By Babe Laufenberg, CBS 11 News

This Mother’s Day, we asked some members of the CBS DFW family to reflect on what the day means to them.

My mom passed away 15 years ago, but it feels like yesterday.  I guess that is how you know you loved, and were loved, in a beautiful way,. Not a day goes by that her face does not appear to me, her presence is not felt, or her kindness is not remembered.

She was an immigrant, born Rosina Rossi, who came to the United States from Montenerodomo, Italy when she was 4 and entered the U.S. through Ellis Island.  Sewed her underwear out of flower sacks.  Worked in a strawberry field to help support her family in high school, as her father died when she was a child.  Ultimately became a registered nurse.

She stood all of 5’2″, but her heart came from the body of a 7 footer..  She was a vibrant woman whose children were her life. No matter the endeavor, she was always my biggest fan and supporter.  Hey, isn’t that what moms are for?

Like most kids, I probably did not appreciate her the way I should have, thinking that all mom’s sacrifice for their kids, and not having an understanding of what sacrifices were being made because it all seemed so natural.  I played football, basketball and baseball in high school, and no matter what time I came home, after practice or games, my mom was making me dinner.

When my mom died, the priest who presided over her funeral mass said that she will be with us now more than ever.  I just thought it was something that you say to a grieving family, but as the time has passed, and having children of my own, I understand that to be true.

And that is why on this Mother’s Day, I will be thinking about my mom, and knowing that of all the really great moms who have passed through this earth, somehow God saw fit to give me the best one.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.  I love you.