By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – Some North Texas students say they’re missing out on some of the most memorable moments of their senior year of high school. First homecoming, now the senior breakfast–and it’s all because of the dress code.

Some of the students at Mesquite High school call it too arbitrary.

Natasha Bayaro, one of the seniors, said, “A lot of girls would come in and ask, ‘Did they let you in with that?'”

Bayaro wore a sunny but sleeveless dress to the Senior Breakfast and passed the dress inspection.

Not De’Chara Moore who wore a dress with short, french cut sleeves. They were apparently too short for one administrator. Moore was told she could not attend the breakfast.

“This is something I would wear to church. We would wear this for church and figured it would be all right for school. But it wasn’t,” Moore said.

Mesquite ISD didn’t want girls exposing their shoulders.

So, Kristen Thomas pinned her jacket to her spaghetti strapped dress. But she wasn’t allowed in either since she could potentially un-pin it and take it off.

“She didn’t give me the alternative to go home and change or anything she just told me to go to class at 8:35,” Thomas said.

It may all seem a bit over the top until you hear about Natalie Martinez who was told to stuff her top into her sundress.

“They made me go to the restroom and put it inside,” Martinez said.

The faux pas was not theirs the district insisted.

They said, “The rules for attire for the breakfast were presented to students and staff several times prior to today.” Girls had most of the problems.

It was a close shave for the boys. Literally.

Those with stubble on their chins were handed straight razors and told to shave.

“Wish they had given me some shaving cream but other than that (it was okay),” Jerry Steel said with a shrug.

The next event is the Senior Picnic. The girls have already been warned not to wear shorts that are too short.