Man In “Scream” Mask Shoots Garland Store Clerk

By Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) – Police are searching for the man who shot a Garland convenience store owner twice in the face and once in the leg during a robbery Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Garland Police Department released a picture of a man wearing a mask from the movie Scream leaning over a counter during a robbery that ended with owner Arjun Paudel shot.

Police said witnesses saw the suspect and another man run out of the store after the shooting and enter a light colored, small sedan.

robbery cs Man In Scream Mask Shoots Garland Store Clerk

A man wearing a "Scream" mask robbed a Garland convenience store and shot the owner three times on May 10, 2011. (Credit: Garland PD)

“I didn’t imagine this could be happening,” said Sadiksha Sharma, the owner’s sister-in-law. “When I see him, and when I heard this message, I was just eager to see him.”

Relatives said Paudel needed facial surgery, but is expected to recover. Family, friends and customers aren’t the only ones concerned with the shooting. Neighbors said the crime has shaken them as well.

“This really scares me,” said Peggy Sue, who lives nearby. “I pray for him.”

For the past several years, Sue said she’s kept an eye out when the previous owner – and now Paudel – would close the store at night.

“When I see lights go off, I stand out here and watch and when he leaves, I go back in,” she said.

Tuesday night, however, she said she couldn’t be there to keep watch as usual.

“I regret not being here,” Sue said. “It really hurts me.”

Police are now hoping the store’s surveillance video will help them identify and track down the violent robbers. Garland Crime Stoppers are offering a reward for their arrest.

If you have any information pertaining to this crime, call 972.272.TIPS or visit All tips are anonymous.


One Comment

  1. NoObamaIn2012 says:

    Look at the body… looks like a woman, or a tranny. These store owners who can need to arm themselves and have a plan to defend themselves, their family and businesses. Kill the perps.

    1. 2sister says:

      I have mixed feelings about your comment. Sometimes shooting back just causes the violence to escalate. Sometimes the criminal uses your own gun on you. I’m not saying that it isn’t okay to use a gun in self-defense, but just that sometimes it is not wise. I know of a situation where a man defended himself against a robber with a gun. He killed the robber, but was also killed himself.

      1. Philip Melton says:

        No you should shoot first and ask questions anytime someone comes in the store with a mask on dont even ask any question just kill them

  2. Jimmy S says:

    There is a problem with Minorities. A big problem. I’m so tired of being politically correct. Most crimes like this are committed by them. If you consider to even out the numbers on population per capita, I’m sure at least 95% of all crimes like this are by minorities. That’s going off a 13% black population.

    1. NoObamaIn2012 says:

      You are right. And, they make it difficult for those minorities that are hard working, law abiding, family oriented Americans who have made something of themselves.

  3. Sadiksha says:

    God bless him we all are praying for him, who ever did it they have pay for it.
    Even they didnt gave him 5 sec to think. they just came in mask and started to shoot. i cant believe that people could be like an evil, having no feelings for others.

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