Phil Jackson Fined $35,000 For Complaining About Refs

DALLAS (AP) – Just before what could’ve been the last game of his coaching career, Lakers coach Phil Jackson was fined $35,000 for comments about the officiating.

The NBA sent a release less than an hour before tipoff of Game 4 in the Lakers-Mavericks series on Sunday saying Jackson was being punished for statements made Saturday to 105.3 The Fan. He complained about officials allowing defenders to lift their legs and use their knees to shove big man Pau Gasol out of position.

Los Angeles went into the game down 0-3 in the series, facing elimination. Jackson has said he’s retiring after this postseason.

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    […] Phil Jackson Fined $35k For Complaining About Refs Just before what could’ve been the last game of his coaching career, Lakers coach Phil Jackson was fined $35,000 for comments about the officiating. Go to News Source […]

  • betty

    the officials did call many fouls on the Lakers , while overlooking many fouls committed by the mavericks. Yes , the Mavericks did many unlawful kicks and licks to Pau Gasol and Bynum . These two guys were pushed and held and hit, yet no fouls were called. But the refs were sure to see when the lakers even got too close to the Dallas team. So maybe there should be someone to watch the referees.

    • jackson

      put the pipe down for minute. were you watching the same game I was watching? I saw Kobe try ot stomp the Mavs’ players legs and feet numerous times. The referees are graded by the front office. Okay, you can have another hit on the crack pipe now.

  • RLuz

    Betty you’re crazy! the lakers are the team that gets more calls than any team in the NBA. Look at game 3 even the official who called a foul looked into his hands like “oh no I called a foul on Kobe” Kobe gets more calls than any person in the NBA! The Lakers are just upset they got beat by a better team. Goodbye Lakers!

  • Frank

    The NBA is the new WWF all faked and David Stern calls the shots. A small market team , other than the Spurs have not won the trophy since 1979, think about it

  • Kathy

    Hey, Phil! Remember your comment to LeBran a few weeks ago? NBA: NO BABIES ALLOWED!! And that goes for Odom, Bynam and Artest!!!! Get some dignity will you?????

  • Stephanie

    Don’t say anything until you are a NBA player or in the coaches position! Now let’s see some good basketball!

  • Skippydood

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • frank

    The jokes on you if you think this is real. Google NBA is fixed, an eye opener. There are 30 teams in the NBA, all but 5 have winning records at home, contrast against the NFL… only half.
    In the NFL a wild card, small market team (Packers) won all the games on the road to get the trophy!
    In the Portland Lakers series, where 5 calls per quarter against a team is average, 18 calls against Portland in the last quarter to wipe out a 16 point lead with 6 mins. to go ! LOL Refs take control last few minutes and the outcome.

  • Frank

    Players and coaches are subject to fines to disparage a ref but do it anyway because it is frustrating and ridicules to sit there night after night and watch this B S

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