McKinney Police Find Kidnapped Boy, Cancel Amber Alert

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Police found abducted 2-year-old William Jacob Weltzer and charged his mother with kidnapping, thus canceling an Amber Alert issued Sunday afternoon.

Weltzer was abducted that morning at a park at Lake Forest and Highland Drive in Mckinney. The suspect, 28-year-old Brooke Leigh Muncie, is the boy’s mother and has been charged with kidnapping.

Police said Muncie had made suicide threats and was only being allowed supervised visits with her son.

Sunday morning, Weltzer’s father, who has custody of the boy, took him to the park with his grandmother for a scheduled visit with his mother. At this point, Muncie began circling a pond at the park, grabbed Weltzer and darted into her 2003 Chrysler, said McKinney Lt. Mark Moyle.

A civilian driver noticed the description of the car on a nearby billboard and found it parked in a sporting goods store parking lot on Stacey Road in Allen. Police responded, arrested Muncie and safely took the boy. He will be released to his father, Moyle said.

“My knees are still shaking,” Bret Weltzer, the boy’s father, said. “I’m happy to have my boy home, no question about it.”

Muncie claims this was all a misunderstanding and that Weltzer overreacted. He denied the claim.

“My husband agreed to possession on Mother’s Day, so I’m not sure why I’m here,” Muncie said.

Weltzer was grateful to those who helped bring his son home safe and sound.

“It’s been a long day, but I do appreciate everything guys,” he told police. “How does he look to you? Dirty. He needs to go home and take a bath.”


One Comment

  1. Kevin John Gilhooly says:

    That’s one Mother’s Day present that’s being returned.

  2. unhappymothersday says:

    that is truly sad. the mom is already upset that the dad has full custody. so she’s just trying to be with her kid and now they arrest her.

    how did that kid get on the earth in the first place? Oh yes, the woman they arrested carried him in pregnancy and birthed him.

    when justice has gone mad……. at airports, security frisks white grannies and lets 20 year old middle eastern males pass through….

    when justice has gone mad…….. arresting a mom who is making a desperate attempt at spending quality time with her child.

    1. marie wiss says:

      spending time at the park was what the dads was letting her do, how stupid are you they were lucky he was unharmed

    2. 2sister says:

      The situation is sad, but It sounds like the mom might have a mental illness. The situation would be even sadder if the police hadn’t intervened, and the child had been killed. Just because she is the child’s mother, it doesn’t mean that she should be alone with or have custody of him. Don’t get me wrong, I have compassion for the woman, but it sounds like the child would not be in a safe environment if he lived with her.

      1. Carolyn says:

        I totally agree….

  3. Melissa says:

    and they generally don’t take custody away from the mother unless there is a really good reason for her to not be left alone with that child!!!

  4. crasster says:

    So a baby that grew in her own body for 9 months can be charge with kidnapping?

    It’s her baby, how can that be kidnapping?
    Oh that’s right the government says its not her baby.

    1. Z says:

      So following your apparent logic, the mother can leave the baby in a 150 degree car, slap him around, brutalize him, and nothing should be done because it’s HER baby?

      I must side with Melissa on this; at least until we know why the mother doesn’t have custody.

    2. RLuz says:

      Thats cause she’s a damn nut case! obciously she’s not in her right mind if she’s threatening to kill herself!

    3. JJ says:

      Just because someone gave birth doesn’t necessarily mean that she will make the best choices for her child. Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago when a mother drove her van into a lake to kill herself and her four children? Sometimes parents need to give up custody of their children for a while.

    4. 2sister says:

      It sounds like the child would not be safe if left along with her. it sounds like she has a mental illness, and that’s why the father has custody of him

    5. Lisa says:

      No……..the government DIDN’T say it wasn’t her baby. A judge determined the father was better suited to parent at the present time and gave him primary custody and her supervised visitation. That’s different than “the government says it’s not her baby”. Idiot.

  5. fred says:

    On a positive note, my wife gave birth to our second son today. Thats the best Mothers day gift yet…

  6. 2Idiots says:

    crasster and unhappymothersday have to be the 2 biggest idiots in Texas.

  7. Mr Black says:

    Alright all you eggheads, the article says that the mother has already been making suicide threats. The last thing we need is for her to harm or kill the child as she kills herself (which seems to be the norm nowadays). That’s why she was being supervised, she is a mental case.

  8. megan says:

    What we have is a bunch of sympathetic fathers’ rights people on this comment section. Has there been a hearing with evidence and a conviction regarding the “suicide threats”? Besides, many people going through divorce are depressed. That doesn’t mean they actually carry through on anything. That’s why the murders are in the news – they are very rare. What is more common than mothers hurting their children? Fathers beating their wives and children. By far, a way more common problem Unfortunately, in Texas, the fathers get more legal rights than mothers.

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