Local School Bus Crash Sends Students To Hospital

JOHNSON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – There were some scary moments this morning for students and parents in the Venus Independent School District.

Around 7:00 a.m. reports started coming in about a school bus crash.

When police arrived at the scene they found that a school bus with more than 50 children on board had crashed into a tree.

The crash happened on County Road 507 in Johnson County when for some unknown reason the school bus driver veered off the road and stuck the tree.

A CBS 11 News crew arrived at the scene and learned that 55 kids and driver were on the Venus ISD bus. Approximately 12 schoolchildren were taken to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Superintendent Bobby Matthews later confirmed that Venus ISD Bus #11 was the one involved in the crash.

According to Matthews, the school bus had special equipment. “We have a camera on the bus so it should tell us a lot more in the next 24 hours.”

Venus is about 15 miles southeast of Fort Worth.


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  1. Scuttlebutt says:

    Can I ask a serious question? Why aren’t shoulder harnesses/seat belts installed on school buses in THE 21ST CENTURY?!

  2. judy says:

    if the state law requers seatbelt then why dont they make school busses do the same. I dont think it is fair. A bus has our kids on there and they need to do the same as us. As a parent i would like to seatbelts in busses.

  3. 2sister says:

    I don’t have an answer to why they don’t require seat belts on buses, but I do think that they tried to change this a while back.

  4. shelley says:

    as a bus driver mysellf there are many reasons for not having seatbelts in buses. For instance, in a serious accident and a need to evecuate the bus, it is VERY hard to unbuckle all the students in a timely and safe manner and get them to safety. Another reason for the no seatbelt rule on the bus is if the driver has to stop every few minutes and make sure every child stays properly buckled in throughout the entire bus ride the school bus would be late to school or home everyday. Children, yes even your children do not always behave and follow the rules on the bus so unless you the parent are willing to ride a school bus with is drivers everyday and monitor the children, and not get paid, please apply at the transportation department. Yes most of the buses have cameras but a camera isn’t going to keep your child buckeld in and sitting properly in their seat. I also believe the drivers need MORE training before getting the wheel!!!!!!!!

    1. 2sister says:

      I don’t know how the seats are designed, now, but when I was in school, the seats wouldn’t really have supported seat belts.

    2. Suzie Q says:

      @Shelley I sense a bit of “rude” in your response. Lets not forget that there was an accident by your fellow school bus driver THIS MORNING.

      Lets have some compassion.

      Dont bother responding I wont read it.

      I agree with Scuttlebutt & judy. They have legitimate questions and concerns.


  5. Suzie Q says:

    GOD BLESS all the children and the bus driver, even if he/she was at fault.

  6. Brenda Sherrod says:

    I was always told it was because the kids would beat each other with the belts. And since I rode the bus during most of my school life, I would say that this is true.

    Some kids will get onto a bus and decide that they have the freedom to do what ever they want. When the bus system can’t afford to have an adult assistant on board, then the driver can only use their voice to reign them in.

  7. Upset with Status Quo says:

    Main reason for lack of seat belts in school busses is our do-nothing state legislature that does not want to pay for them. Cutting expenses in spite of a growing population appears to be more important than the safety of our school children.

  8. togwoo says:

    Hmmm, lemme guess, the driver was too busy texting to see the tree??


  9. kim says:

    lets all me glad it wasnt any worse than it was god is good !!!

    1. KIM says:

      *BE *

  10. AmyD says:

    Honestly how does one just veer off the road? A school bus driver is responsible for all those children’s lives. And in order for the bus to be torn up that badly from 1 tree that is that small they must have been speeding. As soon as I got the call from the superintendent my heart went into my stomach, I immediately called the school to confirm my kids were not on that bus.. This is the 2nd wreck in just a couple of months involving our kids with their buses! Seat belts aren’t really a good idea for a school bus.. but maybe following the speed limit and being more cautious would do a great deal of help!!!!

  11. Kelbie says:

    I know seatbelts also have to do with the tonage of a vehicle. If a truck is over a certain tonage you are not required to have or wear them. But the fact that these kids would be trapped in a bad wreckage or not stay in the seatbelts for their own safety is probably the main cause of no seatbelts. I have been on the buses recently (in my district not in Venus) and I raised the same question, why is the driver the only one with a seatbelt? The driver stated the same answer…the students probably would not keep them on or would use them as weapons. But, they are now starting to install infant seats in buses. I know babies need to be safe…but if they figured out how to be a parent they need to figure out the transportation too. Just Saying!

    1. Kelbie says:

      by the way…I am glad all the kids are ok for the most part. Broken bones and scratches will heal. God bless them and the families* He is Good *

  12. debbiie says:

    The bus driver is an idiot. thiis is her second one thiis week. Im from venus ann my lawyer is representing some of the parents in a lawsuit against venus. i hope they take every bit of money that pathetic school has.

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