Local High School Teen Dies After Prom, Alcohol Related

DALLAS (AP) – An 18-year-old North Texas student who attended prom and then went to a party with friends has been found dead in a Dallas hotel of apparent alcohol poisoning.

Dallas police on Monday said an autopsy has been ordered on the youth, later identified as Jonathan Sierra. The teen attended the Dallas Skyline High School prom on Saturday night.

Sr. Cpl. Gerardo Monreal says officers around noon Sunday responded to the Aloft Dallas Downtown Hotel after the teen was found dead by his friends.

Monreal says toxicology results are pending, but it’s believed the teen died of alcohol poisoning. Police found no signs of trauma on the body.

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  1. texas heartland says:

    This kid was not alone so where are the others that were with him that night? Why would they bail on a friend in trouble? Just wonderin’…

    1. Gumby rules says:

      They didn’t know he was in trouble?

      You are talking about teenagers, under-age drinkers, not the brightest bulbs in the box.

      1. teen says:

        And full grown adults would act ‘smart’ in a drunk situation??

      2. Albert Vazquez says:

        he wasnt abandoned the news people really know how to change a story.. his best friend tried to revive him 😐 i would know because i knew the kid that passed

    2. Albert Vazquez says:

      he wasnt abandoned the news people really know how to change a story.. his best friend tried to revive him i would know because i knew the kid that passe

    3. 2sister says:

      Actually, channel 11’s account does not say that he was abandoned by his friends. It doesn’t say one way or the other.

      WFAA’s and the DMN’s accounts imply that he was not abandoned. Both of those accounts say that CPR was performed. Those accounts say that emergency help was called. Those accounts also talk about his friends being taken into police custody. All of this implies that he was not abandoned.

  2. Me says:

    Another report just posted on yahoo from DMN is confusing. Was the student from Skyline or Mesquite? I know it was Skyline prom…

    1. Skyline 2011 says:

      he attended skyline

  3. gET IT right says:

    He attend Skyline High School NOT Mesquite! The prom was held in Mesquite’S Convention CTR.

    1. just me says:

      It says the Prom was in Downtown Dallas. So, where does Mesquite come into play? Just wondering.

      1. Skyline 2011 says:

        no where on there does it say the prom was in downtown.
        it says police responded to a call from a downtown hotel.
        i swear ppl dont know how to read these days.
        and FYI mesquite comes into play because the prom was in the Hampton Inn in mesquite.

  4. Ms. Joyce says:

    Young men and young ladies. WAKE UP. It’s a real world out there!

  5. Lee says:

    This is the reason there are laws that are supposed to curtail the aquisition of alcohol by minors. Who sold or gave it to this person and the others. They bare responsibility in this situation. Go after them and have no mercy on them. I am truly saddened about this and my heart goes out the the family and his friends.

    1. He was 18 folks says:

      While you are partially correct, whoever provided the alcohol shold bear some responsibility, this young man was 18 years old. He was legally an adult and should be responsible for his own actions. Look at him as well as his parents before casting all the blame on someone else.

      1. ps says:

        An 18 yr old cannot legally purchase nor consume alcohol

  6. Casey says:

    Are they sure it wasn’t marijuana poisoning? Marijuana is the really bad illegal drug isn’t it?

    1. just me says:

      Casey, are you serious? Marijuana poisoning? Really? LOLOL

    2. Sandra says:

      Maybe it was K2…

    3. Casey says:

      I apologize, I was trying to be funny and make a point… My prayers do go out to this young mans family.

    4. fred says:

      you cannot overdose on pot, nor is it addictiong.It is however habit forming.

      1. Andi says:

        Fred – I believe that was Casey’s point…and anything can be habit-forming.

  7. rd says:

    @Lee: Yes, the one who sold or gave it to them are in the wrong, but the responsibility lies with the one doing the drinking. He was 18 years old, not a 4 year old. He was old enough to know better. He alone is responsible for his own death. @texasheartland: why would they leave him alone? Perhaps because they knew what they were doing was illegal and wanted to cover their own butts?

  8. just me says:

    p.s. When did Skyline moved i nto the Mesquite area? C’mon CBS news, get to know the Dallas area.

  9. Mac says:

    Casey–Marijuana poisoning, really??? I have never heard of this in my life. You should not believe everything people tell you. Is it bad–yes, worst than alcohol–no, it’s just illegal for other reasons.

    1. chris says:

      durrrr durr durr dur dur dur

  10. RG says:

    The person or persons who provided this kid the alcohol ABSOLUTELY bear some responsibility in his death. Just because “he is 18 and not 4” is a stupid argument to say he is solely responsible. I also think that his “friends” know a lot more than they say. They probably abandoned after he was unconscious and know full well how much he had to drink, and probably had a good idea that it was a dangerous level. Stupid friends will only watch out for themselves, not you.

  11. jazz vo says:

    Really sad news. How did these kids get the alochol? Whoever supplied the alcohol should be thrown into jail. Also can an 18 year old rent a room at a hotel?

  12. emcee keever says:

    party party party……

  13. Annette says:

    If the kid was not a frequent drinker he may not of know his limits….teen will be teens its very sad…..No one wanted to get involved as they did not want to get into trouble.
    Those teens will have to carry this with them the rest of their lives

  14. me me me says:

    @jazzvo: an 18 year old can rent a room at a hotel? tons of teenagers do that after prom, so did me and my friends. Its a great place to have a party and not worry about parents. Getting alcohol is simple. Any highschooler can get a handle of vodka in just a phone call.

    1. 2sister says:

      The particular hotel that they were at requires that the person who rents the hotel room has to be at least 21.

  15. April says:

    TO the family, I am so sorry for your loss, the pain our lossing a children is the worst pain in the world, its a nightmare of a journey, I know, I lost my 18 yr old son due to being stabbed to death for trying to save an elder man, You are in my prayers, step by step, day by day, please dont listen to these people, the fact is that your son is an angel now, no matter how he passed, Bless your family in this time of need and pain..April Belew, mother of Roger A Violano 12/91-05/30..

  16. rd says:

    sorry, RG, but I believe in that little concept called personal responsibility. You are responsible for your own actions. If he had had too much to drink, he would be alive, no matter how much someone else supplied him. Whoever gave it to him may be “legally” responsible, but he did it to himself. He made the choice to drink too much. When parents start teaching their kids about responsibility instead of passing the buck, there might be fewer dead drunks. Luckily this kid didn’t get in a car and kill someone else in the process. And yes, you can rent a hotel room if you are 18. I worked in a hotel, and though some might have over 21 rules, most will rent if you are over 18.

  17. rd says:

    Sorry, that should be “If he had NOT had too much to drink…”

  18. Nichole says:

    Why when kids play a role in their own death due to inability of knowledge, must the parents always be to blame…no I think not in most cases. We parents are not to blame if kids make the wrong decisions when not in our presents. Maybe their friends are more to blame for giving the alcohol to him. Give the parents a brake, they just lost their son. My hearfelt prayers go out to the family.

  19. TXmama says:

    I’m pretty amazed any parent would let their kid stay in a hotel unaccompanied, especially on prom night (I know lots do, but it still baffles me). My siblings and I all had to be home as soon as prom was over, a hotel stay was out of the question. With partying teenagers ranging in age from 15-18, drugs, alcohol or sex are almost
    sure to be a temptation. I’m so sorry this young man’s life was cut short.

  20. Albert Vazquez says:

    I attended that prom and i knew the kid that passed away our school is devastated on this loss our graduation is on may 26th and its sad to know our fellow classmate will not walk with us

  21. Albert Vazquez says:


  22. Devilsadvocate2 says:

    I find the parents negligent in not teaching their child about the effects of drinking alcohol and not going to the hotel sooner… another site says they knew where he was going. Additionally, this mere child CHOSE to drink… He killed himself, at least he didn’t kill anyone else!!! Who the heck provided the alcohol???? No I was no saint but I knew my limits and the CONSEQUENCES. And for all his alleged friends who were there with him – why was it that NO ONE called the cops????

  23. munoz says:

    look ppl im am his cousin nd for all yall who dnt knw the story plz keep ur mouth shut… his parents r great parents thy taught right from wrong… nd as for his friends thy did nt leave him thy tried to help him….his parents had no idea where he was goin after prom… my aunt stayed up till 1 am waiting for him to come hm… so plz jus stop wit blaming the parents nd his friends… who ever knws tht this sort of stuff will happen… so jus stop already… its very rude to say he killed himself!!!!!!!’

  24. Devilsadvocate2 says:

    To the Cuzin – sorry for your loss – but he did kill himself – did his alleged friends poor the alcohol down his throat???? If they did – then that is murder, if not then it is suicide!!!! Just the facts man!!!! If he willingly drank the alcohol then his parents did not do such a good job teaching him about the affects of alcohol. Again sorry for your loss…………

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