Some Quinlan Parents Not Notified Of DART Escalator Accident

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

QUINLAN (CBSDFW.COM) – Johnny Solis and his friend Kolby Wall were back on the baseball field Friday night and they were thankful to be there.

“Everybody started screaming and then one teacher fell and then everybody started falling over her.”

That’s how Wall, age 12, described yesterday’s escalator malfunction at the DART Mockingbird Station. Walls and Solis were both on the escalator at the time.  Twenty people were injured, most of them school children, when it suddenly sped up and then stopped; sending students and teachers tumbling down the metal stairs.

“Me and Kolby were at the front, so we jumped off at the very end. Everybody else just started falling,” described the 13-year-old Solis

Eight children and two adults went to the hospital with minor injuries.  One little girl suffered a broken leg.  Eighty-four students from Thompson Middle School in Quinlan were on a school-sponsored field trip when the accident took place. But Kolby and Johnny’s parents say no one from the Quinlan school district called them. So the first words out of their son’s mouths when they got home were, “we almost died today,” said Solis’ mother.

The two boys’ mothers were shocked. Shock then turned to anger.

“I just feel like there should have been more communication between the school and the parents,” said Julie Solis. “I don’t feel like I should have found out from my13-year-old son that he basically tumbled down an escalator.”

Superintendent Michael French defended the Quinlan School District. French said school officials made every effort to contact every single parent, but because there were so many parents to call, not everyone was notified.

The mothers of the two boys say there has to be a better way to communicate, because next time, it could be far worse.


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  1. FriscoGuy2034 says:

    So Johnny says ““Me and Kolby were at the front, so we jumped off at the very end.” Mom says, “…my13-year-old son basically tumbled down an escalator.”???? Am I the only one that sees the miscommunication here????

  2. Julie says:

    There is not any miscommunication these are comments of 12 and 13 year old boys that were involved.THEY WERE THERE NOT YOU ( FRISCOGUY)!!!! Mom’s comment of tumbling down the escalator was in general for the accident as a whole!!!! The point is that the school did not contact any of the parents to let us know what was going on with our children that they were responsible for. It was not the schools fault that the escalator malfunctioned, accidents happen. The only thing they did not do that they should have done is contact the parents. We should not have had to wait until 3 1/2 hrs later when we picked our boys up from school. Even if the children were not physically injured there was still some emotional stuff happening with them and it wholud have been nice to have head’s up on the situation. It sure was not a exciting experience in Dallas for the Thompson Middle School Choir.

    1. friscoGuy2034 says:

      Your right Julie, these are comments from a 12 and 13 year old. You really shouldn’t have over reacted the way you did. Your job as a parent is to be calm and be thankful that they weren’t hurt. It is NOT to make them feel like they (and you) were a victim, of which is exactly what your trying to do here. This article, and your claim is just absurd, and now you have let the whole community see that side of you. That’s just embarrassing.

  3. ALYSSA says:


  4. dano says:

    To “Julie”For the kids are fine why should the school contacted their parents. It the kids that got hurt that who the school should contacts. Why are worry about that school should communicate better with all the parents… You should worry about child molester the prey on your kids. If you have time worry about an accident. Then you need to look up how many child molester close to your house. I think the school handed it really good.

  5. Julie says:

    To FriscoGuy….. it is clear to me that you are not a parent or one that deserves to be!!!!!! And I did not over react and we are very thankful that our children are ok. this is my opinion and i have a right to it (America remember). Not that that it is any of your business (you live in Frisco) but I didn’t contact the News they came and found me at the baseball field. Evidently the school system feels that we as parents had a right to be upset because they called every parent today to give their apologies. So you sholud probaly find something better to do than attack me. I am not the only parent with this reaction I am just the only one that said something about it publicly!!!!

  6. Julie says:

    To Dano…..first of all you sholud attempt to proofread before you submit. Next do you have a child in Thompson Middle School? Unless you do you have no idea how anything was handled!!! I have been contacted by the school for less and it is the schools responsibility. You are obviously not a parent either. As for your molelester comment (where did that come from)…… and we do check for that and we are able to why???? Because the judicial system makes it available for us to know about it. Just as the school should have made it available for the parents to know that their child was involved in an accident but are safe and on their way home. Guess what, all the parents recieved phone calls today with apologies. Guess the school system thought we should have been notified also.

  7. Julie says:

    you know what?????? ya’ll are all a bunch of idiots!!!! I do have better things to do than to deal with completely uneducated idiots!!!!!!!!!

  8. FriscoGuy2034 says:

    Does anybody else find it strange that out of all the people that were “actually” hurt, this is the only article about the accident??? I wanna here from the girl that broke her leg. She at least has a legitimate claim that is newsworthy. I guess the next time something happens in Frisco I’m gonna go hang out at the baseball field. Cause that’s obviously the first place CBSDFW goes to interview people!!!

  9. Julie says:

    I am so done with this FriscoGuy (why dont you use your real name?) maybe because people in your community will think your an embarrassment!!! for your infoCBSDFW came to my sisters house because her daughter was injured( had to go to ER) and they were not home . My mom told them that we were at the baseball field and that two of the boys on the team that were involved were having a game ( one injured and one not) so he came and found us ( mr. know it all)!!!!!!! All theywanted to know was what happened and from myself and the other parents (that means i was not the only one) how we felt about how it was handled! I just happened to be the one that got picked to go on camara, so get off my case!!!! you dont know anything that went on with our children! Some were hurt worse than others and some were not hurt at all physically BUT all of them were scared and upset (boys just dont like to admit it publicly)!!!!! We had plenty of dissusions with our children about what happened to make them feel better!! NO us as parents are not the victums but every single one of those children that were there whether they were on the escalator at the time or they were already on the bottom floor or waiting at the top were all VICTIMS!!!!!! One little girl that went to the ER later that evening (should have had attention earlier but parent was not contacted) her blood pressure was still high 6 hrs later so it affected our children emotionally and as parents it is our job and right to deal with that sort of stuff as soon as possible!!!! As far as the school goes and how it was handled you werent there nor did you hear about the parents that got hung up on nor did you see the amount that went to the school and admin. becuse they were upset that they were not contacted (you have no idea what happened in this town). As i said before the school system did apologize. Again this indepth amount of info is none of your business but it is clear you have no imagination or heart to understand how this empacted children and their families. if you would actually listen to what the newsman said ” the boys and thier parents were thankful that they could be on the field for their game that night” So QUIT trying to make us sound like pathetic country lowlifes that have nothing better to do . We have families, careers, and lives that are just as meaningful as anyone elses. these are very clearly some things you need to find in your life. I hope that if you ever do succeed to have a family ( i doubt it with your lack of compassion) you remember this whole ordeal. If your the right kind of parent you will do anything to protect your child and stand up for what is right to help them or protect them. including being where they need you ASAP. Had i been notified i would have been there for him immedatley. think about it this way, as a child if you were scared what did you want more than anything? MOM I hope since you know a little more you think about it, put yourself with a child in that position ( we know people that dont have a child that understand) and try to envoke a small amount of understanding. I f you continue to attack and ridicule me it is clear that you do not have this ability! either way I am done with you!!!!

    1. John W. says:

      “So QUIT trying to make us sound like pathetic country lowlifes that have nothing better to do ” — Wow lady. That’s just cruel.

      1. FriscoGuy2034 says:

        I love how she writes a 627 word essay, to basically state that she’s done with me and it’s really none of my business.

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