House Bill Would Eliminate Nighttime Speed Limit

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas House has approved legislation that would eliminate the slower nighttime speed limit of 65 miles per hour.

The measure, approved without opposition, also would allow the state to set highway speeds at 75 — up from the current 70 mph speed limit on most non-urban state highways. The higher limit would only apply if safety studies deemed it to be safe.

Supporters said the slower nighttime speed is an outdated function put in place when headlights were not suited to higher speeds. A bill analysis shows Texas is the only state that has retained the day-to-night differential.

Legislation also is pending that would allow the state to raise the speed limit to 85 on certain future highways. The increase would not apply to highways that already exist.

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  1. RussP says:

    While the studies may show the road is suitable for the higher speed limit, I’d venture a guess that the skill level of most of the drivers are not. A recent study in Massachusetts of about 4000 licensed drivers aged 25 to 65 showed 90% could not even pass the same test they took to get their licenses as teenagers after years of being on the road.

    1. OSO says:

      Thank You!—-OSO

  2. oneliz says:

    There should be a requirement that any individual over the age of 65 should have to re-take and pass a drivers test every 3 years until age 74, then every year thereafter. Senior drivers are far more of a safety hazard than young drivers.

    1. GeneB says:

      Statistics don’t fully support your position. Drivers aged 65 to 75 have the same accident rate as drivers aged 18-24. So since these younger drivers dont have to retake the test so often, why should these older drivers. It is only when drivers aged 82 and above are compared that we see that they have significantly higher accident rates.

      1. eroman says:

        Drivers aged 65+ have a higher accident rate when compared to miles driven than younger drivers.

        Of course, I feel that just about everyone should have to re-take the driving portion of the driving test every 5 years or so. It seems that a lot of people have forgotten how a stop sign works.

    2. GB says:

      Eroman, you cannot just use a 65+ age group along. I agree that the older the driver the stats bear out that they are more prone to accidents. But again, the 65-75 age group is no more dangerous than the 16-24 group. They are more prone than the 25+ group. But we can’t just use the terms “older” and “younger” drivers without using age brackets or else we will unfairly single out the 65-75 group … and that is a large group. Much better to use our limited govt resources to target the 75+ age group.

    3. 2sister says:

      After people reach a certain age, they do have to retake the driving test. I don’t remember what the age is or if this yearly.

  3. mjor Black Cat says:

    I am 75 and drive the speed limit or less while you young,(better drivers?) pass me like I am in the way.

    1. OSO says:

      If simple fourth grade math is used to compute time saved by speeding, it will be found that one would have to drive from Houston to Fargo to really “gain time.” We’ll have more deaths and injuries, all because of the spirit driven need of some to drive beyond their capacity to react safely. There is no practical gain to this legislation; this legislation “just” gives the legal right to gain a heady rush to immature drivers to the detriment of common-sense drivers who will be crashed into.

      Go, immature and adolescent legislators who imagine themselves as Warriors Of The Road!! Going from one point to the other, you got there three minutes earlier. Aren’t you wonderful Warriors Of The Road? Everyone of you legislators who passed this bill is responsible for the death and injury that follows.

      Did anybody in the Texas Legislature do the fourth grade math?

      1. akleos says:

        My fourth grade math tells me that I get where I’m going 25% faster at 75mph than 60mph no matter how long I am driving.

  4. eroman says:

    @mjor Black Cat
    That’s because, if you’re in the fast lane, you are in the way. If you’re going slower you should be in the right lane.

    1. OSO says:

      Dear Illogical One, One should be allowed to pass slower cars in the right lane without fearing some idiot int ih left lane going 20 to 30 miles over the speed limit. Having the mind of a Tween, I see this has escaped you.

      1. akleos says:

        I take it that you drive slow in the left lane.

      2. eroman says:

        I am guessing that you are also one of those people that slams on their brakes to actually hit the highway exit ramp going 35 mph as well then?

        Your assumption that I am some kind of speed demon doesn’t hold water, as the fastest I’ve driven is 10 mph over the speed limit, and that is normally in areas that have unreasonably low speed limits. I tend to go 65-70 mph on the highway, but take Northwest Highway around 45 as opposed to the posted 35 speed limit.

        If having the mind of a tween means I understand that the left lane is considered both the passing lane and the fast lane, then I’m alright with that. If you’re changing lanes, you should check your mirrors to see if someone is approaching behind you either way. If you’re trying to pass someone that is going 45 on the highway and you pull out in front of someone going 60, you’ll have a similar result due to your apparent inability to consider that some people may drive faster.

  5. Loadsgas says:

    Wow, we’re all really concerned about gas prices, huh? You get optimum mileage at 55. Until they start building cars that get great gas mileage at 70 or 75, this is a horrible idea.

  6. Freddy Clark says:

    If people texts and talk on cell phone and get killed why do these people get to go faster.
    People will pass a person on a two lane road with a double yellow line if they feel that person was going to slow.
    Rasies the speed people will drive faster than the posted speed.
    people have a NASCAR mentatlity. First place are no place.

  7. Melissa Wells says:


  8. Stumel says:

    Great, now the drunks can enter the expressway going in the wrong direction AND they won’t have to worry about lowering their speed limit! Awesome.

  9. Rick McDaniel says:

    Higher speed limits will lead to more deaths. The drivers on our roads, are the least well trained, and least knowledgable about rules of the road, that I have seen in my lifetime.

    Most of today’s drivers also feel they do NOT have to obey the rules of the road in the first place.

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