On 5th Birthday, Khader Family Still Fighting For Son

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Inside the Khader home in Fort Worth balloons and pirates are all over the house.

It looks like any other birthday party, but this one is anything but typical.

There is nothing normal about little Abdallah’s life.  “I don’t want him to be forgotten,” says Loubna Elharazin his mother “I miss him.  I miss who he was.”

Abdallah turned 5 on Friday.  “He should be talking – running and go to school and he’s sitting in a wheelchair doing nothing – looking sad,” says Fahad Khader his father “The older he get the more painful it gets for us the parents to know he will never have a quality life.”

Abdallah was left severely brain damaged after Stewart Richardson a repeat drunk driver and police say drunk again allegedly plowed into the family’s car.

A little more than two years later he is still in jail and the trial hasn’t even started.

But there has been on positive distraction.  Abdallah now has a little sister named Jannah which means ‘heaven’ in Arabic.

“She made my heart wake up again after the accident,” says Elharazin.

Jannah was born on Valentines Day and reminds her parents  everyday to pray for strength.
“I want to play with her and kiss her when I see her smile and move her arms, but I look at him and remember how he was.  Now he can’t do that he can’t even enjoy his sister,” says Elharazin.

Family and friends danced celebrating his life at the party.  Her life meantime reminds them of a little boy who couldn’t wait for his birthday and that, they say, is what makes this day so special.

His family hopes “Abdallah’s Law” a proposal to crack down on repeat offenders who seriously hurt others will eventually become law.  It died after the lawmaker behind it was out of office, but Abdallah’s parents say they will keep pushing for it.


One Comment

  1. waf_98 says:

    “Abdallah was left severely brain damaged after Stewart Richardson a repeat drunk driver and police say drunk again allegedly plowed into the family’s car.”

    Who writes this stuff?? Hopefully not someone who’s getting paid to do it.

    1. Buyerbwear says:

      Amen! It’s the dumbing down of America that contributes to the poor English skills evidenced in almost everything we read in print and/or hear on radio, TV or in public, generally. When I finished third grade, I knew how to diagram a sentence, something that is not even taught in public schools now. Grammar has taken a backseat to political correctness. People in foreign countries who learn English from older textbooks are better versed in English than our own children. It is a travesty of the public school system.

      1. sammhyJ says:

        Is grammar the issue here? Are you some kind of emotionless idiot? Where is your compassion?

    2. 2sister says:

      It would have been better if you had addressed your grammar concerns directly to channel 11. They have a contact link. That way the story could keep the focus on the tragedy that this family is facing..

  2. woody graham says:

    Talk about the repeat drunk driver not the reporters grammer

    God help us!

  3. Chrystin says:

    No, we absolutely should be talking about grammar and writing skills. People whose job is to write should be capable of writing. The abysmal grammar and spelling and lack of editorial oversight is appalling. And it’s not just the web writers. It’s true of national magazines, newspapers, and books. I wrote to an author recently about the impact his poor writing had on his books and he confirmed that he did not have an editor (this was a major publisher), but also thought my complaints were “nit-picky.” He continually misspells and misuses words that have a direct impact on comprehension and readability.

    Regarding repeat drunk drivers: I believe they should receive a stiff sentence, as well as life-time probation.

    1. 2sister says:

      I agree, but the comment pages of this story are not the appropriate or sensitive place to do it. Instead, the grammar problems should be addressed more directly. Channel 11 has a contact link near the bottom of the page.

  4. Eli says:

    waf_98, buyerbwear, & Chrystin…this is not the forum to discuss grammar skills. Obviously, this writer’s skills are pathetic, but this is just not the place. Go start a blog or something.

    For you all to read this article and decide that grammar was your sticking point, and that you should take the time and effort to write about it, is beyond any decent comprehension. Honestly, your thought process and cheap attempt to make any kind of point here, other than just praying for this family, is embarrassingly immature and disgusting.

    Maybe you three need a lesson in perspective.

    Woody Graham…thank goodness someone else here had a clue!


    That is the only conclusion and purposeful point anyone should take from reading this article.

    And to support Abdullah’s Law 100%. Helpless fools like Stewart Richardson should be kept behind bars, so they don’t hurt anybody else.

    1. sherry says:

      Chrystin, I think you meant to say – “People whose job it is to write, should be capable of writing.” But, let me know if I am wrong. I love to learn.

  5. momof4 says:

    My prayers go out to this family. I had a brother killed by a drunk driver he was only 17yrs old. He had fought all his life after being born a a drug addicted mother. He was born weighing only 2 lbs. 2oz.,legally blind and physically challenged. My family understands your pain and aggravation. i just hope and pray that something like this doesn’t happen to the people that have the power to do something about it. Just remember ‘MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY, GOD BLESS.’

  6. Reeper says:

    I am so sorry a self centered person did this to your son, no one deserves that. I will support your “Abdallah’s Law” if it comes up again, but it will have to be very strict or I will propose for it to be changed to be that way. In a truly just world we would have Richardson given the same type brain injury which definitely would prevent him from drinking and driving again. Besides that the only way to prevent him from ever doing this again to another human being is to be locked up the rest of his life (only makes him a drain on society and taxpayers) or be put to death since he is a repeat offender. I prefer the death sentence to any repeat offender who ends up harming/killing someone, 2 strikes and your out, yet only 1 strike if you harm someone to be out. To me it is no different than a person taking a weapon and killing/harming someone needlessly, since a vehicle becomes a deadly weapon with drunks and everyone knows that. I pray some medical advance will come along that will help your son be more like he use to be or at least have a better quality of life.
    As for all the grammar patrol take your rants to the contact list and I apologize to the family that so many people messed the only important point-your child, not them or their ideal of a perfect world. If a news story/Nation alert lacks good grammar warning you of an impending disaster about to strike you will you care about the grammar they used or just quickly seek shelter? They lack knowing those who risk their very lives to save them may not use correct grammar, yet they won’t care one bit about it as long as they don’t die. Good grammar is nice but it won’t save your life and you can’t eat it. Good grammar or not, people are what make the food you eat, risk their lives to save yours and make the world go round, not grammar. Let’s see, doctor you can’t operate on me to save my life because you miss-spelled a word or used bad grammar. Exactly how important is an articles grammar to survival-none. Exactly how important is the content articles to future survival-very since the next drunk might put an end to your good grammar.
    Also for the family just because it appears they may not know things that are happening around them, does not mean they may not. I’m sure even then they can still feel all the love you have for them and even the presence of a new sister. It is a very sad way to live life, yet with so many troops suffering the same type injuries now more than ever it is being researched trying to find ways to make life better for them. So the chance of finding something that may help him and others is more likely now than it ever has been in the past.
    Hemroidious go stick your head up your hemroid to get a breath of your fresh air. Not cute and not funny, remember the Ok. bomber probably looked just like you.

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