Bush Home Buzzing After Bin Laden Killing

DALLAS (AP) – Flag-waving supporters left flowers and patriotic red, white and blue balloons outside the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush Monday in the hours that followed the U.S.-led mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

“Thank you President Bush,” said a sign left on the gate outside the street leading to the secluded Bush residence.

About a dozen people gathered near his security-tight residence until a thunderstorm rolled into the area early Monday.

Bush, who was home when he learned of bin Laden’s death late Sunday, released a statement congratulating President Barack Obama and praising the U.S. military personnel involved in the operation in northern Pakistan. Bush was in power on 9/11 when terrorists commandeered four commercial jets, crashing them in New York City, Washington D.C. and in Pennsylvania, killing nearly 3,000 people.

The president in October 2001 sent U.S. forces on the offensive against al-Qaida and Taliban in Afghanistan.

“This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001,” said Bush, in a statement Sunday night, after Obama called to inform the nation’s 43rd president of the terrorist leader’s death. “The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”

Bush spokesman David Sherzer said Monday that the ex-president does not plan any additional statement.

A spokesperson for Bush’s father, the 41st president, George H.W. Bush of Houston, did not immediately return a call for comment Monday.

The goal of getting bin Laden has been achieved, said U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

“That mission has now been accomplished through the patience and steadfast determination of our military, our intelligence officials, and the united leadership of Presidents Bush and Obama,” she said. “Now we must continue to dismantle this and other terrorist networks that attempt to destroy freedom and human rights throughout the world.”

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said justice has finally been served.

“Let this serve as a grave reminder to all those who wish to do our nation harm: If you murder Americans, you will be hunted, you will be found and you will be brought to justice,” Cornyn said in a statement. “I commend the military and intelligence professionals whose tremendous efforts ended the reign of this terrorist mastermind.”

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott says American justice will forever prevail.

“The face of evil has been eradicated thanks to American forces’ dogged pursuit of justice,” said Abbott.

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One Comment

  1. Claudia says:

    It wasn’t Bush who got OBL, he should have, could have but didn’t. Bush was too busy making money off the war to ” get er’ done “. Thanks all go to President Obama and our troops, not Bush!

    1. Timm says:

      Your an idiot Obama has done nothing but try to elimanate our military.

      1. tlm says:

        You are so right…Obama had nothing to do with it.

      2. Paige Cohen says:

        Now with Pannetta in charge (a numbers guy) you can bet defense will shrink.

      3. SemperFi46 says:

        And it should . We have 6.630 military installations manned by 1.8 million service men and women. That is an outdated Cold War paradigm. In todays world we do not face an enemy like the Soviet Union, We need to cut all the fat in defense and be lean and mean-with quick and overwhelming reactionary forces and state of the art technologies. Most wars in our future will be fought with small elite Marine, Army and navy Seal forces and drones, smart bombs and other sophisticated support technologies, along with our submarine and aircraft carrier groups. There is plenty of room to cut our defense budget in half if we only have the will!

      4. SemperFi46 says:

        And it should . We have 6.630 military installations manned by 1.8 million service men and women. That is an outdated Cold War paradigm. In todays world we do not face an enemy like the Soviet Union, We need to cut all the fat in defense and be lean and mean-with quick and overwhelming reactionary forces and state of the art technologies. Most wars in our future will be fought with small elite Marine, Army and navy Seal forces and drones, smart bombs and other sophisticated support technologies, along with our submarine and aircraft carrier groups. There is plenty of room to cut our defense budget in half if we only have the will!

      5. scot says:

        Timm, one example please of Obama eliminating our Military, just one is enough. You do not have one, fool. Bush failed and Obama succeeded. Now go home.

      6. Chris says:

        Whoever thinks that drones will be the primary force in future conflicts is an idiot. They are only useful in an environment in which the enemy’s own air defenses are eliminated, and even then only until such a time as the enemy is able to block the signal from the operator’s room to the drone itself. If small elite units were so good, why did the Nazi’s lose to the USSR? After all the German army was much better trained than the Russians, better equipped for the most part, and for the most part better supplied. Yet the larger Russian army defeated the German army. Not through tactical superiority but through the fact that the Russians could easily replace soldiers where Germany could not. While Germany dug itself a hole by taking on a two front war, based on your argument Germany should have been able to hold the Eastern Front yet it fell. If one does not learn from history, they are doomed to repeat it. Sorry if I don’t want a repeat of the past world wars.

      7. common says:

        Bush Dropped the ball !
        Obam picked it up and ran with it !

        Bush quotes
        20. “The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” –Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001

        19. “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” –Washington, D.C., March 13, 2002

      8. Another Texas Coverup says:

        Was our military that inept under Bush that he couldn’t get him for 8 years? No, the bin Ladens and Bushes have strong family ties – that is why Bush didn’t go after Bin Laden. Our military could have taken him ouit anytime but Bush protected him. It is just like Texans to thank Bush for something he didn’t do.

      9. EWard says:

        Done nothing? He stepped up the attacked on Al Queda, statistically…AND OSAMA WAS FOUND AND KILLED UNDER HIS DIRECTION…not Bush. It was Bush who told us that he didn’t think too much about Osama, and he wasn’t a priority. Iraq was.

      10. Sheryle Bauer says:

        I agree 100%. O-dumma had NOTHING to do with ridding of the terrorist. Our military did all the work while our president was out golfing.

      11. Deborah Singer says:

        I agree Timm!

      12. Roez says:

        @ EWard what you mean by statistically is resources shifted from Iraq were put into Afghanistan, and there was a shift in the war effort. The places this information came from, Gitmo and the secret overseas prisons, were in place long before Obama scorned them during his campaign.

        If you can’t be genuine then you have no faith in your own beliefs. It’s as simple as that.

      13. tdpwells says:

        common at 10:54 – let’s at least put those Bush quotes in context, shall we?

        “Bush: Who knows if he’s hiding in some cave or not. We haven’t heard from him in a long time. The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized…. I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.”

        Bigger than one person. Do you think this is all over now that Bin Laden is dead? If so, you’re a fool.

        By the way, your anti-war friends are suspiciously hawkish of late. Amusing to watch your opinions flip on a dime based on who sits in the WH. At least Republicans are consistent in their desire for peace through superior firepower. Must burn you guys to know that the intelligence that led to Bin Laden’s death was taken from a detainee who was interrogated in prisons your side wanted shut down. Inconvenient fact, eh?

      14. skystone says:

        shut up and rejoice…this has nothing to do with poltics

      15. beefrank says:

        SemperFi46, what will happen if we have to go up against China, Russia, Iran or all three at the same time? It is a scenario that cannot be ignored.

      16. RicoShay says:

        “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” March 13, 2002, President George Bush

      17. EJ says:

        No, You would be the IDIOT, Obama ORDERED the attack on Bin Laden, Bush said “I don’t know where Bin Laden is and I don’t really care!”

      18. Craig Anderson says:

        The President of the United States has/had practically no power or control over finding and eliminating OBL. Thanks to the CIA and our military for the intelligence and precision of the operation. The President only says “yes” or “no.”

      19. Tex says:

        Good comeback… I’m to understand that Mr. Obama and the CIA’s plan not only resulted in the death of bin Laden, but DIDN’T cost any U.S. lives. Bush on the other hand, gave us 10 years of costly wars and thousands of dead soldiers (not to mention civilian casualties). It baffles me that you can read about this successful operation, where the U.S. finally got the vengeance it sought for over 10 years, and have nothing to say but “Obama sucks.” God help all of you for being so ignorant and hateful.

      20. Jullou says:

        Democrats are so conflicted about a Democrat president giving the command to kill a terrorist, after 8 years of ranting and raving during the Bush Administration. What are the leftist anti-war crowd thinking now? Interesting how NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC are praising Obama, yet when Bush was in office, they worked hard to find any errors made by President Bush and the military.

        Where is the daily body count numbers now?
        Hey, 9/11 truthers, what are you thinking now. President Obama gave orders to kill Bin Laden. Are you a bit conflicted. LOL!!!

      21. Nadia B says:

        amen to that! Bush gets ALL the credit b/c he’s the only one who had the testicular fortitude to go do what no one else could or had the guts to do…and obama just came in ON bush’s already set up activity…obama had NOTHING to do with all the work that got put in over the last 10yrs trying to find that sob, BUSH DID!!! Bush showed the world you do NOT mess with the USA. Obama had the audacity last night to say he was going to follow our national values, except he’s the one who took away national day of prayer this year, when this country’s 1st value is we are founded on Godly principles…we are a country that loves, protects, serves, assists, helps, and forgives…but we also follow old testament standars, “an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth”…and BUSH reminded the world of that, NOT obama!

      22. Barry Watson says:

        Thats right. The Obama Admin has blood on its hands. Their rules of engagement are getting our troops killed.

      23. kevind says:

        don’t forget these wise words from bush

      24. vxp says:

        dear tmm….church a lot?

      25. CASHUAL says:

        i worked under the bush administration in DC and bush didn’t do anything but rake in millions of dollars. he is a liar and a demon! his grandfather started the federal reserve which issues our money. we pay interest on every dollar, yes every dollar that they issue to the american people. how can you pay back, in full, interest on trillions of dollars issued and the total comes out to more than what is issued to our citizens. dumb people to privatize our monetary system. it should be owned by the american citizens and not some private intity. JP Morgan Chase Ceo was George Bush’s grand father and they have been robbing us since. it is time to take back our country through diplomacy and the Power of God! The “illuminati” is operating in our politacal system and running it as we speak. Face it, the news don’t really report what real america thinks. they just report what the lobyist approve of through authorization from the private companies. I don’t want some Donald Trump owning my health care system and benefiting finacially from my sweat and tears/blood. i want to own and control it. DO NOT LET THEM PRIVATIIZE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GOVERNMENT. THAT IS LEGAL EXTORTION OF THE AMERICAN WEALTH THAT HAS BEEN BRUTALLY BUILT ON THE BACKS OF THE AFRO-AMERICAN SLAVES, ILLEGAL/LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, AND THE FINANCIALLY INSLAVED POOR PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION. THE ILLUMINATI IS FLEXING THEIR FINANCIAL MUSCLE TO BREAK THIS COUNTRY AND ALLOW THE NEW WORLD ORDER TO OPERATE OPENLY AND OWN AND RUN THIS WHOLE WORLD. WAKE UP PEOPLE. GLEN BECK WAS FIRED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH AND NOT LOW RATINGS. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED FOR REVEALING THE TRUTH. BUSH AND HIS VICE PRESIDENT WAS DEMONS AND STILL IS.

    2. Alice Cooper says:

      Claudia, what did you do with that money?

      1. Darwin says:

        Claudia you are a racist!

      2. Steve Johnson says:

        Scott says…”Katie, would you like to be tortured – no you would not. The US has agreed not to torture, lest our own be tortured. But morals and your word, mean nothing to republicans. You cannot even admit that Obama gets credit for doing what Bushie boy could not do in 7 years.”

        Well Scott, the ignorant, knuckledragging regressives like yourself are just too mentally challenged to understand our enemies dont give a damn if we treat them “humanely” or not. They’ll torture, murder, behead and desecrate their prisoners even if we hold ours in the freaking Four Seasons, you ignorant cretin!! It’s imbeciles like you and your regressive inbred bretheren that continue to encourage the enemy by your pathetic and Pollyannish mewling about torture and treating those inhuman vermin like real people. Go save a tree and leave the fighting to the MEN who have the stomach for it and the will to win. It was waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that started this ball rolling 4 years ago. During the Bush administration. Your messiah was just fortunate enough to be in office when it came to fruition. God save us from you regressives.

    3. Katie Smith says:

      Also, if you’ve been watching and listening at all, you would know they are saying that the intel that led to this raid came from our old pal Kahlid Sheik Mohommed in 2005 after one of our so called “torture” interrogations – but oops! they don’t work do they????????? Get yourself informed.

      1. Klaus Larry Fischer says:

        yup, and all the libs did was to rag Bush for it….

      2. scott says:

        Katie, would you like to be tortured – no you would not. The US has agreed not to torture, lest our own be tortured. But morals and your word, mean nothing to republicans. You cannot even admit that Obama gets credit for doing what Bushie boy could not do in 7 years.

        repuks, go home and shut up and let the men continue to run things.

      3. victor says:

        Scott….dream on! Do you think that because the US agrees not to torture our people would not???!!! Our enemies crash planes into building and saw people’s heads off on video for you to see. Don’t be so naive.

      4. klg1956 says:

        Hey Scott, if you are a terrorist, then it is a fact if caught you are most likely going to be tortured…terrorist, tortured, terrorist, tortured, they go hand in hand…remember Daniel Pearl? He was terrorized and tortured and beheaded….and we have the guy that beheaded him and by torturing him, we got this intel that led us to bin Laden, and killed him…intel we got years ago and was able to use it to find, capture and kill Osama for terrorizing and killing thousands of us on 9/11……get a grip Scott, you need your diaper changed…hey Obama, Scott needs a free diaper.

      5. Roez says:

        Exactly. There are reports from the Pentagon that the information came from secret overseas prisons, Gitmo and involved questionable interrogation methods.

        If Obama had been in charge five to ten years ago there’s a solid question whether we would have ever obtained this information to start with. All Obama did was follow policy already in place, then jump all over his one hope for re-election.

        Seriously, how many times did he need to say, “I, me, mine” during his speech?” The only way Obama would know grace is if someone mistakenly typed it on his teleprompter.

      6. tdpwells says:

        I love watching liberals sit back and bemoan the horrors of hurting terrorists while at the same time enjoying the safety that such tactics provide. It’ll never not be funny.

      7. Amy Willis says:

        LOL @ Scott asking Katie if she’d like to be tortured. What a ridiculous question. I’d suspect the answer, if one was deserved, would be that she nor any one else wants themselves nor their families blown to bits or beheaded by terrorists and, justly so, will go to whatever end not to watch our children suffer under the war islamic terrorists have perpetrated across the globe. I mean these ‘people’ are not hiding their intent and never have. So I suppose if one wants to terrorize they run that risk…heck I think people who defend terrorists should get their water wings on too.

      8. judy says:

        to scott, the “torture” that was carried out was the same that our own troops go thru in training. what we call torture is nothing compared to the inhumane way some countries treat their own citiens on a daily basis

      9. Ward says:

        Bush had his chance and cried “STAND DOWN” so NOW you give Bush credit? Yet blame Obama for the economy he inherited? What do you call yourselves?

    4. Sheila says:

      Yes. thank Obama for at least not “changing” the Bush Foreign Policy.

      1. ward says:

        oh but he did change it – Obama actually followed through and ‘got ‘er done’ whereas Bush cried “STAND DOWN” when OBL was in his sights and let him go. But you still give the shrub credit? Oh but the Economy Obama inhereited is HIS fault. HYPOCRITES after HYPOCRITES.

      2. Jake says:

        @ Ward. Bush had his chance BEFORE 9/11 2001 ever happened… Hindsight is all great and fun, but the reality of it is that the interrogation methods used as a result of Bush’s policies are what eventually led to Osama’s death… NOT because of any of Obama’s policies. Obama inhereted a collapsing economy and reacted to it by kicking out the last few legs of support. He accelerated the collapse far faster than when Bush was president. Obama has gotta take credit for his policies sooner or later…

    5. Rick Hall says:

      Claudia, the original tip that led to the death of bin Laden was received during an interrogation session at Gitmo FOUR YEARS AGO.

      1. Amy Willis says:

        A person would be hard pressed to find a liberal that would be willing to give Bush or our Military any credit. Obama set the stage last night while he almost broke his own arm patting himself on the back…its only going to become more insufferable. I’m curious why, if obama knew of bin laden’s location last August it took all this time for him to be ‘handled’. I guess obama’s ratings needed a boost or something. Who knows with this guy. Anyway, our Military ROCKS!!!

    6. Ahmed Cao says:

      What took your messiah so long, and since you think Cheney planned the whole thing, why did your teleprompter reader even bother?

      1. Amy Willis says:

        LOL hmmmm, great points!

    7. TiminPhx says:

      You are just a petty, little person. And it’s no doubt as a Leftist you whined about Gitmo.

      By the way, the tip that started this search came from Gitmo, 4 years ago.

      Not that you care. You normally spit at the American Warrior, don’t you?

      1. scott says:

        you are a wimp, TiminPHx. Democrats succeed and repuks failed, again.

        All repuks and teabatggers need to leave the Country now – you do not like the majority of Americans anyway and most of you are cowards like bushie and chenney. 5 deferrements for chenney and Alabama for bush – what tough guys. not.

      2. Lucy C says:

        Scott – Let’s see how long your lovely country exists with out us Free Market Republicans funding your money sucking lives.

      3. Amy Willis says:

        LOL I think Scot needs to up the prozac.

      4. dave says:

        Scott…now now…name calling will get you a time out! How did the Dems succeed? By allowing the military to act on intelligence info from 4 years prior when George W was in office? Oh, Obummy almost broke his arm patting himself on the back taking credit for just saying yes to a military operation. He probably thought he was authorizing a spending bill. Kind of like Col Blake in Mash…never knew what he was signging for when Radar pushed paperwork across his desk!

      5. Amy Willis says:

        Ugh yep!

      6. c says:

        TiminPhx, your an idiot that needs an education. Get one before its too late. It might already be.

      7. C Bauer says:

        It’s YOU’RE. Perhaps YOU need an education as well.

      8. C Bauer says:

        @C: It’s YOU’RE. Perhaps YOU need an education as well.

    8. T...... says:

      you’r a reall jerk!

    9. Qwerty says:

      well now we know what it takes to get Obama off the golf course.

    10. Billl says:

      @Claudia,it was the MILITARY that did it, our defense that Obama wants to cut funding for so badly so he can dump another percentage into the already 60% of our budget welfare and medicare programs. You don’t operate on facts, just your politics, too bad you’re so shallow.

      1. ward says:

        too bad Bush had OBL in his sights and cried “STAND DOWN”. Too bad Obama has the balls to actually follow thru and get this guy. Hypocrites.

      2. Alan Eskew says:

        Ward, We need your fact cited, Bush never stood down the boys from OBL, Stop drinking the rancid cool aid. BO sits back and takes the credit for the ground work that the previous Admin. put in all the while BO and his allies (including you I suspect) attacked him and poo pooed on him and the very military that did it. BO was against the surge that worked he attacked the very heroes that did it. Snubbing the wounded for a photo op. And did his damnedest to stop the “Advanced Interrogations” that got us the info that brought him down. Hes a johnny come lately to the fight and now he get the cred for the job. IT TOOK 7 YEARS TO GET THIS JOB PLANNED AND DONE!! all the while BO and his nimrods did everything to stop it. Economy is effected by policies set by congress, Dems took congress over in 06, it goes down in 08. Not a coincidence.

    11. Gabrielle says:

      If Clinton would have done his job, bin Laden would have been gone before Bush was ever elected to office.

      1. tdpwells says:


      2. rosemary sutton says:

        Right on

    12. Cat Matheson says:

      The Navy Seals got Osama!!!!! Obama was the body in the WH. He doesn’t know what thell he is doing. Stop being disrespectful to Pres. Bush. Liberals like you will always think at a low level.

      1. AnnMarie says:

        You are spot on Cat…it was the Navy Seals & our military we have to thank.

      2. Alex says:

        Military without leadership is useless. Thank you mr. Obama for great lieadership. And thank you Bush for wasting our time for 8 years.

      3. Alan Eskew says:

        Alex BO did everything to stop Bush from getting the job done. STOP WASTING MY TIME WITH YOUR IGNORANCE!!!!!!

    13. Lori says:

      Are you kidding me?!

    14. mignon says:

      What a genius. Really??????????????????

    15. Macha says:

      Sorry to correct you but this mission was begun 4 years ago uncer Bush’s tenure. Obama nearly followed through with what was already under way. Thankfully he didn’t interfere in the proceedings of intelligence gathering that led to this action.

      1. You're wrong says:

        MAcha you are wrong, this operation was started 2 years ago right after Obama ordered Panetta to get OBL – stop trying to credit Bush for something he didn’t do. Bush was inept in every way and this country is still paying for his incompetence.

      2. Debbie says:

        No, you are wrong….get your facts straight…my son is a part of it and it was 4 years ago…what’s your proof? Ignorance is incredible!!!

      3. Roez says:

        “You’re W” following right into Obama’s re-election speech last night, which in my opinion would have done more for him if his writers had been a little less selfish. I swear, you would have thought Obama was in the operations room running a joystick with a trigger on it.

        Obama didn’t start the hunt for Osama by telling anyone to get him. That was well underway and in place for years and years.

      4. tdpwells says:

        Ignorant person at 11:22 – last time I checked, Obama wasn’t president in 2007 when we found out the real name of the courier. Nor was he president in the aftermath of 9/11 when we got the pseudonym for the courier via those interrogation tactics you guys cried about.

        Surprised the left isn’t considering this fruit from a poisonous tree, to be honest. But then, that’s not politically expedient, so of course they’re all national security hawks now that it suits them. Code Pink, where are you?

      5. Three star says:

        Macha, You’re right, it was 4 years ago. A joint effort and one that proved out.

      6. Marco says:

        Does it really matter in the end, OBL is DEAD at the hands of the United States of America. United we Stand… get that through your heads.

    16. MDWhite says:

      What a totally foolish idiot you are.

    17. Bob says:

      I’ll accept its 100 percent Hussien Obama’s responsiblity since he was in office when it happened if you accept that since he was in office when the economy melted down its 100 percent his responsiblity as well

      1. 100% wrong says:

        Bush started a war based on lies that have cost our country trillions – that is the reason for the failed economy – a failed Bush presidency. 100 percent of ecnomists agree on this – Bush drove the country into the ground, you are lucky Obama is there to get it right back on track just like Clinton did after the first Bush fiasco. Texans are notorious for finger pointing and not taking responsibility for their mistakes – remember “mission accomplished.”

      2. Indyvoter says:

        @100% wrong

        You are 100% lying, much like a typical Democrat. The only reason why Obama succeeded here is because he didn’t change any of Bush’s foreign policy, as much as he wanted to. Turns out Bush was correct. Obama has put this country in huge deficits and trashed our economy and you have the nerve to still blame Bush.

    18. Steve says:

      That’s an idiot statement…it was the work of our intelligence service & all our military personnel & both administrations hard work…

      1. Alan Eskew says:


    19. YAZ4 says:

      Claudia. You are just like so many ignorant Americans that cannot see the forest for the trees. Obama is our Worst Enemy. He supports HAMAS…( a huge terrorist group in Palestine) by giving them 8MILLION $$$$ He does NOT support Israel..and just keeps helping the Enemy. How can u in all honesty, and decency say that Osama#2 should get any praise for this?????? ARE U JUST IGNORANT..OR are u like all Liberals…that wear Obama Blinders and will NOT see the Wrong this man has done to this OUR USA???? Wake up for Gods Sake…… GEORGE W. BUSH AND THE US MILITARY GET THIS VICTORY…….NOT YOUR OBAMA………!!! plus…Claudia?? explain to me why OBAMA supposedly disposed of Osama’s body??????// WHY? Why not let the public..and ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT LOST LOVED ONES ON 911 SEEEEEE THE PROOF??????? He is such a liar..and has done nothing for the good of OUR America. You people are so blind u cannot see his backstabbing our USA. The sooner this traitor is gone……the better.

    20. scott says:

      no Jim, you suck. typical repuk – the democrats succeed where he and the repuks failed, again.

    21. Vink says:

      Claudia, you’re an idiot. I’m sure it’s not the first time someone has called you that. Perhaps your Mother and Father on quite a few occasions?

    22. jake34 says:

      8 years w/Bush as Commander-in-Chief and NO Bin Laden.

      2 years w/Obama as Commander-in-Chief and guess what? Bin Laden dead and burried.

      Just the facts you Bush lovers

      1. victor says:

        If you are sooooooo naive as to think the military geniuses we now have in the administration made any difference in the ongoing operations (other than trying to and in some cases downsizing them) you need to get an education. Operations like these take YEARS to develop.

      2. Indyvoter says:

        At least Bush had the nerve to take on Osama. Clinton was too busy adulterating and partying in his White House to go after him. Thanks to Bush, Obama had plans and the military already there on hand to pull off this task.

      3. George Kelley says:

        Obama was against the war, but to his credit he carried out Bush’s policies on the war.

      4. dave says:

        Obummy said yes when presented with the military operation which was the result of 10 years worth of intelligence collection and interrogation tactics started under Bush! Just another “Fact”. You make it sound as if Obummy went out on the mission himself..in fact he was playing golf.

    23. gloria says:

      And it was Clinton who let him get away.

      1. dave says:

        ABSOLUTELY! Correct on all accounts!

      2. karl anglin says:


    24. Jen06 says:

      Hey Claudia, Forget that it was due to intelligence gathering from a system set up by President Bush. Somehow Obama put on the suit of a Navy Seal and shot bin Laden himself, doncha know????

    25. jared says:

      very educated comment…..lol

    26. CalisPal says:

      Booo! BHO has done nothing but berate the military, sick his stupid wife on the military families (like she really cares about them- ha!), and played too many rounds of golf. He and she have gotta go!

    27. anon says:

      You are an idiot.

    28. Chippy55 says:

      Clinton could have gotten him, duh, but he didn’t want to offend the Suadis because Clinton didn’t want oil to go up, so duh, just like Ollie North said decades ago, “bin Laden is the most dangerous man on earth.” Look for gas to go to $6 a gallon now, since we still get all that oil from the Saudis, and Obama has done NOTHING to alleviate the status, and even last month elected to CUT military spending, just like Clinton. Hurray for the Navy.

    29. Jerry says:

      How sad that some of us are saying it’s a great day for Americans and some of us are saying it’s a great day for DEMOCRATS.

      Small-minded partisans will be the death of this country one day.

      1. Alan Eskew says:

        Amen to that

    30. WesternGal says:

      It WAS President Bush and our magnificent military that brought this devil down. You can’t pull this off in 2 years when you were busy passing Obamacare and undermining the standard of living in America!

      Congrats President Bush and our wonderful military!

      1. studboy says:

        so they got the info in 05 but couldn’t get him until 2011? Makes sense doesn’t it tool…the truth is the waterboarded him over 180 times…he didn’t give away the name of the courier…until 1 1/2 years later..through normal interrogations..ie ..talking to him?? try to spin it any way u can…informed…curious george needs credit now…but takes no credit for the mess he left Obama? informed? LOL

    31. victor says:

      The democrats succeeded…!!!!! LOL…with the current president all but eliminating the “war on terror” phrase because it was politically incorrect for him and his “sensitive” base. funny how the phrase is all over the news today. The continued operations started by Bush finally have paid off. Obama is just lucky to have been around at the right time. Democrats are notoriously wimpy when it comes to actually putting up a fight and our current commander in chief more so than most.

    32. EWard says:

      Obama sucks? That’s all you’ve got? Grow up little boy.

      We changed the name of the War on Terror, because it is ignorant. You can’t have a war on an action, or you have a never-ending war, hence the 1984 references. Only an idiot would declare war on an action. We needed clear enemies…not just “whoever doesn’t like us.”

      1. Todd says:

        No, we change the name not to upset our Muslum friends on Obama’s “Let’s Suck up to the Muslum World and Put Down the US tour” 2009-2010. I actually have the T-Shirt. Another liberal joker

      2. Wonkish Rogue says:

        Yep. Man caused disasters is really where it’s at. Nuance.

    33. klg1956 says:

      Claudia, you are a claudhopper, without a brain in you head!

    34. C says:

      Shut up Claudia, Go back to your liberal hole. If it wasn’t for GW’ds determination, Bama would have done nothing and let it slide so shut up and sit down.

    35. klg1956 says:

      Actually, Claudia, it was Gitmo detainees who were interrogated that got this intel..so when you say it wasn’t Bush, Bush established this form of incarceration and interrogation for terrorists, which lead to bin Laden’s capture and kill, remember, Claudia, when Obama ran on closing Gitmo within the first year of his Presidency, and all detainees given fair trials in civilian court? Gitmo is still there, and it was Bush who caught bin Laden, and Osama taking credit for it…oh, sorry, Obama taking credit for it, like always, blame Bush or take Bush’s credit! He is a sorry excuse for a Prez and you must be on life support, brain dead I mean, if you can’t critically think which you have most sincerely proved! You must be a teacher or an educated idiot, like your Prez!

    36. Debbie says:

      wow, are you really serious? Take down your wall, take off the blinders and come back to the real world. Obama didn’t want this war….all you ‘peace loving’ liberals were constantlly saying we didn’t belong over there and were there for no reason, just wasting money. Now you all come out of the woodwork and try to take credit for the capture of Bin Laden. The ignorance of some people is incredible!!!

    37. Don Ingram says:

      You just showed your ignorance and how miss informed you are about the gulf war. After all the congressional hearings that went on concerning President Bush and the war, not one shred of evidence was produced that President Bush made money off this war. You and your liberal friends can lie and try to deceive the public about the Gulf War, but the truth all ways comes out. You should get your facts straight before spreading propaganda,

      1. gifford says:

        Most propaganda is not about truth, it is about spreading the lie, and then repeating it until it is believed.

    38. Cliff C says:

      This wasn’t a Bush or Obama victory, it was a victory for our Country. We need to sincerely congratulate President Obama. He has done something extremely effective — and when he does, it needs to be pointed out. President Obama has continued the Bush policies of keeping a military presence in the Middle East. He did not scrub the mission to get Bin Laden.

      1. klg1956 says:

        Yes, correctly said! Thank you Bush, thank you Cheney and thank you President Barack Hussein Obama!

      2. C says:

        Hear Here!!!! Thank you President Bush 41, 43, President Clinton and President Obama. This is not a victory for the right or the left. This is a victory for all of America.

      3. dave says:

        when you say that it needs to be pointed out, I get the image of positive reinforcement as if you’re training a child to go potty or training a dog! Maybe he will do more good things if he is positively reinforced?

    39. BeeNot Conformed says:

      Wow! Barry baby boy Obama is following every crumb Bush & Cheney left behind. Why? Because he is inept at everything he attempts to lead. Every problem he can’t solve is Bush’s fault; the converse must also be true…every good thing he does must also be to Bush’s credit…can’t have both…I will vote for the Bugs Bunny Elmer Fudd ticket before I would ever entrust anymore of my Liberty to this person the irresponsible elected including Ms Winfrey who has managed to splinter our country into ” A Million Little Pieces”

    40. Steve says:

      According to other press reports, the intelligence gathered for this mission was obtained from a Gitmo detainee 4 years ago. The CIA had been following Bin Laden’s courier. That is how they found him in Pakistan. Does 4 yr old info get credited to Obama? What about the SEALs? How about we call it even? Bush/Obama vicotry

    41. Paula says:

      No Claudia. President Bush allowing waterboarding at Gitmo got the info needed to find Bin Laden. If Obama would have had his way (closing of Gitmo, Osama would never have been caught.

    42. bewolff says:

      Thanks to all that tried and those that did an especially to those that lost their lives trying,you are a scarcastic joker,still the racist black.

    43. fishcakes says:

      Thank you President Bush. If the media won’t say it, we and millions more will.

      1. studboy says:

        lol…u are nuts

    44. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ~ John F. Kennedy

      —– http://911essentials.com

    45. bj says:

      Youare a complete idiot.claudia.

    46. HillbillieRN says:

      Obama couldn’t pull the cork out of his own butt with both hands. Obama has repeated said he wouldn’t kill Bin Laden (look it up). The only credit Obama gets is NOT dismantling Gitmo and the great military coalition of SEALS, Delta, Marine Recon, Rangers, etc., that President Bush had assembled. It was that team which nailed Bin Laden. Obama is an idiot and make sure you speak his name when you are pumping 6 dollar/gallon gas or buying groceries that have quadrupled in size.

    47. cj says:

      Claudia.. the daily idiot.

    48. RB says:


    49. Zaanga says:

      your an idiot

    50. Paul says:

      Claudia, you will never have hemorrhoids.

    51. Dave says:

      What a waste of a post! Just how did Bush profit? You don’t have a clue do you? It was Bush’s policies and leadership that brought us to where we are today, but I do give Obama kudos…he said yes when presented with the option…probably thought it was a spending bill he was authorizing!

    52. Pags0668 says:

      Moron – The TIP came from Guantanamo Bay… Ya know, the same place Obama wants to close down because it doesn’t work!!!!

      Now really, who got him?

    53. Bill says:

      Claudia,why don’t you stick your socialist head where the sun does not shine.



    54. Stanley Gornish says:

      Why is it jerks like Claudia think they have some special insight into what
      REALLY happened? She probably joins the other nuts who believe Bush or somebody else set up the 911 attack. It’s funny and sad to read comments from people like Claudia. Perhaps she needs a good psychiatrist to help her understand her lack of reality and feelings of paranoia.

      1. ReganGhost says:

        Bush is a dummy he was sitting in a classroom for 30 minutes doing nothing when they told him 9/11 happened. Bush is a redneck dummy who had no idea how to run the country. you want to thank republican? Thank Cheney and Gates.

    55. Tom Davidson says:

      Obama will take the credit. His successes have all come from sustaining the Bush policies – Iraq, Afghanistan, UBL, Gitmo. He only fails when he strikes out on his own.

    56. LL in La says:

      Glad to see you using your name to post. Did you know your name translates from Latin as “lame”? It’s apparent to most who read your posts. Just thought you’d like to know.

    57. Finally says:


      You are an idiot. This is Bush’s victory. The result of the “enhanced interrogations” aka “waterboarding” authorized by Bush and hated by the left. KSM spilled the beans on the secret courier of UBL.

      Finally, one that really is Bush’s fault!

      Take the blinders off-it’s liberating.

    58. Rocky says:

      Actually if you want to go back a little further, Clinton had him and then let him go.

    59. jsw says:

      Give credit to the military for their discipline and dedication to carry out this mission so effectively. The first leads to find OBL in this operation came from interrogated Gitmo detainees 4 years ago. Both Gitmo and interrogation are detested by BO.

      1. Karen says:

        Exactly jsw, thank the military. They are the ones putting their lives on the line, not Obama. Obama opposed the war, bad-mouthed Bush for the war, and thanks to him the terrorists have to be read their rights first.

      2. Norm says:

        There are internatiolnal laws about abuse of prisoners and I certainly wouldn’t want American prisoners to get worse treatment then they already do. If you don’t agree, you would if you or your son was a prisoner of another nation. Anyway, I heard on the O’Donnel show last night from a Gitmo interrogator that the information did not come from abuse but much later without abuse. I am a 20 year vetran. What and who are you?

    60. Karen says:

      get real Claudia

    61. Clementine says:

      What a brainwashed comment. Obama didn’t do anything, but read a Cue Card that was written by BUSH!!!
      Obama is a PUPPET, nothing more, just a glory seeking PUPPET!!!! Come on 2012; it’s time to take out the TRASH America!!

    62. Oceania says:

      You are too myopic to see things clearly. The US military had been tracking a courier in Pakistan for 4 yrs, waiting for him to reveal where OBL was hiding.
      Obama is an innocent bystander in all of this. The pieces were put in place during the Bush administration and he rebuilt our intelligence capabilities after Clinton degraded them. Do you leftist nuts not even have enough decency to give the man his due.

    63. Lee says:

      Bush kept the heat on and virtually created a vacuum in which Mr. Bin Laden had to live. So give the man a little profit. And Claudia’s snarky comment about Bush making money off the war is totally ridiculous! Show us how, if you are going to make random unsubstantiated remarks like that!

    64. Brian Doehrman says:

      Claudia, you are a simplistic fool to truly believe those words

    65. VApatriot says:

      You are right it wasn’t Bush. But it wasn’t the idiot in the white house now either. It was the military that got the information through interrigation. Oh yeah –that happened while Bush was in office and allowed us to defend this country. We can[t even do that anymore.

    66. Francis says:

      It was Obama who stated(when running for President) that Gitmo & the enhanced interrogation techniques used to extract possible vital intel(such as that secured which assisted in finally locating bin Laden) were all going to be shutdown immediately once he became President. It was a campaign promise. He also promised to remove the U.S. military presence from the Middle East. He didn’t. So the very Bush policies he promised to shutdown/reverse in fact were crucial in locating Osama bin Laden. Btw, the team that took out bin Laden was the very same team that captured Sadaam Hussein.

      Credit definitely goes to Obama but the tools in place were courtesy of Bush. I’m
      just thankful that Obama didn’t keep his campaign promises(at least in this case).


    67. Jen says:

      are you people serious? You give the shrub credit for this? Oh come on – he had his chance and he said “STAND DOWN” don’t you remember?

    68. Tom West says:

      It’s hard to understand the depth of stupidity on the left.

      1. Jen says:

        it’s hard to undersatnd the depth of stupidity on the right. You are actually trying to give that coward bush credit for this? Now that’s stupid.

      2. Jenn says:

        It really is. Could they be anymore ignorant? Can’t stand Liberals! They make my skin crawl with how incredibly ridiculous they are! They are all a waste of space!

    69. Johnny b says:

      Thank you BHO for KEEPING Bush’s policy intact. (including harsh interrogation of prisoners at Gitmo)

      1. Ward says:

        too bad the shrub didn’t have the guts to actually get ‘er done with OBL. he had his chance – don’t you remember he said “STAND DOWN”? But then we all see the right wing is full of cowards who throw out lies and deception in order to get their point across. But we see you now!

    70. rick says:

      WOw!!! I am simply dumbfounded by the ignorance of facts.

    71. rick says:

      you are a moron

    72. okieman01 says:

      I’m sure you have evidence that Bush made money off the war….

    73. Marla says:

      Clinton had the chance to get him, but instead, got Monica.

    74. dinarded says:

      You’re an idiot

    75. Literate says:

      I thought Obama inherited this mess and hunt from Bush? The intelligence that made this happen was gathered at Gitmo, a place Obama vowed to close (until he realized that we don’t live in Candyland and some evils are necessary) and GWB opened. Obama deserves credit, but Bush and the military deserve more. Read a book.

    76. pat says:

      “get er done” says it all… rednecks rarely understand …

    77. mary says:

      Claudia, you are so brainwashed…”make money, make money”. So stuck in that liberal thinking that all republicans are out for the buck. Bottom line is Obama kept the Bush policies in place and that is how this murder was finally brought to justice!

    78. Danny Boy says:

      If you read past the headlines and white house press releases you would know that this was a 5 year operation!! Which began with intel gathered from high level detainees captured and held at Guantanimo!! You know the place your messiah wanted to close down??? Noe of this would be possible if we did not have the assets and tools that were put in by the Bush people…like Gitmo and military bases in Afghanistan etc.. These things don’t happen overnight .. I do commend Obama for continuing the Bush doctrine and not do what Clinton did and just fire tomohawk missiles…Kudos to the Prez for that….but lets not forget this was a ten year operation. Don’t be a simpleton..

    79. Larry D. Crumbley says:

      Nice try Claudia, now go to bed, and let the “BIG” boys make some comments.

    80. james r. says:

      Dearest Claudia nobody said ‘GWB’ got to UBL, however our current president did ‘credit’ George Bush for creation of the information gathering system which lead to the terror king’s demise. As for Bush starting wars just to make a profit that boat must be right next to the birther ship, why don’t you & Donald Trump get onboard and take a long delusional trip.

    81. Dave Johnston says:

      Obama just happened to be filling the seat at the time they finally got their sights on OBL so he got the credit. If they could’ve located the cave that cretin was occupying when Bush was at t he helm he would’ve sent in the cavary as well. It is just like Clinton getting the credit for the budget excess during his tenure it was nothing he did other then stick to the Reagan plan that was put in place when he was President and Clinton sticking to plan as did Bush Sr during his presidency. Reagan stated that it would not be on his watch that the budget would be balanced, he just started the appropriate plan and Clinton got the accolades because it came to frutation during his tenure.
      Not minimizing Obama’s order to ignore soveriegnty of Pakistan because if they would’ve been aware or were asked to join in, OBL would not have been there, he would’ve been tipped off before hand. It is just the fact of the matter that after 10years, Obama happened to be filling the seat when OBL location was finally nailed down. All the credit goes to our brave Navy Seals and bit of good fortune that our intelligence finally paid off. If bush was in it to make money off the war then he would’ve done what Donald Trump is advocating, “the spoils of war go the victor” and took control of them Iraqi oil wells. All you Obamaites that wanted real change got it, but not the change that was promised nor expected. Highest unemployment in decades, such bad debt that the US credit was downgraded and we are in the process of losing the position of the dollar being the world currency and if that happens the great depression will look like the good times. Hows that change working out for you?

    82. cathy says:

      duh…enough said

      1. cathy says:

        rotfl…poor Claudia…wonder does she regret her stupidity yet??? Geez.

      2. cathy says:

        I love W….miss him so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    83. gfy2734 says:

      I agree with Timm. You’re an idiot.

    84. Joan Trofino says:

      Claudia: For once I feel able to commend Obama…although, I always feel he has another motive in all his actions…in this one, I think he wants to appear decisive and strong to the American public…J

    85. Mrs Kadaffii says:

      Well we will see how long it will take Obama to get Kadaffi! He bombed the facility and still didn’t get him. Soon there will be no intelligence agencies they will be reassigned as air traffic controllers…..

    86. Capn Jack says:

      According to news reports, the intelligence about the Osama compound was first generated four years ago through a Gitmo detainee, who was subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques.
      I want to thank those that were responsible for keeping Gitmo in operation and for using the enhanced interrogation techniques.

    87. Angie says:

      Let me explain this to you REAL SLOW CLAUDIA, It’s President Bush’s Terror Policies, That YOUR EL Obozo, is FOLLOWING thats how he GOT OSOMA OKAY??? Your El Bozo could’nt lead a Girl Scout Troop to a campfire without someone holding his HANDS!!!!!! AGREE OUR MILATARY is the One WHO DESERVES ALL THE CREDIT …

    88. Keith says:

      Obama is a small, petty and insecure man–never been much more than an organizer. Just say thanks to Bush for his role and then take your credit. It’s the least you can do to once be respectful of the office you hold instead of viewing everything as a cheap politian. Rise up, young man.

    89. Virginian says:

      Claudia you’re stupid. Go learn your ABC’s.

    90. Zinger says:

      Claudia – what are you smoking? Without Bush policies this never would have happened. And Obama took the opportunity only to look good.

    91. Rosemary Sutton says:

      If it were not for Bush, OBL would still be on the loose. Wake up and pay attention to history. It actually started during the interrogations of 2011 that led to this. If Obama had closed Getmo this would not have happened. I do give Obama credit for the go ahead and the results. This has been a culmulation of years of intell.

    92. jj says:

      what money did bush make off of the war? you know the one President obama could choose to end, yet doesnt…

    93. krakowian says:

      Sorry, Claudia, but this is either a totally mis-informed opinion, or ignorant or forgetful of history. When Bush was president, and we went into Afghanistan, Musharraf was leader, and a necessary ally in the war. Once Bin Laden moved into Pakistan, hands were tied. Also, you might want to know that in 2006, Pelosi herself essentially said it wasn’t worth trying to capture or kill him then. Can you at least admit that you are purely politically motivated, since your own words bely that fact?

    94. Mission Actually Accomplished says:

      Republicans threaten. Democrats get the job done.

    95. Jett says:

      Another conspiracy theorist with access to the internet.

    96. Kelly R says:

      Claudia what is your liberal excuse for Clinton letting him get away???

    97. Wilnton III says:

      Oh Claudia, people such as yourself need to re-examine your comment, this is not about Bush vs Obama, it is about taking out a very bad person in the world that has affected hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world!

    98. Mark says:

      I give them both credit. Obama for having the guts to give the go ahead for the mission and Bush for withstanding all of the abuse over Guantanamo and interrogation procedures which ultimately provided the necessary intel to finally find this compound. This is a great day for America!

    99. Nadia B says:

      and by making money u mean lowered our taxes and was the one out helping ppl like FL when they got hit with hurricanes…lol obama was trying to pull our troops out not go look OBL, bush never stopped looking and he would’ve had him had the media not stupidly announce about our intel on their calls and msgs

    100. Harold says:

      Claudia, you are an idiot! Obama threatened to discontinue all of Bush’s policies concerning apprehension and interrogation of terrorists who were captured. Furthermore, he said that he was going to CLOSE GITMO. Interrogations at
      GITMO led to the intelligence information that permitted his eventual
      death. You need a crash course in LOGIC!

    101. Mike says:

      Uhhh…you must be under 20 years old right? Obama did one thing here…made the “go” call. The Bush administration paved the way for this operation four years ago with information obtained from terrorists at Gitmo (which Obama wanted to close). Obama deserves credit for one thing…giving the right call. The Bush administration, CIA, and United States Military did all of the real work here, despite what your messiah may claim.

    102. Wonkish Rogue says:

      Bush has been gone over 2 years and some bats on the Left still hate him more than they hated OBL. And stop hiding behind your praise of the troops. Leftists love the military when it serves their political needs. Otherwise they are bloodthirsty killers and worse than Pol Pot, a Soviet Gulag or some mad regime.

    103. Rod says:

      Claudia, please don’t ever post anything publicly again. It’s embarrassing to your parents and the school system you attended.

    104. Johnson P says:

      Claudia – It was Obama that wanted to close down where the information
      was obtained, thank God he did not get his way and that is how they

    105. Red in Denver says:

      Nasty, partisan comment, Claudia. Two of the things Obama opposes (Guantanamo & waterboarding) were responsible for the intelligence which allowed Obama to make the decision to act. I don’t mind giving credit to Obama for acting on the intelligence, but you, if you were a well-informed, truthful person, would give GWB credit for those things which produced the information on where UBL was hiding.

    106. Jerry in Tampa says:

      Something tells me that Claudia has blonde hair.

    107. MReeder says:

      Had candidate Obama had his way, President Obama would not be a spectator dancing in the end zone today. Credit to Obama for ordering the raid, but the information thread that led to the courier that finally led to bin Laden was first obtained back in 2004 through the use of waterboarding. Intelligence continued to be enhanced by additional information obtained through the same means. We were beginning to close in on the compound by 2007. Nor did Obama issue any fresh order to kill bin Laden; he merely reaffirmed a standing order from President Bush. For Obama to claim credit for finding UBL is equivalent to claiming credit for oil production that began under Bush, which Obama has since curtailed. The real credit for this operation properly goes to the men and women of the CIA and the Seals who entered the compound and pulled the trigger. But they would have never been in that position without the “harsh” interrogation techniques ordered by Bush. That information, incidentally, is being transmitted by such obviously rightwing organizations as MSNBC, The Daily Caller, Associated Press and Washington post.

    108. Linda says:


      You are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts

    109. BushRocks says:

      LOL, Claudia, you make me laugh – what a clown and fool you are if you really think that.
      Thanks President Bush – we are proud of you and appreciate your persistence!!

    110. Terry says:

      To Claudia, you are as ignorant as they come. What money was Bush making. Scott – Obama benefitted from the interrogation methods that Bush used, and how do you suppose you would extract information from a terrorist, by kissing them you dope. And, Common, Bush did not drop the ball, the only place Obama ran was most likely to the nearest golf course. And Obama did not know where Bin Laden was either. You people are so naive. I bet if you were in trouble and needed help you would be the first to scream like a pig for the police to come and help you.

    111. carpenter says:

      What a pathetic statement!

    112. Judy says:

      You’re a moron if think Obama did it all!

    113. pineapplecake says:

      It was Bush’s administration that got the information and set up the ability to get Osama and our military that got him. Credit should go to them. Waterboarding works!!

    114. common says:

      You are 100% correct. This explains how Obama succeeded where Bush failed.


    115. riverdave says:

      Just why is your vision so narrow as to exclude facts and reason.

      There is something much more important than your petty partisan denial.

      On 9/12 2001 we stood together as one nation, we have been sense been driven back into little clusters, divided and venerable. Divided we fall.

      This was a victory to be proud of and celebrated as one nation. It was not something done by the single efforts of one man.It took nearly ten years of United effort to bring this moment. President Bush started a process that survived the current administration to this fruition.

      God Bless America and God Bless our Troops.

    116. cashual says:

      bush isn’t great at nothing but extorting money from the american people for the benefit of being highly regarded by the “ILLUMINATI” during the reign of the new world order aka the political system of the anti-christ. Obama had the balls to kill the demon called bin laden without pakistans approval, per CNN. Pakistan has been and always was supporting bin laden. that is why they are mad at us for going in and killing him. they was never gonna let us get him and Obama said forget that and went in on his on will and authourity. bush allowed bin laden to do what he did to raise gas prices and make normal americans choose between gas or feeding their children and now they are taking away foodstamp program too maybe. talking about financial slavery and political oppression on the american people. i worked in his administration in DC and he is a crook, straight up crook and i am from poor america born and raised. i know a crook when i see one. i lived with them all through my community in my adolescence. i have family members doing 45 years in the state and fed. penal systems. i choose a honest route in life and education to beat poverty. how does buildings falling, that don’t house oil or oil products, give anyone reason to raise gas prices? dumb people believe that. it takes fuel the same amount of miles and same vehicles and transfers as before. the gas companies,,,exxon, shell…etc. are making huge profits. that tells you that they are riipping off the american people. greed is driving up gas prices and the illuminati is the guilty party. gas prices should never be allowed to surpass $2.00 a gallon /premium or super. my friends gas to get to work monthly expense is more than their one bedroom apartent rent…

      1. Clint says:

        Who has control of the gas? The gas companies you moron. you really think Bush had control of them? no he didn’t they went up so that Bush can be blamed for going to war ya i agree gas should not have gone up that far but guess what your blaming the wrong person. Im srry that your friend spends alot of money on gas i do to, i even use the premium unleaded because thats all my car can use. But bush isnt who to blame is the gas companies its even high rite now bacause of the conflict in Israel and the countries around it.

    117. Clint says:

      No no no you are mistaken. Bush wanted to say yes but could not because Chaney told him to no do not kill him. Chaney was the one who was holding all the Intel about Osama and everything else. Chaney was making money. He use to be the President of Halliburton a company that goes into third world countries and puts in utilities to make in more modernized. Not everything is Bushes fault, ya he could have ignored Chaney but something alot worse could have happened that Bush didnt want.

    118. Tom says:

      To Claudia,
      yeah bc obama has done so much…..NOT! these troops that DID this (not obama) were threatened to not be payed a few weeks ago. oh and by the way this article was not thanking bush for killing OBL it was just stating the facts.

  2. keshia says:

    I totally agree with Claudia..it was not Bush!!! No, Timm you are the idiot!! All praise goes to our troops and Pres. Obama!! GREAT JOB!! BTW, what the hell did Bush do anyway???

    1. Sheila says:

      Bush got Saddam and saved the Iraqi people….duh Keshia

    2. Klaus Larry Fischer says:

      Obama has been against the war, and the military since his political career began. He opposed the initial invasion of Iraq, opposed the serge, opposed going to Aghanistan, Pakistan. He voted against body armor, against kevlar upgrades, personal blowout bags, military bonuses, and the list goes on and on and on…………..

    3. Lady Angelique says:

      He started the war on terror that Obama is finishing up. All the credit should to the Navy Seals who did the job.

      1. gloria says:

        What about Clinton who let him get away

      2. Jared says:

        There’s no war on terror……Obama can’t even say ‘war on terror’ It’s offensive to muslims…..

      3. clementine says:

        Amen, GO NAVY; these servicemen deserve the best; the politicians that we have today that have NEVER served in the military do not understand. The politicians are abusing our tax dollars with free medical, outrageous retirement and some don’t even par the IRS their due TAXES. YET, these idiots are cutting our military, cutting our space program and cutting our Medicare/Social Security
        and causing our dollar to decline in value. They even have the nerve to give billions of our TAX dollars to foreign countries!! Enough—we need to CHANGE BACK to REALITY in 2012!!!

    4. MDWhite says:

      Obama didn’t “do” anything other than give a nod and watch it all on a jumbotron. Brave talk from and a lot of credit to someone who detests the military and never wore a uniform.

      1. ward says:

        Bush could have given that same nod – but what did the cowardly shrub say “STAND DOWN”. and it look a Democrat and 10 years to finally ‘get ‘er done.

      2. Larry D. Crumbley says:

        Amen to your comment,a nd again I say AMEN!!!! He is a disgrace to the “TERM” Commander-in-Chief”.

    5. Diane Emmerich says:

      Keisha, your messiah obama is nothing but an empty suit. It was President Bush and his vigilance that prevented another attack. It was his resolve and perserverance and our info from gitmo that culminated in this success. I am grateful, however that obama took time out from golf and WH parties to approve the attack.

    6. pete says:

      keshia kenta, we know where your brain is at……………..ya go right ahead and praise the great obamame.. May get u some more hope and change. Oh almost forgot, make sure u are facing east when you pray and praise the great on……..obamame

    7. Don Ingram says:

      If you don’t know by now, you’ll never know. God Bless George Bush and His father.

      1. ward says:

        why did Bush have OBL in his sights and then say “STAND DOWN”.? Why didn’t he get him when he had the chance? Try to explain that one. Right wing is so full of cowards who refuse to see the facts. I’m so glad I’m not “one of you”.

      2. Wonkish Rogue says:

        We’re glad of that too Ward. You have no idea how glad.

    8. RB says:

      You Dirty WH*&^E!!!!!!!!!!

      1. okieman01 says:

        I may not like her comment but calling her names doesn’t solve anything

      2. ward says:

        Oh that’s the right wing way don’t you know – if you can’t debate on the facts then just call ’em filthy names. So typical of you knuckle draggers – yea I called you a knuckle dragger.

      3. Larry D. Crumbley says:

        RB that is okay WARD is allowed to say anything “STUPID” he wants to say. That is what makes this nation what it is. even though as a lefty he is in the party that cannot find time to do anything right for this nation, and they are the ones that have allowed the job base get destroyed, and well I could go on, and on, but why do I have to.—THEY HAVE MADE IT CLEAR FROM DAY ONE—“HOPEY, AND CHANEY” IS ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BEING LEFT WITH NOTHING BUT CHANGE, AND NO HOPE WHEN THIS SO-CALLED PRESIDENT IS DONE. I GUESS YOU LOVE THAT YOUR MAN IS CONTROLLED LIKE A PUPPET BY GEORGE SOROS UHH WARD? YOU DO NOT MIND THAT NOW DO YOU?

      4. Wonkish Rogue says:

        Nobody cares Ward. Your opinion is worthless as this president.

    9. dave says:

      Bush set up the policies that allowed us to detain and interrogate detainees at GITMO, set up Homeland Security, Cyber Command, etc. It was his policies that got us here even though he wasn’t in office when they finally bore fruit. Unfortunately, your boy was. I do give him kudos….he finally made a decision and said yes; although, he probably thought it was a spending bill he was approving!

      1. ward says:

        too bad when the shrub had his chance to “get” OBL he cried “STAND DOWN’. Too cowardly to even take out USA #1 Enemy. It took a democrat and 10 years to finally capture this piece of work.

      2. Wonkish Rogue says:

        Nice fantasy Ward. A Democrat got this president. LOL! Yeah I wonder how many members of Seal Team 6 vote Democrat.

    10. Literacy says:

      I thought Obama inherited this mess and hunt from Bush? The intelligence that made this happen was gathered at Gitmo, a place Obama vowed to close (until he realized that we don’t live in Candyland and some evils are necessary) and GWB opened. Obama deserves credit, but Bush and the military deserve more. Read a book.

    11. Danny Boy says:

      If you read past the headlines and white house press releases you would know that this was a 5-10 year operation!! Which began with intel gathered from high level detainees captured and held at Guantanimo!! You know the place your messiah wanted to close down??? None of this would be possible if we did not have the assets and tools that were put in place by the Bush people…like Gitmo and military bases in Afghanistan etc.. These things don’t happen overnight .. I do commend Obama for continuing the Bush doctrine and not do what Clinton did and just fire tomohawk missiles…Kudos to the Prez for that….but lets not forget this was a ten year operation. Don’t be a simpleton

    12. Capn Jack says:

      According to news reports, the intelligence about the Osama compound was first generated four years ago through a Gitmo detainee, who was subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques.
      I want to thank those that were responsible for keeping Gitmo in operation and for using the enhanced interrogation techniques.
      This all occurred under Bush’s watch. Your name says it all.

    13. Wonkish Rogue says:

      Obama had the good sense (poll reading) to follow the path that President Bush laid out. Those harsh interrogation techniques decried by Obama and Co are what garnered the information that led to Bin Laden’s hideout. Stop with you fantasies.

    14. Red in Denver says:

      Keshia, ready my reply to Claudia. It was GWB who created Guantanamo and who approved waterboarding — two things Obama does not agree with — which lead to UBL being found.

      Have you been keeping up with current events these past several years?

    15. pineapplecake says:

      Bush captured the terrorist and got the information that lead to the carrier that led to osama, duh!

  3. JIMBO says:

    Keshia And Claaudia;
    This should have been taken care of long before Bush. Learn your history Our great miltary and other key leadres had Bin Laden in there sites ready to take him OUT during the CLINTON adminstraion. But he did not have the curage OR BALLS to give the word. If he would have done so then maybe 9/11 would have never happened. So give praise where praise is due THE NAVY SEALS took care of this issue.

    1. Klaus Larry Fischer says:

      right on Jimbo, and they are the only ones who should get credit! Obama was doing what he does best on Sunday, he played golf.

      1. A.Men says:

        Thanks Navy Seals and CIA. Bush gets the credit for Gitmo and waterboading and going after terrorists in Iraq and killing Sadam Hussein and on and on. Thanks President Bush.

    2. GoldStarSister says:

      Keshis and Claudia,
      Jimbo is correct. Bush”s error was in believing that Bin Laden would surrender when we had him in Tora Bora. Silly decision to show mercy to a man who didn’t understand REAL mercy. Bush deserves accolades because he built the military back up after Clinton with a lead from Bush’s Dad nearly killed it. Obama never wanted either war. He wanted to free all the detainees – funny, that’s where the info came from to finally get Osama. Pay attention ladies: Obama will now begin to defund the military….he has little support there as he is a weak military leader

      1. SamIam says:

        Bush had a dead or alive policy.

        Pay attention, they have been cutting back DoD since the 80’s. And DoD has given up over 400Billion this year and took a 10% cut last year.

        Throw the baby out with the bath water, eh?

    3. Sailright says:

      I’m no huge Obama fan but you at least have to give him the credit for having the nerve to give the order. The rest of the credit goes to the military and intelligence that have been under fire by progressives, and the media for a long time… interesting that they’re dead silent on the issue with a Democrat in office. Bush would have almost certainly have had “questions” from the NYT opinion page about the legality of the move. CBS still hasn’t released the live mike gaff. How many nano seconds would it have take for the Bush release??? But we as individuals need to give credit where credit’s due instead of jabbing back and forth. Maybe the only was we get real leadership is to demonstrate it ourselves. So here:

      Way to Go Navy Seals and Mr President!


      1. Ronnie says:

        Note he gave the order to “Kill” Bin Laden…Why?….So he wouldn’t have to deal with his own messy policies about trials in NYC or Gitmo…

      2. Dot Williams says:

        I give no credit to Obama for any of this. Bush set the policies in place to capture or kill this Islamic murderer. Obama is President Zero in this whole thing. The media will spin it to look like he gave a damn, which he did not. He even said bin laden’s body was handled in accordance with Islamic custom which requires a speedy burial. Who cares about the rights of this murderer who killed over 3,000 people. Who side are you on Obama?

      3. D says:

        Bush had the nerve to take us to war. That is alot more nerve then Obama had to show.

      4. bw says:

        Really? The order has been there since 9-11. Idiot! There was even a $27 million reward. Obama had the nerve to give the order? Uneducated blabbering is what’s wrong with this country.

      5. Diane Emmerich says:

        I’m sure the first thing that came to obama’s mind was that this would be a feather in his hat for re-election. I give him very little credit. It was an easy decision to give the kill order…his mantra….never waste a good crisis and always look for a way to boost the polls. The real heros are our military, all of them and President Bush…still my president!

      6. Finally says:

        The order was given by Bush in 2001. All Obama had to do was nod his head. With sinking polls, it was a no-brainer. Thank goodness he did not decide to vote “present” this time or dither as with his decision on Lybia.

        US intelligence and military deserve great credit and recognition.

    4. MisPattii says:

      High 5 Jimbo! The truth has been spoken. God Bless Our Troops and Americans that have balls!

  4. RJ says:

    It wasn’t Bush or Obama. It was the US military and intelligence. Why does everything have to be political?

    1. Paige Cohen says:

      It has to be political….Obama wants to be re-elected. Last night Obama must have said “I” a dozen times.

      1. SemperFi46 says:

        All preseidents take credit or get blamed for what happens on their watch-the bigger picture here is that our supreme special forces along with the CIA planned this operation and carried it out spectacularly. For one day can we not come together and give credit to Obama, Bush and our warriors who sacrifice for us every day? save the petty partisan rants for tomorrow!

      2. SamIam says:

        Obama’s massive failed policies outweigh the death of UBL.

        And his massive use of “I’s” is silly…when will he convert his “eyes” to “WE”?

        He takes credit at every corner…sad to see such a shallow person at he helm.

    2. TX05 says:

      Amen, RJ! President Bush, who simply started the mission nine years ago, doesn’t deserve the credit. President Obama, who simply broke his campaign promise of ending the war, doesn’t deserve the credit either.
      The only ones who truly deserve credit here are the brave men and women of the United States military who have put their lives on the line overseas for almost 10 years now so that political figureheads such as Bush and Obama can place crowns on their heads and claim credit for something they did not do. It was not a US president who found Bin Laden, it was military intelligence units. It was not a US president who designed a tactical stratedy to eliminate Bin Laden, it was military commanders. And it most certainly was not a US president who killed this dangerous man, but finely trained American soldiers. Those are the true heroes in this story. Yet all the headlines are contibute this deed to either Bush or Obama.
      Our media in this country is such a joke! But, after reading comments on the end of this article, the real joke is all the American citizens who actually believe that either Bush or Obama deserve all the credit.

      1. dave says:

        I beg to differ. The Military definitely deserve credit! I am a retired intelligence officer and the men and women are incredible. That said, it was Bush’s policies that led to this day. If it weren’t for him, I doubt we would be rejoicing today.

  5. tdpwells says:

    Osama wouldn’t be dead right now if the intel gathered after 9/11 and in 2007 when Bush was the one running the show hadn’t been obtained. It was Bush’s people (most of which Obama kept on – one smart thing he did) in the military that did all the hard work. People that the anti-war left were holding up as war criminals. Now the anti-war left is suspiciously hawkish now that their guy is in power. To say that what Bush put into place had nothing to do with the ultimate death of Bin Laden is ignorant at best.

    I hope we waterboarded the terrorist who gave up the courier’s name.

  6. Kristy says:

    God Bless you President Bush!! YOU knew all along we’d get bin laden, and NEVER ever ONCE Waivered in your beliefs. YOU Had faith in the USA always,and you never stopped believing in our Military!!!! We miss you !

    1. WesternGal says:


    2. Zaanga says:

      Bush – 2012

  7. John says:

    Thank you to the CIA and the Navy Seals….job well done.

  8. _AMERICAN_ says:

    George W Bush deserves a lot more credit then BO, BO wanted to shut down Gitmo, the tip for this op came from Gitmo. Just like Bill Clinton, BO wants to cut up our military and make it less of a weapon. A typical left wing move. W got blames for using the surplus Clinton left. That surplus was a result of the cuts Slick Willie made to our defense to apease his backers. Where does be a socialist, left wing
    idealist get you. No where fast. Way to go GW, Way to go Seal Team 6, Way to go America!

    1. DanaDee says:

      Isn’t it just incredible how Obama takes full credit for this? After all, had it not been for the efforts of many LONG before Obama’s “reign” Osama would still be on the loose. Obama has absolutely NO CLASS–and neither do his supporters, many of whom I know!!

  9. T.XXXXX says:

    cludia go back to sleep, you have missed ..quite a lot….however you must be …what 13..or fifteen years old…

  10. America says:

    Jimbo nailed it. Thank you. Thank you Navy Seals. Thank you to all of those who serve and have served.

    Not changing my vote. Get him out.

    1. A.Men says:

      Thank you Navy Seals and CIA.

  11. Bridget says:

    The navy seals risked their lives and got the job done they deserve the credit not any politician!

  12. Txxxxx says:

    corr; was not calling i a jerk I was saying that to cludia…

    1. mcnertny says:

      you both are jerks

  13. Evangeline Brabant says:

    Our leaders keep telling us we are not at war with Islam. We had better be at war with Islam, they are certainly at war with us.

    Take a look at Muslim activism around the U.S.; tally up the honor killings here, the efforts to implement Sharia law here and in England (where they are succeeding), the attacks on our military within the U.S., and the complete lack of religious toleration they exercise toward others.

    Americans are clueless about Muslims and their goals.

  14. LadyTexan says:

    God Bless Our Troops
    God Bless Pres. Bush
    God Bless America

  15. Paige Cohen says:

    Okay – you have to give credit to Obama to be smart enough to continue with Bush 43’s policy towards terrorism (in spite of being hypocritical). Continuity paid off. Bush laid the groundwork. Rusmfeld perfected the special forces. Intelligence was improved over the years. It all came together well. As for Obama….still can’t stand him. The economy still sucks. Osama’s death will not grow jobs, improve the economy, and save this country from Obama’s intent on taking it down a notch.

  16. jake34 says:

    Bush is now and always will be an incompetent egotist. Had he not gotten us into an illegal war in Iraq based on lies and contrived intel, we could have concentrated on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda from the start instead of spreading our resources so thinly between the search for Bin Laden and Iraq. Perhaps we could have saved the lives of thousands of our brave American kids, not to mention the innocent non-Americans killed during his folly in Iraq.

    1. allen says:

      Obama is the incompetent egotist. The first year of his presidency was spent in front of the camera giving prime time speeches about nothing. That’s what an egotist does, similar to an egotistical dictator. If Obama had his way he’d eliminate the news media and turn MSNBC into the State Run News Agency, which pretty much would be ran at his direction.

      Incompetent? Yes, Obama is very incompetent. His incompetence cost Libyans thousands of lives because he sat on his hands for weeks wondering what to do about the crisis in Lybia. His incompetence has made made America go further into debt, with the highest unemployment, and the highest gas prices in history.

      It’s easy to sit back and drive the Cadillac that Bush built. It’s easy to sit back and say, “Yes, go ahead and pull the trigger”. Good job Seals. Good job CIA. Good job Bush for building this machine that finally got Bin Laden. Too bad you weren’t the one to take the credit. You certainly deserve it.

      1. jake34 says:

        OK, Allen, whatever…

        But in 8 years did Bush even come close to getting Bin Laden? No, he was intent on his illegal war in Iraq

      2. DaveP says:

        Gee, Jake: Is that illegal war for oil in Iraq anything like the current illegal war for… what, now? … in Libya?

    2. dave says:

      Illegal war in Iraq? The one you mentioned was for oil…oh and just who is profitting from that war? Certainly not the US public…at last glance, gas was over $4 a gallon….must be Bush huh? Oh but wait….isn’t profitting from wartime illegal? Certainly this would show up somehow? Oh you can’t find any details? Just make up your own facts as you go huh?

  17. TSgt Thomas says:

    I was an Intelligence operative in the military for 20 years, retiring in 2004. When I heard we had killed UBL I just started to cry. I thought of all the individuals in the military who have sacrificed so much in tracking this terrorist. True there will be others to take his place but they will also know we will hunt them until they are captured or dead. God bless America and Thank you G.W. Bush for building the structure to get it done….Mission Accomplished

    1. dave says:

      i, too, was an intelligence officer in the Air Force, 21 years! I too felt the same emotions. God Bless G W Bush!

  18. SemperFi46 says:

    This shows the greatness of the USA and its ability for peaceful transition and continuation of power by our presidents. Both Obama and Bush deserve some credit but the majority of the credit belongs to our brave Armed Forces and intelligence officers that have been making the ultimate sacrifice in our name!
    OOrah to those seals and especially the one who took the most famous hot in recent Amercian history!!1

  19. Charlie Harper says:

    At least George Bush can console himself be remembering that he brought Martha Stewart to justice.

    1. SemperFi46 says:

      Without the infrastructure he and Cheney put in place this would have never happened-both presidents deserve some credit! Like it or not!!!

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      Have another drink of kool aid moron.

    3. dave says:

      Charlie Harper…isn’t that the character off of two and a half men? Let me guess, you are the half? WINNING! moron!

  20. Heidi Barclay says:

    And GEE, how did the U.S. get the Couriers NAME?? while at Quantamano Bay (where the libs want closed!) AND during a “Water Boarding” – which the libs stopped. Thank you GEORGE BUSH!!

  21. Heidi Barclay says:

    PS. and lastly, the american people say “the pledge of Allegience” at Ground Zero! yet one more thing (the pledge) that the Lib’s hate. Three for three! DO you think your on the wrong side now???

  22. Allen says:

    Muslims will shake your hand and smile at you and then when you turn around they will stab you in the back with their other hand.

    Pakistan has been double dealing with the US. I’m glad we did this with out giving them any notice until after the first shots were fired. Now we should stop giving them billions of dollars and let them fend for themselves. Bottom line: Pakistan was hiding Bin Laden.

  23. desilu says:

    Thank you President Bush! Although Osama wasn’t captured on your watch, you and your administration deserve the credit for the dedication,determination and steadfast goal of fulfilling your promise to the American people to bring justice and punishment for the horrible acts this man orchastrated.

  24. Legal American Citizen says:

    The Bush family should be proud of this accomplishment. As for those that think the “I gave the order, Prez Obama”, taking credit deserves this one should get a clue…. Obama wants the military reduced and has little respect for America. The only reason Obama is the Prez is because of the small minded individuals that believed in his B.S. and the lack of vetting him in by the news media….. Socialism will never work in America…. Sharia Law is a joke and every woman on the earth better read the dang thing before they accept socialism…. Sharia Law puts women back far beyond the 1920’s…. READ UP PEOPLE……Obama is a like the man behind the curtain….don’t listen to his ” I DID IT” speech… he has done nothing……

    1. KaU HLY says:

      You said it damn right! LAC

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      Watch the other hand.

  25. Brian says:

    Thank you and God bless you Mr. President!

  26. Daniel Troppy says:

    Funny that people would leave flowers at Bush’s house especially since Bush didn’t capture or kill him…. people are so ill informed…. great job Obama for doing the impossible once again.

    1. Grayeagle says:

      Daniel, you are a complete idiot. Just who beefed up our military special forces and intelligence services after Bill Clinton defunded the military during his “sex-gate reign”- George W. Bush! But, I have to give just a smidgen of credit to Obama for at least continuing Bush’s terrorist-war policies [even though he did try to close Guantanamo] – guess when he [Obama] read about what was really going on, he had no choice. It’s one thin to criticize from the outside without info, but another thing when reality is staring you in the face! And to those that still rant “Bush Lied, People died” I suggest you go back and read the records – every Democrat from Bill Clinton on down is on the record of saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction – Bush used the same intel reports they did, so there wasn’t any lying going on – just Democrat dirty politics, like there is now!!

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      More kool aid Daniel?

    3. klg1956 says:

      Actually, Daniel Troppy, it was Bush who established the GITMO detainee/interrogation program which gave up the intel years ago, maybe even when Bush was still President, that gave us the info to find Osama bin Laden and kill him. So, when you say it wasn’t Bush you are an idiot! And great job Obama for doing the impossible once again? What are the other “impossible” things he’s done? Taken unemployment from 4% under Bush to 16%? Given us gasoline at $4.43/gallon (under Bush’s $1.98/gallon)…inflation driving up food costs thanks to Obama’s 14 trillion debt (400 Billion debt under Bush–which was in the news every night as catastrophic for our economy) or was the impossible getting elected with Union dues and George Soros’ money? Are union dues going up for the next election? He’s going to need more money this time to lie about all he has done and spinning it to what it could be. Like, it could be 30% unemployment, it could be $11.00 gas at the pump, it could be your home values are worthless alltogether…and the debt is not 163 trillion dollars, aren’t you glad for my resume, doesn’t it sound good now? It could be even worse, right Daniel Troppy?

  27. Tav says:

    Thank you, President Bush. (The only real President we’ve had since his father was in office…)

  28. Douglas says:

    One of the most wanted men in the history of the world is dead. And America killed him. Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s terror-master, reportedly died within the last 24 hours, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Bin Laden was not found in some remote cave. He apparently lived quite comfortably in Pakistan’s capital.

    The Pakistani goverment immediately declared that it’s shadowy intelligence service, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, assisted the American government in finding bin Laden. But in truth, the duplicitous actions of the ISI hindred America’s efforts, cost American lives, and depleted the the will of the nation. The ISI has direct ties to almost all strata of the insurgency in Afghanistan. After bin Laden’s death was the declared, the Pakistani government scrambled to cover its crime of hiding bin Laden for a decade. When the CIA stopped sharing intelligence with the ISI, senior Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership started dying. In 2009, many terrorist leaders escaped because the ISI gave them forwarning of an impending CIA missile attack.

    A highly trained and competent covert special operations team located bin Laden’s residence, fought their way past his elite “Black Guard”, and finally killed bin Laden himself.

    Cynics will repeat the tired lines about making bin Laden a martyr. These people do not understand the true nature of the insurgency in Afghanistan, nor the nature of war itself. The truth is, the threat of martyrdom is part of the enemy’s propoganda, in hopes that we will be reluctant to kill important terrorist leaders. The insurgents and terrorists are not fearless, all-knowing fighters, and their religious motivations for fighting are not as strong as sometimes reported. Most of them fear death every day but are pushed into battle by leaders far from the frontlines. Moreover, other al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders know that they can no longer depend on the Pakistani government for protection. The game is up. The message to other terrorists in Pakistan is: You are next.

    Thank you for serving our great nation, Mr. Bush

    1. Republic Rocker says:

      Here here! The Bush Doctrine was and is the right one!

      1. mcnrtny says:

        and thank you bush for the muslims flooding into the country on your watch,,all those mosques on every corner need to be raided now and the celols put into camps

      2. Jim in Houston says:

        Mac: You need to pull your head out.

  29. sandalwood says:

    I wish I could be there to thank him.

  30. jcrush13 says:

    Justice served and let history now show the Bush Doctrine a success…. People it is now considered a “just” war.

  31. New York Lady says:

    Hey Charlie — go harp on your leg!! At least President Bush was a true President and not this community organizer who is trying his best to look Presidential. Ever notice how he looks like the front cover of MAD magazine?? I’ll take Martha any day instead of this wanna be president. Pure luck of a great military on Obama’s part; pure dedication of payback and building the military on Bush’s part.

    1. disrespectful_dissenter says:

      New York doesn’t have any “ladies”. You’re all ho’s.

  32. RLRork says:

    All the credit to GWBush and our military. None to the person who has done nothing but preach against the war.

    1. Me Again says:

      “This person who has done nothing but preach against war” is the person that gave the order to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. He wanted to get this done so he put the resources in place to get it done. Bush never really wanted to catch or kill Osama which is why he had the bulk of the troops in Iraq and a much smaller contingent “looking” for Osama.

  33. John says:

    Kudos to the US Navy SEALS!

  34. JohnG says:

    ‘This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world,’

    Too funny. America is the most warmongering country on the planet. We dont seek peace. Just because you changed the name to Department of Defense from War does not mean you are actually seeking peace through the world’s largest military.

    1. Barry Crawford says:

      JohnG – have a read of ‘Warrior Politics’ by Robert Kaplan. It might give you a clearer picture of American role in the world. There can certainly be a spirited debate around whether we should or should not be the world’ Hegemon, but our global military presence is a result our learned mistake of isolationism preceeding WWII. Just a couple of questions: What happens when America pulls back from its leader ship role? What country or countries fill the power vacuum? What if no country takes the lead and there is just chaos and rogue nations rise with an eye on global dominance? What if China, or Russia fill the void of power and shape the world to the totalitarian / communist view? We engage in war or ‘peacekeeping’ depending on how you want to frame it, hopefully to avoid the rise of a roque power and to avoid a WW where 50 mio people die. That’s the stated goal anyway. Just food for thought.

  35. Hank Warren says:

    Don’t forget who helped those terrorist attacks. 9/11 and Israel, here:

  36. mjl says:

    Thank you President BUSH… If it wasn’t for your unfaltering patriotism to America and your tough, rugged, real man leadership Bin Ladin would still be alive.

    Obama has absolutely NO right to claim credit for this. He is a loser and does nothing for the United States of America.

    Come back President Bush, we need a strong, tough leader.

  37. LarryHerndon says:

    We had to take out Osama Bin Laden because Obama was planning on going to Pakistan and bowing to him.

  38. Jasonn says:

    “Miss me yet?”


  39. mjl says:

    Thank you NAVY SEALS ! They deserve all the credit and I believe they took matters into your own hands and did what they were trained to do. God Bless You.
    Obama didn’t order anything, however, he thinks we give him credit for this… I think not!
    He was never in the military and has no clue what it means to be a real man.

  40. Keshia says:

    Jimbo..I am fully aware that it started before the Bush admin. I was simply stating that in no way should we give thanks to Bush for the effords of the military with the direction/leadership of our “current” President. Regardless of whether or not Obama is liked or disliked..he is the President of these United States…RESPECT IT!!!!

    1. jr says:

      Keshia, judging from the other idiotic comments, you are but a few on line who must not be from texas………thanks for saying something intelligent.

  41. Gus says:

    While I vehemently disagree with his social and fiscal policies, I applaud our Commander In Chief for achieving something for which our country has been yearning for years.

    The demise of Osama Bin Laden. Well done, Mr. President!

    Also kudos to whichever of our forces did the deed. I’ve heard it’s Seals with help from the CIA but that’s early, and quite possibly, inaccurate data. No matter. Those kind of folks don’t expect accolades, nor will they get any except behind closed doors. Don’t expect to see them on the next talk show, flaunting their accomplishments like an athlete or actor or politician. NOT their style. They do what they do because they love our country and hate anyone who wants us dead, not for any kind of celebrity.

    There are SO many of their types that you NEVER hear about unless they do something stupid. As I said, they just do what they do. TRUE Americans.

    I don’t believe in an afterlife but I told a co-worker upon hearing that news, “If there is an afterlife, I hope he’s where he deserves to be.” Whether that’s with Allah or someplace else is not my concern. I’m just glad that he’s no longer here to be a force of evil.

    1. Craig Anderson says:

      Well said. Thank you for your nonpartisan comment. I am sick of reading the ignorant comments of those playing the blame game. You are right on track.

  42. Kim says:

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told Guantanamo Bay interrogators the terror group would detonate the nuclear device if the al-Qaeda chief was captured or killed, according to the classified files released by the WikiLeaks website.

  43. Frederick Larrabee says:

    Well, President Bush, although I gave up alcohol because it was also turning me into a demon, I may have to have just one toast today (I’ll probably have ONE glass of Bordeaux at Rise No. 1). May bin Laden burn in hell.

  44. Kim says:

    I think we ought to use the ordinance on these men in dirty night shirts

  45. sean patirot says:

    Let me just say this, since everything else is Bush’s fault, so is The Killing of Osama. YAY BUSH

  46. Michael Johnson says:

    he has been dead for years but Obama needs a pick me up for his political campaign. Especially after 500 Osamas’s just escaped the prison is Afghanistan. I am afraid Washington proves you sheep daily.

  47. barbarianhorde says:

    Killing Bin-Laden must have been easy for Imam Barack Hussein Obama. Otherwise he would never take time away from his busy celebrity smooching, basketball court, vacation-on-the-backs-of-American-taxpayers lifestyle to get it done.
    Wonder how he feels after betraying his true religion?

  48. Ben Dover & C. Howitt Fields says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault! I would like to know if they killed the cyclops as well. I believe he was Bin Laden’s brother-in-Law and “driver”.

  49. Different Tim says:

    Bush didn’t lay the ground work for catching Bin Laden. Bush began the “War on Terror” and “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

    Immediately after 9-11, Bush arranged for Bin Laden’s family to fly out of the US. The Bin Laden’s is a very rich family and has deep ties to oil around the world. Rather than talking to the people who knew the most about the Most Wanted Man in the World, we flew them out of the country. Not hardly the move of a President who was willing to do anything to catch Osama Bin Laden.

    When Bush was in office, there were more cops in Manhattan than there were troops in Afghanistan. There were several opportunities to catch Bin Laden, but there wasn’t enough manpower to do so.

    Bush began the war in Iraq on false promises and lies. We now know WMDs didn’t exist there. Iraq was simply a distraction. We all focused on catching Hussein, a man who had never once attacked America. We did this on the premise of “spreading democracy because they hate our freedom”. Weird. I don’t remember that being authorized by the US Constitution.

    Obama comes in to office and at the direction of military officials, he authorized a surge in troops in Afghanistan.

    This plan to take out Osama Bin Laden had been in the works since August of 2010, well over 6 months. Barack Obama, as Commander in Chief, was able to not only keep it completely silent, but was able to orchestrate a successful neutralization of Bin Laden.

    Give credit where credit is due. Bush dropped the ball. Obama dribbled the ball back down the court and slam dunked it.

  50. Mseiffert says:

    Enough, President Obama gave the final order on April 29th for the mission to be completed against Laden. Obama met with National Security Council meetings in March and Aprl for justice to be carried out.

  51. Ty says:

    Well the idiot right is strong on here.First of all Obama had everything to do with it because if he did not give the go ahead nothing would have been done.You see the navy seals do not make decision to go.The President does.He gives the go ahead and the seals do their job.Bush just like his presidency did nothing,he is not president any more thank god because if he would have been in charge he would have invaded Pakistan and called it” Operation Pakistan Freedom”.BUSH FAILED TO GET OSAMA BIN LADEN…

  52. common says:

    Bush Dropped the ball !
    Obam picked it up and ran with it !

    Bush quotes
    20. “The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” –Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001

    19. “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” –Washington, D.C., March 13, 2002

  53. Bonnie says:

    If Gore had been in the White House instead of Bush after the 9/11 attack, he’d have been apologizing to the world and implying we “deserved it.” As would Obama. Bush said we’d get him….it took a while, but Mission Accomplished, Mr. President!

  54. R.D.D. says:

    Thank you President BUSH without you this could this day would never happened. Obama can’t do anything right except find a golf course.

  55. Rosie in SD says:

    Today, there should be no partisan bickering.

    Our brave men and women in the military and intelligence services got the job done.

    Bush and Obama were just bit players in the story.

    God bless the USA.

    1. 911_millionaire says:

      No offense but you’re a useful idiot.

  56. Point finder says:

    Three words…my…pet…goat.

  57. Scooch says:


  58. Jenok says:

    We need to all celebrate justice. It started with President Bush, completed by President Obama and most importantly was executed by a continuous stream of brave men and women of the military and intelligence forces. You don’t have to agree with a President’s policies to celebrate the accomplishments of both administrations.

  59. Baloneycheck says:

    Clinton lost sight,
    Bush was RIGHT,
    and Bama the Hoot got lucky.

    George W. Bush, ALWAYS the gentleman, ALWAYS gracious, praised the Hoot but did the Hoot say one word in GWB’s favor? Maybe I missed it. I’ll listen and read again in case I’m wrong. I love George W. Bush. I love our Military, the greatest in the world.

    Much gratitude to our (not “ex”) President Bush and the world’s greates Military!!!

    1. common says:

      Bush Dropped the ball !
      Obam picked it up and ran with it !

      Bush quotes
      20. “The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” –Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001

      19. “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” –Washington, D.C., March 13, 2002

      According to Bush Bin Laden wasnt a priority. Its good to know that Obama was willing to make it a priority.

  60. scott says:

    I love big black mens balls all over my mug!

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      You’re one sick puppy…

  61. melvin says:

    who cares who was in charge when he was killed … “HE’S DEAD ” that’s all that matters..

  62. Frank says:

    Bin Laden was eliminated on Obama’s watch, started during Bush’s watch
    both deserve praise. All you libs need to get off the pot already about WMD’s,
    seems to me Hussein killed 10’s of thousands of his own people with poision gas, a WMD.
    A conservative voter

  63. Willy VBrown says:

    Thank you United States Armed Forces and President Bush. Yeah Barry’s going to take credit out front but he will soon bow to the Saudi Prince and beg for forgiveness.

  64. Tony says:

    It’s not “ex-president”. Protocol dictates that he be reffered to as “former president”.

  65. Joseph Ruskin says:

    Thank you President Bush!
    Today, when he was asked if he thought he should get a lot of credit for the takedown of Osama…President Bush replied: “I wouldn’t an ounce of credit, even if I was still in office! The credit belongs to the men and women in uniform, especially those who gave their lives for the cause.”

    Now that is dignity.
    Thank you President Bush.

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      I’m as far right and a republican as one can get, but Bush would have to go for a transplant operation to get one once of dignity in his body. What Bush is a crooked politician and war criminal, nothing more, nothing less.

  66. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Bush did nothing, but put up a sign that stated “Mission Accomplished” when it was just beginning. Obama did nothing as he’s communist. Who did do something is our “Military”. Both Bush and Obama should be shipped out of this country and exiled forever. Both worthless sob’s.

  67. Amy says:

    I’m confused. Why would people be celebrating at Bush’s home?

    “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.”
    – G.W. Bush, 3/13/02

    “I am truly not that concerned about him.”
    – G.W. Bush, repsonding to a question about bin Laden’s whereabouts,
    3/13/02 (The New American, 4/8/02)

    He didn’t want to get Osama, right?

    1. Jullou says:

      You are confused.

      The leftist media is currently protecting Obama, so if you watch the network news, CNN and MSNBC, I can see why you would say this. Poor thing.

  68. Susan says:

    Gitmo detainees gave us the intel for this raid.
    The same Gitmo Obama wanted to close.

    Thank You President BUSH !!!!

  69. Geechee says:

    Bravo President Bush.
    We love ya, man.

  70. Kelly says:

    Everyone can’t we have one day where we can stop fighting about who did what and just come together as Americans today? I am a staunch conservative and did not vote for Obama and never would however he did make the call to take Osama down and deserves some credit for this accomplishment. However, Bush also deserves props because without his insistance of keep Gitmo open without our “enhanced interrogation” techniques that liberals always looked down on, we would never had found Bin Laden. So lets look at our strengths as right and left today and how we all contributed to this wonderful event and not our differences.

    1. Jerry says:

      Good point, Kelly.

      Sadly, it won’t happen but it’s the way that we SHOULD be looking at this.

  71. justavoter says:

    Thank God Obama’s poll numbers have dropped so badly or we may have never seen this day come.

  72. Jerry says:

    Obama didn’t do anything except take credit for it. This was a victory for the military.

  73. Tal says:

    “President Bush is too obsessed with some guy in a cave!”
    -Candidate Obama

    Thank You President Bush
    It was your resolve that made this happen.

  74. Storm14k says:

    Anyone thanking the idiot that let him go is an idiot. We quit playing around in Iraq and took care of business in Afghani…..oh wait…he was in Pakistan. Bush didn’t do anything but run up debt.

  75. Jac says:

    Obama planned it in between golf outings and the latest White House Party.

  76. Sailnmom says:

    Waterboarding works!

  77. UHKa says:

    Why are people so stupid, Don’t people see we have been lied to by BO again! OBL was sooo dead all along. BO just planned this stunt with his muslim brotherhrhood buddies in packy place. He needs bigger numbers in the polls to get him to feel better so he can play a better golf game.He also needs 4 more years of air force one and an unlimited budget. After all Shelly and the girls still have so many vaca spots to visit. OH! here is another one ! If OBL can hideout next to a military base what makes you think he couldnt be hidden somewhere else . Maybe PresBO pulled a Judas on the US, And he was given the enemys word no one would be hurt for a little favor from the USA. WHY should we ever believe this President we are always trying find out something about his past that we cant . It seems that there is always a big deal story when he is having a low poll # or a shady situation he is confronted by. It’s just like him to hide behind the military . People know darn well the American Public are not going to question the SEALS and their brave actionsanywhere. Hey progressipuks how do these above situations sound ? You did the same thing to Pres. Bush. Made up stories! Remember ! What goes around comes around!

  78. Brane says:

    Obama succeded where Bush failed.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, republicans.

    1. dave says:

      Have to agree…you are definitely smoking something! It was Bush’s policies! Obummy did nothing but say ok to the action. Stuff that pipe somewhere lib!

  79. Freedomfirst says:

    Obama is a racist and anti-American bigot. Anyone who supports him is a traitor and an enemy of freedom and western civilization.

  80. Michael Johnson says:

    If the story is real I wonder if Bush will be vindicated or hated just as ever by many. History may or may not be re written (public opinion about him that is) from where he was an enemy of the people and now the evil among people is dead as a result of Bush special ops team and policy’s. I wonder how he will now be remembered…

  81. LibsAreTerrorists says:

    Now all we need is to send the same SEALS team to the White House for a regime change here in the States.

  82. HistoryTeacher says:

    Obama succeeded in keeping Bush’s warriors in place.

    The same ones he badmouthed for years.

    The campaign was launched from Afghanistan; Gitmo is still in place; American troops are still overseas.

    Under Bush, the Taliban fell, Saddam’s regime fell, and America was kept safe after 8 years of having defense defunded under Clinton.

    Thank God Obama didn’t get in the way of this. . . let him take the credit. It’s all they’re good for anyway. These same people want to claim victory for defeating communism, when they cried the loudest at the fall of communism.

  83. sampkyang says:

    Obama could/would never get my vote for any office, but I do give him credit for keeping the pressure on to get osamabinladin.

    Dammit I’m gonna bite the bullet and not going to degrade your presidency by more than ten points over the last week! Gimme well done!!!

    1. Johnny Stansell says:

      A gimme is a gift thrown into your lap if your smart enough to take it. In this case designed by gw bush for those in rio linda

    2. dave says:

      ten points, so what’s he up to now? 30? Just a bump…won’t last. People will see what it is for real and who to give credit to. You make it sound as if obummy was on the team and personnally took him out!

  84. thanksbush says:

    obama wants to eliminate the military yet he’s claiming “good job”

    pathetic obama had nothing to do with this

  85. Jullou says:

    Thank you President Bush for being pro-military and pro-America. Thank you military for being pro-American.

    What did Obama and the Democrats do? Continued to defund the military, defund CIA, created more social programs that already existed instead of protecting our border states. Along with Obama kowtowing to terrorists and apologizing for the U.S.

  86. LInlithgow says:

    A few things-
    I am SO proud of our men and women in intelligence and the military. They do their job even as leadership and the presidency change.

    Secondly, to someone who lauded Obama’s changing of the ‘War on Terror’ label… so “Overseas Contingency Operation’ is better? It’s an insult, making it sound as if we just have a few lads over there taking care of a handful of gnats that keep bothering us. It’s the wimpification of the actions that have been ongoing against Al Qaeda.

    Third, this action started 4 years ago when we received info about the courier. I’m sure Bush wanted to avoid another mistake and this was pursued carefully. Ostensibly, it came from KSM, so I guess waterboarding does work, and now we know why Obama changed his mind about Guantanamo. Wow… so Bush & Cheney were right. Without that, we wouldn’t have had the intel that led to the killing of OBL.

    Lastly, I think it’s funny to hear so many liberals who derided the WOT, who comdemned waterboarding, who screamed when Obama hadn’t closed Guantanamo now give all props to their guy and none to previous administrations when it was their practices that led to the operation.

    Personally, I didn’t think Obama would have the guts to order this, and I’m glad I was wrong.

  87. Suhm Dumgai says:

    In true Chicago political style, Osama Bin Laden now “Sleeps wid da fishes.”

  88. handsomeman says:

    Obama deserves the credit for re-focusing the war on Afghanistan.

    Bush deserves credit for blowing $1 trillion on a two-bit dictator who didn’t matter worth a darn.

    1. dave says:

      Tell that to all of the kurds he murdered and to kuwait which he invaded! Yeah, he didn’t matter huh? blatently flaunting the sanctions, violating the no-fly space, pushing the limits. was a matter of time.

  89. Brendan Smith says:

    As an American I’m ashamed to have read the comments here. Any terrorist would read this an laugh their ass off. Americans attacking each other and behaving like spoiled, arrogant fools. On BOTH SIDES OF THE DEBATE.

    Its wonderful where we can live in a country where everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But let me tell you, when you attack another person’s opinion by resorting to childish name calling, the terrorists have already one.

    If we can’t discuss and resolve our differences in a calm, rational, and respectful manner, what chance do we have of defeating any enemy?

    1. Brendan Smith says:

      OK, this thing needs an edit function. I was so annoyed I forgot to proof read myself. Oh well, guess I’m just another dumb American.

      1. dave says:

        We all fall in that category. I agree with you and am actually guilty of it myself. Too easy to get caught up in the bashing. The focus should be on the military doing what it does best and the demise of the top terrorist! I have actually given Obama props on this for authorizing it, but Bush needs to be recognized as well, if not more so, for installing the policies that got us here.

  90. grundoon says:

    Until I see the body and confirming DNA I won’t believe Obama got him. Remember, Zippy is the biggest liar that ever occuppied the White House and will do anything to be elected. Since it’s still possible that his presidency is the biggest scam in history this could very well be the biggest hoax in history. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  91. Anthony says:

    Someone tell me how to get paid to post propaganda on news sites.

  92. William says:

    It was not Bush or Oboma that got OSB. It was our great militar peronnel.
    Why is it that the Left and Extreme Right are always so angy towards each other.

    1. CB says:

      Despite your rancid grammar and spelling, you are 100% correct.

  93. Christy says:

    Just because Obama was the one keeping the chair warm in the oval office at the time of Bin Laden’s death, doesn’t mean he deserves full credit. He may have reaped the harvest, but he wasn’t the one who sowed the seeds so many years ago. Check out this link:

    Bin Laden raid was culmination of years of work, senior administration officials say

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2011/05/raid-got-bin-laden-was-culmination-years-work-sr-admin-official-s#ixzz1LDRnaUBt

  94. Obama finally does something other than vacationing says:

    I agree with Timm’s reply, Bush has more courage in his little finger than that so called leader of the free world could ever hope to have. All he does is vacation, uses the words I, me, and so forth. He spends our money foolishly and lets the congress do whatever frivilous spending they can think of except give our military men and women and their families more support financially and physically after war. He has been crowned the worst President we have every had since Jimmy Carter.

  95. Lockstone says:

    He id DEAD – who cares who is in the WH…
    Thank DEVGRU = Seal Team six, and all the Spec-ops warriors

  96. markg8 says:

    President Obama told Leon Pieetta first thing to make getting Bin Laden a top priority. George Bush? For your fun and amusement here is what the last president said about hm. I don;t know why anyone would want to thank him. He could have killed Bin Laden but chose not to.

    “The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.”
    ~ G.W. Bush, 9/13/01

    “I want justice…There’s an old poster out West, as I recall, that said, ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive,'” ~ G.W. Bush, 9/17/01, UPI

    “…Secondly, he is not escaping us. This is a guy, who, three months ago, was in control of a county [sic]. Now he’s maybe in control of a cave. He’s on the run. Listen, a while ago I said to the American people, our objective is more than bin Laden. But one of the things for certain is we’re going to get him running and keep him running, and bring him to justice. And that’s what’s happening. He’s on the run, if he’s running at all. So we don’t know whether he’s in cave with the door shut, or a cave with the door open — we just don’t know….” ~ Bush, in remarks in a Press Availability with the Press Travel Pool, The Prairie Chapel Ranch, Crawford TX, 12/28/01, as reported on official White House site

    “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” ~ G.W. Bush, 3/13/02

    “I am truly not that concerned about him.” ~ G.W. Bush, responding to a question about bin Laden’s whereabouts, 3/13/02 (The New American, 4/8/02)

    As late as 2006 he told Fed Barnes of the Weekly Standard he didn’t care about Bin Laden anymore.

    1. dave says:

      Do you know what psyops is? Wouldn’t you want your enemy to believe you have lost focus so that they would let their own guard down? You publically state something erroneous in order to get them to believe something else. You obviously believe it. Before you say something stupid….I am a retired military intelligence office.

  97. endgametime says:

    Obama did nothing but give the kill order. Bush sent him running into caves. US SF with different rules of engagement accomplished the mission. Under Bush, soldiers couldn’t shoot through the women to kill men. Under Obama, SF soldiers do. This is a good change but it is the only good change BO has introduced and it will be short lived.

  98. Barry Crawford says:

    Obama get’s credit. But one thing to remember is that American foreign policy is much bigger than just one man or the President. Not to say that a President doesn’t have an effect, because he certianly does, however, the threads of foreign policy stream through succesive administrations regardless of party. Obama and Bush before him, the military and our intelligence community, did what they had to do. They all get a pat on the back IMO. I agree with SemperFi’s comments on our outdated FP. I don’t know if we can afford to continue being the world’s police force, i.e., Hegemon. The shift in our cultural paradigm toward a more socialistic state has and will continue to takes its toll on our financial capabilities to support a large military force. If we are to downsize our role as the world’s peace-keeper, we need to make plans as to who (what nation or group of nations) will replace us, and we will need to accept not having the lead role in world events. The only downside to our downsizing that I can see is, that as America fades from the leadership role, the ensuing power vacuum could create real problems as rogue nations rise unconfronted. A leaderless world and an isolationist America is what gave us WWII. From that point, America shifted its FP to one of proactive. ‘Never Again’, I think the motto was. That’s why we find ourselves in the nation building business and on many fronts. A good book on the subject is ‘Warrior Politics’ by Robert Kaplan. I highly recomend it to gain perspective. Back to Obama, I really didn’t trust him when he took office based on his prior associations, socialistic ideology and his lack of experience. But, I think that the gravity of the presidency and the associated responsibilites must have a way of shaping a man. I’m sure from the outside looking in, he had a myopic and thinly informed view of our country. But once he sat in the chair, listened to the daily intelligence briefings and saw things from the perspective of the Oval Office, he said to himself, ‘Oh S***!’, I see now! Mission accomplished Mr. President! Now, let’s unwind that whole health care thing… LOL.

  99. Jullou says:

    (CNSNews.com) — Three people convicted of crimes as a result of a terrorism-related investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) were later naturalized as U.S. citizens by the Obama administration, according to federal auditors.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      now, dont confuse the liberals with facts while obama is trying to take the US MILITARY’S credit ……….. obama trying to take credit for doing something that he would have demonized as murder if this were during President Bush terms

  100. Just the Fax says:

    The intelligence that was gethered through waterboarding techniques at GITMO four years ago eventually led to the kill of bin Laden. Had Obama been President 4 years ago, he would not have allowed waterboarding and thus – the intelligence that led to bin Ladens kill.

    Thank you George W. Bush for supporting what had to be done for the safety of teh American people and the eventual killing of bin Laden.

  101. madashell says:

    I feel nothing but hate and contempt for you liberals because your stupid little brains can not be fixed. I also feel pity for your disability. bho has doing nothing but run this country down to it’s lowest point ever. He does not love this country, he is just loving the power. He lies and bull shi-s his way through life. He makes me ill. Oh yes people, I AM BLACK!!!!!!!

  102. Todd says:

    See what happens when a Commander in Chief focuses on what is important to our country. Obama focused on drawing down Iraq and putting those resources towards getting those who actually attached us. Bush chose to invade and occupy a country that had nothing to do with 911 and it took a leader to pick up the ball that Bush dropped. Bush had nothing to do with yesterday, Obama and our military do. Just imagine if McCain was our President. He would have 100,000 troops in Vietnam.

    1. dave says:

      Obama focused on vacationing which is exactly what we really need him to do…keeps him out of the way since he is totally incompetent!

    2. Christy says:

      So how does that gibe with Libya, and why aren’t we setting up a no fly zone over Syria? They seem to be killing their own people too. Why is it that Obama refuses to speak out against the brutality used against the student protestors in Iran a couple years ago, for fear of “meddling”, but he’s more than willing to commit our resources to Libya, when we’re broke and that country bears no security concern for us? And what do we do about the “democracy” in Egypt now that it has turned into one big clusterfk? And why do the people of Egypt and Lybia deserve to be free from tyrants, but not the people of Iraq? You can argue for or against our involvement in Iraq, and I think both sides of the argument have merit, but I’m not impressed with Obama’s foreign policy. It seems rather schizophrenic to me. I would like to know what the standard is.

      1. Christy says:

        Previous response to Todd.

  103. Gary says:

    Thank the chimp god this moron says nothing
    Remember 50% of US is f—- stupid

  104. kickdemout says:

    It’s all because of George W. Bush.

  105. Todd says:

    You couldn’t even call it a War On Terror in this White House. Neither could you call it what it is……Muslum terrorism. Funny the guy who ran on dismantling Gitmo for his liberal friends, trying Shiek Mohammed in NYC etc…..now tries to take credit for what Bush put in place. Hyprocrisy at it’s best!

  106. SCMark says:

    I’m just glad to see our president finally act like a president. Maybe there’s hope for him yet, although I’m still quite skeptical.

  107. Jerry W. says:

    6,630 INSTALLATIONS? That would mean that we have one in every country in the world and 110+ military installations per state in the United States. Did you get these numbers off of the Huffington Post website? I can’t stand ignorance.

    1. C Bauer says:

      Ignorance? Where are your figures, genius?

    2. dave says:

      6,630 installations? Amazing since I am a retired military member. Had no idea I could serve at each location? Oh, wait….bet you are taking into account every recruiting station, depot, guard or reserve installation, etc. I also just found your source…over 6000 military bases…or warehouses in the US….yep, you are taking into account every little facility and building…not just bases. Get your facts correct!

  108. kris says:

    Since the left believed that Bush was responsible for 9/11, and not Osama, then shouln’t Obama be tried for murdering an innocent man?? Just asking…

  109. rationalist says:

    BO handled this a lot better than I thought he would. Regardless, he still isn’t eligible to be president of this country – not because of where he was born, but because his father was not an American citizen. BOTH parents have to be US citizens – at least that’s what BO said in 2008 when he signed a declaration saying that McCain was eligible to be a candidate. This doesn’t have anything to do with skin color or parties – it has to do with whether he’s eligible or not. He isn’t.

  110. HK MP5 says:

    Why are all you idiots saying Bush or Obama? It’s the SEAL, the guy who would eat his own foot to survive, the guy who’s been trained not to hesitate for one hundredth of a second to put a slug through an enemy’s ocular cavity, THAT guy is the guy who popped OBL, not either one of the TWO DUNCES who you ideologues worship. GET IT? It’s the military who make us safe and kill at all hours of the day and night to neutralize threats – not pansie-assed politicians.

  111. Pete says:

    The “rookie” has done nothing but try to dismantle the military! Thank God…and THANK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH!

  112. Glenn says:

    In answer to “why did Obama wait years to attack Bin Landen now?” Well last Friday he released his birth certificate which confirmed that his father was a foreign national, a citizen of Kenya; therefor Obama is NOT a “natural born citizen” and is NOT constitutionally eligible to be President. Let’s see how long POTUS, the constitution professor takes to address this FACT.

  113. AUSTIN says:


  114. theDHoneywell says:

    I thought the Obama/Holder policy was to try terrorists in civilian court, not shoot them in the head. Getting shot in the head seems worse than water boarding if you really take the time to sit in a quiet place and think about it…..

  115. ralph says:

    They used intel given at Gitmo to find Bin Laden. If Obama shut it down as he promised, this wouldn’t of happened. Thank you George Bush for fighting to keep Gitmo!!!

  116. arynolds says:

    First, let me, as a conservative, congratulate Obama for a job well done. We should all be intellectually honest about what has transpired. But for you liberals, I am amazed at the lack of intellectual honesty on your part. You drone on about how we, and I’m paraphrasing, “can have peace without guns”. You mock Bush for fighting the war and you praise Obama for his “apology tours” around the world, bowing to kings and dictators, and then you praise Obama for killing OBL. You say we should leave the middle east because our war is used as a recruiting tool for more terrorists. You say the actions of our military in theatre or in Guantanimo incite violence against us. If all of these and the many more ridiculous statements are the principles upon which you feel the US should operate, then why are you praising this action? Don’t you think the various terrorists organization would unite to avenge this death. Why are you praising Obama for operating on intelligence obtained from “torture” of 9/11 detainees? Do you not still think it was obtained illegally and shouldn’t be used.
    Obama did what we conservatives wanted him to do. The fact that you won’t opine according the principles you say you espouse is conclusive evidence to me that at your core, liberals have no moral code or true guiding principles.
    Good job Obama, for once I can say that you have done your country a service. Your supporters are showing their true hypocrisy today by praising you.

  117. ralph says:

    If anything Obama is a hypocrite. Run on one platform and act on another.

  118. Lucy C says:

    C Bauer – No, it is YOUR. You’re is You are… Go back to school.

  119. Lucy C says:

    C Bauer: Thank you for specifying who you are responding to….

  120. Leigh says:

    So EWard, I guess there never was a War on
    Poverty, or a War on Drugs? Gimme a break!

  121. David says:

    Thank God for Sending President Obama for doing what Bush was too incompetent to do.

    1. dave says:

      incompetent? So Obama persoannly gathered the intel? Did he personally go on the mission and shoot him? Did he fly the helicopter? No he didn’t. He simply said yes to the military option. Bush set the policies in place that allowed for GITMO and the interrogation practices which resulted in the intelligence that was gathered which in turn resulted in Osama feeding the fish. Oh, Obama was golfing!

  122. Ref says:

    Before re-election bid,
    …”Barack Obama suggested last night that removing Osama bin Laden from the battlefield was no longer essential and that America’s security goals could be achieved merely by keeping al-Qaeda “on the run”. ”

    During re-election bid
    “…carried out at MY direction…”

    Hes seems a reluctant American with no strong ties to the US and displays ZERO patriotism.. married to a woman who ‘was not proud of the country’.
    If Osamas death wasnt politically expedient he surely would have let him go or read him miranda rights like he originally wanted to.

    1. ByteRider says:

      Osama in 2011
      Obama in 2012

      Different methods, same results. SEE YOU AT THE POLLS!

  123. Florida Gal says:

    I find it ironic that EVERY time Nobama gets in a tight spot he suddenly becomes a hero with something he thinks will get him re-elected. The man — and I use that term VERY loosely is a user. He plays the citizenry like a violin and fools that most are fall for his BS!!!!!

  124. EJAY says:

    Hooray for G.W. It’s because of the rules he put into place after 9-11, including waterboarding, that the initial info came from KS Mohammed and another detainee. This is totally out of Obama’s league as shown with the inept handling of the total unrest in the MIddle East. Let’s hope he doesn’t continue to placate our enemies.

  125. mcfoneguy says:

    Prez’ Obama never would have gone after Osama if it were his choice. He is a liberal…… Anti gun, anti-war, anti-violence, cow down, bow down to your enemy, beg for forgivness, DEMOCRAT! The only passion he holds is to take away our freedoms. TAX! TAX! TAX! Dem’s historicly take away from our military. It’s a real shame that he will get any credit.

  126. ByteRider says:

    Good thing they killed Osama.. otherwise, he would have sit in prison eating 3 squares a day, watching cable, and enjoying a rather comfy life style… for 20+ years before he would be executed. At least this way, he had 10 years of running and hiding which isn’t pleasant at all.

  127. Rachelle says:

    Nobody is buying the 24 I’s in his speech last night. That miserable self centered narcistic blowhard doesn’t full anybody with that speech he gave. A man that always comments on Muslim holidays, but not Christian ones just looks at this as one more campaign stop. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about our military or the war on terror.

    Bush and Co. believed in keeping our country safe. Our wonderful military women and men, including our allies did the fighting and intelligence gathering. Odumbo was just in the office when it happened. Keep him on the damn golf course where he belongs.

  128. reg says:

    Its funny, the gigantic uproar about the burning of a few Korans a few weeks ago was condemned as inciting violence and endangering our troops…but mass celebration in US streets about the assaination of perhaps the most revered islamic leader is embraced by democrats…more pathetic hypocricy from the party whose only talent is pointing fingers.

  129. lou kater says:

    We should thank Pervez Musharaff, etal, for the undying, dedicated comittment with tracking down this murderous thug. NOT! Way to go JSOC. You rock!

  130. Jack Kennedy says:

    its President Bush’s fault ……….. thats what the osama and the liberals have been claiming for over 2 years

  131. brian says:

    Wow, so many people here actually expected Bush to lay out the entire plan at the very beginning of the global war on terrorism. It was under Obama that he refused to call it a war on terrorism and continue to demand equal rights for all terrorists to be tried in America. Obama promised to close Gitmo and Gitmo remains open. Everyone tries to give credit to the person who “scores”, however fails to give credit for the work done 8 years prior to Obama sitting in the White House.

  132. TW says:

    WOW, you all just need to let this sink in and look at it in total. Bush responded to the terrorist attacks, he put in place many policies, not all of them good but a majority. President Obama continued those policies once he realized that was at stake and how difficult it was to govern as opposed to campaign. He sent the message, he took the action that finally after all these years led to this moment. Stop the politics, no one is an idiot, these are trying times that test men’s souls. I hope that history will find neither of these two lacking or our country will perish. Thousands of men and women stand ready across the globe and are still in mortal danger. The threat won’t go away. America stands amidst the rubble and the ashes of our 9/11 and yet liberty triumphs. Tomorrow we fight again to preserve our way of life, tonight let not our hearts be troubled.

  133. George says:

    Bush should be credited for getting bin Laden.

    It was Bush who said it might take 10 years, and it did.

    It was Bush’s plan, (continued by Obama) that got him.

    Obama will claim the credit and we’ll never hear the end of it now.

    If it weren’t for Bush, bin Laden would still be alive somewhere.

    Obama just rode on Bush’s coattails, and that’s all he did..

  134. TheCapitalist says:

    Only an idiot or ignorant liberal would credit Obama for catching Osama. Obama has done nothing but oppose every measure that has been taken to combat terrorism and Bin Laden. Thank God the adults (Conservatives that believe in a strong national defense) prevented Obama from getting his way. He wanted to close Gitmo, end “enhanced interrogation”, pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, dithered for months while our military waited for the extra troops THEY asked for and needed, he opposed both surges (Iraq and Afghanistan), Democrats vilify our military… “General Betray-us”, our soldiers “killing Muslim children”, Harry Reid saying “this war is lost”… and Democrats vilify and attack the very CIA that is MOST responsible for catching Bin Laden… threatening to imprison them for defending our country. LOL you hypocrites… how is it that you can blame Bush for today’s economy, struggling because of Obama policies… and yet try to deny Bush the credit he deserves for Bin Laden’s death, which only happened because of Bush policies that Obama has opposed every step of the way? Oh and by the way… regarding the torture… get off your high horse. Torture them, water-board them, whatever… if they held your daughter captive you’d be wrong not to. “How would I like being tortured”, you ask? Well I’d probably enjoy it about as much as I’d enjoy becoming a terrorist, which is to say not at all. If you don’t want to be tortured, don’t commit terrorist acts against America. It is absolutely disgusting how you libs defend the terrorists, rather then their victims… absolutely deplorable… you should be ashamed of yourselves…

  135. Jack says:

    How is the golf swing Mr President?

  136. J14401S says:


  137. Pedro Maldeves says:

    President Bush did the hard work and took a tremendous amount of heat to make this possible. All of those covert programs Obama argued against led directly to yesterdays events.

  138. Lou says:

    What many of you are failing to realize is that if not for President Bush’s “Enhanced Interrogation
    Techniques”, which Senator Obama fought tooth and nail, we would have nevr learned about Osama’s courrier thus we would still not know where he was. So to be clear, we found Osama in spite of Senator/President Obama. The best thing he did was stay out of the way.

  139. Pedro Maldeves says:

    Is this Scott guy here posing as a Liberal to make the look stupid?
    It is working mavelously!!

  140. j14401s says:

    I miss George Bushes smiling face. It beats being told to get to the back of the bus, and you are an enemy of the state. I would not miss, the scowling face with big ears, and those pointing fingers. Gripe sakes, I feel like a school kid being scolded by a school teacher. Is want the president to stop putting American citizens down, starting now. Our Navy seals rock.

  141. Bluec says:

    I’ll give obama his props for hanging ten on the military’s coat tails. He was president at the time so he’ll get the credit. Though the Seals probably heard GO when obama actually said NO.

    But the people that won’t get any credit are the American left. The dems and their supporters have shown nothing but cowardliness in the face of our ene mies, and deserve nothing but our continued contempt. This war is lost! The surge has failed! No bloo d for oil! Bush, lie’d and people d ied! Does any of that sound familiar? Remember Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink protesting everything Bush did. Or how about when you turned on one of our heros by calling him General Betrayus. When dems like Hillary claimed the General was lying before he even testified.

    Yeah you guys were real brave attacking your own. Real patriotic adding national division and sediti on to the country’s problems like that. It was just what we needed. Way to contribute cowards. And now you think you can just piggy back on to the military’s success, dream on. You can try to spin it anyway you want but It’s to late, we’ve seen your true colors, and they be yella.

    And just for the record, those Seals (like most of the military) were probably right wingers so before you pat yourselves on the back you might wanna consider how little you guys share with our warrior class.

    1. bluec says:

      I find it funny as he ll that the greatest thing obama has done required that he act like a right wing hawk.

      Obama is implementing the Bush doctrine against our enem ies, leaving gitmo open, has increased domestic spying and he att acked Libya before we were done with Iraq and Afghanistan.(Thats right dims, now we’re in three conflicts to Bush’s two.) Whats next? Maybe he’ll refer to his father as a typical black person, or perhaps he’ll start speaking with a southern drawl.

      His shape shifting though now ineffective is still amusing as he ll to watch. But I especially like that shift to the right dems always do when their in trouble. It’s almost as if the solutions to all our country’s woes lies in moving to the right. A nation of liberty minded conservatives!?!? Nah it would never work, thats just crazy talk.

  142. none says:

    I really wish texas would secede!

  143. cathy says:

    I just love W…did I say that already? Miss him. 😦

  144. Capn Jack says:

    All this ranting and the fact is that Obama in the ;last 2+ years has put us all in a terrible situation in this country. No amount of BS regarding his giving the order for which he had no choice, is going to make him acceptable as president any longer. He must either step down or we must impeach him for purposeful destruction of this country. Lets just ask the famous question “are you better off then you were 4 years ago”. I don’t think there is a person on this site who can say yes. Case closed.

    1. 911_millionaire says:

      What a p***k. The only Cap’n Jack I ever spent all of his time brown-nosing to get promoted, he endangered his students. Have a nice day!

    2. 911_millionaire says:

      What a p***k. The only Cap’n Jack I ever had the displeasure of serving spent all of his time brown-nosing to get promoted, while he endangered his students. Have a nice day!

  145. Capn Jack says:

    Very simply Obama sucks as a president.

  146. Real Republican says:

    BUSH is the biggest dummy on the planet. The lowest intelligence of all presidents. Bush had no idea how to run the country he is a cowboy redneck who got forced to run by his Daddy. People who praise Bush are praising a monkey with no brain.

    You want to thank republicans? Thank Cheney and Robert Gates. Bush is just a puppet.

    1. Wonkish Rogue says:

      Bush had higher grades in college than the brilliant John Kerry and Al Gore. People of exceptional intelligence have commented that President Bush defies the stereotype set for him. He was actively involved in decisions rendered. Saying he has the lowest of intelligence of all U.S Presidents leads me to the conclusion you couldn’t name the first 10 presidents or the last 10 without looking it up.

  147. fred says:

    Lets say something adult-like to the republicans that even THEY can understand.

    Bush – 8 years of trying with nuthin’
    Obama 2 yrs of trying succeeding

  148. Proud to be American says:

    Well, I have read nearly every post. I see a lot of Dumb-o-crats are giving credit to Obama. He gets credit for making the call and staying the course that Bush Started. There is credit to be had by both, but the true credit goes to the gallant and heroic efforts of our troops, in this particular case, the Navy SEALS. To them, thank you for making the world a safer place. To the Paki’s, shame on you for hiding him. To everyone else who means us harm, leave us alone, or meet the same fate.

  149. vanessa says:

    Let’s not forget other countries who have stood shoulder to sholder with americans fighting for freedom and have helped bring Osama and his motley crew down. Canadians have sacrificed their beloved sons and dughters also. Let’s hope osama really is dead.

  150. Joe says:

    “I don’t know where he [Osama bin Laden] is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority. -George W Bush

  151. Joe says:

    “I don’t know where he [Osama bin Laden] is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority. _George W Bush

    1. Wonkish Rogue says:

      Yep. And it really shouldn’t have been. Bin Laden hadn’t had an operational role in Al Qaeda in almost a decade. His importance was just as a symbol, nothing more. I’m glad that President Bush was busy winning in places like Iraq with General Patraeus and the heros of the U.S Military. Defeating Al Qaeda in Iraq and keeping a nation of 25 million an American ally seems a little more important. But I’m sure you think otherwise.

  152. Gunny G says:

    Let’s how how TOUGH Little Boy Barry is on KSM and Major Hasan! Wonder if THEY will get the death penalty or what.

  153. American Patriot says:

    Bush and Cheney are War criminals and Obama knew most of the Country wanted them Prosecuted when he won office.
    That is why he stated he is looking forward not backward to the past.

    They should have been prosecuted to the fullest.

    To you people who run out and celebrate, you are making fools of yourselves.

    You should be more worried about your Economy going in to a DEPRESSION shortly.
    Do you all have no clue your States are Bankrupt, your Government is Bankrupt.

    Our Country is BROKE.

    It is a matter of time before you all are in a Bread Line or seeing riots over food.

    Your days of having it all and living on credit cards is coming to an end.

    Most of you will not survive the coming Depression.

    1. Wonkish Rogue says:

      I’m sure you have lots of statistical data to back up your assertion about most of the country wanting Bush and Cheney prosecuted. No? Shocka! Your bread line/food riot claim is equally laughable. But let me guess. Only one thing can save us. Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Ticked Off Too says:

      Yeah, yeah…whatever!

      If we are to begin prosecution for war crimes (?) then obama should be up first.

      He just murdered Muammar Qaddafi’s son and 3 young grandchildren in their own home in their own country with no war declared. We have absolutely no business killing innocent civilians and children in a country that did not threaten us, were no longer under international scrutiny and were no threat to the world.

      Does no one find it curious that after the late Saturday murder of the Qaddafi family Osama bin Laden is suddenly found and assassinated?

  154. LukeJohn says:

    Listening to Obama last night, you would swear that he had done the whole thing all by himself.

    No mention that it was a team effort going way back.

    And to those who complain about “torture” being used. These are NOT nice people. On 9/11, they calmly used box cutters to cut the throats of harmless flight attendants.

    They then flew those planes into buildings killing civilians, including children on board the planes.

    When they kidnapped Daniel Pearl and others, they sawed off their heads while the victims were alive. Can you imagine how horrific that was?

    At least KSM, after the water boarding still had his head, fingers, life intact.

  155. TWard says:

    All of you really should stop the arguing and take a breath. Stop trying to politicize these events whether for Bush or Obama, Republican or Democrat. Men and women put their lives at risk to bring this man to justice in the name of the United States. Thank them. Thank their families who have sacrificed so much while they serve our country. Remember those who lost loved ones on Sept 11. Do you really think bin Laden cared who was in office when he attacked or when he was killed? He was attacking the American way of life not a political party. Remember how we all joined together in the months following Sept 11? What happened to that spirit?

    1. Wonkish Rogue says:

      I understand TWard. The problem is the truth matters. Obama and his pals on the Left have been against vigorous prosecution of the war against Islamic radicalism. They demagogue those that have kept us safe from another attack for blatant political ends. They defame the U.S Military whenever it benefits them politically. Bush, Cheney and their entire team had their names dragged through the mud relentlessly. War criminals, worse than Hitler, we all heard and saw what the Left really thought. Now they think they can distract from Obama’s domestic failures by giving him some kind of unearned credit for this victory. Lies cannot and should not every be allowed to stand regardless of whether it makes you feel good about us all coming together. The only thing you can say for Obama is that he continued the policies of President Bush regardless of the screaming coming out of his Left Wing base.

  156. Ed says:

    All you idiots that say “Obama got him” are the same idiots that voted him in to office because he was going to immediately pull all of our troops out and bring them home. Remember that he was completely against this war?? Thank GOD that he wasn’t in office on 9/11! We would all be under Sharia law by now! Thank you President Bush for the hunt and for your “dangerous policies” that got Mr. Obama close enough to take credit for something you did. Why isn’t he blaming Bush now?

  157. Eddie says:

    “Bush, who was home when he learned of bin Laden’s death late Sunday, released a statement congratulating President Barack Obama and praising the U.S. military personnel involved in the operation in northern Pakistan.”

    Talk about slanted reporting – Bush’ statement never congratulated Obama only the troops involved.

  158. Steve says:

    I am abolustely amazed at the level of foolishness I have just read from both sides. Obama deserves credit and so does Bush most of all does our CIA and military especially SEAL team 6. Just for one day can we not snipe? I suppose that may be asking too much. I am a conservative Republican voted for Bush not for Obama. Yet on this day, this one day, can’t we stop the foolishness? Can’t we?

  159. Wonkish Rogue says:

    Terrible that Obama would have Bin Laden killed instead of giving him a trial in NYC that every terrorist deserves. Obama should give back his Nobel Peace Prize. Let’s hear it Obama lovers. Let’s hear how sad you are that Bin Laden didn’t get read his Miranda Rights.

  160. Wonkish Rogue says:

    Code Pink and Michael Moore should immediately march on the White House demanding the prosecution of this Cowboy Obama. Bin Laden didn’t even get a last meal before he was executed without trial. He was probably framed anyway. We all know that Bush and Cheney were responsible for the attacks on 9/11 anyway.

  161. Red in Denver says:

    Two of the things Obama opposes (Guantanamo & waterboarding) were responsible for the intelligence which allowed Obama to make the decision to act. I don’t mind giving credit to Obama for acting on the intelligence, but the people on this board not giving any credit to GWB: If you were well-informed and truthful, you would give GWB credit for those things which produced the information on where UBL was hiding.

  162. Wonkish Rogue says:

    Obama might not be responsible for getting Bin Laden but it will certainly help his polling. Let’s focus on what’s important people.

  163. kevind says:

    he said he didn’t care about finding osama! don’t forget this doozie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PGmnz5Ow-o

  164. Reeper says:

    FYI the kill order has always got to come from the very top, thus Obama did have a big hand in this. CIA/Seals cannot act on missions like this without permission even in times of war because it happened in a Nation that the war was not openly fought in. Due to this fact Obama could have told them no at making the strike, yet being a good leader he knew that was not an option.
    I totally agree Bush never went after Laden in a way that it would get him killed, then dismissed him as not being important. Top that he told them they had nowhere to hide and then didn’t go into Pakistan to take out the main cell? Did you count how many vacations he took from office when his troops where being recycled due to lack of new recruits? True leaders/fighters always remain important to their cause dead or alive, active or not as active (Alamo, Geronimo, even Hitler). Only message I’d leave Bush is to move West so I won’t have to live at ground zero until he kicks the bucket. Otherwise all he has done is fumble the ball and left us in a world of hurt due to his once again messing up doing a job being another puppet on a string.

    Only bottom line here is another one bites the dust and a billion more to go unless they change their ways. Be like Israel and keep egging on a problem and it will never go away. When you are only risking your own life it doesn’t matter, yet in this you are risking all our lives so it matters a whole lot. You will never defeat this calling of theirs by brute force due to them not having a Nation or cutting off the money ($1 Million dollar compound plus feeding/clothing his recruits). Giving them less cause for getting new recruits and show all others you are not the monsters they portray you as will make a big difference. Wake up they don’t need nukes, etc. all they have to do is hit our nuclear plants which is now highly open game for them. Holes where barred on 9/11 if they hoped to see their gang/game grow so they didn’t hit those sites.
    You can respectfully kill people in battles, yet if you keep pulling stupid stunts (trying to degrade them, burn their religious books, rape/kill in rage on battlefield, etc.) all you will be doing is spinning you wheels to get more of us killed. You grip and moan about crimes in your own mist yet think Western Influence is great for all other Nations? Remember it’s those same crimes committed on their soil they are not happy with and yes religion gets dragged into everything but it’s not all about religion.
    Bottom line religion and money (greed/corruption) is the root of all evil since it all creates division, killing fields, and lack of respect for others. Defeat this and you win.

  165. Reeper says:

    Bush points:
    Cold War no fly zone over Pentagon, even if lifted one of the first place to get fighter jets to be protecting.
    One tower hit could happen, second one questionable since fighter jets should be scrambled right after it happened no matter if it could have been an accident or not, they are the Nations cops in the air.
    Plane headed to White House thanks to brave souls on it prevented his lack of having it shot down immediately when it didn’t reply.

    Obama points:
    Obama let Bush slide on WMD known lies.
    Ending a war in Iraq where Laden never was who was the only foe that gave us a reason to go after.
    Coming to the aide of Libya to prevent a slaughter (remember that was part of the reasons given for going after Saddam years after any lives could have been save by the action-killing Kurds when no WMD found). Pulled back from leading that action since it was known since Aug. they where closing in on where Laden could be, our fight with our true foes might escalate so we needed not to be heavily evolved there.
    Gave the permission to enter a Nation without permission to take Laden out. In case you never knew it Laden had no plans to be taken alive, so no you don’t risk your life to try to take someone that way alive unless you catch them by total suprise and they have no means to even kill themselves with. Given the location it left to big of a chance for him to get away if they tried to sneak in there to get him.

    No points:
    Anyone who draws down troop levels to where we are holding the bag like was done on 9/11.
    Leaving before the main Laden cell is taken out and any Taliban fighters fighting with them. If the Taliban wants to fight to take back their homeland they need to do it later after we pull out from taking down our true foes.
    Anyone who allows free trade to the point that it allows people hidden in hedge funds to drive up gas prices since Laden’s gang could even be part of it.
    No more comments or debating it from me.

  166. Carole says:

    Thank you President Bush ! If not for your hard work fighting the Taliban and the Democrats it’s a wonder you got anything done . Obama was the only one who voted against the war , and the rest of the rat pack demonized our Military. God Bless America !

  167. Starfires says:

    Why thank you to Bush? He distracted with the Iraq invasion, it’s under Obama they got the man! Anyway, the credit should go to the brave Seals who went into the lion’s den. An air-strike, especially if it hadn’t succeeded, wouldn’t have been as sure.

    BTW, it is exactly this kind of raid that I thought was the best option right from the beginning, the invasions serving only to annoy the Islamic world and they haven’t exactly created the stable democracies they intended to either- those things need to come from within.

  168. Mongoose says:

    Barack built upon the foundation that George erected. End of story.

  169. Mongoose says:

    Barack built upon the foundation that George erected. End of story. USA, USA, USA…

  170. GregA says:

    Claudia, only a simple-minded mouth breather would take something that is truely a national triumph and turn it into an opportunity to make petty political points. Thanks for reminding me that this nation still has a high proportion of jerks.

  171. Where'sTheMAX? says:

    Anyone know if the put a GPS tracking device on ObL’s corpse?

  172. MaxfromCT says:

    How does Obama know so much about Islamic burial rites?

  173. attila_the_huney says:

    Hey all you leftist Democrat obummer supporters… weren’t you against an illegal war? Aren’t you against violence? Anti-guns? Was osama mistreated? Did they read him his Miranda rights? Did they offer him a hallal mel before they shot him? Couldn’t we have just brought him to New York and had a fair trial while he lived in a penthouse, represented by Eric Holder? ROFLMAO….

  174. Mike Reeder says:

    Credit to Obama for ordering the raid. Ironically, had candidate Obama had his way, President Obama would have been in no position to give the order. As AP, MSNBC and the Washington Post, among others, are reporting, the original intelligence thread that led finally to UBL’s location was first uncovered in 2004 as a result of waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation measures, and was already close to fruition in 2007, thanks again to the very techniques Obama condemned and later halted. Just as Obama is taking credit for increased oil production spurred by actions taken by Bush, which he has already rescinded, he is taking credit for actionable intelligence he would have never possessed had his own policies been in effect. His efforts to stop oil production will only lead to higher gasoline prices. One shudders to think what the intelligence vacuum he has created will lead to in the days ahead. As it stands now, Obama claiming credit for this operation is akin to a Washington Redskin fan dancing in the end zone after a Dallas Cowboys touchdown. Give credit where credit is due; to the men and women of the CIA, the Navy Seals who pulled the trigger, and a President who devoted seven years to uncovering the trail that finally ended in yesterday’s raid. As for those who believe this is the most important triumph in the war on terror, it pales in comparison to the eradication of two long-time terrorist regimes and the elimination of Afghanistan as a terrorist safe haven. The campaign in Afghanistan killed tens of thousands of trained al Qaeda operatives, any one of whom could have been the instrument of death to thousands of innocents. Instead of being home to al Qaeda, Afghanistan became a base of operations for the U.S. Seals who killed bin Laden. We can all be glad UBL’s dead, but the threat of radical Jihadists is still with us, and we forget that at our peril.

  175. Maxi says:

    iv not been following the news a lot lately but, when I had heard the best news ever today- I couldn’t help but get so excited. Can I just say- WOOOOOHHOOOO!!!!!!! That felt good! Lol.
    We bagged that raghead before he even know what him. & I think mongoose is right- we gps’d his carcas to make sure it was just the sharks that know where he is!!!!

    All joking aside- hats off to all patriots and to our real ambassador George W. He didn’t start it, bug he sure as heck ended it.

    1. Jon Thorson says:

      I’m with u Maxi. GBII gets alot of credit. 4sure.

  176. junebug says:

    Are you kidding? Only credit Bush should get is for putting us in this terrible situation with our economy.

  177. HansJurgen says:

    Osama gone in 2011. Obama gone in 2012!

  178. A Nizami says:

    Now Bin Laden is dead.
    Will the US send their troops back from Afghanistan and Iraq to their home in 2-3 weeks or even in 2-3 years to let the Afghan and Iraqis to do their own business?
    I don’t think so.
    The main reason of Afghanistan and Iraq invasion is to get the oil fields there so the Rockefellers’ oil firms could have more oil fields. They could get more monopoly so they could set the oil price as high as they can.
    Another reason is the Loan Shark legend: The Rothschilds could give loan to US government to finance the wars. Currently US public debt is more than US$ 14 trillion. The Rothschilds at least enjoy US$ 14 trillion as interest for long term loan (e.g. Afghanistan war has been 10 years now since 2001). Previously, The Rothschilds gain an enormous fortune for financing British and its allies in Napoleonic War against France (Wikipedia).
    The British had to borrow money from the Rothschilds to finance the war.
    When the France destroyed, the France also need money (with big interest of course) from the Rothschilds to finance their economic recovery.
    Mayer and his sons eventually became bankers to whom the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars of 1792–1815 came as a piece of great good fortune. The wars, for the Rothschilds, meant loans to warring princes (Encyclopaedia Britannica).
    Read more at:

  179. Kip Noxzema says:

    The State Run Media is trying to persuade you that their man, Barry, orchestrated this whole operation. It’s a lie, like he’s a lie.

    It was Bush’s plans and policies that led to justice being served, just like he promised. He respects the military and what they can do, which is something this idiot president doesn’t do.

  180. May Jon says:

    when did obumbler get the time to even know OBL was going down on sunday? Between golf, vacations, fundraising, making fun of the GOP, teapartiers & donald trump and being on oprah. oh yeah! Sure we are to beleive obama bin lien was in front and center, not the bush administrations ferocity policy of taking the war to the enemy and interrogation techniques like waterboarding of KSM that made him cough up the name of OBL’s courier which led to the curtain falling on OBL, Six degrees of GWB. I’ll believe demoncrats are war hawks when pigs fly.

  181. May Jon says:

    Notice how we all reminisce republican presidents like Reagan and GWB but not democrat ones like carter LoL clinton LoL and can’t wait for obummer to go back to where he came from kenya, mars, or krypton.

  182. meadowlands says:

    For all the negative comments about Pres. Bush – Don’t forget Cllinton had the opportunity to get Bin Laden after the Cole bombing and let him get away. As for BHO getting all the credit – he is only in for 2 yrs . It takes years to gather info and track down these people. Barry had all the intelligence gathered over the years. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was the info gathered over the last 10 yrs that put the operation together

  183. Eddie says:

    Here we are again with the racist drivel from the Obama is a horrible man club. If the operation to kill Bin Laden had failed with American casualties, would the racist Obama haters blame Bush? If the operation was a failure the blame would have been entirely on Obama’s shoulders. The racist hate machine would have been in full force spewing their racist rhetoric. They hate Obama so profoundly; they will never give him credit for anything positive. Obama campaigned on finding Bin Laden. The following is what Bush had to say about Bin Laden.
    “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.”
    – G.W. Bush, 3/13/02
    “I am truly not that concerned about him.”
    – G.W. Bush, repsonding to a question about bin Laden’s whereabout, 3/13/02

  184. amwom says:

    We know who did what and trying to rob Bush of any credit at all just makes you look bad. So what else is new?

  185. Becky Reynolds says:

    Still love you 43!!!

  186. Mae says:

    Are we forgetting that many civilians and military folks lost their lives since 9/11 and this guy was the master mind?. So why can’t we celebrate that the families who lost loved ones may be able to get some sort of closure? Let’s savor this moment and leave politics out of it. This is an American victory. Period!

  187. j says:

    Wow. What a bunch of whining morons desperate for their Patron Saint Bush to get some of the credit for Mission Accomplished (8 years late). The military did what they do when they get their marching orders, along with “uncooked” intelligence, They kick ass!

  188. elaine says:

    listen, Bush-haters, for those of you whom think Bush let UBL escape, YOU LIE! Even though Bush pulled troops out of Afghanstan, He did leave a large group of Soldiers over there along with other NATO Soldiers. You damn liberals and Bush-haters think Bush just totally forgot about the Afghanstan war all this time. He didn’t forget about the Afghanstan war, Yall azzes forgot about the Afghanstan war because yall was to busy drinking the left-wing liberal media kool-aid and eating peanut butter sandwhiches………..Bush was too busy bashing the fuk out of KSM head and the GITMO couriers behind closed doors while yall was crying about civil liberties and chit……man, I remember the Bush years as if it was yesterday, I be damn, every got damn time the Bush folks did somethink, the fuking NYTimes printed in the paper….for example, the NSA Wiretapping, remember that libs……how can yall forget that part….in the death of UBL, its been reported that a single phone call led to UBL front door (BUSH NSA WIRETAPPING) remember libs/bushhaters, remember libs/bushhaters said Bush was listening in on people phone calls…………Ya got Ya answer boo boo, that single (NSA WIRETAPPING) phone called led the American Soldiers straight UBL front door……..Bush is still my CIC, no doubt, baby.

Comments are closed.

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