DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) Leading off my “Jock Itch” for Today: Fellas,  it’s bad enough that Oprah has infiltrated the minds of your women, but NOW she may have just crossed the line by interfering with… YOUR NBA!

Mama O! What are you doing!?

Charles Barkley gave out some inside information regarding the Eastern Conference Finals  during a radio interview, dropping the news that he and the rest of the TNT crew got an email telling them that they should be prepared to be in Chicago before Sunday night.

So you’re probably wondering why they’d have to be in Chi-town BEFORE Sunday night if the NBA wasn’t even planning on starting the series until Tuesday night.

Well, because Oprah said so.

She has the United Center ALL to herself on Tuesday night as she’s filming one of her farewell shows.

AND the game can’t be played on Monday night either, because apparently Mama O’s crew needs that night to hide shiny new cars under all the chairs in the building.

So, yes, this in fact DOES mean that Oprah now actually has the power to change any upcoming playoff schedules.

Unreal. www.yardbarker.com

And in OTHER “itch” worthy news…

Dennis Rodman is going to be the big 5-0 and the NBA Hall of Famer is celebrating the only way he knows how to do it!

At a strip joint, of course!

The New York Post is reporting: “Dennis Rodman plans to retire his number 10 jersey tomorrow night at jiggle joint Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, where he is hosting his 50th birthday party. Strippers will don Detroit Pistons jerseys before they sashay onto the floor, we are told.”

This just goes to show you that you can take the guy out of the wedding dress and heels, but you can’t take the wedding dress and heels out of the guy… www.nypost.com

Brett Favre either really has a huge heart for tornado victims and Cam Newton or he’s on a HUGE campaign to do an image over-haul!

America’s favorite retired sexting quarterback is headed to Alabama to help victims of the deadly string of tornadoes that tore through the state at the end of April.

Is it a coincidence that the small town that WAS wiped out just so happens to be the main employer of a Wrangler distribution center?

Favre serves as a Wrangler spokesman and does commercials for the brand.

But, the PR damage control doesn’t stop there!

Apparently, Brett thinks that by landing a big name player to coach, ala Cam Newton, he can further help improve his image! They both happen to share the same agent, a guy by the name of James “Bus” Cook, and Cam has definitely been on Brett’s radar as of late.

“Bus” told USA TODAY: “Brett has offered to do that before with Cam. He would obviously be delighted to work with Cam. They’ve met and they’ve talked.”

With all of the previous said, add in the fact that Cam needs to be able to make the transition from college to pro ball and silence his doubters, this is quite the perfect storm!

So let’s do the Brett Favre public events rundown: Press conferences where he cries, a terrible season last year, lying low ever since he was fined $50,000 grand for not fully cooperating with his sexting scandal, filing his retirement papers in January, finally coming out of the woodwork last week to say that he wouldn’t mind coaching or working as a TV analyst somewhere, and NOW, he’s helping tornado victims and also interested in tutoring Cam Newton.

Yep, Brett doesn’t miss the spotlight AT all… www.usatoday.com

Wonderboy Pats’ quarterback is the second-most influential athlete in the country.

That is, if you believe like Forbes Magazine does.

They tout: “Steady as she goes, Brady’s talent and work ethic keep him consistently near the top, even as one of the few to hit double digits on the ‘dislike’ meter.”

I wonder if they took into account the fact that he has a fabulous man-bob hairdo or asked his ex baby mama Bridget Moynahan about the whole “dislike” theory before coming up with THAT poll opinion. After all, Tom DID leave her knocked up, moving on to his current woman, Gisele Bundchen.

Anyway, Tom is the new addition to the Forbes Top-1o list after being named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player last season. The only other NFL name on the list is my boy, Peyton Manning, who came in at number 7.

So all of this begs the question as to who came in at the number one slot and that just so happens to be? NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson!

Jimmie, here’s a nice, “GIT!” just for you! www.forbes.com

And finally…

As if people in Boston need ANY more reason to hate the Yankees, now the GM, Brian Cashman, is OPENLY rooting for LeBron James and the Miami Heat in their battle against the Celtics!

He said, “Since the Knicks are [eliminated], I’m rooting for them. They’ve battled through the adversity. … If they [win] a championship in the first year, they walked through fire to get there. And if they get it done, it’ll be a great

He went on to compare his own darling little A-Rod to LeBron James as well, in that they both quickly went from being lovable
players you’d just wanna pinch the cheeks on to some of the most-hated athletes on the planet.

“Alex Rodriguez was lovable then signed the big money contract in Texas, and overnight became hateable. LeBron James, who is one of the greatest athletes of our time, took less money to go to Miami, as I understand it, and I don’t think that ever gets talked about. He took less money to try to be in a better place to win, and makes a decision, but you don’t hear much about that.”

Way to go out on a limb with THAT comparison, B. www.espn.com

And THAT’S my “Jock Itch!”