Dalai Lama Donates Constitution To Bush Institute

DALLAS (AP) – The Dalai Lama has donated an early draft of what became the 1963 Tibetan Constitution to the George W. Bush Institute.

The spiritual leader of Tibet and 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner donated the document to the former president and former first lady Laura Bush during a meeting Tuesday. It includes handwritten comments and suggestions from the Dalai Lama.

The document is the first contribution to the institute’s “Freedom Collection,” which will be a compilation of significant materials from democracy movements around the world.

The institute is part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which is being built on the campus of Southern Methodist University and is set to be completed in 2013.

On Monday, the Dalai Lama received an honorary degree and delivered a guest lecture at SMU.

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One Comment

  1. conserned conservative says:

    Donated a constitution to the man that tore ours up and threw it away? LOL.. Figures

    1. "Concerned" Moderate says:

      What an idiotic thing to say.

  2. Cheeseman says:

    My late grandfather was a friend of the Dalai Lama, and everyone’s jaw drops when they see my picture of them in my house. That being said, I really think The Dalai Lama has become way too commercial, even to an almost embarrassing level. He’s pictured with Bush, he’s on speaking circuits, flying around in jets… what the hell is going on? I think this all started with Richard Gere.

    1. Michael Schaefer says:

      We live in a commercial world. We need an ambassador for peace. The Lama is that person.

      1. Cheeseman says:

        True, as long as he isn’t wearing sponsor logos on his sash anytime soon, I’ll be OK with it.

  3. Chris McPhail says:

    Instead of embracing those who violate human rights around the world let’s set the precedent that human rights can no longer take a back seat to corporate and banking interests. A donation of Mein Kampf would have been more appropriate.

    1. Nick Bond says:

      What a pathetic moron you are!!!!!!

    2. Nick says:

      What is wrong with you people? Can you stop looking for reasons to be divisive and destructive? Act like Adults not children. Please state your facts to support your comments. Be accountable for your words and your actions.

  4. Oy Vey says:


  5. I Love Streits Matzos says:

    Let’s try my comment again without calling the guy another word for putz.

    I agree with Bond – Nick Bond. To compare Bush to Hitler is ridiculous, and being JEWISH, I am offended by the comment. Bush never had live children stuffed into ovens, or had SS troops throw babies from rooftops in the Warsaw Ghetto. You’re a completely ignorant liberal, as most of you continue to prove to be. Shut up, get an education, and think before making such stupid comparisons.

  6. Reeper says:

    Due to how the Dalai Lama views things he would have stood beside Hitler or Bin Laden for pictures and talked to them since trying to reach/teach all minds for the better would be practicing what he preaches.
    I will never see his donation since I will never honor Bush in any way, I love the Lama’s way but the world just isn’t ready until all greed/corruption is defeated in it and all believe the same way.
    Yes Jewish money highly backed Bush and was behind a lot of his folly’s-WMD. We know what happened to Jews by Hitler and we see them doing the very same thing to their foes today-way more than an eye for an eye. Ovens, dropping, bombing or bullet for rock, the end game is the same-death. Does it really matter if you die fast or slow? No the only thing that matters is if it was a justified kill. When you entered Lebanon and boldly stated you didn’t care if innocent people where harmed because they harbored evil in their mist, well guess what that is exactly how Hitler saw Jews-an evil in his mist and even the innocent where killed. Welcome to the real world where you are now walking in Hitler’s shoes. Build another settlement on disputed land because that is exactly what Hitler would do. I was told a long time ago all Hitler did was take the Bible and turned it around on the Jews, I couldn’t see it that way until I finally removed my blinders. By the Old Testament only the Jews will inherit the Earth and all us infidels will be killed off, which in his time was the only thing most Jews believed in. The New Testament was not embraced until it was seen as a way to get support, money and items to kill others with after you where recognized as a State.
    I am not Jewish or of Arabic descent, I am human and see humans for exactly what they are. All types seem to have their good/bad types. Is the Dalai Lama too commercial, well in a world that is highly greedy/corrupt I would hope he would try to reach as many as possible to prevent them from becoming the downfall of all civilizations. As for religion his is the best since it allows everyone to inherit the world, living in peace and loving all things that walk the Earth. It will never work until all people believe the same way since the rest of the religions all preach only they will inherit the earth thus everyone else not following their way is killed off.

  7. jacqueline says:


  8. jacqueline says:


  9. Shylock says:

    Yes, Reeper, or REEFER (probably more accurate), keep buying that Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi BS propaganda disguised as news and sympathetic reporting for the “peaceful Palestinians”. Why don’t we meet at the Starbucks on Cole tomorrow, say around noon, and discuss your views over a cup of coffee? Or I can show you the difference between Krav Maga and Israeli Jiu-Jitsu (or as we call it JEW Jitsu). Whatever would help enlighten you better on Jewish history – your choice. I’ll be the 6 foot Hebe in the olive drab IDF shirt.

  10. Shylock says:

    Hey, tough guy. My coffee offer is still open.

    1. Reeper says:

      I wasted time on 2 replys and none went through, guess that is what you call one sided.

    2. Reeper says:

      Nice to know either no more thoughts are allowed to be posted or they are being blocked by a Jew? Doesn’t matter, word is getting out elsewhere. Good luck trying a cover up.

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