s foolish – it doesn’t make any sense,” neighbor Audmi Harris said.

Paramedics rushed Johnson to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas with critical head injuries.  He remained on life support until this morning, when he passed away.

“He was a nice kid, he was very respectable,” said neighbor Holly Alexander.  “He never got into any trouble.  When you saw him, he always had a smile on his face.”

Neighbors say this tragedy has affected everyone in their community.

“No kids are outside playing,” Alexander said.  “The parents I’ve spoken to are nervous to let their kids come outside.”

Hemphill was arrested shortly after the incident.

“The police department is working closely with the DA’s office,” said  DeSoto Police Sgt. Teddy May.  “We’re also examining the video we have piece by piece, we’re working on eyewitness accounts of what happened.  If it’s appropriate, the charges will be upgraded.”

Johnson was a sixth grader at DeSoto West Middle School. He would’ve celebrated his 13th birthday Sunday.  Letters explaining his tragedy were sent home with students and extra grief counselors were brought on campus.

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people,” Alexander said.

Neighbors are trying to organize a block party on Sunday to honor Johnson’s memory.


One Comment

  1. dmoney says:

    Such a tragedy and avoidable incident. I believe the gunman identified in the video, the two aggressors in the fight and Hemphill (the driver of the car) should all be arrested without bail for 30 years for homicide, failure to render aid to injured and manslaughter. Black on black crime is terrible. Killing children and exposing them to this type of ignorant thuggish violence is terrible. Terrible terrible!!! One of the worst unforgiveable moments of this tragedy is to see the video where mom’s and adults are out “cheering” the fight on! These mothers should do time as well for instigating and promoting violence with children. What were they thinking????

  2. john says:

    The fact that he failed to render aid should get him 50 years at least !! What a coward. No remorse or sense of responsibility. Aren’t the adults there in violation of the law ?? Why no more arrests ???

    1. QueenTeecee SoRoyalty says:

      he is not even like that i went to school with this boy, he would never try to run over this little boy he was now just getting on his feet, now the police should investigate the bad ass kids why were they fighting anyway?

      1. Jessica Ray says:

        You are definatly right dominique is not that kind of person he would never do anything like that on purpose he was fleeing for his life. I happen to know that dominique already had a bad hand so it must have been extremly dificult for him to defend himself.

  3. QueenTeecee SoRoyalty says:

    #free dominique iknow you didn’t do this bro, im praying for you man, and R.i.p to the little boy.

  4. ????JA???? says:

    I didn’t know dominique personally but I talked with him and encountered him on some occasions, he seemed to be an overall good kid. Not saying that he is totally innocent but he too was a victim that day. I believe he should be giving the min penalty of the law, being that this crime was not intentional. My prayers go out to the little boy that and his family as well as dominque and his family!!!

  5. Jessica Ray says:

    I know dminique personally he is a wonderful person, he is not outspoken at all. He minds his buisness. He is a people watcher, he spends most of his time listening and soakin up everybody and how they act. This was unitentional and knowing dominique he is probably cring righ now for that little boy dying. He was fleeing for his life. I love dominique and he is not a killer, he would be very distraugh knowing that he has taken a life. Because that was never his intention i am sure. I hope that the jury do not become biased when they see dominique or hear him, because his soal is not always seen beyond his exterior.

  6. dominique sis says:

    imma be dar 4 my nigga we love u babay tre,stanka,cago,darry,kd,yuong savge,every body baby and we gne be dar 4 u

    1. Too Smart says:

      Your really stupid and I see a future thug in the streets in you!!! If your going to use the computer AT LEAST check spell dumb ass!!!! A 12 year old is dead, A CHILD!!!!!!! The sad part is this was once a lovely community with decent WORKING black people and as time has shown us all, NIGGAS eventually show up anyway!

      1. Susiee Emerson says:

        ok but it wasn’t on purpose you don’t know how dominique feel about the kid being dead (rest in peace) thtss his sister , so of course she’s going to ride with him forever , how was he suppose to stop when obvisly he was outnumbered & people had quns and tazers ; lets look at thee big picture now yes that lil boys dead but had dominique stopped he woulda ben dead too .. , aww . free dominique ! ,, i miss uu puunk !

  7. His ride or die says:

    I have gone to school with him hung out with him and he is one of my closest friends. I know that Dominique would never do this on purpose nd the people saying he should get life need to see that he couldn’t help because he would have been shot. Let someone put a gun to your head and see if yu get out of a car to see you ran over someone who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. We could have lost two children on this day but only one life was taken away. I love Dominique we have been through it all and this will only one day make him better.

  8. Beanz says:

    Oh please. All you people seem to be forgetting A 12 YEAR OLD BOY IS DEAD! Do the crime, do the time. If Dominique was so scared for his life, why wasnt he in his house instead of out fighting? People dont just point at someone and say “Hey you, lets fight!” He made the decision to leave his home and go out and engage in a fight. Now he has to deal with the aftermath of that decision. Sorry, but your boy is goin DOWN. Rest in peace to the lil angel that will never get to grow up.

  9. JMSOOICY says:

    Dominique shouldn’t get charged as you can see the little boy started off in the grass so therefore he should have kept his butt in the grass or the sidewalk and this wouldn’t have ever happened or he should have waited till the car passed because I no parents tell kids LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET AND OBVIOUSLY HE DIDN’T CAUSE HE STILL WENT INTO THE STREET!!!!!!!FREE DOMINIQUE!!!!!

  10. RWE says:

    You’re actually blaming a 12 year old KID for this??? What is wrong with you? Free Dominique? He may be a “good” kid, but he just killed someone. Chant “FREE _____” for someone who is wrongfully arrested when nonviolently protesting his lack of civil rights. Not for someone who just killed a 12 year old boy.

  11. Beanz says:

    SMH! The ignorance of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me. I cant believe they’re actually blaming the child.

  12. bunnygirl says:

    I’m very devastated for what has happened but i’m even more trouble to read these comments. I’m praying for both parties bc at the end of the day, they both are somebody’s child. Yall can’t know God or be christians bc i would never blame a child for being just what he was a child. And I’m glad to know alot of you whose blaming the young man, i’m glad to know you did everything right as a teenager. Good for you if you didn’t make foolish decisions or mistakes. I wouldn’t be so quick to talk about people especially if you have children or even close relatives you love bc God have a funny way of doing things. Sometimes people do foolish things esp. when we panic or we are scared, but i guess this doesn’t apply to you bc you did everything right as a teenager. Yall should have been right along with the parents who was lettin the fight go on. What you should be doing is be praying for both families bc of this tragedy and act your age not your shoe size. One is too young to have died and esp. over foolishness and the other too young to not live and enjoy his life. Look like the young man was trying to get away bc the other was getting the best of him and that’s worst if he had only use of one good hand. Why he left his house we don’t know, only God knows, but we are not the judge only God ( for those who believe in him, bc it seems as though we have a lot of demons around and it shows right on this website).

  13. gemini says:

    “R.I.P. DJ” first of all i don’t know any of the people involved, but like it was state two family lives will be changed forever. If u wasn’t there then u can’t judge if u were u still cant judge ONLY GOD can judge and he knows what is in their hearts. the law need to drop that failure to render aide and change manslaughter to involuntary manslaughter. we can see it wasn’t intentional, but domonique was still out there doing wrong. Everybody was out there watching when they don’t know if they could have lost their lives too. If shots rung out or worse what could yall do . nothing but run into each other. like i tell my kids go inside the house don’t stand there watching you could be that innocent bystander or the one getting locked up for watching and not getting help.
    in the BOOT the ones watching will be the ones in jail too, so why no here in TEXAS.

  14. Mike says:

    He didnt do it on purpose, he was a friend of mine. The guys who were fighting him pulled a gun on him and jumped on the hood of his car. He couldn’t see where he was going. If he would have stopped to get out they might have shot him

  15. Ethan Henry says:

    i believe that lil dimu should not have been taken in everything was blown out of proportion even though i did not know him like that only knew of him, talked a couple of times and dude is really a cool guy but i feel like,, that colud have happen to anyone when you get mad and lose control of your feelings a lotta things dont tend to go anyones way but though i didnt know him i really felt for him when i heard where he was at ………free ya boi lil dimu

  16. TAY says:


  17. B.A. says:

    You people are ridiculous!!! If this was YOUR kid you would want justice served for what he did- accident or not… But of course its not so you dont GAF at all about a child dying… People like that sicken me.. And i assure you if that were one of MY siblings i would know that they were sorry for accidentally doing that but I would still think that they should be punished. Bc I am a mother and that is just how we think… And please… learn how to type and how to talk… No one understands what most of you are saying… Supposedly you went to school with this murderer but obviously you didnt pay attention to anything they were tyring to teach you..

    1. junior says:

      ay thats my nigga i grew up with him he would never do nohing like dat

  18. jared kimble says:


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