Mesquite Students Feeling Shorted By Dress Code

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – Some North Texas students say they’re missing out on some of the most memorable moments of their senior year of high school. First homecoming, now the senior breakfast–and it’s all because of the dress code.

Some of the students at Mesquite High school call it too arbitrary.

Natasha Bayaro, one of the seniors, said, “A lot of girls would come in and ask, ‘Did they let you in with that?'”

Bayaro wore a sunny but sleeveless dress to the Senior Breakfast and passed the dress inspection.

Not De’Chara Moore who wore a dress with short, french cut sleeves. They were apparently too short for one administrator. Moore was told she could not attend the breakfast.

“This is something I would wear to church. We would wear this for church and figured it would be all right for school. But it wasn’t,” Moore said.

Mesquite ISD didn’t want girls exposing their shoulders.

So, Kristen Thomas pinned her jacket to her spaghetti strapped dress. But she wasn’t allowed in either since she could potentially un-pin it and take it off.

“She didn’t give me the alternative to go home and change or anything she just told me to go to class at 8:35,” Thomas said.

It may all seem a bit over the top until you hear about Natalie Martinez who was told to stuff her top into her sundress.

“They made me go to the restroom and put it inside,” Martinez said.

The faux pas was not theirs the district insisted.

They said, “The rules for attire for the breakfast were presented to students and staff several times prior to today.” Girls had most of the problems.

It was a close shave for the boys. Literally.

Those with stubble on their chins were handed straight razors and told to shave.

“Wish they had given me some shaving cream but other than that (it was okay),” Jerry Steel said with a shrug.

The next event is the Senior Picnic. The girls have already been warned not to wear shorts that are too short.

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  • CL

    my son used to attend MISD and some of the clothing worn by students especially the females was downright provocative….
    skin tight hip hugger khakis and tight clingy tops
    the only problem i saw with the males was pants 2-3 sizes too large and sagging…..

    so if your on school property enforce the rules ALL THE TIME not just for special , select occassions

    • BigBoa

      Absolutely correct……

      And instead of FIGHTING them, the parents should SUPPORT their actions….. stop spoiling your f’in children…..

    • john

      im just going to go to school nude i came into the world nude…

    • ken

      just go to school nude thats how you were brought into this world

    • Trainwreck

      When I was in highschool I used to get so turned on by seeing a girls shoulders, and oh man when their dresses came above the knee I just about lost it and fell into a hormone induced psychosis which caused me to attack everything in sight with two legs, you name it tables, chairs, other students, I just couldn’t be controlled. What is this the fifies what do they think is going to happen? While I can’t condone hot pants and tube tops in a high school, it’s naive of these people to think that their 17 and 18 year old children (yes legally an ADULT in the good old USA) doesn’t know or understand what sex is or is interested in it for that matter. Besides thanks to the interweb corrupting our sweet sweet innocent 18 year old children they have probably even seen the opposite sexes physical attributes…OH THE TRAVESTY!!!!

      • Stroganovsky

        “I just about lost it and fell into a hormone induced psychosis which caused me to attack everything in sight with two legs, you name it tables. . .”

        Yep, you sound like the kind of guy who would molest a two-legged table.

    • He_Saves

      Burkas are next…answer the call to Allah!

    • Jbug

      are you crazy? have you had a dress code before? they are VERY restricting and dumb!

    • Joe Greenwell

      So what? It must be the responsibilty of parents to guide their children in what to wear. If parents would do their jobs there would be no need for a “school” dress code.

      • janet

        Although I think the girl in the picture is dressed modestly, you do have a point in stating……”You should see what the mothers are wearing”. However, it falls more on the fathers to explain to their minor daughters “the obvious facts of life” regarding the distracting affect on work & study that promiscuous attire has on men. So, we have a country full of campuses where minors dress in a manner that sexually excites men and their fathers, pastors, and elders aren’t preventing it. Begs the question, “Why?”. These grown men are either afraid of minor girls or they sexually like what these minors are showing them and therefore do not want them to stop.

      • Mom in TX

        Then there is the problem of kids changing after they have left the house. Also, some parents leave for work before school starts. Fortunately, I get to stay home, but my husband leaves for work at 7 and high schoolers don’t have to be to school until 9:15. Parents can monitor, but sometimes kids sneak around.

      • RufusVonDufus

        Yea, you need to open your eyes and see what the mothers are wearing–or not wearing!

      • Larz Blackman

        That’s a tired cop-out, Joe. Yes, it’s primarily the responsibility of parents, but when they fail to perform their duties, it should not be impermissible for other authority figures to step up.

    • Jarhead6981

      @CL: Unfortunately, I must assert that a part of the problem can be seen in your retort. You are complaining about what your view is about how this school handles a dress code and yet it escapes you that talking about a school while you have no proper English nor grammar. MY assertion is to tell you to stop throwing stones in a glass house. No capital letters and one of the number one mis-spells today—your, you’re. “if your on school; property…..”, it should be “if you’re on school property…..”.

      And the next thing you’ll say is “big deal, you knew what I meant”. That is a cop out. In reality, you’re just lazy and most likely never graduated because it was too much work….you just decided to have kids….to heII with bringing them up right, just have kids.

      • Not_Nazi_Germany

        Jarhead, the rest of the world doesn’t wear a uniform…go back to the desert where you can kill all the children you want…fascist.

      • Ouch

        Oh, the irony- I love it when one who has little understanding of English-language grammar rules criticises another. Time for some remedial grammar training for you jarhead.

      • Todd Lashley

        WOW!!! What a scolding. Remember people, hit the spell check and make sure you use correct punctuation or else you might be scolded and insulted too.

      • Sandra

        Thank you, Jarhead6981, for pointing this out. I have read so many posts, on so many sites, that are incomprehensible due to lack of punctuation and misspelled words. You cannot get your point across in English unless you can speak and write the language. In reality, when one does not use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, readers DON’T know what was meant, and frequently we don’t even bother to read it..

      • pajama momma

        ” you have no proper English nor grammar.”

        Properly written your sentence should have read, ” you have neither proper English nor grammar”.

      • Eek

        Furthermore, English and grammar are generally not items which one “has”. English is, of course, a language that you may know or speak, but you wouldn’t say you “have” it. Grammar, of course, refers to the rules of the language, so you wouldn’t say you “have” grammar either.

        So, how about, “You neither speak (or write) proper English nor use proper grammar.”

      • czar1122

        Jarhead6981, regarding your post, corrections are in brackets and comments are in parenthesis. You are welcome.

        @CL: Unfortunately, I must assert that a part of the problem can be seen in your retort. You [complained] (he made his statement yesterday so it happened in the past) about how this school handle[d] [the or its] (there is only one dress code) dress code[,] [Y]et it escapes you that talking about a school while you have [neither] proper English nor grammar (this is an incomplete sentence). [S]top throwing stones in a glass house (I assume you attempted a variation of the phrase “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”) . No capital letters and the number one (there can be only one ‘number one’) [misspelling](technically not a misspelled word but an improper use of ‘your’ vs. you’re) today—your, you’re (this is a sentence fragment). “if your on school; (I assume this was a typographical error) property…..”, it should be “if you’re on school property…..”.
        The next thing you’ll say is “big deal, you knew what I meant”. That is a cop out. In reality, you’re just lazy and [probably] (‘most likely’ should be reserved for ranking possibilities, as in ‘most likely to succeed’) never graduated because it was too much work[.] You just decided to have kids[.] To heII with bringing them up right, just have kids[!]

        I probably missed a few corrections and may have made a few errors of my own because I don’t have an English degree like you do (I assumed you must have one given your “assertion”). But big deal, you knew what I meant.

      • WuzYoungOnceToo

        ROFLMAO @ Jarhead6981. Brilliant! Take someone to task regarding their command of written English – and toss in the old “glass houses” bromide – while doing so via a post that is so poorly composed it makes you sound like a slow third grader.

      • Rod Anders

        I agree about CL. Even Albret EInsteen cudn’t talk or spell gud. So we called him an “expert” anyway and l@@k at wut hapind. Now we has a atomic bomb and all dat stuff. We shud not have excepted him and we would be OK. Even Obama says if we don”t agree about Bin Laden then we need to have our head examined.

      • Alyssa Skiba

        Why would someone’s English effect the fact that schools ARE being too unruly when it comes to dress code? This is stupid of you. Just because someone cannot spell what they say doesn’t make them wrong. Les droit de les ecoles est trop mechant. If I write it in French, it makes it no less true. Stop pretending you speaking makes you a better person. Hitler was a great artist. You thought you knew English. Listen to peoples’ points instead of using fluff arguements or don’t talk at all.

      • julie

        OK People, this is or was about the dress code, not correct grammar nor spelling, which at times we are guilty of. My kids are always laughing about the family’s extensive vocabulary. I have tried to instill a sense of self respect in the children so they can make the correct choices. But the best thing that they have learned is, “Life ain’t fair, get use to it!” “Pick you battles”, and “Is really a hill you want to die on?” If you have been told what is acceptable and then decide that you don’t have to follow the rules, then you must live with the outcome. Some people can get passed the gate, while others can not, well, Life ain’t fair.

    • JMalm

      Why would you have a problem with “hip hugger” pants for women? There was only a brief period during the early 90s where that wasn’t in style for women.

      • Skinner

        There is a difference between an American 18 year old in highschool and a woman

      • Tommy R

        One part of being a woman is knowing how to dress like one.

      • I Agree

        One word: Burkas.

      • Alyssa Skiba

        Dress codes are necessary, but some go to far. It’s ridiculous that they don’t allow girls to wear tank tops. Oh, no! A bare shoulder. When do girls wear tank tops? Summer. For comfort. I’m sure you wear less clothes in the summer like most normal people. These girls were asked to dress nicely. They wore dresses. I want you to go to a junior section in a store and find a dress that is not hideous and has sleeves. Go ahead and try. So when these girls put a sweater over that and were still sent home, they were being treated unfairly. You say these girls aren’t there for a fashion show, but they are trying to assimilate which is an important part of teen psychology. Clothing is a part of a person where they can show individuality, where they can show where they fit in high school. Adults many times forget their own high school years and just robotically repeat, “There to learn. There to learn.” No, high school is about becoming a well-rounded individual. They teach you and you try to become more active in after-school activities, peer groups, and other social situations. You’re not just there to learn. So try and think back to your school years. If all a store sold was sleeveless dresses, would you be upset if you put a sweater on and covered your shoulders and still got penalized?

      • Frank Bob

        Most high school senior females are 18 and hence women.

      • Joe

        They are not WOMEN. They are teen-age school-girls. WOMEN do not attend high school.


      • Alyssa Skiba

        Joe- They are women. Young women, but women all the same. Jmalm- I agree. As long as I cannot literally see what should only be seen in the bedroom through clothes, who cares? I think those stupid leggings worn as pants are god-awful, but jeans are fine. Oh, and Joe. School uniforms? When guys think of ‘Japanese School Girls’ they’re in uniforms. Girls can be sex symbols in almost anything, especially around teenage boys. Duh?

      • Ang

        Most girls in high school are not 18. Maybe a handfull of seniors… what about the 14,15,16, and 17 year olds? They are there to for an education not a fashion show.

    • Pine

      My daughter used to attend la /Cueva High School in Albuquerque Nm and I was totally shocked to see the young girls showing their butts off in short shorts and no indeis and very low low cut tops were most of their bosums were out and their clothing were cut out all over, it looked like i walked in a strip club not a high school. The boys walked around in pants hanging own with their underwear showing. i was disgusted and went to find the dress code and these kids are not following that code nor is it being enforced. What is going on/ parents control yyour kids>

      • RufusVonDufus

        Frank Bob, I take it you are also known as Idiot Robert, the Local Moron. You are all of that and more.

      • Frank Bob

        Your post was almost completely incomprehensible due to its horrendous spelling and grammar. That you seem more concerned about the dress of nearly all adult high school seniors, than the complete ignorance of communicating in poor English, is to me, extremely offensive.

        Our schools need to worry about actually doing their job of teaching substance before they have any place policing style.

    • Wendy Weinbaum

      Good point, CL. By the way, I can guarentee that they did NOT give straight razors to the boys to shave. Disposable safety razors, yes. Don’t forget, school is a place that even bans PICTURES of knives and guns! LOL.

    • epk

      This must be a southern state problem Here in Minneapolis MN, the clothing is fine. You try this type of dictator garbage here, the ACLU will take the school system to court. Guys shaving closer-forget it. Everyone from Ab Lincoln to Jesus had a beard. Moxie up, bible belt area.

      • Alyssa Skiba


    • Paul

      It reflects widespread psychological problems suffered by a lot of people when they get so uptight about what people wear. Who cares? In primitive times, everyone often walked around nude. We should return to those days.

      • Skinner

        In “primitive times” when ever that was, natural selection would have weeded you out.

      • Alyssa Skiba

        Americans are one of the very few countries so uptight about nudity. Go to Europe. Look around. They have nudity in advertisements. And if you lived in parts of Africa or any country like that, nudity would be so common you wouldn’t notice if the girl next to you was wearing a shirt or not. Natural selection didn’t weed out Africans. Stupid comment really.

    • Jim

      When you throw out God’s law, you invent your own by stabbing at this one and that one but end up confused and wrong. We must look to THE standard of right and wrong and we haven’t for a very long time. Look around. What do you see? I see a nation falling apart with only the intense judgement of God to look forward to. His judgement will fall….VERY SOON

  • lazarusbrands

    Hmmm… sounds like Mesquite is taking cues from the City of Feakin’ Bigots (ooops… I mean the City of Farmers Branch)!!!

  • skeeter

    ok i attend mesquite high school and am a senior that attended the breakfast this morning, first of all BIG WHOOOP that you missed senior breakfast, it wasn’t that important. second, while i don’t agree with the guidelines given for our dress code… the point of being a student (or a worker in the real world) is to follow what they tell you to do. THEY MADE THE ANNOUNCEMENTS AND IT WAS ALL OVER FACEBOOK ON WHAT TO WEAR! people just want to push the boundaries. everyone who followed directions is sick of getting on the news for this dumb stuff.

    • Wade-In

      Well-Done, Skeeter, Your writing seems to be far above your age. All organizations have dress codes. Violate the dress code, and you are “asked” to leave, be it a honky-tonk bar or a a work-place.

    • Eric P Turner

      just keep giving your rights away kid and by the time your my age you wont be able to do anything that you want when you want, your generation better wise up soon and pay attention to whats going on around you , no pressure but you and your peers will some day run this mess learn from what you are seeing now and get a clue.

      • RaulJones

        Eric, we had a dress code when *I* was a senior…in the 70s. That has *nothing* to do with rights. But I reckon you’re just one of those idiot redneck conspiracy theorists who think the entire world is under the spell of witches & warlocks. No wonder the aliens are gonna wipe us out on 12/21/2012.


      • Tom

        You must live in some other country that lets you do what you want when you want…

    • Arby

      And there you have it folks, a prime example of the dumbing-down of America! Let’s train our kids to be good little corporate drones instead of educating them to be critical thinkers. Let’s train them to “follow what they tell you to do” and never question authority, how well reasoned said authority is or how arbitrary said authority acts/reacts.

      • John

        You can question authority without being provocitive or breaking the rules. Breaking rules has consiquences. Determining what rules you wish to break to make a point needs to be thought out carefully. The dress rule for the breakfeast does not seem like one of those times to fight for the (perceived) right to dress any way you wish everyplace you go.

        Why do people think they have a right to dress any way they wish? Schools, Government building or property, and of course Private companies all have the right to require a certain level of decorm.

  • dobbie

    Should be no dress code in public schools;you’re only young once;you want dress codes” Send your squids to Private Schools..geez..

    • Tom

      YEAH! They should all go to school in anything ranging from a parka to a thong only! Why have standards?! If little Billy, or Nancy wants to go to school nude, well why not?

      Do you see how stupid a “no dress code” policy would be?

      • Marketing Opportunity

        How about a “Thong-Parka”? A “Pong”? Or maybe a “Tharka”?

    • Wade-In

      Let’s reason this out, dobbie. Would showing up naked be okay? If you say no, then you would have to admit that there has to be some kind of dress code in place. That dress code is decided by the voters in Mesquite and the courts if some person/ persons files/file a civil suit. Tomorrow, dobbie, go to work half-naked and see how long you last.. If you don’t like dress codes, dobie, find a Fourth or Fifth World country where—–Oh even there, they have dress codes. Sorry, dobie, you’re going to have to leave the planet to find a place that does not have dress codes.

      • Alyssa Skiba

        African tribe. No dress codes. Ha.

    • Woody

      That’s right, no standards for public education! Hurahhh! Ignoramus!!!

      • Todd Lashley


    • MrsFudd

      Either you are not a parent, or you don’t care if your daughter looks like a trollop or your son looks like a gang b@nger. Kids have no modest or self respect today because parents are too stupid or ignorant to teach these important values to their kids. You want kids to have good self esteem? Teach them to respect themselves and not dress like they are on their way to a pole dancing competition or a major drug deal. DUH

      • Sally

        Amen. I remember when I was in high school we had to kneel on the floor and if our skirt hem( no slacks, never mind jeans)didn’t touch the floor, we were sent home to change.
        Those were the days when dress codes were in place and guess what?
        There was respect for authority and a sense of decency on schools.

      • Alyssa Skiba

        Why is it that every parent believes that their daughters will pole dance? Dude, no one wants to become a stripper. Dressing provocative does not lead to stripping. Bad life choices, drugs, babies, bills, lack of jobs, a down economy, and occasionally a really expensive college tuition lead to stripping. Sally: When were you in school? Unless it was at a private school, it can’t have been the eighties or the seventies. Maybe the sixties when there was a huge drug movement? When the students were protesting for civil and feminist rights? That respect for authority? Or maybe the fifties, when there was rampant depression and divorce rates because people were sick of living lies?

    • Rational

      Schools, in loco parentis, have the right–and the responsibility–to establish dress codes. Based upon what they deem general community standards, and the rules of decorum, they set guidelines for the general orderliness of school culture. It is not too much for this school to enforce a little modesty in these hypersexual times. School has become so social, and so filled with sex and drama, that there is little room for academics any more. The kids seem to think school is their social vacation-land, and in their hormone-driven narcissism think anything goes. And we wonder why our public school performance is inferior to the rest of the civilized world? One reason is that too many kids come to school to socialize and hook up.

  • Hope

    Bottom line is High School is suppose to get these teenagers ready for the real world that awaits them. No matter how much we don’t like something we have to face the fact that there are rules everywhere and we have to follow them, like it or not. As parents we have to remember these kids will be out there in this world in a few weeks and if they don’t learn to follow the rules then they will not make it out there. Being a responsible adult also includes listening, reading and following directions, not doing what you want to do and thinking you will get away with it. Parents its time to let them spread their wings and learn from the choices they make. They have to learn what being an adult means.

    • Alyssa Skiba

      Um, in the eighties kid’s wore their hair so high in added inches and girl’s wore so much hairspray they were a fire hazard. Very few continued to do that in the ‘real world.’ I don’t see anyone still wearing that style, do you?

  • Ron from Amarillo

    Young people today try to push the limits every chance they get. I have grandchildren now so you might have an idea how old this dinosaur is. When we went to a special function at school it was a ‘privilage’ to be able to have clean ironed clothes with no holes or tears and a good pair of worn shoes to wear.I remember letting a buddy borrow a nice shirt because they didn’t own one. Some teens these day are so ungrateful for what they have. Some will spread thier wings and drop to the dirt in a puff. They’re SPOILED and need a reality check.

  • Euro

    Dresses and shaving…? Aren’t the women supposed to wear burkhas and the men let their beards grow? No wait, that was the other Taliban! Well, now that Osama is gone, maybe we can spare some Navy Seals for a quick raid to restore civil rights to Texas. Chances are it will take longer here than it has in Afghanistan to teach these dope kids that NO, you don’t have to obey every “rule” these bigots see fit to conjure up.

    • simplify

      So everyone who makes a rule and expects a certain kind of behavior from students is a “bigot”? How about expecting a certain kind of behavior from adults? Is that “bigoted”, too? I would love to have your life if you can do anything you want whenever you want to do it and have no consequences for your actions. Or if I can’t have your life, I would at least like to visit your planet.

    • callen

      Well said. There is NO difference between the school’s policy and the Taliban’s.

      • cmc

        Except thse people were asked to just leave the event and weren’t imprisoned and later stoned to death.

    • shawn

      wow your pretty dense, lets throw more fuel on the fire so to speak by telling this mostly worthless generation that the rules dont apply to them.. great, im just glad the world will be ending soon so all these morons are killed…

    • C. Vegas

      So by your comparison, any restaurant that requires a coat and tie, is equal to the Taliban. Any nightclub that requires a collared shirt tucked in with a belt is also a violation of our civil rights. Any business that requires a shirt and shoes is bigoted. Grow up! Dress codes are common place and common sense. It’s really pathetic how the anarchists come out of the woods on such stupid issues.

      • Julie Cochrane

        Public school is nothing like the real world. In the real world, you can take your business to a restaurant whose dress code fits your likes and dislikes. In the real world, the only place you absolutely have to dress to someone else’s standards is a court of law.

        Yes, businesses have dress codes, but you can choose what you do for a living, including choosing a career where the customary attire fits whatever it is you like.

        In real life, adults can get away from most of the BS we were stuck with in high school.

        If you live with dumb rules hemming your every move in in life, it’s because you like it that way or are willing to tolerate it. Other grownups who don’t and aren’t have other choices.

    • Alyssa Skiba

      Euro: like

  • Amanda Burnett

    I am a parent, all schools have some sort of dress code and or uniform policy. If your a girl and you wear a dress make sure it comes to the knee and has sleves. School policy on this is that they are trying to keep girls from showing off bra straps and or the bra itself. The high school my children attend say that the dress code policy is to deter from gang affliations and to not distract students from learning. The only problem with that statement is my children like most high school kids aren’t recieving and adequate education because we are far behind than school around the world. School officials are too busy telling the students what they can or can not wear that they dont realize that the gang members just assimilate and look like regular people and recuit and sell drugs without being stopped. As for being provacative, it can deter a classroom only from the teacher’s perpective since over the years we have seen time and time again that teacher/student relationship get blurry because of inapropriate behavior. So to settle this wear plain tshirts and jeans without holes in them, put a belt on guys nobody wants to your underwear and or your backside. Sit down and learn something, school is not a popularity quest or social network. Your role of the student is to learn so that you will be able to fix the mess that your predecessors have left of the world.

  • willemaket

    Jesus grow the hell up!. Its seems to me were the same judgemental people who have learned nothing from the past because we still judge people from the way they look how they dress and their color of their skin.

    • Sharon Wilson Pope

      No where in this article does it judge someone by the way they look, dress or their skin color. The article was about whether or not their choice of dress was within the guidelines set by the school officials for this particular event. Did you even read the article before commenting?

    • pupppy_power

      YEAH! Damn racists, wanting everybody to dress all white and decent-like! To HELL with them!

    • NotALibertarian

      What an irrational tirade.

  • Stella Hodges

    When I was younger and dressed myself for school. I remember my mom saying,”Stella you are NOT wearing that”. Go put on somthing deasant. When the parents start raising thier children again instead of the children raising the parents this would not happen. No uniforms should be allowed or required to be worn in school. The dress code should be mimimal. send the child home once or twice and they will learn. The way a child dresses builds or showes character,

    • Joe

      You might need to go back to school. You can’t spell something decent.

      • Stella Hodges

        I can spell Something Decent, I guess I just had a momentary FAT FINGER. Hope you are the Saint that has never made a mistake, to correct me in public forum this way.

    • shawn

      lol you mean back when parents actually parented LOL. people dont do that anymore.

  • shawn bashelor

    That is a good thing for this generation to have. All school districts should have a dress code, because this is protecting our children and seeing them safe from others who seek to harm them on the way they that they are dressed. To see these young ladies dressed like hoochie mommas reallly sadden me because they are starving for some kind of attention and the skanky look is what grabs attention from the hormone crazed guys. And guys, do you know where sagging originated from? No one wants to see what the good Lord gave you.
    Let’s keep it clean while in school to get your education, and when you are older you can dress anyway you want to.

    • Frank Bob

      Given the state of test scores and student competencies, perhaps we should spend less time worrying about whether a shoulder is bare or not, and instead focus our efforts on actually teaching our children the skills they need to succeed. Judging by the awful grammar and spelling of self-professed parents in this comment section alone, rudimentary skills are severely lacking.

  • TexasEdNeedsImprovement

    It must be may – time for the annual Mesquite ISD dress code story.

  • FedUpTxn

    The dress code is set. Students decide to push it, then look to blame someone else for their bad decisions. My daughter got caught doing this twice. I told her not to wear the offending top again. She insisted she would with a jacket over it. I told her no again, but she continued to insist. The top went in the trash. Every child, particularly teens have to be shown that rules are rules. PERIOD! You break the rules and there is a consequence. It was YOUR decision and nothing else that caused you to miss “memorable” senkior moments. Stop whining about it!

    • Frank Bob

      Why the emphasis on such a restrictive dress code. Seems that we are more concerned about inconsistent and seemingly arbitrary dress rules as opposed to actual skills and competencies.

      Until our children are not just meeting, but exceeding the skills of comparable children from most developed global nations, I think we should worry more about the education and less on the size of a shoulder strap.

      Mindless rules do not beget progress and innovation does not arise from unquestioning adherence to authority. Rather, critical questioning is the root of development, and something a stupid dress code does not establish. The most American of ideals — entrepreneurship, sure doesn’t seem to be much supported here.

  • oldman68

    how could the outfits be too “racy” for breakfast but ok for regular class?should have been sent home if it was not up to code.Do they have different codes to follow? One for breakfast and one for school.Couldn’t be they didn’t want to l;ose their per diem for the students?What hypocrits

    • Joe Greenwell

      School sponser event dress code. Hmmmm what about all those “school sponsered” athletic events where dress code goes out the window. This is just blah blah blah. Public schools are a failure this is just another example.

    • Melanie

      That was my first thought. Okay for school but not for senior breakfast? You have thumpers (religious fanatics, we have a bunch here in GA too) in the school administration in Texas? Sounds like the decisions for dress were totally random and subjective. Private school is the way to go.

  • Elmer

    “Straight razors “, no way. Give me a break! Carol you don’t know what a straight razor is.

  • A Parent

    Mesquite should worry about educating their students and prepare them for college not enforcing a dress code some of the time

  • donna

    Mesquite is VERY Strict. When my Grand Daughter was in 1st grade I got a call to come up to the School,because they said too much of her Shoulders were showing .I had to go Home and get her a change of clothes.

  • L

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken

    • Frank Bob

      Nice citation!

  • Chrystin

    My spouse is a bus driver for MISD. He was a professional person who managed a $12 million advertising budget and a branch office in his prior work career. He has told me repeatedly how disgusted he is with the appearance of other bus drivers who do not follow the school code of tucked in shirts,etc., and are sloppy both in their dress and their work habits.. His opinion is that if the adults can’t model for the students what is expected at a business (they’re all in business–the adults to teach and model and the students to learn), they have no business working for a school district.

  • billy

    I went to mesquite and I think the dress code is needed now for sure!!!!!!!

  • don benningfield

    All I want to know is can they all speak Enlish when they graduate and are they smart enough to get a job or get into college by passing the exams without cheat sheets or tutoring. In a few years this event will not be important but your ability to make it in the real world will.

  • LB

    From what I have seen in these comments (words misspelled or misused), I think we should be more worried about what the schools are teaching than what the students are wearing…

    • 2sister

      Sometimes what they are wearing can affect their learning and the learning of others around them if it is a distraction. Anyway, both issues are important.

      • Amateur Gynecologist

        They’re learnin’ ’bout yo’ ASS

      • Alyssa Skiba

        I’m sorry but when was the last time a girls bare shoulders distracted you from math. Besides people are facing the teacher in most situations, not the hot girl next to them. When are you distracted to the point you don’t learn? 2sister this has always been a ludicrous argument. anything can be a distraction. My high school used to force lanyards with id’s and kids would play with them all class period. It depends on the kid not the dress code. Sure, some restriction should be in place but the shoulder rule is stupid. and it is selective. Completely. Certain girls get away with it all during high school while others get slammed the first time. I was one of the girls that got away with it. Others couldn’t get past it at all.

      • Frank Bob

        Sorry, but agree with LB. If you look at the dress on most of the finest university campuses, it does not even compare to the loosest of public high school dress codes — yet, I doubt many would question whether their ability to learn has been impaired.

        We should focus on skills and competencies not breadth of shoulder straps.

  • tj

    Just a bunch of old ass people who can’t get with the times. People always push boundaries if they didn’t we wouldn’t be where we are today. Who cares. I don’t get the problem. Why can’t a girl wear shorts? It’s not like their vagina is hanging out or something. Jesus Christ.

  • Ann1938

    Why doesn’t the school district just vote to have school uniforms, and that will solve the problem. i taught in the Richardson schools for years and there are school buildings within that district that have the students wear uniforms. I think DISD has some schools that demand their students wear uniforms, also. Mesquite ISD always seems to have some issue with clothing, hair length, etc.

    • 2sister

      I think wearing uniforms is an excellent idea, but I believe it is sometimes hard to develop and enforce such a policy. I also think it is sometimes hard to get a uniform vote in to a district. I think, in most cases, the parents have to vote that in. If the parents don’t agree to it, then it probably isn’t going to happen. Also, they have to come up with colors for uniforms and the colors can’t be gang related. Then you have the problem of what will satisfy the uniform rules. For example, do the kids have to buy the uniforms from a specific store or can they get them at Walmart, etc? If they have to get them from a specific store, what do you do about kids who can’t afford those uniforms? It isn’t just as simple as voting it in. The district probably has to look at many variables.

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