Districts Warming Up To Idea Of School Bus Ads

DALLAS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM/KRLD) – In the past, some school districts met the idea of putting ads on local school buses with a lot of questions and opposition. Now, as a number of North Texas districts fight budget shortfalls, schools are enthusiastically getting on board with the idea.

The plan to sell ads on the back lower half of large buses was first pitched several months ago. At the time, there were a lot of concerns.

But Susan Falvo, with Dallas County Schools, says with strict guidelines on what can be advertised and the ever shrinking bottom lines of districts, the plan has really caught on.

“In today’s economy you’ve got to use everything possible to try and help our school districts out and that was our purpose in doing this program,” she said.

According to Falvo, the extra money received from ad profits could make a big difference, especially for smaller school districts. “They can, ya know, have the extra teacher, buy the extra schoolbooks, whatever they decide to use that [money] for,” she said.

The ads could bring in an additional million dollars this year.

Dallas County Schools currently have ads on more than 200 of the 1,000 large buses in its fleet. The goal is to get ads on about 300 additional buses in the coming months.


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  1. HooDatIS? says:

    i wanna put a phone sex ad on the side of the school buses

  2. Colby Bauer says:

    This society is turning into the world visualized in the comedy IDIOCRACY, by Mike Judge (creator of Office Space and Beavis & B–thead). The movie is set 500 years into the future, and ads are even on people’s clothing. I think 50 years is more realistic, not 500, at the rate we’re going. If you haven’t seen the movie, find it. It’s very funny, but also (sadly) TRUE.

  3. Brenda Hitt says:

    At this point, if that’s what it takes to give the children of today a decent education, then GO FOR IT. It’s sad that society snubs it’s nose at dropouts, yet education just doesn’t seem to top the list of priorities when it comes to funding. We need to get back to the basics and change our priorities, or the future of this country is going to be determined by a society of illiterates. Sad that it has come to this,but whatever works!!!

    1. Colby Bauer says:

      Excuse me, but if ads are accepted as a source of funding, then what happens to public safety? For example, let’s say some fast food chain advertises on every bus in a district. Then, some report comes out that fatty foods are linked to childhood cancer, diabetes, learning disabilities, what have you. All the fast food company has to do is say, “Keep running our ads, or you don’t get our money.” Then where would we be? I’m as capitalist as they come, but when it comes to my child’s health, I don’t want Corporate America to have our schools by the balls. I grew up in public schools until high school, and back then, during my elementary school years (70’s) it was still a quality education. We can return to that standard, but not at the mercy of Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Oil, etc. It comes down to tight budgeting and responsible/realistic spending.

  4. 2sister says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I want the money for education, but I’m not sure this is the way to do it. Anyway, before I make my final decision, I would like to know what kind of limits there are. The article says that they are limited on what they could advertise on the school buses. Also, many school buses are not owned by the districts, but by someone contracting with the district. How would that affect who got the money from the ads?

  5. steve says:

    Yeah, just like we were all told that money from the lottery was going to solve all of the money problems.. What’s next? Personally I think a lot of money is mis managed and wasted.. However , I have no problem with ads on busses as long as there are strict guidelines. There are a lot of businesses that ads on school busses would be inappropiate.

  6. Brent says:

    So, corporations cause the economic collapse, which causes foreclosures, etc, which strap our state budgets and consequently our school districts and then those same corporations graciously offer money for advertising on the school buses of said districts? Did I get that right?

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