State Bill Would Limit Sugary Drinks In Schools

AUSTIN (AP) – Schools would be prohibited from selling sugary drinks under legislation approved by the Texas House.

The bill, which was adopted Tuesday, would ban the campus sale of drinks other than 1 percent milk, unsweetened water, 100-percent vegetable or fruit juices and zero-calorie electrolyte drinks.

The campus ban would only apply during the school day.

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  1. CL says:

    a lot of good that’s going to do , the kids will just bring them from home…..they tried that 30 years ago when i was in school and it didn’t work

    1. DeeAnn says:

      First, sweetened beverages were voluntarily removed from schools over 5 years ago. Second, students are not allowed to purchase zero-calorie beverages until after school hours. Finally, removal of the remaining beverages sold on campus would be a loss in revenue that schools so desperately need right now. Please post the correct facts. Inform your State Legislator of your opposition to this bill.

  2. Reeper says:

    Let’s see, I drink 3 or more Pepsi’s a day along with a lot of sugary coffee so I should weight 500 lbs? I also eat a ton of those potato chips-I should be dead after 20 years of it but I’m not. I don’t eat healthy and mainly just snack instead of eating good meals. Due to my UC, I’m more often under-weight and have never been over-weight even before I got UC. Yet diet candy/drinks sure can clean out my system better than laxatives can since there is no cramping side effects or lasting longer than needed and you consider that healthy?
    Back in the 50-60’s there where not many over-weight children. You seem to think sugar that was lacking then was the cause behind this? Better look at the menu’s back then. It was balanced and healthy along with PE exercise. What the kids didn’t like or eat the pigs did. Let’s not waste food and feed the kids what they like to eat was you huge mistake. I’ve seen the current menu’s that would make anyone gain weight with huge amounts of corn base, yeast and no veggies.
    I’m living proof it’s not what you eat that counts, it’s how much and exactly what you eat that does count. Go back to the healthy meals of the past and what the kids don’t eat have a 6:00 meal for poor/good people to come eat it at cost plus expense. Don’t have time to cook, take them back to school to eat instead of McDon. Then stop off at the park or go to the back yard and play soccer or something because kids often lack quality time with parents these days which many in the past did get.
    That covers how much and what you eat, exercise and quality time with parents/people which all seem to be the things as to why people over-eat and gain weight.

  3. les says:

    oh great the world is comming to an end if kid’s drink soda .the government need’s to stay out of our buisness !!!!!!!!!

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