Video Released In Rear-End Dallas Tollway Crash

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas motorcyclist is in good spirits despite being rear ended by a car on the Dallas North Tollway last month.

ZachPerez, 25, says he’s ‘pretty fortunate’ after he was hit from behind by a car heading home for work March 17 on the tollway near Belt Line Road & Arapaho. As traffic slowed, Perez applied his brakes. The car behind him didn’t, and it slammed into the bike, launching Perez onto the pavement. At the same time, his motorcycle was crushed between two cars.

“I remember landing. I pushed myself back to the left lane because I landed in the center,” he said. “I tried to get up, but there was too much pain. I couldn’t get up.”

The Iraq War veteran was helpless while sprawled out on the Dallas North Tollway, but he somehow avoided being hit again. Perez said the driver had no driver’s license or insurance and despite receiving three tickets, he wasn’t arrested.

Video released from the North Texas Tollway Authority shows the accident.

“I survived Iraq and I come back home and almost die on the Tollway,” he said. “I think it should be the other way around.”

Perez was wearing his helmet, but he broke a rib and four vertebrae. He tore muscles and suffered a hernia. Doctors also removed his spleen.

He is still recovering, and his motorcycle was totaled.  He says it’s unlikely he’ll be riding another one any time soon. When he asked his fiance about it, she told him “That’s not going to happen anymore.”

The Army Veteran’s near-death experience happened just one day before he proposed to his fiance, Jana Solsbery.

“That’s what made me cry,” Solsbery said. “Watching him just lay there, helpless in pain is what broke my heart.”

But again, she reiterated her so-called “first-duty as fiance.”

“He’s not getting another bike,” the bride-to-be said.


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  1. w r mosley says:

    Did Mr. Crowe proof this article?
    drive driver
    for from
    break brake

  2. RussP says:

    Let’s see; no license, no insurance and no arrest. Was the car even registered?Is it any wonder people will drive this way when they know there are little or no consequences? Was his car at least impounded?

    1. Mark says:

      I don’t understand why we have insurance, licensing and registration laws when they are not enforced. This guy violated two, caused personal injury of more than a simple nature, and was not in cuffs?? The problem is the police. They are not doing their job, and articles like this help the public see that crime does pay.
      If he is an illegal he probably went home by now. Had he hit some schoolkids or a schoolbus it’d be a different arrest outcome.

    2. Phil w says:

      I had a 16 year old Mexican teen rear end my car and totaled it. He had no license, no insurance, and didn’t speak English. The Saginaw police did nothing, they let him go. When I went to sue him it turned out to be a false name and address and the address for the car’s registration was false. Your right, there are no consequences!

  3. Seaton Woodruff says:

    Motorcyclists get injured and/or die every year because politicians are preoccupied with the spending of government taxes that are supplied by who? Yes, us motorcyclists. Wake up politicians, pass a law that allows two-wheeled motorists to filter through traffic, thus, eliminating the chances of four wheeled motorists slamming into the rear end of our motorcycle.

  4. Jennifer Alcazar says:

    This was at least partly the motorcyclist’s fault. A motorcycle can stop much quicker than an automobile, and in the video, it is evident the motorcycle is breaking so hard that his tires are smoking. a motorcyclist needs to be more aware of his surroundings and leave more room in front of him to allow him to break slower. If a car is right on his bumper, a motorcyclist just can’t break that hard or he will get hit, regardless of the auto driver’s reaction time.

    While this is a travesty that fortunately turned out for the best, the motorcyclist needs to share some of the blame.

    1. Jason, says:

      Partly his fault but the law states a car is suppose to be a car length behind the vehicle in front of them. The motorcyclist has no fault in this and it doesn’t matter how late he stopped, you’re not suppose to rear end someone. Try explaining that to your insurance company or police officer and see what happens.

    2. Jim O. says:

      A driver needs to be in control of their vehicle at all times. This includes preparing for traffic and the fact that the motorcycle in front of you can stop faster.

      The motorcyclist wasn’t braking to mess around with a tailgater. He was responding to driving conditions. The car driver failed in that respect.

    3. JoeS says:

      I doubt he could have prevented the accident by braking slower. The car behind him hit the car in front of him too. There would have been an accident even if the bike wasn’t in the picture.

    4. Johnny says:

      Did you watch the video? The car kept going and hit the next vehicle, that means that does not matter if the motorcyclist had stopped fast or not, the driver was clearly with no control of his vehicle and that became clear when we find out that he had no license.

    5. Concerned Person says:

      Except the back car also crashes into the car in front of the motorcycle. Therefor nothing the motorcycle could have done would have prevented the accident.

    6. Foxtrot Bravo says:

      Typical “cager” response…

    7. LoneRider says:

      I agree with Dave and others. The rider was not at fault, but could have done a few things to lesson his involvement in the accident.

      I would add, I would have moved towards the center median and kept an eye on what was behind me. As it appears the car in front was staying in the center of the lane I would have probably aimed for the spot to the left of his/her rear bumper.

      Being caught between a car and the median is probably preferable to between 2 cars.

      So yeah, the driver who rear-ended him is completely at fault. But the riders injuries could likely have been reduce or avoided. And in this case if he did move over, he may have been able to get out of the collision un-scathed. Let the cars hit each other, and just get the heck out of the way.

    8. Jubril says:

      Come on fellows, The guy driving was obviously distracted, The bike did not break suddenly. It was never the motorcyclist fault, you are riding a bike on a high way leave so much space in front and so crazy guy would bump into your lane

    9. Way Smarter says:

      Jen, you’re flat out wrong. Cars generally can stop faster than bikes due to their increased contact surface with the road. More significantly, the car that rear ended the biker went on to hit the car in front of the bike. Clearly traffic stopped faster than both drivers expected, the bike driver reacted in time, while the car driver didn’t.
      If the biker didn’t slam on the breaks then he would have plowed into the car in front, followed a bumper enema.

      The real outrage is the driver of the car walks away after nearly killing an American hero and causing thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention that poor Zach isn’t allowed to ride anymore.

    10. wr says:

      You obviously don’t ride. A bike CANNOT stop any faster than a car can.

    11. felipe Lopez says:

      You are an idiot !!! I can assume you have never driven a bike.

  5. jeff says:

    gee imagine that. no insurance and no license. thats a shocker

  6. Ro says:

    The one that hit the motorcyclist I am guessing was on the cell phone being distracted.

  7. Dave says:

    Obviously many who comment either don’t ride or know very littel about how to ride safely. The motorcyclist was partly at fault. Should have left more room in front so he would not have to slow down so quickly. By reading the traffic and scanning ahead, the extra room in front would have allowed the rider to slow down more gradually giving the car at his rear additional time to react. Time and space is your friend on a bike. You can tell the rider stopped quickly because his rear tire was locked, producing smoke. I don;t care who was “legally” at fault when I ride, I want to arrive home in one piece.

  8. evan says:

    Are you serious? The driver that cause the accident obviously wasn’t paying attention when it hit the car in front of the motorcycle too.

  9. Dave says:

    A RIDER SHOULD RIDE LIKE ALL DRIVERS ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. nothing new there.rider could have noticed the possibility of a slowdown and regulated speed to give car driver a chance to notice what was happening. GLAD HE SURVIVED.

  10. CanadianTexan says:

    Seriously? Some commenters are blaming the motocycle? People never cease to amaze me…

  11. LoneRider says:

    I don’t know if people are applying legal responsibility to the rider.

    BUT, yeah, the rider could have done at least 2 things differently/better to avoid being part of the collision!

    From my view of the video, he had cars in front of him, he should have seen the slowing sooner, and started to brake or at least flash his brake lights.

    As well he had the opportunity to find a safer position in the roadway, I saw no indication he took that opportunity.

    I’ve been in a situation very similar to him, a few times, and I have yet to be hit by a car. In those cases I moved to avoid being rear-ended, and did not let myself get rear-ended.


  12. bjorn says:

    Ay, Ay. pero mister, it racialist to want to see my inchurance o licensio de conducir mister. i call aclu

  13. Dave says:

    If the rider does an objective self-evaluation of the accident, he should recognize that he shares some of the blame. As LoneRider stated above, legally the car driver is 100% at fault. However, if you ride a bike more concerned about who will be legally at fault instead of how to stay out of trouble, your mind is in the wrong place. Anyone who rides looking for legal justification in any situation is just an accident waiting to happen. With 30+ years and over 300,000 miiles of riding, I would say that the majority of motocycle accidents I’ve seen or read about could have been avoided by proper training and atitude. The wrong atitude is to expect drivers to do what is expected. Always think you are invisible and expect the unexpected. Glad rider is OK.

  14. J. says:

    A very similar situation recently happened to me. I was severely injured and my motorcycle was totalled. The driver that plowed into me from behind was found at fault for being “inattentive.” Thank God my KBC helmet and the rest of my gear at least saved my life!

  15. JoeS says:

    It’s easy to second guess the motorcycle rider’s actions and debate whether or not he could have avoided being hit. But, the bigger issue to me is how the hell a no license, no insurance driver can almost kill someone in an accident and not get arrested. Its always good to be a vigilant rider but a little help from law enforcement would be nice too, please.

    If I lived in Dallas, I don’t think I would be buying another motorcycle either.

  16. marc says:

    Let me get this straight, a rider reduces speed in traffic the cager behind him slams into him and the car in front pinning the bike between two cars and some of you want to put blame on the biker. Are you people stupid? Really?

  17. tk says:

    The unliscensed, uninsured driver is obviously 100% legally at fault. Wake up

  18. Dave says:

    If you think the motorcyclist did everything correctly and the only blame should rest on the car driver, you really don;t understand what it takes to ride a motorcycle safely. You can continue to preach about who was “legally” at fault. As I said, on a motorcycle I could care less who is “legally” at fault. If someone runs a red light and broadsides me,leaving me dead, do I really care who was legally at fault? All I would care about is if I could have avoided the accident by being observant and riding accordingly. Ask any motorcycle street riding expert and they will agree 100% with my comments. If nothing else, this video has reinforced the need for me to be diligent when riding.

  19. Jake mann says:

    this is soooo sad. poor soldier. my prayers are with you. Why wasnt the driver arrested??? Is he here in the US legally? how can u drive no license or insurance AND cause a wreck and walk away. Next time he may klll someone.

  20. Mark says:

    The traffic slowing caught the rider off guard, as seen by him locking up the rear wheel (when he realized traffic had slowed he panic braked, locking it. I HATE when car drivers use their brakes to slow, but then release them, turning off the brake light, at the lower speed. It is very hard to determine that they slowed in situations like this). After braking, he violated rule 1 – he did not check his mirrors. Had he, he may’ve elected to get out of the way of the distracted driver bearing down on him. As one or two mentioned, the car continued on at rear ended the car in front of the mcy! He never even slowed! Why wasn’t he charged or arrested? Because he hit a motorcycle. Had he rear ended a car odds are charges would’ve been filed. I have ridden for 30+ yrs now and am sick of the “aw, it was a mcy, who cares?” mentality by law enforcement. We are licensed, insured, registration and pay taxes and have just as much legal right to be on the road as anyone else… but somehow the american way is “make the cars more crash proof to protect the people better, so mcy’s are on their own unprotected” instead of holding p’poor drivers accountable.

  21. Dan says:

    It should be mandatory if there’s an accident with a driver that has no registration or license, the car should be impounded IMMEDIATELY!!! And the driver cuffed and taken to jail….PERIOD!!

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