Some Parents Upset Over Breastfeeding Doll

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are already dolls that eat, sleep, and need their diapers changed. But now there’s a doll, that some adults say, goes too far.

North Texas parents are speaking out about the doll some say puts too much in the hands of a child too soon.

Many baby dolls come with a bottle, but this one breastfeeds.

The idea for the first breastfeeding doll was birthed in Spain. Berjuan, the European company that makes the dolls, which are also available online in the United States, says a breastfeeding advocate asked them to make it.

The doll comes with a halter-top or bib for the child that has two plastic daises on it with motion sensors inside to activate the doll.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” said North Texan Abbey Robinson.

Robinson is a breastfeeding advocate in North Richland Hills. “I don’t think they need the bib, or the motion, or the sounds or, you know, all of that,” she said. “I think it’s bizarre.”

Katy, Robinson’s 5-year-old daughter, didn’t like the daisy top. “No!” the little girl said, when her mom tried to put the halter top on her. “Okay. Okay,” Robinson told her.

But Robinson tried again. “Not even on your tummy?” she asked her daughter. “No!” Kay said.

As far as the doll itself, Katy loved it. “Do you like the way the baby nurses?” her mother asked. Katy shook her head yes and smiled. “You do?” Robinson said surprised. “I want to keep baby!” Katy said.

Parents can expect to dig a little deeper in their wallet for the doll, as much as $110 on where reviews were mostly positive.

But the reviews weren’t so glowing on Facebook page of MetroplexBaby, a webpage for North Texas parents.

In their defense Berjuan, the company that created the doll said, “We honestly believe that our beautiful dolls can help improve the acceptance of breastfeeding in a society which has somehow turned the healthiest way of feeding a baby into something shameful and taboo.

When the motion sensors in the doll are activated it makes a nursing sound. “I think that’s loud, but it gets their attention,” said Roanoke mother Christa Teller. “I’m very pro breastfeeding.”

She’s also pro breastfeeding doll. Teller has four and a half year old fraternal twins. She calls her daughter Alyvia Grace the nurturing one.

“I have to say, I’m not sure if I’m keen on the daisies. I can see where parents would be put off by that,” Teller said.

Unlike Robinson, Teller didn’t have a problem putting the halter-top on Alyvia. “You can put it right over the top of your shirt,” she told her. Alyvia smiled as the baby begins to nurse.

The little girl’s twin sister, Ashlyn, was another story. “I don’t want that on!” she shouted.

The halter-top seemed to be the only point of contention. Both girls loved the doll and fought over it. “My turn!” Ashlyn said. “No! My turn!” Alyvia said.

Teller found the doll online for $89 but didn’t like the thought of having to buy two of them.

Another feature making the doll seem more realistic is a loud burp that the sensors trigger. The children thought it was funny.


One Comment

  1. Cathy says:

    What a wonderful idea! I say Go for it! Breastfeeding is normal and natural, and no more “offensive” than seeing a baby’s diaper changed.
    We wonder why it’s hard to get new moms to breastfeed their babies when it’s clearly superior for both Mom and baby, but continue to hand our daughters a baby doll with a bottle. You’d think this would be a real Duh! moment, but apparently not.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love the idea! I have known about this doll for quite some time. I could never imagine spending that much even though I know my girls would love to have one. I nursed both of my children and my oldest would “nurse” her baby dolls. In our home breast feeding is a very normal thing. I agree with Cathy its so hard on a new mom that has choose to breast feed. Not only are they learning but they have to deal with the annoying glares as they try to nurse discreetly in the corner booth of a restaurant. Or they get asked to go to the bathroom. My hope is that dolls like this, and hopefully this sparks other companies, help to make breast feeding more normal!

  3. Christa Teller says:

    Cathy, I wish there was a “like” button for your comment!! =)

  4. Shannon Boyer Blackwell says:

    So – for $89 on amazon you can buy a doll that is totally worth no more than a $5 dollar general plastic doll if you can’t convince your daughter to wear the fancy vest.

    My two year old nurses all of her dolls just fine for a lot less $$$. Paired with a ring sling, or baby Ergo, and she pretty much is actually mimicing me successfully 🙂

    Check out MamAmor Dolls – Pregnant, Birthing and Breastfeeding Dolls for an actual high quality, hand made breastfeeding doll that isn’t making weird chomping noises or requiring special clothes.

    1. Gwen Bowens says:

      who ever came up with doll,and want to buy it , is sick ,next the child haveiing.a real baby sucking on chest .you people are sick . and need your head check , god only knows what go,s on behind door

      1. Jennifer says:

        So breastfeeding a baby is sick? Children should learn what breasts are actually meant to do. They are not a sexual object as the media wants to make people believe. I don’t have the money to spend on the doll, but there’s nothing wrong at all with the concept. Obviously you weren’t breastfed. Breastfed babies are known to have a higher intelligence.

  5. Abbey says:

    I love the “idea” too. However the doll was very poorly executed. IMO, it was cheap and made really terrible sounds. I think breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world…however, this doll is not. In fact I feel like it was making breastfeeding into something unnatural with the weird vest and flower petals. My girls always nursed their babies by lifting their shirts….just like me. If you want to teach your kids that breastfeeding is natural, then expose them to it in a natural way…not through a peice of cheap plastic.

    1. Jennifer says:

      I think the design could have been a little better too, but at least it’s progress! All babies come with bottles, which is the unnatural way to feed a baby. Maybe other companies will start making dolls that are geared more toward breastfeeding?

  6. Laurie Parrish says:

    I like the doll and its wonderful. Kids like those annoying noises however, It is natural to breast feed, the siblings may enjoy it, while mommy attends to the new baby… and I feel it is very appropriate. The little daisy top, also, keeps mommy covered for those who find offense. I nursed all four of my kids, and I believe it is a wonderful toy and teaching tool.

  7. Tamiyka Davis says:

    I dont like the doll. A child does not need to know how to breast feed a baby. And people wonder why the teen pregnancy rate is so high, society makes having a baby is the thing to do. Maybe they need to make, make believe jobs that they have to go to and make belivev bills they have to pay so they can see the down side to having a child too young. I dont know whats wrong with you other parents but I want mine to stay a child as long as possible so she most definately wont be getting that doll.

    1. Howard Hilmer-Tyson says:

      And thats the problem with your argument. “You want your child to remain a child for as long as possible.”
      You act like “Teen pregnancy” is a new thing. Get a clue.. Teenage girls have been and are still having baby’s all the time. And long before you or I showed up on this planet. The drive to procreate is hardwired into everyone of us, male or female. And this doll is just that a doll, a learning tool for our children to use. I would rather my two daughters understand and know how to provide for their children naturally as nature intended in the future than rely on bottles and formula (thats way to expensive)
      Your whole argument is based on that a teenager isn’t ready for the responsibility of a baby. Which brings the question… Where you ready for a baby when you had your first one. I’m a father and I waited until I was in my 30’s before I got married and fathered a child (and I still don’t think I was ready then ten plus years ago.)

    2. Jennifer says:

      A breastfeeding baby doll isn’t going to increase the teen pregnancy rate any more than a baby doll with a bottle will. They are both just ways to feed a baby. What COULD increase that rate is making breasts sexual as is done with Barbies or Bratz. Or perhaps the behavior that is learned by watching “kid-friendly” Disney channel. If you want your child to understand what’s involved in raising a child you have to teach them that. This doll won’t make any difference in their perception of that. All they will learn is how you are SUPPOSED to feed a baby!

    3. Jackson Heights Own RANDY WATSON says:

      Leave it to a sista to espouse some common sense on this message board filled with really warped people. THANK YOU.

      1. Jennifer says:

        So thinking that a breastfeeding doll causes early pregnancy is common sense? Um yeah, sounds like YOUR thinking is what causes early pregnancy.

      2. Jackson Heights Own MR. RANDY WATSON says:

        @ Jennifer: RACIST!

      3. Jessica says:

        @ Jackson: Idiot! Ignorant! Let me guess, breasts are just for men, right? And now I”m a racist b/c I said that, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  8. Howard Hilmer-Tyson says:

    Personally I see this as a step in the right direction. For far to many years breastfeeding has been made out to be taboo by more than a few religious groups and morality police types. Breastfeeding is natural and not wrong like so many in the last fifty years have painted it out to be.
    Like REALLY!!! How did a mother feed her baby BEFORE the advent of baby formula or bottles with fake nipples on them? She Breastfeed thats how! All the way back to Adam and Eve women have breastfed their children. And now because a company makes a doll that can teach a young woman how to breastfeed a baby it’s objectionable?
    Jezzes some people really need to take the blinders off and see the world how it really is!

    1. CB says:

      Like I commented before, Howard, breastfeeding is a normal thing for an ADULT WOMAN. I have no problem with a woman breastfeeding out in the open, in public, even. However, a doll that SMALL CHILDREN can put up to their breasts is WRONG and SICK. Oh, and before you call me a member of the bible-thumping moral police and a dumb hick, I’ll have you know that I am an ATHEIST and I am in Mensa. Yes, even atheists like me have a moral code. Right and wrong is hard-wired into us genetically, and NOT by religions.

      By the way, for a man to be so vocally in favor of this is really disturbing. I hope someone from the FBI monitors your IP address and does a forensic exam on your hard drive soon.

      Before I end this long-winded diatribe, let me also throw this out there. We all agree that breastfeeding is natural, well, so is sex. Is it OK to have a doll with orifices and body parts that engorge, so that children can poke, prod, and feel them? OF COURSE NOT. That is why we have societal norms, laws, and why people like you are shunned and ridiculed by the rest of us who are normal and sane.

      1. Jennifer says:

        So why is it ok to feed a baby with a bottle? That’s teaching children how to feed a baby, only it’s through unnatural means. Breasts are meant to feed babies. They ARE NOT meant to be a sexual object. Teaching children that breasts are meant to feed babies just helps children learn what they are meant to do, and hopefully take away from all the sexual emphasis that is placed on them through Barbies, Bratz, Disney channel, etc…

      2. Tiffanyxz says:

        You are not the only person on this thread that’s an athiest! And, I may not be a member of MENSA… but I’m smarter than the average bear. Now that we have that establised, I have a real issue with you saying that breastfeeding is an any way sexual. It is absolutely NOT! I won’t use ugly words or phrases… or attack you personally, as you seem to like doing. I’ll just say that you may want to educate yourself further about this subject. I suggest you take a look at a few legitimate websites that I will list below.

      3. Hell In A Handbag says:


      4. Hell In A Handbag says:

        It has nothing to do with sexuality. It has to do with AGE APPROPRIATENESS!!! FRIGGIN’ NO COMMON SENSE WACKOS!

      5. Jennifer says:

        So in that speaking of “age appropriateness” a child shouldn’t feed a baby doll a bottle? They are both methods of feeding a baby.

  9. Jessica says:

    Okay so its okay to teach them how to change diapers, pop a bottle in a doll’s mouth, and stick a paci in there when there crying but breastfeeding?? Oh no that’s just crazy and “sick”!?! Lol the inmaturity of some adults! Trust me a lot of “teen moms” would have a more adult out look then some of you. also the high teen pregnancy is due to the fact that parents don’t parent their children. They rely on the school to teach them what they need to know and feel that sex ed covered the gist of it what more do they need. So instead of blaming dolls how about we place the blame where it is due.

  10. Tiffanyxz says:

    In general, I believe that it’s okay for a child to emulate their parents if what they are doing is something healthy and positive. My oldest daughter “nursed” her baby dolls, when she saw me nursing her baby sister. She didn’t have need of a special doll to do it. I’m glad that she got to see me doing that in a nurturing and positive light… and I hope it will be what she chooses to do when she has children of her own. I also want to say to anyone that didn’t nurse… there is nothing sexual about it! Just because she pretended to let her baby nurse… doesn’t mean that my 4 year old was trying to be sexual or too grown up! It also doesn’t mean that she will end up a teen parent! Education is the key that people keep leaving out of the conversation. Letting the children know what you are doing, in an age appropriate context, is along the same lines as teaching them other lessons in life.

  11. jasonxz says:

    Obviously some of us are having a difficult time separating the different functions of the femail breast (infant sustenance vs. sexual plaything). Fortunately, young girls don’t have that problem as they are not aware of or don’t care about the sexual one. Let’s be clear: these dolls are not committing sexual acts on these little girls any more than my daughters did by suckling on their mother. So, there’s really only two reasons to consider this doll or it’s interaction with a young girl “WRONG and SICK”:
    1. The young girl is uncomfortable with the doll interacting with her body in that manner.
    2. There is some sick pediphile person getting off watching the doll breastfeed on a little girl.
    Reminds me of an old saying: “He who smelt it dealt it”. I would suggest that those who find it sexual either get off by watching women breastfeed or suffer from pedophilic tendencies.

    1. Big Bro says:

      That argument can go two ways. May I also suggest that someone who has no problem with seeing a child breastfeed a doll is giddy about seeing this kind of thing accepted in society? Hey, now one can see kids lifting their shirts and breastfeeding dolls, and not have to pay for the Ukrainian kiddie porn sites anymore. Right, pervert?

  12. Tarzan says:

    Sexuality and age-appropriateness are two different issues. This has nothing to do with if it’s “dirty” or not. Sex should be taught, breastfeeding should be taught, “alternative lifestyles” should be shown, but none of that at the age of 5! Christ, you people have no sense of limits or boundaries. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Breastfeeding a “baby” is no different than bottle feeding a “baby”. should we take all dolls with a bottle away from little girls? If you watch kids that have grown up in a breastfeeding environment they will “breastfeed” their dolls, stuffed animals, etc. This is just one that makes noises like children like. Modern day version of Betsy Wetsy basically.

      1. Lots of Idiots Here says:

        Let me ask you this: Can a little 5-year-old girl breastfeed a baby in the same nourishing way a grown woman does? Should she?

        Can a little girl learn to bottle feed a baby, help with changing diapers, help burp a baby, etc.? Can she if needed (assuming it’s with supervision)?

        There are certain things it’s OK for a child to learn at any age, and certain things a child should learn LATER.


  13. Tree-Hugging Lib says:

    Look, I’m as liberal as they come, and I don’t think I am mentally unstable. I think marijuana should be legalized and taxed, I think gay marriage is OK, separation of church and state must be enforced, etc. etc. etc. Let me start off by saying my little girl emulated my breastfeeding when she was about 2 – 3 years old. She saw me nursing and she emulated it with one of her dolls. Fine. Children copy a lot of things. I never stopped her and told her it was wrong. Here’s where I have the problem with the doll. Emulation is one thing, but to go out and purchase a doll to teach a CHILD how to breastfeed is WEIRD. Even I, as a “nutty liberal”, cannot process this one. It’s the instruction aspect that bothers me. Get it, fellow liberal “wackjobs”?

  14. Tree-Hugging Lib says:

    Thank you, “Lots of Idiots”! That’s what was missing from my post! That’s what I was trying to convey, but could not! It’s the instruction of something a little girl is not able to do at all at that age, nor is that child getting anywhere near the age to do that. It’s like menstruation. I’m not even thinking about telling my 7 year old about that natural function yet, either. How can a kid get her head around BLEEDING from that area if explained to her at age 7? This is the same area of thinking, and it IS about age-appropriateness (whoever brought up that point earlier).

    1. goforit says:

      age appropriate… there an minimum age on the packaging? if not and this OK for most people then the next money making doll WILL be a doll that bleeds every 30 days.

  15. Der Dee Der says:

    Jennifer is more than likely an unemployed stoner, probably practices the Wiccan religion, hates men, is white trash (many generations deep), and maybe has kids (let’s hope not). She’s probably either emaciated from meth, or she’s a whale from Moon Pies, but nothing in between. She probably reads Weekly World News and also drives a minivan. Behold, ladies and gents, the movie Idiocracy is upon us, and it didn’t take 500 years to come to fruition!

    1. Der Dee Der says:

      Ooops, I left out Jessica, too, in that profile. My bad.

  16. Jessica says:

    Right. Lol its amazing how some of you can’t argue with actual facts just insults. Your opinions are appreciated just like every one elses. However let’s not make this personal. I also love the fact that the only people who are throwing around insults and ridiculous accusations are those against the idea as a whole. While the rest of us can have a discussion like adults. Since you can’t back up your beliefs with anything of substance you rely on trying to beat every one else down so you can feel better about your self.

  17. Kristin McNulty says:

    It’s a good thing nobody is forcing anybody else to buy this doll, or people might have bad reactions to it. [sarcasm font}

  18. Rob says:

    Love the comments by CB, the resident genius. What good is a high IQ if one has no idea how to wield it? It’s like bragging about having a large sword that’s too heavy to lift. Thank you, CB, for illustrating why children shouldn’t play with dangerous things (such as an intellect, not a breastfeeding baby).

  19. JessicaM says:

    I don’t understand the point of the doll. Couldn’t every doll be a breastfeeding doll if the child chooses? Does everything have to turn into a heated debate? Slow news day, much?

  20. Joanne says:

    I would never buy this for my granddaughter.

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