Sister Of Bin Laden Operation’s Mastermind Reflects On Her Brother

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM/KRLD) – The sister of the Naval officer who planned the mission on the Osama bin Laden compound may have been worried when her brother joined the SEALs years ago, but she “wasn’t surprised at all” that he was asked to plan the important mission.

“He has been committed to the armed services and our military all his life,” Nan McRaven said. “He’s doing absolutely what he loves to do and he’s serving his country.”

Vice Admiral William ‘Bill’ McRaven, 55, graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in journalism in 1977. Nearly 34 years later, he would begin mapping out how to kill or capture the FBI’s most wanted man.

His sister, a public affairs consultant and Austin resident, said she knew from the time her brother headed up UT’s ROTC program that he would go on to great things. She stressed that he’s been dedicated to the military for as long as she can remember.

“He has been committed to the armed services and our military all his life,” she said.

The Senate Arms Service Committee is scheduled to present Vice Admiral McRaven with his fourth star for his service at the end of the month. His sister said they’ve spoken since the mission.

“He is just very, very proud of the team and he is honored to have served his country and the President.”

Editor’s note: CIA Director Leon Panetta has revealed Adm. McRaven’s name in multiple interviews this week.  McRaven planned the operation, and that information has been public at least since Tuesday.  Panetta said McRaven was in Afghanistan during the raid on bin Laden’s compound and not at the compound itself.  We have changed the wording in this article to clarify McRaven’s role.


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  1. Ms. M says:

    Leave it to the news media (and the stupid sister) to disclose the name of this Navel officer and implicating him as being one of the Seals who brought Bin Laden down. His life may be in more danger now than ever. Stupid humans!

    1. Jason says:

      Thank you. I was very uncomfortable reading this article. And, I am thinking and hoping that this article is not true. Another thought was that this sister must be way out of touch with the world but the article states that she is a public affairs consultant? She is well aware of government and the political system. Just bizarre.

    2. DA says:

      I find it hard to believe as well that they would mention his name. CDR McRaven, when I served with him in 1990-1991 was the most soft spoken Naval Officer I knew. He was a joy to be around. Reading this article and many like it brought chills to my body knowing that someone I served with was a part of this great mission. Kudos to Adm. McRaven, JSOC, and SEAL Team 6.

  2. LALA says:

    Has she lost he mind?
    Any military family member knows you DO NOT talk about ANYTHING to ANYONE..
    .As a sibling to a SEAL I know you never talk about anything if you care about them or the team. Someone needs to enlighten the sister fast.

    1. William says:

      ….I concur….Very irresponsible on her part….even more so of Ch 11

  3. Ellen says:

    It is very evident that the brother got the brains in the family and she is willing to sacrifice him to get a little publicity for herself. Shame on you. Ms.C

  4. Jane in Texas says:

    Did Nan McRaven realize that she has probably signed her brother’s death warrant? Why would the news media get involved and allow this idiot to blather on? Should he meet an untimely end, both Ms. McRaven and CBS will be leading contributors.
    Anything for a story … and fifteen minutes of fame. Shame, shame, shame on you (and that’s a plural you!)

  5. Reeper says:

    Not positive, but think I’ve already seen his name and picture in all of this not long after it went down. Just like the Pres and people at the top those at the top will be known by the foes-no way around it. So those so called death warrants are already out right along with Bush’s.
    The concern here is releasing the name/location of a family member (sister) which they will also target. Either this is really a non-smart move or it’s a very well planned set up. In our world both are possible.

  6. Leslie says:

    KRLD, this goofy woman, and her brother should all take a lesson from bin Laden: The key to security is to keep your mouth shut and trust only a very few people. I can only pray that none of you have caused damage to anyone else in your zeal to run your mouth and bask in your own few minutes of glory…as if you had anything more to do with it than to grab on to the coat tails of somoene remotely related to the situation. NIce going! Please leave your flag and your citizenship at the border. Ba-bye now.

  7. taxpayertexas says:

    Now they’ve made him a target. I believe some of the ones who planned and flew during the 1986 raid on Ghadaffi’s compound were tracked. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Maybe they will use Leon Panetta as target versus the military guy

  8. June says:

    You all are way off here. It has never been a secret that Adm. McRaven headed up the JSOC, and that the JSOC was in charge of planning the Bin Laden mission. He is a public figure, not the actual SEAL who went in and made the kill. Adm. McRaven has been in the news since day 1, and this small interview with his sister is minor compared to all of the other stories. She is not revealing any information or making him any kind of target. Get a clue.

  9. Kanne Henderson says:

    Panetta is the one who should have known not to name him. What was he thinking of?

    1. June says:

      Again, is this the only website you all have read since the beginning of the ‘GWOT”? Bill McRaven’s identity has NEVER been a secret. Neither is his replacement’s, nor is it a secret that he is moving on to become the head of the US SOCOM. It has always been on the public record (perhaps you all never read it, but that is your own lack of insight) that the JSOC’s main mission was to bring in high-value targets, and that the capturing/killing of OBL was priority #1. This story above is a fluff piece compared to all of the other information that has been public for the better part of a DECADE.

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