Assault Suspect Free After Bond Lowered By $1.2 Million

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Maria Escamilla says she was brutally beaten, stabbed and sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend Jose Arreola.  And despite his bond initially being set at nearly $1.75 Million, he is now free after posting bail for less than one-third that amount.

“My lips and my skin were so detached from my face,” she explains “I have cuts on my breasts.  I have cuts on my shoulders.”

Her face and body are covered in scars.  The attack happened on March 13, in the home she once shared with Arreola in Lancaster.

She says the man she once loved returned to the home that day and unleashed the terrible attack.  “With fists, beating, kicking, choking,” she says “After the sexual assault then the stabbing started.”

She had to have more than 500 stitches and lost four liters of blood.  The human body contains only five liters.

“I don’t know by what miracle I didn’t die,” says Escamilla “I had given up.  I wanted to die I didn’t want to feel any more pain.”

Arreola was already out on bond for allegedly assaulting Escamilla even before the March attack.

Despite those previous accusations and new charges of Aggravated Sexual Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, he’s now out of jail free on bond.

He’s tracked by an Electronic Leg Monitor.

Judge Fred Tinsley with the 195th District Court in Dallas lowered Arreola’s $1 Million bond to $300,000 on the weapon charge.

Arreola posted the bond and was released.  He was headed for jail again, on the Sexual Assault charge, but Judge Tinsley lowered that bond too from $750,000 to $225,000.  Arreola made that bond as well.

“He takes a lot of things into account – has he been out on bond before is he at risk of flight -will he commit the act again taking those factors into his mind the Judge determined that the bond should be lowered,” explains attorney Luis Avila.

Escamilla turned to Avila for legal advice.  “She wants the system to take care of her not to put her at risk of being attacked again,” says Avila.

Escamilla has already had four surgeries.  She’s expected to undergo more in the coming months.
“I hope that I’m able to recover I don’t see how I will live a normal life after this, but I hope that I can.”

She says if there are any lesson with what happened to her it’s, “It doesn’t matter how small the abuse is if someone hurts you don’t be afraid to call the police and press charges.”

Escamilla has gotten a restraining order against Arreola.

Arreola’s attorney told CBS 11 they were not commenting on the case.  According to someone who picked up the phone at Arreola’s family’s house he’s at home but couldn’t get to the phone because he was meeting with his attorney.

CBS 11 also wanted to talk to Judge Tinsley about why the bonds were lowered, but he also declined comment.


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  1. limii says:

    This person should be locked up forever!!! He is now free to attack again…and it will be more violent-statistics prove that!!! Our legal system protects the criminals and not the victims. A young preacher in Arlington died due to the failure of the legal system…I pray for this young woman. May God’s angels put a hedge of protecton around her!!!

    1. wolfspirit says:

      We need to change the law so that judges are held responsible for their actions when they release violent peopl;e. As the law stand now Judges cannot be hel accountable for bad decisions.

  2. Speechless says:

    Wow! Another example of a violent criminal being slapped on the hand! This is what’s wrong with society today, people are NOT held accountable for their own actions & are released into the public to torture innocent victims! Way to go Judge Tinsley, EPIC FAIL on your part!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for putting such a small price on this womans horrific ordeal! PATHETIC!!!

    To the victim: God bless you & keep you safe! I will pray for your complete healing!



  4. BIBI MONTANA says:

    Mindless!! Another Judge getting payed under the table with drug money. I know this person and i would like to see him go to prison for life, and if nothing is done quickly he will run to the border in to mexico!!! This unhuman person almost killed this woman by a liter and the justice system let him out on bond, i guess like they say money talks. Judge TINSLEY HAVE MERCY ON WOMEN!!!!!

    1. jen says:

      hi bibi thanks for your support in this battle of justice. i’m the victims sister and would like to know how you know the victim? i just want to know the type of person he is and what he is capable of?

  5. gtrjon says:

    In years past,a military guard who allowed a prisoner to escape had to serve his time.This might be a good app.for judges today.

  6. PACKING says:

    One word: GUN. In Texas its legal to own one. My mother and sisters went thru so much abuse. I was blessed. As a woman, I still carry a gun for self defense. My daughter carries a gun for self defense. Buy one, practice using it and get a license to carry it. The legal system won’t protect you the next time this freak comes after you. I am a firm believer in SELF DEFENSE. Take your power back. Its a cheap price to pay to save your life. SHAME ON YOU JUDGE TINSLEY.

    1. jessica says:

      I would say “GUN” could of been the solution but not so easy to aquire a license when your rap sheet is about as long as the distance from here to Timbuktu…..You allowed this man to live in your home better yet, buy you that nice home and you put up with it for only reasons that you are aware of. 3 years is along time. And no children involved. Heck I would of been gone at the drop of a dime.

  7. darrell says:

    Judge Tinsley is either on the take, criminally insane, or a co-conspirator in this case. Arreola will kill this young lady at first chance. when he does, this “judge” should be charged with federal organized crime in conspiracy to commit murder. he has shown extreme irresponsibility and lack of judgement.

  8. Miller Henley says:

    By no means condoning this alleged brutal attack, but what was she doing with this guy after he had already assaulted her before? I just do not get it. I also believe that there should be some degree of accountability for the woman. If a woman keeps letting a guy beat her, then she too should bear the financial costs of prosecuting and incarcerating the beater, and not just the citizens who are not directly involved.

    1. TO says:

      Well from where I stand Miller it does seem like you’re condoning this attack! No woman deserves to have this done to her! She’s putting her faith in the justice system and then the judge turns around and does this?! No wonder women are afraid! Not only of the abusive men, but of the court failing them as well! And unless you’ve been in an abusive realationship or know someone who has been…don’t judge! It’s not as easy as you think to just walk away! She tried and this was the result!

  9. TJ says:



  10. Kim Dar says:

    This is from one who put up with the verbal and emotional abuse, but when it got physical, I got out and have never looked back. I filed for divorce the next day and never thought about going back. I don’t know the reason she went back the first time, but once she had seen what he was capable of she should have stayed gone. There are agencies out there that help. I spent 3 days at one of those agencies. I was very blessed in the fact that my children were grown and I had a good job. I took a week of vacation, found a place that I was safe, my employer sent him a registered letter that only he could pick up to not come on the businesses property and they helped me with finding an apartment, etc. I had so much support. The only time I think about it is when I see stories like this and I count my blessings that I am now married to a man that is a real man and doesn’t find the need to put anyone (not just me) down or beat on them. This makes me sick. A restraining order might work, but just this week a man in Plano walked up and shot his ex-girlfriend in the face with a restraining order in place.

  11. Stephen O. Trent says:

    We need the Tea Party to replace JUDGES that do not have the guts to do the job properly.

  12. Don says:

    Ok judge this guy was already out on bond for assaulting her before he nearly killed her in March and you let him bond out again 2 more times? Makes no difference if he is a flight risk, he is a deadly risk to another human beings life and your job had you chosen to do it right is to protect our lives via keeping deadly threats locked up.
    Yes we are all innocent until proven guilty, yet if we are accused of having nearly killed someone you either keep them locked up or provide 24-hour in sight protection to that person until they are found guilty or cleared. If he’s not innocent and this violent then there is nothing stopping him from attacking other innocent people now family members or not.
    If this had happened to one of your family members would you have bonded him out a third time? If so I’m glad I’m not related to you. Leaves the public to wondering why you are so lenient on someone like this, are you guilty of beating/abusing women too? You should be thrown in jail for failing to do your job correctly and if this garbage keeps up in society you can bet society will start holding you responsible for your actions by creating a law. Maybe term limits for judges would also help them not become so complacent in their jobs.
    As for love doesn’t matter if your a good or bad person it is death, dumb and blind until the person finally wakes up and tries to get away. Some will leave before they are beaten, others will hold out hope they will change due to their death, dumb, blind love of them after being sweat talked into believing the beast again. I know a nurse who for years took beatings and kept letting the father of her children come back. When her boys got old enough to intercede is when she finally realized how badly it was harming them so she left him. I saw her last black eye and told her I’d kill him if he ever pulled any stunts in front of me which she knew I meant. Makes no difference if kids are in the mix or not, that kind of love just needs an eye opener before they realize the slime balls will never change.

  13. Danny says:

    Wow how ironic my court case actually preceded this one. I thought it outrageous at first until the attorneys disclosed some factual information regarding prostitution, convicted drug possession, convicted domestic violence charges and actual police reports stating that different charges were “made up after being charged” on the purported victims part. After that it was hard to imagine what really went on. In’ my opinion no one domestic partner has the right to put there hands on the other no matter man or women.

    Considering that new information, its turns this into a whole new perspective.

    1. P_SSEDOFF! says:

      I guess the 500 stitches “all” over her body, rape, and disfiguration was all made up?! Wow, maybe its hard for some people to imagine what’s true or not, but for me viewing her injuries is proof enough! What she might have done in her past is surely no justification for what this MONSTER did to her! I’m sure we all have something in our past we wish to forget…again what he did was beyond barberic and in my opinion he deserves to never see daylight again! I would hate for this type of trash to be let free to do this to someone else’s daughter, mother, sister, aunt, niece, etc. etc.!

  14. Don says:

    What new perspective? Only thing that could mean is she did this to herself or had someone else do it just so she could pin it in him? 1 pint of blood left in your body which is very close to death so it’s not likely someone else or she did it to herself.
    Plus no one is ever just arrested because someone else said they did something, police had to have some kind of evidence which showed he probably did do it.
    I don’t care if the women or guy was a drug attic, prostitute, or whatever, no one deserves having this done to them by anybody for any reason unless they did something terrible to a child and even then it would still be illegal to do this to that person.
    Only an eye for an eye would leave people thinking someone would deserve something like this because they had done it to someone else, yet by law we can’t even let them get away with it.

  15. INNOCENT says:

    Innocent until proven guilty is all I have to say! You all are quick to judge and make accusations about this young man, but NONE of you know the real story. As for the victim, yes she is a victim of her own ignorance. If she was so afraid then LeAVE! Why stick around? Don’t make her out to be this little fairy because believe she is not! tHERE IS SO MUCH TO THIS VICTIM YOU HAVE YET TO KNOW. GOD BLESS YOU ALL,

  16. nance says:

    he’s done this before, and she allowed it….she should have fought back………therefore this is her fault aswell

  17. Domonique says:

    This gold digger is the DEVIL. What’s killing her is that she can’t control or milk him anymore. Unfortunately this had to happen for them to part ways.

  18. Don says:

    Innocent you have just judged another person by calling them ignorant and deserved this to be done to them, so any blessing you ask for us will go not answered since you have proven you are not faithful.
    nance most battered people have had it happen before and it’s never their fault because they didn’t fight back or stayed with an abuser, that is solely the abusers fault who always wiggles their way back into their life instead of walking away.
    Domonique even the devil doesn’t deserve such treatment, as you know God loved the devil so He didn’t put an end to him which He could have very well done. You can only be milked or gold dug if you allow it to happen, yet even that will give you no right to attempt the murder of anyone. No one who loves someone can beat on them, period.
    He is innocent until proven guilty, yet when proven guilty there will be no reason under the sun for 1 person to have any justification for doing this to another no matter how much gold they think they have or how much the other lacks. No one and I mean absolutely no one by our laws deserves this to happen to them at the hands of a person, yet by our laws a death sentence can be given which in this case I truly wish it could be done to the guilty party so others like them would fear the consequences of such actions. Had this happened to her 50 years ago before we had better medical care she would probably be dead. Just because we can survive more today does not mean we should be more lenient on those who attempt to kill others.
    She may be no angel, yet we definitely know the person who did this to another human being is no angel either. We definitely know they are capable of doing this again in life to another human being especially if they get away with it the first time. I don’t care how rich or poor someone is, no one should get away with doing this.

    1. jessica says:

      You know, we can all sit here and assume we know who’s right or wrong, but in reality, only the two people involved know the truth. If she felt like she didnt deserve this why did she stick around. Does she really have such a self esteem issue that she went back not once but what, 4 times. And who’s fault is that? Its obvious that she knows how to fight back, she does have an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge herself. So let her not throw a pitty party now. He should only get 10 months probation the way she did on her aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. case id F-9458521

      1. Disgusted says:

        Jessica please! It’s obvious you know the offender and are defending the monster! What he did to her was more than barberic! I looked up the case you mentioned nowhere did it say she cut someone up and left them to die! If you believe she deserved the abuse then the only thing I can say is I hope one day you get to experience the same thing by the hands of this person you are defending! Because believe it or not…he will do this to another woman if he gets a chance! As a woman who has volunteered at abuse shelters…I feel sorry for you and your lack of compassion!!

    2. nance says:

      Don, your a loser, you must be related to her

  19. Don says:

    The only thing I have lost is a lot of family members to death nance. BTW none at the hands of another human being.
    No I’m not related to either of these people thank goodness. Yet I do have a cousin who is a mental case and if he ever pulled a stunt like this I would be all for putting him to death and even watching it happen. Thus I would never consider doing onto others what I would not have done to my own.
    Love is death, dumb and blind so yes my Aunt who was a nurse went back to her husband who beat her more than 4 times through out their years, he’d buy her a diamond ring, car, etc. to weasel his bed back. She never once fought back, but when her sons did she knew she had to leave. It has nothing to do with self esteem in most cases and everything to do with blind love.
    All cases are different, but in none of them is trying to kill someone ever a valid reason. Pulling a weapon and using a weapon are 2 different stories. So no if you use a weapon you get much more than probation especially if you attempted murder with that weapon. That close to death every second counted including having the blood she needed on hand to be there to replace, if they didn’t have it I doubt she would have survived and then he’d be surely facing flat out murder charges. Also when that close to death many do die from their lack of will to live.
    You may really care for this guy, yet the time to have really been trying to help him was when he kept going back even after she did pull a weapon on him. The fault of trying to keep a bad relationship going lies with both of them, yet the fault of trying to kill the other lies only with the one who did it. It’s not her fault he tried to kill her, he always had the option of just leaving.
    It does no good to debate this here, your only concern should be with the upcoming case and what the jury thinks of all the evidence which speaks for itself. It’s not about winners or losers, it’s about a life and the safety of the public from someone who thinks words gives them the right to attempt murder. If that happens in this world there are going to be a lot of dead people. I’ve known some really sorry people in my life time, yet none of them would deserve this happening to them either. Our laws are meant to protect all people whether you like them or not, they are upstanding or not.
    Enough said, I hope true justice prevails in this case for the sake of mankind.

    1. JP says:

      Don, you are a caring and understanding human being. May god bless you! And your friend is very blessed to have you in her life. For the other people on here that have not had to experience domestic violence and say “women are dumb for staying” truly do not understand anything about the mental abuse it causes. Not only to the victim but to the family & friends as well. Maybe she kept thinking he would change? Who knows…but that fact still remains that he did this to her period! The evidence is on her face & body! He must now pay the consequences and I pray they are as severe as the injuries he inflicted!

  20. jessica says:

    DISGUSTED….I don’t know the man nor am I’m defending his actions, but we know from the news reports he put his hands on this girl several times she cried wolf and has the nerve to drop the charges on the man.So forgive me if i only believe maybe only 50% of what she says. May God help the victim recover to the fullest, and may God also help her figure out her self worth. There was no reason for her to stay so long and take so much. No reason at all! If i filed charges and i felt he deserved the punishment, i sure wouldn’t be ignorant enough to drop the charges. Plus it goes to show what a great justice system we have, pending charges for two years. Get real.

  21. Don says:

    Thanks JP, nice to know the whole world hasn’t gone careless.
    jessica the world would be a better place if all people where like us (yes I divorced because of physical domestic abuse the first time it happened, yet I wasn’t head over heals in love by that time). Fact is the whole world isn’t made up of people like us and it is up to us to help protect those that aren’t. What you allow to happen around you will end up on your doorstep eventually and no it won’t be out of a romantic relationship your in, these people eventually turn to the general public. Read about the PK person who had nothing to do with a neighbor that abducted her, burned down her house, abused her and then it turns out they suspect he killed his wife that went missing?
    Also note when police respond to domestic violence these days the person doesn’t even have to file charges for the abuser to be locked up or tried-the police do it since many won’t do it in these situations. You seem to have enough knowledge of this case that you probably know the people in it, I don’t and that doesn’t matter because it’s those that don’t know them that will be on the jury.
    With strong convictions of what is right and wrong, you’ll never convince me anyone has the right to do this to another human being no matter how good or bad that person is. If the shoe where on the other foot and he had this done to him I’d back him all the way and want her to go down for it.
    Even my own feelings of wanting this to be done to the person that did it and a judge who lacks proper judgment are wrong by our laws and my convictions, but if I acted on it you can bet I’d deserve full punishment for it. This would be a very dangerous world if we where allowed to do such things to others based solely on feelings with it being right and upheld by law. So if those that feel this way about the person who did it can’t get away with doing it to the person who did it, why should that person get away with it?
    It matters not what you feel, it matters what the law is and that being the case no one gets away with attempted murder that would have been murder in the past. The person that did this walked away leaving her for dead instead of calling 911 to save her, thus it was highly cold blooded for which they felt no remorse. If you can defend someone like this then I highly feel sorry for you since if you do know him you where never a good influence on him, if you don’t know him your still not a good influence on those around you since if they pull a stunt like this they will go down for it also. The world is not made up of what we would do, it’s made up of well defined rights and wrongs by law.

  22. jessica says:

    She says if there are any lesson with what happened to her it’s, “It doesn’t matter how small the abuse is if someone hurts you don’t be afraid to call the police and press charges.”

    Escamilla has gotten a restraining order against Arreola


  23. Don says:

    jessica you mention you knew this women’s rap sheet, no children, he bought the home which was not stated in the article on 04-21. Also on 04-27 her deadly weapon charge, full name in order to get a case id and then turn around and say you don’t know them on 04-28? Those where your own words which are contradictory. You talk about her dropping charges thus asking for it, then never mention he kept going back asking for it too. It takes 2 to tangle yet only 1 to walk away and if that 1 is so moved they want to beat a person that is exactly what they should do.

    Don does not drink, does not know these people nor go to Church. Don knows from experience there is absolutely no reason to beat a person to death or near death and walk away to leave them to die, if your ever forced to harm anyone the second you get a chance you call 911 and tell the police what happened. You try to save the very people you felt forced to harm. If you could qualify for a hand gun license you would know by law that is exactly what you are required to do, yet with good morals you should know it anyway. All of that applies in the U.S. not on a battlefield unless the fighting has stopped and you can safely render aide.

    You say by her actions she deserved to die, I say by anyone’s actions anyone who tries to kill/harm another without just cause deserves to go down and even with cause has to call 911 (shoot someone for breaking into your home which is justified, let them die, don’t call 911 and see what happens because that is not justified). If you read my statements you would know I’m not defending her, I am defending anyone who would have this happen to them which includes Arreola if he was beaten and left to die. Cry all you want but right is right and wrong is wrong and nothing you can say will change that fact. Unless this makes the news again I’ll never know what the jury did, but hopefully they do a lot better than this judge did. Rant, rave away you won’t get another comment out of me.

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