Alleged Puppy Mill Busted In Kaufman County, Again

KAUFMAN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Dozens of dogs and puppies were rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Kaufman County Wednesday and the woman arrested in suspicion of organizing it has a history of similar accusations.

A rescue group says the animals had no access to food or water, and are in poor condition.

“The term ‘puppy mill’ does not give witness to the horrors the breeding mothers endure,” said Scotlund Haisley, president of the Animal Rescue Corps. “They are considered machines whose puppies are nothing but products. It is our honor to promise these dogs their suffering has ended.”

They’re now being treated at an emergency shelter at the Kaufman County Fairgrounds.

Margaret Boyd was arrested in suspicion of running the mill and has been accused before. The Animal Rescue Corps helped authorities raid Boyd’s property Wednesday.

margaret boyd Alleged Puppy Mill Busted In Kaufman County, Again

Mugshot of Margaret Boyd. (credit: Kaufman Co. Sheriff's Office)

The group shot home video of the 50 dogs and puppies, some of them just one day old. Officials said they were living in squalor, in their own urine and waste.

Rescuers say the animals are also malnourished.

“It was bittersweet,” Haisley said. “It was great to rescue these animals. It was horrible to see her puppy-milling again.”

In August of 2009, more than 500 animals were seized from the same property. Boyd was convicted of animal cruelty and Haisley said the rescue came after, “ARC’s Texas State Liaison recently obtained evidence that identified the property owner was in violation of probation.”

A condition of the Boyd’s probation was that she could only keep two dogs and the animals had to be spayed or neutered.

The Animal Rescue Corps also helped conduct the raid two years ago, and has followed the case.

“But I believe, I’m very confident we have the evidence to convict her again,” Haisley said.

There will be a custody hearing for the animals Friday.

As for Boyd, she’s accused of violating her bond and faces additional charges that have not been announced. She denied an interview request from jail.

Click here for information on how you can help the animals rescued.


One Comment

  1. HG says:

    Anyone who buys an animal from an irresponsible breeder contributes to the cruelty. Adopt and save a life.

    1. 2sister says:

      Some people might inadvertently buy from a irresponsible breeder. I guess the best thing is to research the breeder, and ask to see their living conditions of the animals. Of course, she might have sold some of them to pet stores, and the person buying a pet might not be able to look at the original living conditions.

      I saw someone selling dogs out on in a parking lot and long a street. I believe they were on the grass next to the parking lot. When I see this, I always wonder about the health of the animal. There have been cases where someone buys a puppy from such a location and then finds out it has rabies or some other health problem.

      1. Jonnie says:

        Actually, the BEST thing is to ADOPT–avoid breeders, and you won’t have to guess whether they’re responsible or irresponsible. And selling dogs from parking lots is illegal. When you see that, call 311 and report it.

    2. Cheryl Cheney Fox says:

      It doesn’t matter where the dog comes from! All dogs need a home, period. We have 5 dogs and they came to our home by different means.. It is ashame people abuse these poor dogs but it certainly isn’t the dogs fault.

  2. RussP says:

    Hopefully since she violated her probation and this is also a new set of charges, she’ll do some jail time where unfortunately she’ll still be treated better than she treated these dogs.

  3. Danita says:

    Who would do that to a Chi

  4. Ken Hughes says:

    What a B##ch !!

  5. Juana says:


  6. helen says:

    Now maybe she will go to jail, let her sit in her own urine and go without food. and you are right and you are right – trash looks good compared to her

  7. David says:

    There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON to buy a dog. There are hundreds of thousands looking for home. You mean to tell me you can’t find a companion on Animals are not products.

    1. Erin F. says:

      If you are so attached to a breed that you insist on buying one from a breeder then you should also rescue or at least foster a dog for every one you buy. If you’re so attached to the status of a breed- then you should care about the ones that have been discarded- most of the dogs in breed rescues are from people that moved and couldn’t keep the dog, or a child becomes allergic, etc. and the dogs are perfect! I love my rescues- they’re awesome in every way.

  8. Animal Lover says:

    Margaret Boyd is an evil person. May she burn in hell for the suffering and death she has caused innocent beings in her pursuit of her tax-free income. THANK YOU to ARC and the others that go after the monsters like Boyd and other puppy millers.

  9. j313 says:

    I adopted (from the Dallas SPCA) one of the original 500 puppies that were taken from this woman in the 2009 raid. I cannot believe that she is at it again!.

    1. Julie says:

      I have one of the original dogs as well and I thank god every day that she has a forever happy home,, I hope this woman will spend some jail time and they keep an eye on here

  10. Bourgeois says:

    I hope she gets life in prison. She probably won’t, but she deserves it.

  11. Becky says:

    If anyone simply has to have a particular breed all you have to do to find available dogs by breed is look at – you can search by breed, age, etc. BTW currently on that website their are over 175700 listed for adoption. Numbers of particular breeds vary but range from over 24000 labs down to 1 Kyi Leo. Incidentally there are almost 14000 chihuahua and almost 9000 beagles. There are currently over 200 separate breeds available. Why would anyone buy a dog when so many good ones are killed because they are not wanted?

  12. Christian says:

    The best way to shut down the Margaret Boyds of this state: Call your State Rep. and Senator today, and urge them to vote for the puppy mill bill currently going through the hearing process. Make them aware how many voters out there care about this issue.

    Number two: educate your friends, family and neighbors on the importance of spay/neuter.

    Number three: Encourage those same folks to ADOPT, not shop. You can find any breed you want, if breed matters to you, through rescue groups and sites like Petfinder.

  13. vicki says:

    I hope she gets jail time and can never have a pet again. How horrible for those sweet babies. Thank you ARC

  14. Car says:

    Sad Margaret, if jailed, has to be cared by the people of the state. Glad she is getting exposed. My dog site has article about adopting. Can google it as I don’t think it will show up here. Site will be evolving to more holistic talk but still the love of a dog is there. Article called: “Buy dog or adopt – let’s talk!”

  15. Martha Thomas France says:

    All of these comments are fine but those babies are victims and deserve to live and be placed in a loving home. I want to help make that happen so where do I start?

  16. HooDatIS? says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww granny u look nasty
    u cant take of urself let alone 5000000000 animals u nasty old fart bag

  17. texas heartland says:

    Adopting a dog can be VERY EXPENSIVE if you are looking at a particular breed. We paid four hundre dollars for a dog at a rescue. Maybe if they were a bit more affordable, more people would try it. I know you can spend that on a registered breed anyway, but the typical family doesnt need “papers” and such. Our $400 dog had none either, come to think of it!

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