20 Hurt In DART Escalator Accident At Mockingbird Station

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An escalator that apparently malfunctioned left 18 students and two adults with injuries.  Some members of the injured group were on a field trip from Thompson Elementary School in Quinlan.

DART spokesman, Mark Ball says the students were on the down escalator at Mockingbird Station in Dallas when it suddenly sped up.  The students and adults were thrust forward and fell to the bottom of the escalator.

The students had just performed as a choir at Zion Lutheran Church in North Dallas, and were on their way to a museum when the accident abruptly cut the day short.

According to Ball, of the 20 injuries, eight middle school students with minor injuries were sent to Children’s Medical Center.  Hospital spokeswoman Laurie Holloway says the injuries were not severe.  “Most of the injuries were minor. Scrapes, bumps and bruises.”

Ball says one child is believed to have a broken leg.  All 8 of the injured children have since been released from the hospital.

The two adults were sent to Parkland Hospital with minor injuries.  Those treated at the scene were put on a bus that went back to Quinlan.

Witnesses says someone hit the emergency stop button, but engineers are inspecting the escalator to officially determine what went wrong.  DART says an inspection in April found no problems with the escalator.


One Comment

  1. C.L. Henderson says:

    “Nest stop… The Twilight Zone!”

    1. mike garland says:


  2. Neff Conner says:

    That picture? NOT an escalator.
    Try this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nffcnnr/4564237059/

    1. Duh says:

      Mockingbird station maybe, you know where the incident occured…

  3. Rider says:

    On August 2, 2008, the same thing happened on the Dallas turns Chicago pub crawl. Luckily there were no injuries that time.

  4. HooDatIS? says:


  5. Beanz says:

    I ride DART every day and Im not surprised. Good service on the trains, but DART as a whole is ghetto. Hope the kiddies are ok, but Im sorry…Im laughin.

  6. silky johnson says:

    yeah that sucked almost all of the kids on that trip are my friends and it was a field trip for the choir kids 6-8 grade im just glad i wasnt on it

  7. Melissa says:

    Guess I failed to see the humor in middle school kids getting hurt!!!!!!

  8. Todd says:

    Why would a DART station have a escalator ? How lazy are people that they can not walk down or up some stairs?

    1. Adrienne Beard says:

      The stairs are pretty inconveniently placed for quick train boarding/unboarding. Also many people walk up and down the escalators instead of just “riding” them.

    2. Jaz Meister says:

      Because some of these stations are multi-level and the handicapped and elderly can’t DO stairs. Mockingbird station is just such a facility.

    3. MrBill says:

      Try asking your grandma to climb up and down three flights of stairs on a regular basis

  9. Sherri says:

    My child was there, and it’s not very funny!! Everyone who thinks it’s funny need to grow up and get a life!!!

    1. John Smith says:

      Funny!! I lost my pants on that darn escalator.

  10. Sherri says:

    I sure hope you don’t have kids and never do have kids. My kid was there, and that is not very funny!!!

  11. Adrienne Beard says:

    Those escalators seem like they are constantly malfunctioning. They are often (both the up and down escalators at Mockingbird station) closed off froim use. I don’t know if that is normal, but I have never seen any other escalators that are closed as often as those 2. Something needs to be done about this to prevent future incidents.

  12. Will says:

    There was a news story a few months ago about the escalators at DFW malfunctioning, too. Always use the handrail when riding an escalator. If the down escalator stops, you are thrown to the bottom. If the up escalator stops you get thrown into the stairs and your knees and legs get badly cut.

  13. Hugh Munguss says:

    C’mon! We all know one of those kids was jacking with something he was supposed to. Did anybody happen to get it on video?

  14. Jerome says:

    What are the population demographics surrounding the Mockingbird Station? I think I smell a ring tailed nocturnal mammal.

  15. les says:

    boy , would i like to see the video on this !!!!

  16. Gridlock says:

    Sent to “Childrens Medical Center”?

    How horrible. To be sent to an unentertaining medical comedy parody show on the ADULT SWIM slot of the Cartoon Network. I have not laughed at even one episode of that horribly bad show. To send children there is the ultimate cruelty after injury.

  17. MrBill says:

    For years these escalators were completely exposed to the elements without even an awning. Is it any surprise that they are in bad shape.

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